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Kaowledge is power. In different ages and countries varions 
ffiieans have been adopted for the diffusion of knowledge. But 
if we consider tlie large number of persons it can reach, the 
ease with which by its means one can refresh one's memory, and 
;. ,e comparative permanence which it confers on what man has 
' jhonght, felt and discovered, no other means can compare with 
he printed page in effectiveness. 
The printed page not only informs the mind and trains the 
tellect, it refines, elevates and strengthens the moral nature, 
o. It is an unfailing solace, and an ever ready means of cou- 
rse with the best of toien, living and dead. 
No wonder, then that those peoples of tlie earth who have 
made full use of the art and mechanism of printing should have 
left others behind in the race who have not made such use of it. 

An annual publication dealing with presses, books, periodicals, 
newspapers, publishers, book-sellers, authors, journalists and 
Itorary and scientific societies, is, therefore, by no means a 
seless undertaking. The Panini Office has deserved well of the 
public by issuing such a book. With the growing help and co- 
operation of the educated section of the community, it can be 
made an accurate record of the intellectual progress of the 
people of India, so far as it can be indicated by the growth of 
•rinting and publishing enterprise in the country with other 
!lied activities. 

The book should be of use to all who have to do with presses 

; ad publication in any way. By including in it the laws relating 

to printing, presses, newspapers and copyright, the publishers 

, have placed within the easy reach of all concerned, such know. 

jU^dge as would enable them to safeguard their position. 

I Ramananda Chattbrjkh. 

^Aprii iGVi, ]918. * 



I owe an apology to the public for not being able to 
bring out the present issue of the Indian Literary Year 
Book in time. However incomplete and defective the last 
two issues had been, as no doubt a scheme like this (which 
riiay very well be described as presumptuous, being at- 
tempted single handed) was bound to be at the outset, 
they were accorded a reception far beyond my expectations. 
The work as my readers will easily realise, has been done 
in moments snatched from a busy professor's time. This 
added to my serious sickness as well as in my family and 
the unavoidable hinderances of the present times is respon- 
sible for the delay for which I crave the indulgence of the 
literary public. 

I am painfully conscious of the fact that the present 
issue still leaves a good deal to desire j yet I have the satis- 
faction that it is decidedly an improvement on the past 
numbers, and I may, therefore, pertinently hope that if it 
is not what it should be to day, it has at least the chances 
of being so in the near future. 

In my prefatory notes to the Directories of the Authors, 
Periodicals, &c., I have repeated complaint that the. infor- 
mations have only in a very few cases been supplied by the 
parties themselves : but at the same time I must also confess 
that considering the enormous additions to the matter this 
year, though the percentage of the correspondents almost 
remains the same, the number has no doubt appreciably 
increased, indeed I have the ; satisfaction to note that a 
livelier interest has been aroused in literary India. 

Jnne, 1910. 



Preface ... ... ... ... ... iii 

Introduction ... ... ... ... ... vU 

Authors ... ... ... ... ... 1 


Obituaries diu'iug tUe year 

Periodicals ... ... ... ■■• ••• 150 

News Agencies... ... •.. ••• ••• 212 

Libraries and Beading Rooms ... ... ... 21o 

liiTERARY Societies and Scientific Associations ... 237 

l^RiNTiNG Presses ... ... ••• ••• 259 

Booksellers and Publishers ... ••• ••• 291 


The Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867 ... ix 

The Newspapers Act, 1908 ... ... ... xxi 

The Indian Press Act, 1910 ... ... ... xxv 

The Indian Copyright Act, 1914 ... ... ... xxxvii 

The Indian Copyright Kegulatious, 1914 ... ... Ixxxi 

The Indian Naval and Military News Ordance, 1914 ... xciii 

The Defence of India Rules, 1915... .. ... xcvii 




The Editor regrets that the particulars contained in this Direct- 
ory have l>een supplied only in a few cases by the authors 
themselves. It has not been possible therefore to give an 
exhaustive list of the Indian authors or their works. The 
Editor, however, desires to thank those correspondents who 
have assisted him in the work, and hopes that in future editions 
of the work he will be supplied with definite information from a 
larger number of correspondents. The Ekiitor will be highly 
obliged to any one pointing oat inaccuracies or supplying 

The letter contained within a pair of brackets, just after the 
name of a book, denotes the language in which the book is 
written ; while the figures in the next pair of brackets indicate 
the year of publication of the first edition of the book. The 
following abbreviations have been used in denoting the different 
languages : 

A. Assamese. Ger. German. Pe. Pehlevi. 

B. Bengali. H. Hindi. Par. Parbatia. 
Bh. Hhutani. K. Kannada. 8. Sanskrit. 
0. Canarese. Af. Marathi. 8u Sindhi. 
Cti. Cutchi. Ma. Malyalam. Ta. Tamil. 

E. English. N. Nepalese. Te. Telugu. 

F. French. O. Ooria. U. Urdu. 
O. Gujrati. P. Persian. Z. Zend. 
Gm. Gurmukhi. Pa. Pali. 

The arrangement is alphabetical according to the first names of 
the authors generally, except in a very few cases where the 
first names are not known to the Editor. In these cases, the 
surnames have been given first, with the initials after them. 

Aba Nagojipav Pavar ; Poona.— Somnath(M) (1915). 

Abani Kanta Sen, Sahityavishakad ; 26, Kansaripara Lane, Cal- 
cutta.— PramiJ a (B). 

AbanindFa Nath Tagore, c.le. ; 6, Dwarka Nath Tagore Lane, 
Calcutta ; Vice-Principal, Calcutta Government School of 
Arts.— Bharatasilpa (B). Bhut-petnir Desh (B) (1915). Kshirer 
Putul (B). Raj Kahini (B). Sakuntala (B). 

Abdul All, A. F. M., m.a., m.r.a.s., f.r. hist, s., f.r.g.s., f.r.s.l.; 
Sub- Divisional Magistrate, Mymensing ; 56, Alimuddin Street, 
Calcutta. — Contributor to many periodicals. 

Abdul Bari; Maijadi, Noakhali.— Karbala (B). 

Abdul Gani ; Mukhtar, Maldah. — Bang^. Arbi Byakaran (B). 

Abdul Hafiz Khan ; Assistant to the Imperial Mycologist, Pusa. — 
Some New Sugarcane Diseases (in joint-authorship with E. J. 
Butler, M.B., F.L.s.) (E). 

Abdul Halim Khondkar ; Khulna.— Iman (B). 

Abdul Jabbap, Sheikh ; Bangram, Gofargaon, Mymensingh. — 
Born 1289 B. S. Makkasharifer Itihas (B). Medina Sharif er 
Itihas (B). Jerusaleraer Itihas (B). Devi Rabeya (B). Nur- 
jahan Begam (B). Swapna Phal (B). Adarsa Ramani (B). Islam 
Sangit (B). Hazrat Muhammad (B). Islam Chitra (B). Samaj- 
chitra (B). 

Abdul Kapim, Sahityabisharad; OfiSce of the Inspector of Schools, 
Cliittagong. Born 1879.— Prachin Puthir Bibaran (B). Edited 
many valuable old Bengali Mss. Contributed\above^400 articles 
on old Bengali Literature. 

Abdul KaHm, b.a.; Retired Inspector of Schools; 26, South Road, 
Bntally, Calcutta. — Beginner's History of India (E), History 
of India (U). Bharatbarshe Musalman Rajjatwer Itibritta (B). 

Abdul Karim ; Kharki, Jessore— Khodaprapti Tatwa (B). 

Abdullah-al-Ma'mun Suhrawardy, the hon'blb,, m.a., ph. d., 
D.LITT., bar-at-law ; 34, Elliot Road, Calcutta.— Toleration in 
Islam (E). Sayings of Mohammad (B). First Steps in Muslim 


Jurisprudence (E). Digest of Muslim Law (E). Waqf of 

Movables (E). Digest of the Law of Waqf (E). History of 

Muslim Legal Institutions: its Sources and Authorities (E). 

A Manual of the Law of Marriage, from the Mukhtasar of Sidi 

Khalil (in joint-authorship with Alexander David Rusholl. b,a.. 

LL.B., Puisne Judge of Gambia). 
Abdul Lattf; C/o Maulvi Muhammad Yasin, li.i,., liurdwan. - 

Koraner Upakhyan (B). Mustafa-Charit Alochana (B). Zuleikh& 

Abdul Majid. Syed. ll. d.— The Rubaiyat of Haflz (E). 
Abdul Wahid ; Normal School, Chittagong.— Moslem Pratibha (B). 

Sir Syed Ahmed (H). 
* Abdup Rahim. Aga. Shaikh ; Bushire (Persia).— Kitab-i-AIi (P). 
Abdur Rahim ; Editor, Moslem Hitaishi ; 21-1, Antony Hagan Lane, 

Calcutta, — Hajbidhi (B). Hazrat Mohammader Jiban Ctiarit o 

Dharmaniti (B) (1888). Nam&z Siksha (B). Alhftmrfl(B). 
AbdUP Rauf Khan ; Agra.— Zikr-i-Khair Imam Hasan (U) (19L5). 
Abdus Sobhan. Shaikh : Dacca.- Aryadharma (B^. Hindu Mussal- 

man (B). 
Abhayachapan Mukhopadhyaya. M. A. : i'rotessor of Knglish. 

Muir Central Cyllege, Allahabad ; George Town, Allaiiabad.- 

Hindu Fasts and Feasts (E). Choice Thoughts on Choice Themes 

Abhedananda. Swami. -India and Her People (E). 
Abid All Khan, Khan Saiiib ; English Bazar, Malda. .Naiimz (E& 

U). Maiilud Sliarif (B). Gulshan-i-Hind (U). Shahadat Nuuia (U 

Short Notes on the Ancient Monuments at Gaur and Panduah (E) 
Abul Fazl. Mipza; Allahabad. — Born: 1879. — Lessons from th" 

Koran (B). The life of Mohammad (E). Selections from thi 

Koran (E). 
Abul Husain, Syed.— Hajrat Mohammader Jivani (B). Jivanta- 

Putul (B). Swarg&rohan (B). Yamaja Hliagini (B). 
Abu NasiP SaiduUa; Ghorasal, Dacca— Afghan Amir Charit (B). 

Bhupalor Bibaran (B). 
Achyutachapan Chaudhupy ; Minabazar, Sylhet.— >Chaud 8ao- 
dagar(B). Srihatter Itihas(B*. 



AUTHORS. Ai'ita 

Aehyut Balvant Kolhatkap.— Swami Vivekanand Natak (M) 

Adalat Khan,— Selections from the History of India and Bagh o 
Bahar (E). 

AdhaP Chandra Das; Editor, Samaj Bandhu.— Tribeni (B). Baidhi 
Raganugabhakti (B). 

Adityapam Bhattaehapya, m.a., mahamahopadhyaya ; Retired 
Professor of Sanskrit, Muir Central College ; Pro-Vice- 
Chancellor, Benares Hindu University ; Daraganj, Allahabad. — 
Rija Vyakarana (S). Gadya Padya Sangraha (S) &c., &c. 

Agapwala, M. L. — See Manmohanlal Agarwala. 

Agrha Abdulla Tehrani.— Khurdal Avastai (Z & P). 

Agha Muhamadshah, Hashp, Xashmipi.— Shahid-i-Naz (U) (1914). 
Aehyuta Daman (TJ) (1914). 

Aghope Chandra Kavyatiptha; Mallickpore, Jessore.— Brishaketu 
(B). Dhrubacharitra (B). Haris Chandra (B). Kalki-avatar (B). 
Labakusher Yuddha ba Putraparichaya (B). MadalasS. Parinaya 
(B). Magadhavijay (B). Marutta-yajna (B). Nahusha-uddhar 
ba Naramedha-yajiia (B). 

Aghope Nath Basu, Kavisekhar ; Asst. Teacher, Arbelia, H. B. 
School.— Bisha Chikitsak (B). HirarJTukra (B). KalpanS, Man- 
jari (B) Mustiyoga Ratnakar (B). Padyapurabritta (B). Pra- 
bhabati (B). 

Ahmad Abdullah, Dpivep; Kunsed, P. O. Kim, Bombay Presi- 
dency. —Loco. Engine Vachen Path (G) (1915). 

Ahmad Hamadani, A. M.S.; Dacca— Kashembadh (B). 

Ahmad Husain Khan, b.a. ; MunsifF— Novelist. 

Ahmad Shah, the rev. ; Hamirpur— Kabir Sahab ka Jivan (H). 
Ahmad Shukpi, ld. b., ph. d,— Muhammedan Law of Marriage 

and Divorce (E). 
Ahsan Ullah ; Pleader, Gorakhpur.— Zahidfi (U) ; and numerous 

other Urdu works. 
Aiyar, V. V. S., b.a. ; 89, Dharmaraja Govil Street, Pondicherry, 
French India. Born : 2nd April, 1881.— The Kural, or the Maxims 
of Tiruvalluvar (E) (1916). Garibaldi (Ta) (1910). 
Ajita Ppasad, m.a., ll. b.; Vakil, High Court, Lucknow ; Bditor, 

Ajitkumar Indian literary year book, 1918. 

Jaina Oasette.— Translation of Samayak Path (E). Purushartha 

Siddopaya (E). 
Ajitkumar Chakravarty. b.a. ; of sir liabindranath Tagore's 

" Brahmacharyyfisram," Sautiniketan, Bolpur, District Birbhuin, 

Bengal,— Rabindranath (B). Kavyaparikrani& (B). B&t4yana (B). 

Maharsiii Devendranath (B). Kiirishta (IJ). Lokahiter Adarsa 

Akbar Hussain, Mir; (Lis&n-ul-Asp); Khan Bahadur, Retired 

Judge; close to Butcher's Mahal, Grand Trunk Road, Allahabad.— 

Kulliat-i-Akbar. (U). 
Akhil Chandra Pal— Ganasa (B). 
Akhouri Krishna Prakas Slnha; "Sulekhak"; Zamindar, 

Aurangabad. Gaya.— Born : 8th June, 1892.- Nelson (H). Santi 

aur Sukh (H). Birchuramani (H). Kusum (H). P&nn& (H). Ranado 

Akshaya Kumar Bandyopadhyaya.— Thakur Mahiisavor Ran- 

s&r (B). 
Akshaya Kumar Baral ; 16, Srinath Koy Lme, Calcutta. Ksiui 

(B). Kaiiakfinjali (B). Pradip (B). Saukha (B). 
Akshaya Kumar Datta-Gupta. kaviuatna, m.a. ; Professor, 

Dacca College.— Sakuutala (B). Komalkathft HiK PmiyacrAthd 

(B). Eamaniyakath& (B). Nava Sandarva (B . 
Akshaya Kumar Maitreya, B.L. : Pleader, Ghoramiira, liajshahi. 

— Gaura Lekhamahi (B). MirKasim(B). Kiraj-ud-Da»ilah (B). 

Sitaraiu (B). 
Akshaya Kumar Sastri. sankuya-vbdanta-mimansa-tiktha.— 

Sarva-VedantA-Sar Sangraba (B). Upades Sahasri (B). 
Alakhdharl; Amballa Cautonn»ent.— How to make Ice (Kj. 
Alauddin Ahmad ; Registrar of Marriages, Shahzadpore, Pubna. 

— Tafsar Haqqani (B). Omar Charit (B). Upades Sangraha (B). 

Ahk&mul Islam (B). 
Alibaksh.— Wado Mumtaz Shahzade Jo (Si). 
Ali Hasan; S3, Patwarbagan Lane, Calcutta.— 8esh Nabi (B). 

Mash'i Siksha (B). 
Alumai T. Bhojwani, ij.a. ; Karachi.— History oiSindh (Si). 
Ama^a Devi.— Bhikh&rlni (B). 



Amalanda Basu, b.a., Khagra. — Rameshwar Durga (B). 

Araap Chandra Datta.— Akar Ingit (B). Arupa (B). Harivalla- 

bher Sneha (B). Lahari (B). Nirala (B). 
Amarendpa Nath Mandal.— SMhwi Sati (B). 
Amapendpa Nath Ray.— Rabiyana (B). 
Amapendpa Nath Some ; Burdwan.— Draupadi-Pratijua (B). 
Amapnath Madan ; Tehsildar, Kaithal. Earnal, Panjab.— Fisanah- 

i-Tanhid (U). 
Ambalal Chhaganlal Gop.— Sansar Darsan (G) (1917). 
Ambalal Damodap Joshi ; Kapatganj, Bombay Precy.— Sansar 

Sar ane Brahma Vichar (G) (1915). 
Ambap.- See Hunt Lul. 
Ambapam Vishwanath Somepupa ; Ahmedabad.— Prasad 

Mandan. (S. & G.). (1914). 
Ambashankap Shyamlal Shukla.— Shrimad Devakinandan 

Sanhita (G) (1917). 
Ambiea Chapan Gupta.— Bundelbaia (B). Paraloker Patra (B). 
Ambika Chapan Mazumdap, b.a., b.l. ; Faridpur.— Indian 

National Evolution (E), 
Ambika Ppasad Chatupvedi. m.a. ; Secretary to H. H., the 

Durbar. Saiiana. Central India.— Kohinoor, or Beauty, Pleasure, 

and Knowledge. 
Ambika Ppasada Gupta ; Editor of Indu ; Gobardhan Sarai, 

Benares City.— Sachcha Mitra (H). 
Ambikappasada Vajpei; Editor of the Dainik Blmrat Mitra, 

Muktaram Babu street, Calcutta.— Hinduon ki Rajkalpana (H) ; 

Bharatiya Sashan Paddhati (H). Siksh& (of Sir Gurudas Banerji) 

(H). Narasimha (H). 
Ambpavaneswap, S., m.a. b.l. ; 1, Little Market Street, Teppa- 

kulam, Trichinopoly.— East and West (E). Industrial Renais- 
sance in India (E). Western Education in India, its Problems 

and Possibilities, with a Foreword by Dr. Sir S. Subrahmanya 

Iyer (E). 
Ameep All, Syed, the rt. hon., m.a., b.l., c.i.e., p.c, bar-atlaw ; 

London.— Born : April, 1849. — Critical Examination of the Life 

and Teachings of Muhammad (E). Spirit of Islam (E). Ethics 


Amlehand Indian literary year rook, 1918. 

of Islam (E). A Short History of the Saracens (E). Personal 

l^w of the Muhammadans (E). Muhammatlan Law (E). Law of 

Evidence applicable to British India (E). 
Amiehand Sapma; Devasram, Lahore.— Sat Siksha Kath& (11). 
Amin, B.M. ; Assistant to the Imperial Agricultural Chemist.— 

The Date-Sugar Industry in Bengal (E) (in joint-authorship with 

Harold E. Annet and G. K. Lele). 
Amir All, Syed.— Buddho k& vyah (H) (1916). 
Amir* Singh ; Assistant Editor, Sabdn Sogar ; Nagari Pracharini 

.Sabha, Benares City.— Mfinas Kosh (H), 
Amminavavi Tlmmappa Narayan.— Venibandhana (C) (1914). 
Amna Babaji Lathe, M. A. ; Professor ; Kolhapur.— British 

Sfimrfijyacha Cdai (M). 
Amodini Ghosh.- Diaryr Dautya (B). Yuthicft (B). 
Amrita Lai ; Superintendent of Police, Udaipur.— Vicharparinfim 


Amritalal Basu; 9-2, Ramchandra Maitra Lane, Calcutta.— 
Abat&r (B). Adarsa Bandhu (B). Amrita MadirA (B). Babu 
(B). Bau-m& (B). Bibfiha-bibhrfit (B). Bijay Basanta (B). 
Brajalili (B). Chdturyo o BArarye (B). Chorer apar B&tp&ri 
(B). Dismiss (B). Ek&k&r (B). Grdmya Bibhr&t (B). Haris- 
Chandra (B). Ilirakchurna (B). KAlApftni (B). Khfts Dakhal 
(B). Kripaner Dhan (B). Nabajiban (B). Nabayauban (B). 
Nasirfim (Bj. Raja Bahadur (B). Sfibas Atfis (B). S&bfts B&ngali 
(B). TSjjab Byap&r (B). TarubftlA (B). Yidukari (B). 

Amritalal Gupta (I), RAvihhushan; Iiklitor, Vogabal; 17, Kasi- 
prasad Datta Street, Calcutta. — AyurVeda Siksha (H). Anupftn 
Darpan (B). Drabyagunaparichaya (B). Pathyftpathya Sikshft (B). 

Amritlal Gupta (II).— Chholedur Galpa (B). T&pasi (B). 

Amritalal Prabhashankar Pattanl— Striono Vaidya (G). (1917). 

Amritalal Sen Gupta.— ^Prabhup&da Bijoy Krishna Goswami (B). 
Yugadharma (B). Upades Manjari (B). M&navajibaner Lakshya 
O Parakiil (H). Sastra o Sad&chir (B). 

Amritalal Sundarji Padhiar Vaidya; Ahmodiibad.— Sachnn 
Swarga (G) (1916). Swargano Aiiand (G) (1917). 

Amulya Krishna Ghosh.— Ookhale (B). 



Amuzanda Shipmard Nauzap Ipani ; 10, Prere Road, Fort, 
Bombay.—Shahnama of Firdausi (P) (1914.) 

Anadidhan Bandyopadhyaya ; Saharanpur.— Kais& Andher (H), 

Anagarika Dharmapal.— The Life and Teachings of Buddha (E). 

Anam Chandra Patra.— History of India (O). 

Ananda Chandra Sen-Gupta.— Grihinir Kartavya (B). Adarsa 
Lipimala (B). Lakshimani Charita (B). 

Ananda K. Coomarswami, m.a.,; Editor, Viswakarma.— 
Arts and Crafts of India and Ceylon (B). Art and Swadeshi (E). 
Essays on Indian Nationalism (E). Indian Drawings (B). Indian Art 
and Culture (E). Mediaeval Singhalese Art (E). The Aims of 
Indian Art (E). The Indian Craftsman (E). Selected Examples of 
Indian Art (E). Myths of the Hindus and the Buddhists (in joint- 
authorship with the late Sister Nivedita)|(E). 

Anandanath Roy ; late Hony. Magistrate, Palong Bench (Farid- 
pnr); Japsa (Paridpur). Born : Agrahayana 1777 (Saka)— BSra- 
bhuyan (B) (1911). Paridpurer Itihasa (B) (1909) Contributions to 
" Bharati," " Nabyabharat," " Bharatbarsha," " Bangiya Sahitya 
Parishad Patrica," &c. 

Ananda Prasad Khattri ; c/o Messrs. K. D, Bros., Nichibag, 
Benares City.— Kali- Yuga (H), Sansar Swapna (H). 

Ananda Prasad Majumdar ; Munsif, Comilla.— Kayasther 
KshatriyachSr Grahan (B). Mahan Kavya (B). Star (B). 

Anandram Shivaldas Udesi, b.a. ; Teacher, High School, 
Sukkur.— Born : 1889.— School Chabichit (Si) (1915). 

Anangamohini Devi ; Princess of Tipperah. - Bengali Poetess. 

Anantaehariya Swami ; Little Conjevaram, Chingleput.— 
Barabanalah (S) (1915). 

Ananta Jivottam Prabh Shastri.— Dwaita Mandan (M) (1915). 

Ananta Krishna Iyer, K. K., b.a., l.t. ; Curator, State Museum, 
Superintendent of Zoological Garden, Superintendent of Ethno- 
graphy, Trichur, Cochin State. Born : 1864.— The Cochin Tribes 
and Castes (E). 

Ananta Narayan Bhagvat.- Umaji Nayak (U). 

Ananta Vaman Barve ; Poena.— PrahlM (M). 

Anant Manohar; Professor. Bombay.— Sangit Prabes (M). 

Anantrai Indian litbrary ybar book, 1918. 

Anantrai Nanalal Buch. b.a., ll.b. : First Class Magistrate, Una, 

Kathiawar.— Our Indian Protectorate (G). 
Anach Nath Basu ; Nitara, 24 Perghs., tieugal.,— Karniabir (B). 
Anchitta Lai ; 212, Darinahatca, Calcutta.— Do vak&li. 
Annada Prasad Chattopadhyaya.— Patbaliaru Patliik (B). Priti 

(B). M&1& (B). O PArer Eath& (B). Hindu Upanibes (B). 8&dbak 

Dinabandhu (B). 
Anukul Chandra Sastri ; Editor, " Toshini ", Johnson Road, Dacca. 

— Chlioiedor Nutan Galpa (B). 
Anukul Chandra Mukhopadhyaya ; 70, Colootolah Street. Cal- 
cutta.— PalSsi buchan£ (B). Bidhi Prus&da (B). Gati (B). Banga 

Lakshmi (B). Bbishan I'ratisodba (B). Asrudhiri (B). 
Anurupa Devi (Mrs.) ; Muzallarpur. — B&gdatt& (B). Posbyaputra 

(B). Mantra Sakti (B). Jyotib Hftri (B). Ulka (B). Cbitradip (Bj. 

Rauga SaukbA (B). Maba Nis& (B). 
Anwar Mian, Kazl; Visnagar, Ahmedabad,— Anwar K&vya (G). 

Apares Chandra Mukhopadhyaya.— Ahuti (B). Rfim&niya (B). 

liangila (B). .Subliadristi (B). 
Apurba Chandra Dutta, b.a. (cantab.) ; l>rofossor, M. C. College, 

Sylbet.— Jyotisb Darpaa (B). 
Apurba Kumar Mallick (Deb), s&bitya o Praii...i.»i>^.. Bbuabau, 

Dattapukur P. C)., 2-1 Perghs.. Bengal. -Milauer I'atho (Bj (laiS; 

Rupasi (B) ( lUlG). Editor of Handarva Ratn&baii. 
Aravinda Ghosh.— See Aurobindo. 
Ardeshir F. J. Chinoy/lL.B., Commissioner for taking Allidavits, 

High Court, Bombay ; Cooper House, Cuff Parade, Bombay. Born : 

12tb April, I870.--Pootli (Ej (in joint-authorship with Mrs. 

Dinbai A. F. Chinoy). Contributions to the Bombay Chronicle, 

the Han/vurtavian, etc. 
Ardeshir Sorabji N. Wadla* m.a. ; Bometimo Professor of English 

and History, Elphinstoue College, Bombay ; Dakshina Fellow in 

Natural Science, Bombay University. Born : 188J.— The Message 

of Zoroaster (E) (1U12). Fate and Free-Will (E) (1914). lieQec- 

tions on the Problems of India (E) (1913), Round the World (E) 



AUTHORS. Atisukhsanker 

Apdhendpa Kumar Gang-opadhyaya.— South Indian Bronzes (E). 

Apjun Chandra Basu.— Sati Lakshmi (B). 

Asanmal R. Mahtani; C/o Diwan Sobhraj H. Daswani, Hyderabad 

(Sindh).~Jap Sahib (Si) Khenhoon (Si). 
Asitakumap Haldai? ; Artist, Samlong Farm, Ranchi.— Ajanata 

(B). (1913). Contributor to " Prabasi," " Bharati." 
Asoodomal B. Idnani ; Veterinary Surgeon, Hydrabad (Sindh).— 

Janwarau Jo Tib (Si). Vahtan babat Kitab (Si). 
Assumal Lilaram ; Karachi.— Susila Bidhava (Si) (1914). 
Asutosh Bhattaehapya.— Kamala (B). 
Asutosh Das Gupta Mahalanavis ; Editor, *' Nandini," Howrah. 

— Tiya Niiki (B). Bijiui Vijaya (B). 
Asutosh Ghosh, b.a.— Prabhabati (B). 
Asutosh Jana, Yidyaranya, Acharya Brahman.— Mahishya tatwa- 

Baridhi (B). 
Asutosh Mitpa, b.a, ; Subordinate Judge, Dinajpur.— Born : 1861 — 

Anandamayi (B). Jethamahasaya (B). Unity of Religion (E.) 
Asutosh Mukhopadhyaya, hon'blh justice sir, saraswati, 


F.A.S.B., Judge, High Court, Calcutta. Address : 77, Russa Road, 
Bhowanipore, Calcutta.— Geometry of Conies (E). Law of Per- 
petuities in British India (Tagore Law Lectures.) 

Asutosh Mukhopadhyaya ; 37, Harrison Road, Calcutta.— Bhut- 
petni (B). Bibaher Priti-upahSr (B). Biswa Baichitra (8) Chhele 
Bhulana Clihapa (B). Chhele o Chhabi (B). Chittaranjan Upa- 
nyasa (B). Kbela-dhula (B). Leisure Hours (E). Meyeder Brata- 
katha (B). Nityapuja (B). Pranaya Patrika (6). Prithibir Sapta- 
Ascharya (B). Puriyatri (B;. Rakshasa Khokshasa (B). Setubandha 
Yat^a (B). Thakane Prasna (B). 

Asutosh Mukhopadhyaya ; Durgapore, 24 Perghs., Bengal- Jati 
Vijnaua (B). 

Asutosh Mukhopadhyaya, b.a.— Bhasha o Sur (B). 

Aswini KumaP Datta ; m.a., b.l. ; Barisal.— Bhaktiyoga (B). 

Athavle, V. B.— Patibrata (M). 

Atisukhsankep Kamalasankep Tpivedi ; Ahinedabad.— Europena 

Sudharana Itihasa (G) (1915). 


Atmanand Indian litbrary year book, 1918. 

Atmanand Swam!.— S&nkhya Yoga (B) Karma Yoga (B). 

Atma Ram ; Engineer, Patiala.— Prema-Prabhakar (H). Bharatiya 

Striaa (H). Dhartna Div&kar (H). Hind me Cnas ki Halal (U.) 
Atma Ram ; Amritsar.— Sanskar Chandrikft (in joint-aiithorsbip 

with Bhimsen barma) (H). 
Atmaram Keshavjee Trivedi ; Anjar, Kutch.— Atmaram Amibhav. 
Atmaram Motlram Diwanjl.— Mirate Sikandari («) (1914). 
Atul Chandra Chattopadhyaya, i.c.s, ; Registrar, Co-operative 

Credit Societies, United Provinces, Lucknow. — Report on the 

Industries of the United Provinces (E). 
Atul Chandra Mitra ; Medical Practitioner, Parnlia.— Prabisa- 

Frasflna (B). 
Atul Chandra Mukhopadhyaya ; Clerk, Office of the Accountant 

(jeneral, Bihar and Orissa, Ranchi— Born : 13th March, 1882 

Residence— Vill. I)ibbhog;P. O. MunshiganJ (Dacca)^Chheleder 

Chandi (B) (1910). Sarb&nanda (B). 1911). Devi Mah&tinya : A 

Voice from the Chandi Mandap (K) (1911). Dhruva (B) (1911). 

Ardha Kali (B) (1911). Bhaglrath (B) (1911). Ariindhati (B) 

(1918). Oaya-Kfihini (B) (1914). Sakyasinha (B). NachiketA (B) 

(1916). R&mprasad or the Saint of Halisahar in Bengal (B) 

Atul Chandra Ray-Chaudhury Deva-Varma ; Zomindar.Sadhan- 

pur 1*. O., Chittagong.— Kayastha Darpan (B). Udbhrfinta 

Premik (B). Swarna Pratiraft (B). Premamayi (B). SAnti (B). 

R&dhAbAi (B). Bhut, Prot. Pari, Yaksha (B). 
Atul Krishna Ghosh, b.l.— Mahammadlya Ain (B). 
Atul Krishna Goswaml ; Nimugoswami's Lane, Calcutta.— B],^kter 

Jaya (B). Brihat Sri Bh&gavat&mrita (B). Sri Laghu BhAgava- 

tAmrita (B). SripAda Iswarpuri (B). Sri Riisapanchddhyaya (B). 

N'&nAn Nidhi (B). SAdhan Sangraha (B). Pujar Galpa (B). 
Atul Krishna Ray.— ManasA PrasOn (B). 
Aundh. Chief of.— See Bhauxm Rao. 
Auroblndo Ghose ; 41, Ruo Prancoise Martin, Pondichcrry ; 

Editor, The Arya. Born : 1872.— Hero and the Nymph (E). 

Songs to Myrtilla (E). DayAnanda, the Man and his Work (E). 

(1913^. Urvasi (E). Ahona and Other Poems (E) (1916). 


AUTHORS. Ayodhya 

Avinas Chandra Bandyopadhyaya.— Matribhakti o Matripuja 
(B), Panchopakhyan (B). 

Avinas Chandra Chakravapty, m.a., b.l. ; 28-3, Akhil Mistry 
Lane, Calcutta.— Puja o Samaj (B). 

Avinas Chandra Das, M.A., B.L,; Manager, Azimgarh Raj Estate, 
Azimganj P. O., District Murshidabad, Bengal.— Born : 19th 
February, 1867.— Aranyabas (B) Gathd (B) (1909). Kumari (B) 
(1909). Palasban (^). (1896). Sahitya-bodh (B). Sita (B) (1890). 
Sukatha (B). Vaisya Caste (E) (1903). 

Avinas Chandra Gangopadhyaya ; 7, Swallow Lane, Calcutta. 
— Daivajnan (B). Prahelika Ratnaraala (B). Swapnatatwa (B). 
Maniratna Vijnan (B). 

Avinas Chandra Majumdar ; Brahma Missionary, Chamberlain 
Road, Lahore.— Born : 14th October, 1855.— Picture of Social 
Evils (E). 

Avinas Chandra Mukhopadhyaya ; 76, Balaram Dey Street, 
Calcutta.— Gita (B). Chandi (B). Sri Git Govinda (B). Brihat 
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Avinas Chandra Roy . — Amiyapatha (B). Bdnsari (B). 

Awatrai Rupehand.— Kishnia jo Kashtu (Si) (1917). 

Ayodhya Das, bar-at-law ; Gorakhpur.— N.-W. P. Tenancy Act 

Ayodhya Prasad Varma Sahityaratna ; 23/11, Baranasi Ghosh 
2ud Lane, Calcutta,— Varua Vichar (H), 

Ayodhya Sinha Upadhyaya ; Kanungo, Nizamabad, Azamgarh.— 
Born : 1865.— Kavir Bachanavali (H) (1916). Padya Pramode (H> 
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(H)(I899). Premambu Pravaha (H) 1899). Prem Prapanch (H) 
(1899). Niti Nibandh (H) (1888), Vinod Vatika (H) (1899). Upa- 
desh Kusum (H) (1907). Rukmini Parinaya (H) (1896). 



Aziz-ud-din Ahmad, kazi, khan rahadi r.— Samrftt Pancbam 

(ieorgo (H). 
Aziz-ud-din« Nayat, shams-ul-ulama, nawab, khan-babadcr, 
I AZI7. JIJNO BAHADUR.— Dictionary of the Persian Language. 


Babulal Mayasanker Dube ; Rajnandgaon, Berar.— Swapna 
Vasava Dattam (H). 

Babulal Sukla ; Jubbnlpore.— Sangit S&ranga Sadabriksha (H) 

Badri Narayan Chaudhupy (Fremdhan) ; Editor of Attauda- 
Kadambiui or Nagri Sirad (now defunct) ; Mirzapur.- Born : 
1855.— Bhfirat Saubhagya (H). Aryabhinandan (H). Barkhft Bindu 
(H). Kajli-Kttdambini (H). Yugal-Mangal Stora (H). RAmftbhishek 
(H). Kalain ki kfirigari (H). 

Badrlnath Bhatt.— Cbandragupta N&tak (H) (1915). 

Bagomal Tulsidas Sujansinganih ; Teacher, High School, Hy- 
derabad, Siiulh,— Born : 10th July, 1884.— History of India (Si) 
(1903). (ioofxrapliy of Sindh (Si) (1908). Geography of India, Asia 
Europe, Africa, America and Oceania (Si) (1894), 

Baikuntha Nath Basu, rai-bahadur ; 187, Maniktala Street, 
Calcutta.— Adal Badal (B). Bar B&hAr (B). Basanta SenA (Bi. 
Ohur Bikflr (B). Gobarganes (B). Krishn.^shtami (B). Lakshmilihi 
(B). M&n (B). Nfttyabikftr (B). Pauranik Pancharanfc (»)• 
Ramprasad (B). Tbaklo ke (B). Sola Karai K&nA (B) Yugor 
Hnjupc (B). 

Baikuntha Nath Das; Mymensingh— Jayadratha Hadh (B) 
Karmaplial (B). I>akshanft Parinaya (B). MoghnAdbadh (B) 
PAsanda-tlalana (B). 

Bajrang Bahadur Srivastava ; Teacher, Modem High School, 


^ ' AUTHORS. Bam a 

Allahabad — Born : 1889,— An Exhaustive Chart on the History 
of India (E) (1909). An Exhaustive Chart '^n the History of 
England (E) (1910), A New Descriptive Chart on Geography 
(E) (1909). An explanatory Chart on the Present System of 
British Administration of India (E) (1918). 

Balabhadra Sarma, kavyaratnakar ; Bara Mandir, Bhuleswar, 
Rombay. — Swagata (H). Pushtimargiya Acharya-Parampara (H). 

Balaehandra Krishna Bhatwadeker, tub hon'ble sir, kt. ; 
Girgaum, Bombay.— Born : 1852. — Diseases of Women (M). Ino- 
culation Explained (E). Leprosy (E). Manual of Botany (E). 
Public Health (E). 

Baiadeva Ram Dave ; Vakil, High Court, N.-W. P. ; 9 Elgin 
Road, Allahabad. — Unreported Cases of Privy Council (E). 

Baiadeva Sinha ; Dehra Dun.— Vaisyadharma va MS.navadharma 

Baiaji Ppabhakap Modak ; Kolhapur.— Prantacha Sankshipta 
rtihas (M) (1914). 

Balbhim Gopal LatUPkap ; Gulburga. - Madhav Charitra va Tyan- 

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Balehand Dayaram, rao-bahadijr, b.a. ; Principal, N. H. Academy, 

Hyderabad (Sindh).— Nur-i-Jahan (Si) (1914). 
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ya (M and S) (1915). 
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ka Sankshipta Itihas (H). Aryon ki Vaijiianik Unnati (H). 

Agnihotra Vyakhya (H. U. M.) Swarajya (H). Iswariya-Jilanaveda 

(H.) Arja Sandhya (H). Arthashastrasara (H). 
Balkpjshna Napayan Barve ; Pauvel, Kolaba.— Gharcha Shimpi 

(M) (1915). 
Bama Chapan Basu.— -Bijali ba Naribhagya (B). Jaychauder 

Chithi (B). Suro'ye Sannyasi (B). 
Bama Chapan Mozumdap ; 21-l, Ainibagan Lane, Calcutta— Ban- 

gfil&r Jamidar (B). 


Baman inoian litkkauy ybak kook/1918. 

Baman Das Basu. major, lm.s. (retirkd) ; Bhavaneswari Asram, 

Bahadiirganj, Allahabad. — Bora: 1887.— Dietetic Treatment 

of Diabetes (E). 8th Edition (1917). Editor of the "Sacred Books 

of the Hindus." 
Bamandasji Kaviraj ; 152, Harrison Road, Calcutta.— Plague- 

chikitsa S&gar (H). 
Banalata Devi (Mrs.) ; Lakshmi Sri (B). 
Banamali Vedantatiptha, m.a. ; Professor. Cotton College. 

Gauhati— Dharma Sam&j o Sw&dhin ChintA (B). 
Sanarsi Das, m.a., ll.b. ; Saharanporo.— Jinendramat Darpana. 
Banerji. S. C. ; Assistant to the Agricultural Chemist to the 

Government of the United Provinces,— Notes on Cane-crushing 

in the United Provinces (in joint-authorship with G. Clarke, 

FJ.O., and Naib Hosainj. 
Bankim Chandra Das ; ChittaKong— jahar Yajua (B). 
Bankim Chandra Lahiri, b.l. ; Purneah.— Napoleonor Jivani (B). 

Sam rat Akbar (B). 
Bankim Chandra Mitra. m.a., b.l., rai bahadur ; SO-8, Madan 

Mitra Lane, Calcutta.— Akinchan (B). Chibar (B). 
Bankubihari Dhar ; 22, Phakir Chand Chakravarty Lane, Cal 

cutta.— Anjali (B). Arj'a Kahini (B). Babhrubflhan (B). Bisha 

Bib&ha (B). Gauri-d&n (B). Jibanchitra (B'. Rftkimft (B) Eone 

M4(B). Pisimft (B). Uftvankanyft Maithili (B>. Sati ki Kalankin? 

(B). Urbasi Uddhftr (B). 
Bankubihari Kar.— Mahfttma Vijaykrishna Goswdrai (B). Maani 

Bftb& (H). 
Banwari Lai ; Monghyr. — Krishna Kathfi wa Knnsabidhwansa. 
Bapalal Bhaisankar Bhatt; Ahmedabid.— Subddh Oarbdvali 

(G) (1914). 
bapalal Veniram Bhakta; Ahmedabad.— Amarcharitra (G) 

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Bapurao Ramehandra Padalkar.— Hindu BIdhavi (M) (1916). 
Barada Kanta Bandyopadhyaya. m.a., b.l.; Barisal.— Buddha 

Barada Kanta Ghosh Vidyaratna • iv.r-.-i _ virns (B>. Amrita 


AUTHORS. Behpoomal 

Renu (B). Brahmaputra Mahatmya O Kayastha Sakha (B). 

Padya Prasun (K). Raj-Bhakti (B). S^nti (B). Satitwa (B). 
Barada Kanta Mazumdap ; Editor, Sisu ; 25, Badurbagah 

Lane, Calcutta.— Behula (B). Buddha (B). Chinta (B). Dama- 

yanti (B). Karma Devi (B). Khoka Babur KaKha (B). Khuku- 

ranir Kheld (B). Parvati (B). Sati (B). Sakuntala (B). Savitri (B). 

Sita (B). Subhadra (B). Ushd (B). Pati Narayan Brata (B). Sati 

Chitra (B). Jesu Khrista (B). Mahammad (B). Nemaicharib 

(B). Sisuranjan Mahabharat (B). Sisuranjan Ramayan (B). 
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(B). • 

Basanta Kumar Basu.— Santimayir Galpa (B). 
Basanta Kumar Chattopadhyaya (1), m.a., m.r.a.s. ; Head 

master, Priyabrata H. E. School, Panchgachia (Bhagalpur). Born: 

1887.— PrSkrita-Prakas (S, Pra & B). Bideshi Galpa i(B) (1917). 

Contributions to Sahitya Parishad Patrika. 
Basanta Kumar Chattopadhyaya (2) ; Post Master, Dehri on 

Sone; E. I. R.— Khanjani (B). Mandira (B). Saptaswara (B). 

Galpa Malya (B). Panchapatra (B). Yotirindra Nather Jivan 

Smriti (B). 
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Behman S. J. Banaji.— Motno Bhed, Gujarelanni Duniya, Ruhono 

Sandesho (Q) (1917). 
Behroomal Meherehand ;Head Clerk, Ofiace of the Commissioner 

Belvalkar ikdian literary year book, 1918. 

of Excise and Salt, Karachi Johar Nazim (Si) (1918). Prem jo 

Mahatam (Si) (1914). 

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College, Poona ; 889, Narayan Peth, Poona City.— An Account 
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Benay Krishna Mukhopadhyaya.— Dewani Adalat Darpan (B). 
S&vitri (B). 

Benay Kumar Sarkar. m.a. ; U, Sukea Street, Calcutta. 
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Sociology (E) (1914). English Translation of Sukraniti (E) 
(in the Sacred Books of the Hindus Scries). The Hindu 
University : "What it Means (E). Man of Letters (E). Chinese 
Rolieion through Hindu Ryes (B). Negro J&tir Karmavir 

Betab.— See Narayan Prasad Dehlxri, 

Bhabanieharan Ghosh ; 6, Zarill's Lane, Calcutta.— Hemendra- 
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Bhabasindhu Datta. B. A. ; 210/2/1, Ck^rnwallis Street, Caloatt*. 
— Maharshi Devendra Nath (B). 

Bhabendranath Dey, B. A. ;— Mrityn-Rahasya (B). 

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Professor, Krishnagore College.- Durgesnandini o Kapilkonda- 
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AUTHORS. Bhavani 

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kyon Vijay hua (H). Dharm aur- Vijnan (H). Bir Pratap (H). 

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Bhimsen Sarma ; Mahavidyalaya, Jwalapur, District Saharanpur. 
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Bhirumal Mahlrehand— Anand Sundrika (Ri) (1916). 

Bhogilal Trikamlal Vakil ; Chikitsak Churamani ; Pleader • 
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(B) Bhadra (U). Annapurnft (B). Khullan& (B) Baman (B) Sri- 

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— Chh&yfipath(B). Godhiili (B). Manjir (B). Sisir (B). 
Bhupendra Narayan Ray Chaudhurl, m.a. ; Berhampore— Ale- 

khya (B). 
'Bhupendra Nath Bandyopadhyaya ; Dramatist •, 24. Chorebagan 


' AUTHORS. Bijay 

2nd Lane, Calcutta. Born 1878.— Barabarnini (B). Bejay Ragar 

(B). Bhuter Biye (B). Goswinji (B). Kshatra Bir (B). Guru Tha- 
. kur (B). Kaler Putul (B). Satsanga (B). . Saodagar (B). Sign of 

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Calcutta.— Gharau Ghatana (H). Balavata Bhumihar (H). 
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o Bishadi Manab (B). 
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Pali Prakas (B). 
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AUTHORS. Brajanandan 

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Brijnarayan Chakbast. u.a., ll.b. ; Editor, T/ie OucUi AkJibar ; 


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AUTHORS. Hapi Kishan 

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Charan Datta Street, Calcutta.— Born : 1880.— Nar-Pishach (H). 
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AUTHORS. JhamatmaF 

the original Bengali of Charuchandra Bandyopadhyaya) (H)» 

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Society during the last 100 years from a Parsee Point of View. 
(E). The Catechism of the Zoroastrian Religion (E). The mar- 
-riage Ceremony of the Parsees (E). Masonic Papers (E). Dante 
Papers (E). Education among the Ancient Iranians (E). King 
ISolomon's Temple and the Ancient Persians (E). Impression d'un 
ParsiSurla ville do Paris (F). Irani Bcshayo (G). La Visite 
d'un Parsi La Ville de Constantinople (F). La oeremonie dn. 
Naojote parmi Ics Parsis (F). Jamshod, Horn ale atas (G). 
Anfihita and Farohar (G). Bhitanpar Bayij (G). Shahnamun 
ane Fardousi (G). Shahnomani Sundaria (G). Baynchakra 
£astra (Q.) Meher ane Jasne Meherayan (O). Shahnamun 
Minochcherna Rajya Sudbi (G). Jnan Prasarak Beshayo (G). 
Immorataiity of the Soul (G). The Social Life, Geography and 

AUTHORS. Jnanendra 

Articles of Faith of Avesta Times (G). A Dictionary of Avestio 

Proper Names (G). Bundehesh (G). 
Jivanlal Amarshi Mehta ; Ahmedabad.- Veparopa yogi Pathmala 

(G) (1914). Gopal Krishna Gokhale (G) (1915). 
Jivanlal Arya ; Arya Upadeshak, Sukkur.— Satyarth Prakash of 

Swami Dayanand (Si). Sandhya (Si). Religious Songs (Si). 
Jivanlal Chhotalal.— Vijnanani Rasik Vartao (G) (1916). 
Jivan Singh ; Darbar High School, Rewah, c.i.— Yunan-Rum 

Yuddha (H). 
Jivapam Aiaramap Gop ; Kaviraj, Bhuj (Cuteh).— Varta-Vinod 

(G) (1893). Bhagwat Pingal (G) (1893). Kavya Kaladhar (G) 

& H) (1893). Udho Ane Hothal (G) (1902). Vidur Niti (G) (1899). 

Sasai ana Punu (G & Cu) (1902). Prem Pandhotari (G) (1894). 

Dadabhai Stotra (G) (1894). Meghadambar (H & G) (1892). 
Jivapam Baldevdas Kapdawala Bhavsap ; Dhinoj, Bombay 

Precy.— Amritno Zaro (G) (1915). 
Jivendpa Kumar Datta; Ghat Farhad, Chittagong.— Tapoban (B). 

Anjali (B). Dhyanalok (B). Prahlad (B). 
Jnanabala Devi (Mrs.)— Tatwabodhica (B). 
Jnanachanda ; Pansaria, Ludhiana.— Vyakaran Nirnaya. 
Jnanananda Roy-Chaudhupy ; 77, Hari Ghosh Street, Calcutta. 

Born. 23rd January, 1858.— Dhartnajivan (B). Madangopal 

Puja-Paddhati (B). 
Jnanananda Swami.— Jivan Mukti Vivek (B). 
Jnanendpalal Roy, m.a., b.l. ; Krishnaj:;ar, Nuddia.— Nabadevi ba 

Maya (B). Prabandhalahari (B). 
Jnanendpa Mohan Das; Baghbazar Street, Calcutta.— Banger 

Bahire Bangaii (B) annot. Meghnad Badh (B). Charitra Gathan 

(B). Riddhi (B). Bdngla BhSshar Abhidhan (B). 
Jnanendpa Mohan Datta, b.l. ; Mozuffarpur.—Sukhamani (B). 
Jnanendpa Narayan Bagehi ; l.m.s. ; 7, Kalitola Lane, Calcutta. 

—Malaria (B). Saririk Kriya o Swasthya-vidhi (B). Pharmacy 

Jnanendpa Nath Das-Gupta, m.a., i.c.s. ; (Bengal).— Life of Mr. 

R. C. Dutt (B). 
Jnanendpa Nath Maltpa.— Ajimata (B). 


Jnanendra Indian literart year book, 1918. 

Jnanendpa Nath Mukhopadhyaya. b.a., b.l. ; Benares— 8i 
mad-Bhagvat Gita as explained by Swami Pranavananda of tl 
" Pranavasrama" of Benares City (B). 

Jnanendra Sasi Gupta, b. l. ; Nawabganj, Maldah.— Bhismd 
(B). UpaKath&(B). 

Joges Chandra Ray.— See Yogeschandra Ray. 

Jogindra Nath Hose.— See Yogindra Nath Bose, 

Joshi L.L., M.D., B.8C., D.T.M., P.C.S.; Mnnicipal Analyst, Bombi>.y. 
The milk Problem in Indian Cities (E). 

Jugal Kishor Jain; c/o Chandra Sen Jain, Yaidya, Etawah. 
Aryan ki Pralay (H). 

Jwaladadatta Sarma ; Eisraul, Moradabad.— bikhon ke Das 
Guru (U). Soham Tatwa (Hindi translation of b'oham Swmi's 
original Bengali). 

Jwala Prasad Misra, vidyavaridui ; Moradabad (U. P.). Born ; 
1882. - Dayanand Timir Bhaskar (H). .Tati Nirnai (H). Nirnai 
Sindhn (H). Shukla Yajur Veda Bhashya (H). Devi Bhagwat (H). 
Yalmikiya Ramayan (H). Adbhut liamayan (H). Ashtadas Pn- 
ran (H). Bhakta Mala (H), Laghu Sidhant Kauraudi (H). Kftm 
Ratna (H). Dravya Gun (H). Yaidya Ratna(ll). Kamandakiya 
Niti Bar (H). Panch Tantra (H). Raghuvans (H). Shakuntala (R). 
Yeni Sanhar (H). Sita Banbas (H). Shiva Gita (H). Ishavasya 
Upanishad (H). Yishram Sagar (H). Tulsi Krit Jiamayan (H). 
Ram Lila Ram:»yan (H). Yihari Satsai (H). 

Jwala Prasad, b.a., O.e. ; Executive Engineer, Benares Hindu 
University, Benares.— Hindi books. 

Jwala Sahai ; Retired Nazim and Hony. Magst, Hharatpur.— 
Born: 1838.— An Urdu Translation of Aitchison's Treaties and 
Engagements (U). Waquaya Raj pu tana (U) (1870). A ITistory 
of Bharatpur (E) (I89«). A History of Dir (E) (1902). Loyal 
Rajputana (E) (1902). The Royal Tour 1(E) (190(J). The beven 
Aspects of Delhi (E) (1911). A History of Bharatpur (E> 
(1912). Lohua(E) (1912). 

Jyotirlndra Nath Tagore; 19, Store Road, Ballygunge, Calcutta. 
— Abhijn4uSakuntala (B). Alik Babu (B). Asrumati (B). Basanta 
Lila (B). Yeni Samhfir (B). Bh&ratvarsha (B). Yikramorvaai 


AUTHORS. Kaliehbeg 

(B). Biddha Salbhanjika (B). Chanda Eausika (B). Dhananjaya 
Vijaya (B). DSyepore D&rgraha (E). Dhyan Bhanga (B). Hite 
Biparit (B). Ingraj Barjita Bharatvarsha (B). Julias Caesar (B). 
Karpur Manjari (B). Mahabir Charita (B). Malavikagnimitra 
(B). Malati Madhava (B), Mrichchha Katik (B). Mudra Rakshas 
(B). Nagananda (B). Prabandhamanjari (B). Prabodh Chandro- 
daya (B). Priyadarsika (B). Puru Vikram (B). Rajat Giri (B). 
Ratnavali (B), Sarojini (B). Swapnamayi (B). Swaralipigiti- 
mSla (B). Uttaracharifc (B). 

Jyotishananda Bhagbat.— Krishna prem-Tatwa (B). Lilabasan 

Jyotish Chandra Bhattaehapaya, m. a., b.l., m.r.a.s. ; Pnrneah. 
— Devaraj (E). Tapati (B). 

Jyotish Chandra Das-Gupta ; Delhi.— National Biography of 
India (E). 

Jyotishmati Devi (Rani).- Mala (B). 


Kabraji Bomanji Navpojji.— Padti par Pachas (G) (1917). 
Kaifl.— See Brajamdham Dattatrdija. 

Kailapam Aiyap, S. ; b.a.— The Present Situation in India (E). 
Kaikobad, MunshI; Post Master, Bajitpur, Myraensingh.— 

Asrumaia (B). Maha Smasan (B). 
Kakini, L. V.— The Speeches and Writings of Sir Narayan Chada- 

varkar (B). 
Kakumal So Motumal ; Sakkur.— Kiso Raja Rasula Sajo (Gu) 

Kala Chand Dalai ; 22, Sukea Street, Calcutta.— Brahmaprabasir 

Patra (B). 
Kalibhushan Mukhopadhyaya —Rani Durg&vatl (B). Rajar 

Katha (B). 
Kali Charan Mitpa.— Amla-madhur (B). Yuthika (B). 
Kali ChaPan Sen ; Gauhati.— Hindur Upasanatatwa (B). 
Kaliehbeg Fapidunbeg, Mipza, kitan-bahadur ; Hyderabad, 
) Sindh.-Gulan ji Tokri(Si) (1914). Mukalat Anlia (Si). Nanga 
[1 (Si). Chachuamo (Si). Ajib Tilsam (Si) (1914). Tee Ghar (Si). 
U 65 

I 5 

Kalidas indian literaky year book, 1918. 

Tuhfat Naswan (Si). Gulsban Raz Masnavi (Si) (lOU). Ilm- 
Aclab (Si) (1914). Uarkat man Barkat (Si) (1914). Lughat LatiQ 
(Si) (1915). Ilidayat Zamiadari lui (Si). Shisan ji Naui (&i). 
Emerson ja Ilrui ain Akuli uuktA (Si) (1915). Sindhi Ghacr 
(Si). Motyan ji Dabli (Si). Mulan jo Tailim namo (Si) (1915). 
Bagh Baghbani (Si). Kbursed (bi). Dilaram (Si). Hushtaiu (Si). 
Zamin ji pokha (Si). Ibn Dassoor Ilmaust (Si). Mukalatal 
Hikmat (Si). Ahwal Shah Abdul Litifl (Si). Azarmfin ar&m 
(Si). Jarikh-i-Sindh Talim liikmat (Si). Parsi Zibau ji Toaikli 
(Si). Pani ja Jenwar (Si). Paklii (Si). Janwar (Si). Kbood Jabani 
(Si). Hasan Dildar (Si). Dilpasind kisa (Si). Rasalo Sachoo (Si). 
Ziaats : Sar Suhini (S). Shah EUia (S). Shakuntala (Si). Raiyyot 
N.imah (Si) (I9l6). Barani Tailiui (Si) (1917). 
Kalidas Chattapodhyaya ; Goari (Nuddia).— Bisarjan (B). 
Kalidas Manik ; Games Superintendent, Central Hindu College, 
Benares ; 94, Misra Pokhrll, Benares City.— Bharat ki Prachin 
Jhalak (H) (in joint-authorship with Haridas Manik). Professo 
Rammurti aur unkA Vyayam (H). Saral Vyaj'am (H). 
Kalidas M. Yajnlk; Calcutta.— Vi mala (G) (1915). 
Kalidas Ranehhopbhal Vaidya; Bijapore,— Arogyadarpan (G) 


Kalidas Ray. n.A., kamsekuar ; Teacher ; Ulipur High School, 

Rangpur. -Kisalaya (B). Parnaputa (B). Ballari (B). Geetimangal 

(B). Kunda(B). Braja Benu (B). 

Kalidas Vidyabhushan, Vaidyaratna ; Kabiraj, Calcutta.— Jwar- 

tatwa (B). Chikitsfi-tatwa (B). Bhabaushna (B). Swasthya 

bidbana (B). 

Kalikamal Datta ; Patauikota, Cbittagong. -Durgavati (B) 

Htniiprabhfi (B). Ksbetrapal (B). 
Kalikesh Bandyopadhyaya. hl.— Pitriyauo Pabitra Melan (B). ^ 
Kalikisor Basu.— Prakrita Tatwa Sangraha (B). 
Kalikrlshna Bhattaeharya ; 47, Sitaram Ghosh Street, Calcutt 

-Banger Upanysisa Ratna (B). 
Kalikumar Bandhopadhyaya ; Teacher, Aoglo-Bengali School 

Allahabad. —Dovabrata (B). 
Kalimohan Vidyaratna.— Saktisadhau Mah&mantra (B). 


AUTHORS. Kamakhya 

Kalindi Prasad, b.a., Vakil, High Court, Bahadurganj, Grand 
Trunk Road, Allahabad.— Judicial Interpretation of Indian Sta- 
tutes (E). 

Kalipada Bandyopadhyaya.— Chariti Chitra (B). 

Kalipada Ghosh ; Khulna— Milton's Paradise Lost (B). 

Kalipada Mukhopadhyaya.— BidSya (B). Suja (B). 

Kalippasanna Bandyopadhyaya. b.a.; Lecturer in History, 
Hooghly College. Born : 1863.— Nawabi Amale Bangalar Itihas 
(B). Sekaler Chitra (B). Bharatvarsher Itihas (B). Sisubodh 
jjliaratvarsher Itihas (S). Sisubodh Bangalar Itihas (B). 

Kaliprasanna Choudhupy ; Rajshahi.— Brata-bbanga (B). 

Kalippasanna Das-Gupta, m.a., Professor National College, 
Calcutta ; Editor, Malancha. 2-1, Hogulkaria Lane, Calcutta. — 
Purana Katha (1915) (B). Rajput Kahini;(B) (1913). Ramaya,ner 
Katha(B) (1915). Lahar (B) (1914). Saral Chandi (B) (1911). 
Rin-Parisodh (B) (1912). Chhota Bara (B) (1916). Ratnahar 
(B). Mahabharater Katha (B). 

Kallo Ganesh Vijapup.— Yeradano Bajirayena Kelavu Akhya- 
yikegalu (Ca) (1915). Vividha Kalashatakavu (Ca) (1915). 

Kaluram Sastri ; Amrodha, Cawnpore.— Tarkiksarir (H). Mur- 
tipuja(H). Prabha (H). 

Kalupam Trivedi ; Jasrapur.— Valya-vivaha (H). 

KalyaneshwaH Dasi.— Pagalinir Gan (B). 

Kalyani Amma, T. C, m.r.a.s., (Mps. T. K. Krishna Menon). 
Address : Thottakkad House, Brnakulam, Cochin.— Born : 1055, 
:M. E.—Life of Queen Victoria (Ma). Visha Vriksha (Ma). 
Aesop's Fables (Ma). Tales from India (Ma). Frog Prince (Ma). 
Kadambari Kathasaram (Ma) . 

Kalyanji Vithalbhai Mehta ; Manager , " Patel Bandhu " and 
Hon, Supdt., Fatidar Yubak Mandal Vidyarthi Asram, Parsi 
8heri,Surat.-Gope Kavya (G) (1914). Mahan Sikh Gurus (G) 
(1915). Short Stories (G) (1915). Mahanta (G) (1911). Raj Git 
Maia (G) (1914). 

Kamakhya Charan Bandhopadhyaya.— Aryagriha Chikitsa 
(B). Matar Prati Upades (B). Prasutir Kartabya o Dhatri 
Siksha (B). Sispualan o Chikitsa (B). Stri Siksha (B). Susantan 


Kamakshi Indian literary year book. 1918. 

Lftbher Upiya (U). Palligramer Swastbya Raksha (B). Bib&ha 

Kamakshi Amma (Mrs); Maya Varam, Madras Prccy,— Adwaita 

Deepika (S) (1011). 
Kamalakanta Brahmadas.— Swabhabik Yoga (B). 
Kamlasankar Pransanker Trlvedi, Rao Bahadur; Surat.— 

Sikshan Shastranan Mul Tattwa (G) (1914). 
Kamal Shelly Bonnerji, m.a., har-at-law ; Receiver, High Ck)urt 

of Judicature, Calcutta.— The Interpretation of Deeds, \N"ill» 

and Statutes in British India (K). 
Kamlni Ray (Mrs.), «.a.— Alo o Chh&ya (B). Ambft (B). Dharma- 

putra (Count Tolstoi) (B). Gunjan (B). MAlya o Nirmfilya (B), 

PaurSniki (B), SrSddhikl (B). Asoke Sangita (B). OitiniA (B>. 
Kamta Prasad Guru; Teacher, Normal School, Jubbalporo.— 

Born: 1875.— Bhasha Vakya (H). Prethakkaran (II). Parvat 

Yasoda (II). 

Kanallal Gupta, n.A.— Ajima Roga Chikitsii (B). 

Kanchanmala Devi (Mrs.); 65, Simla Street, Calcntta.—Guchchha 
(B). Galpa Htabak (B). 

Kangaii Charan Sen.— Brahma Sangit Swarlipi (B). 

Kanhyia Lai Mlsra ; Head Pandit, Qaya Zila School, Gaya.— 

Kanhyia Lai Seth; Muttra.— Alankar (H). Akash (II). 

Kanhyia SInghji, Kunwar; Venkatcswar Press, Bombay.- Pra- 
tapraj (H) . Bundelkhand Eesari (H). Bharat men Aioxandor 

Kannoo Mai : .m.a. ; District and Sessions Jndge and Inspector ol 
Schools, Dholepore State.— The Master Poets of India (K). The 
Secrets of Upanishads (E). The Study of Jainism(E). Lord! 
Krishna's Message (E). The Sapta Bhanga Nyaya (Ki. A Short 
Account of Dholepur State (E). Sahitya Sangita Nirupana (H). 
Jaina Tatwa Mimansi (H). Bharatvarsh ki Dhurandhar Kavi (H). 
Angrazi Rajya ki Sukh (H). Samajik Sudhir (U). Herbert 
Spencer ki Ajnoya Mimansa fH). Herbert Spencer ko Jnojl 
Mimansa (U). } 

Kapadia, Dr. S. A.— Wisdom of the Bast (E). (In joint-oditorshlf 


AUTHORS. Kaupomal 

with L. Cranmer-I3yng). Teachings of Zoroaster and the Phy- 

losophy of Parsi Religion (E). 
Kapil Dev Shastri, m.a., m.o.l., Late Prof, of Sans., Sanatan Dharm 

Coll. Lahore.— Eng. Transl. and commentary onMalavikagnimitra. 
Kapilsharma Dalpatram Mehta.— Narendra Athwa Be Vidyarthi 

(G) (1917). 
Karkape, D. B.— Hindusthanantil British Samrajya'cha Udayani 

tyachi Yadh (Tr. of Sir A; Lyall's original) (M) (1917). 
KaPkapia, R. P. — The Charm of Bombay (with an introduction by 

H. E. Lord Willingdon, G.C.I. E.) (E). Introduction to R. B. 

Paymaster's Kissee-i-Saiyan. 
Kaplekap, G. M.— Guptavidyabhandar (M) (1917). Saptarangi 

Jalsa (M & H) (1917). Sankalpa Siddhi (M) (1917). 
KaPtik Chandpa Basu. m.b.; Editor, Health and Hujipiness (E). 

Swasthija Samacliar (B) & (H), and Tandurusti (U) ; 45, Amherst 

Street, Calcutta. — Hygiene (E). 
Kaptik Chandpa Das-Gupta, b.a.— Savitri (B). Tai Tai (B). 

Tepqntarer Math (B). Phuljhuri (B). 
KaPtik Chandpa Poddap.-Mukhtadhara (B). 
Kapunanidhan Bandhopadhyaya, b.a. ; Teacher, Zilah School, 

Howrah.— Jharaphul (B). Prasadi (B). Santijal (B). 
Kasibai Heplekep (Mps.)-Samsaratalya Gosthi (M). 
Kasinath (Mahasaya Ji); Cawnpore — Bal-dharma Sikshak (H). 
Kasinaih Rag-hunath Mitpa.— Ed. " Manoranjan " (M), Bombay. 
Kasinath Sahai ; Pleader, Sewan, District Saran.— Shaktism (E). 
Kasi Ppasad Jaiswal, m.a., m.r.a.s., Bar-at-law; Formerly 

Editor, Patiiptitya, Bankipur. Born : 1881. — Anek Itihasik (H). 

Ptfratatva (H). Bhasha Tatva par Hindi aur Angrezi men 

Gaveshan Purn Nibandh (H). 
Kasi Ram, Rai Sahib ; Minister, Punjab Brahma Samaj. — 

fcieveral Tracts on Brahmoism. 
Kastupi Ranga Chapiap ; "b.a., b.l.— The Presidency Town 

Insolvency Act (III of 1909) (E). 
Kaupomal Chandanmal Khilwani, diwan, rao-bahadur; 

Retired Principal, Training College for Meb, Hyderabad (Sindh). 

Residence : Bhiria, District Nawabshahr, Sindh. Born : 4th Octo- 


Kavasji indian literary year book, 1018. 

ber,l844.— Ba Mandynn (Si) (1914). Aga Urn Hikmat (Si). Pako 
Pahu (Si). Purani Shastir (Si). Geometry (Si). Jivan Ind 
Rhastir (Si). Ilm Kiniia (Si). Lekhe jo Kitah (Si). Aghaz-i-Phar- 
(P). Arya Nari Charit (Si). Barana Git (Si). Baranioon Akhyai- 
nyoon (Si). Prahlada (Si). PadarthSiksha (Si). Phool Malia (Si). 
Radha Rani (Si). Sami ja Sloka (Si). Khoti (Si). Ghujharatoon 
(Si). Kliir-jo Khir Pani jo Pani (6i). Childron'.s Nursery Songs 
(Si). Children's Nursery Tales (Si). Sindhi Proverb (S). Sindhi 
Riddles (Si). Jaideva Charitra (Si). Jomlar Stories (Si). Nava 
Samhita (Si). Bhajan Mala (Si). Raja Bhoi jo Sapno (Si). Balmik 
(Si). Dhruva (Si). Narada (Si). Raja Ram Mohan Roy (Si). Miraif 
Bai (Si). Dadn Dayal (Si). Bhi.sma Pitamaha (Si). Rohini (S). 
Radha Rani (Si). Namdeva Charitra (Si). 

Kavasji Dadabhai Naegamwala. m.a., f.r.a.8., &c. ; Director 
of Maharaja Takhtsinghji Observatory, Poena.— Report on the 
Total Solar Eclii).se of Jany. 21-2, 1898, as observ(«d at Jour 
in Western India (E). 

Kavasji Edalji Kanga.- Extracts from the Narrative of M. 
Ancquotil du Perron's Travel's in India (E). Ehordch Avosta 
(Pe&G) (1918). 

Kawasjl Pestonji Karkarla.— Karkaria Kjilumbnl Hakikaf (f.) 

Kedareswar Bandyopadhyaya.— l^i'vganor Ahhinaba Uharar 
Darsan (B). Tirtha YAtrS (IJ). 

Kedarnath Banerji (Nandi Sarma); 154, Ramapura, Benares 
(City).-Kashir Kinohit (B) (1915). 

Kedarnath Bharati ; Jcssore.- Hindu Jivan (B), Sri (B). 

Kedarnath Datta, nuAKTiviNon.— Bange Panjika .Sanskii* (H). 
Hango SamajikatA (B). Bhajan Rahasya (B'. (B). 
Hari-bliakti Tarangini (B). Harinain Chintaniani (B). Padma 
Puran (B). Pfischatya Ganita (B). Prom Pradip (B). Siddhant^^ 
Siromani (B). Srikrinhna Bijuy (B). Srikrishna Chaitanya 
Chandrasya PaliasranAmasopftn ^S). Srimadbhagabata Nitya- 
nanda Sankalpa Kalpadruma (B). 

Kedarnath Mazumdar, m.h.a.s. ; Mymonsing Research House. 
Editor, Sourabh, Born. 1277 B. 8.— Chitra (B). Dhftkar Bibaran 


AUTHORS. Khagendpa 

(13). Maymansinher Bibaran (B). Mayraansinher Itihasa (B). 

Saraswat Kunja (B). Bangala Samajik Sahitya (B). Contribu- 

butions to Dacca Review, Saurabh. 
Kedarnath Pathak ; Raja Darwaja, Benares City. Born : 1870.— 

Lakshman Dwivedi (H). Raviya (H). Bopdeva. (H). 
Kelkar. G.K.. RAO-saheb, Deputy Director of Agriculture, Bom- 
bay.— Indegeneous Implements of the Bombay Presidency (E). 
Kenapam Bhattaeharya ; Dumka.— Kanyabibaha (B), 
Keshava Chandra Bandyopadhyaya.— Saptarshi Srijan (B). 
Kesava Chandra Gupta, m. a., b.l. ; Editor, Archana (B) ; 40, 

Chasadhobapara Street Calcutta. — Kanakrekha (B). Bibaha 

Biplab (B). 
Kesava-Chandra Raha ; Hughli.— Adarsa Jamidari (B). 
Kesava Dadaji Sastri Takalkar ; Yeola, Bombay Precy.— Jivan- 

mukti Vivek (M) (1915). 
Kesavalal Hargovlnddas Seth.— Bhanu Kumar (G) (1914). 
Kesavalal Harshadray Dhruvi; Ahmedabad.— Priyadarsana (G> 

(1915). Sachun Swapna (G) (1917). 
Kesavalal Ojha. B.a. -Ethnographical Survey of the Central 

India Agency (E). 
Kesavalal Sivaram Adhyapak.— Sangit Lilavati Natak (G) 

Kesavalal Viswanath Trivedi ; Ahmedabad.— Sati Mandal (G) 

Kesava Nagesh Bapat.— French Badshaha Pahila Napoleon (M) 

Kesavanandji ; Beswa, Aligarh.— Lil Vijnan Vinod. 
Kesava Prasad Singh : Zemindar, Muzaffarpur.— Mazzini ki 

Jiwan Charit (H). 
Keshavji Vishwanath Trivedi ; Dhole, Kathiawar,— Satimandal 

(H). " 
Ketkar, S. V., a.m.— The History of Caste in India (E). 
Khagendra Mohan Bandyopadhyaya.— Sri Sri Bhaktartna- 

bali (B). 
Khagendra Nath Basu ; Medical Practitioner, Daulatpur, 

Khulna.— Malancha (B.) Prabhabati (B.) Malaria (B). 


Khagrendra Indian literary year book, 1918. 

Khagendra Nath Mltra; m. a. ; Prof., Presidency CoUe<re, Cal-' 
cutta ; 8, Beadon Jlow, Calcatta.— Bharatvarsher Ttih:\s iRV 
Nilambari (B). 
Khair-un-Nlsa Khatoon (Mrs.)— Satir Patibhakti (B), 
Khandekar. D.G.; Poona.— The Indian Criminal Court Manual (E). 
Khanderao Chintamon Mahendale ; Poena.- M»rathyanchya 
Itibasachin Sadlianin (M) (1915). Bharata Uitias Sanshodhak 
Mandal, Varshik Itibritha Shaka 1837 (M). 
Khando Krishna Garde (Baba).— Panchadasi (M) (1915). 
Khemraj Srikrishnadas.— .\tm;i Puran (H) (1915). Bharatsar (H) 

Khondkap Goiam Ahmad ; Burdwan.— Islamer Prabhab O 

Dliarmaniti (B). 
Khuda Bux. S.. m.a., n.c.u, bar-at-law ; Bankipore.— Von Kre- 
incr's Moslem Civilisation (translated from the original Gormaii, 
with an Introduction by Prof. Margolitli of Oxford) (E). Contri- 
bution to the History of Islamic Civilisation (E). Gems from 
Persian <E). 

Khushal T. Shah, B.Sc., Bar.-at-Law — Indian Currency and Bank- 
ing Problem, (In joint, authorship with Mohanlul Tiuidon. H. 
Com., Bar-at-Law, F.R.E.S.) 
Kiranbala Dasl (Mrs.)— MahilA Bratakatha (B). 
Kiran Chand Durvesh ; 207, Madanpura, Benares City.— Born : 
11th August, 1878 (27th Sravan, 1285 B. 8.) -G&ner Khfttft (B) 
(1914). Japajee(B) (1915). Mandir (B) (1915.) NAma Brahma 
Pfljfi Paddhati (B) (1904). Sangit Sudhft (B) (1915). Brindaban 
Sntak (B). Kula Sangit (B). 
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Shikarpur, Sindh. Born 17th March, 1886.— Ilm Srishti 
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Koklleswar Bhattacharya, Sastri, m.a.; Coochbehar.— Upani- 

shader Upades (B). 
Kottarathll Sankunny ; Kottayam, Txavancoro. Born : 1854.— 
Sri Uamavatharam (Ma). Seotlia Vivaham (Ma). Mala- 
theemadhavam (Ma). Kuchelagopalam (Ma>. Murajapaeharith»m 


AUTHORS. Krishna 

(Ma). Naishaclham (Ma). Sri Krishnan (Ma). Arjunan (Ma). 

Janaki Parinayam (Ma). 
Kpipasankap Dolatpam Trivedl.— Vanavasini (G) (1911). 
Kpishnabai Gadgil (Mps.) ; Poona.— Manasgita Sarovar (M) 

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ritra (H), Malati Madhava (R). Mahavir Charitra (H). Valmiki 
Ramayan (H). 

Krishnaehandpa Kundu, m.a.— Cleopatra (B). Rat Dupure (B), 

Krishna Chapan Majumdap.— Mul Dhakur Samalochana (B). 

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Kpishnaji Abaji Gupuji.— Ghagargadcha Subhedar (M) (1915). 

Kpishnaji Govind Kinape ; Teacher, New English School, 81, 
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Kpishnaji Govind Olca.— Amara's Namalinganusasana (S & E) 

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arthat Vidydsadhan (M). Jorakshar Birahit Vachan Path (M). 
Kawlicha Narad (M). Mahamaya (M). Pranayini (M). Prem- 
■nikash (M). Raja Rakshas (M), Rukminiharan (M). Srikrishan- 
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Kpishnaji Ppabhakap Khadilkap.— Bayakanchen Bande (M) 
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Kpishnaji Vasudeva Phadke.— Swami Pundambhat (M) (1915). 

Kpishnaji Venkatesh Kulkapni.— Obba Taruna Rajaputa Sar- 
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Krishna Kant Bflalaviya, b.a.; Editor, the Maryada (H); " Bharati- 
Bhavan," Allahabad.— Born : 1936 (Samvat).— Priyatama (H) 
Karmavir (H). 


Krishna Indian literary year book, 1918. 


Krishna Kumar Mitra, n.A.; Editor, SanjizKini (B) ; 6. Collog© 
Square, Calcutta.— AkS K&hini (B). Buddliadcva Charit (B). 
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Krishna Kumar Sarma; Tloliprato, Muttra.— Hindi author. 

Krishnalal Govlndram Devasrayee : Ahmedabad.— Ajkalnun 
Vaidun (G (1915). 

Krishnalal Mohanlal Jhaveri. m.a., ll.b. : Judge, Presidency 
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Annotations on the Odes of Haflz (E). Annotations on th» 
Odes of Sa'adi (E). Aurangzeb and Tlajpats (G). DayAram and 
Hafiz (E). Essays for Higher Classes in High Schools (K). Hyder 
AH and Tippu Sultan (G). Krishna Charitra (Gujrati transla- 
tion of Bankim Chandra Chatorji's Original I5«>ngali). Life 
of Dayanand Saraswati (G). Milestones in Gujrati Litera- 
ture (E). Persian Prosody, with Figures of Speech (E & P^. 
Khivaji (E). 

Krishnalal Sadhu. m.a.— Akfisa-kahini (B). 

Krishnamaehari, C. R.; Ootacaaiund.— Sister Nivedita (Te). 

Krishna Menon, T. K.. r.a., m.r.a.h., k.r.u.8.; Thottakkac^ 
House, Ernakulam (Cochin).— Born : Vrichigam, 1045 M. E. — 
Prachoenaryavritham (Ma). Chandrahasa (Ma). Physical 
Geography (Ma). Training of children (Ma). Study of the life 
of Garfield and RfijA Keshava Dass (E). Study of Tennyson's 
In Momorium (E). Caste System (E). Joint-family System (E). 
Edited the works of Yenraani (Ma). Kokila Sandesa (Ma). 
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Adyar, Madras).— At the Feet of the Master (E). Educatioi' 
as Service (E). 

Krishnanand, A.; Editor, Bihar Advocate, Gaya.— Young Men'» 
Physician. The Path of Happinoss. Yidura's Admonition f<v 
the Kuru King. 

Krishnan Nair, C. ; B.A., n.U, Vakil, High Court, Madras. -i he 
Presidency Towns Insolvency Act (E) (lOlS). 


AUTHORS. Kshirod 

Krishnapada Bidyabhushan— Srimadbhagbater Kathakathar 

Puthi (B). 
Krishnaram Ganpatram Bhatta; Dabhan Taluk, Nadiad, Ahme- 

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Krishna Rao, h.p., b.a, ; Head Master, Institution for the Deaf 

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Krishnaswami Aiyar, C. N. ; m.a., -i..t.— Sri Madhava and 

Madhavaism (E). 
Krishnaswami Rao, T- S. ; Joint-Proptr., Laiu Printing Hovse^ 

Madras.— Yevbatim Reprints of Indian Law Reports, 1876 to 

1900 (E). 
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Madras, S. E. — Scope and Function of Poetry (E). Queen of the 

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Kavita (H). 
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Nirnaya (B). 
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Daridrya o Samabaya (B). , 

Kshirod Chandra Roy-Chaudhuri.— Adarsa Grihi (B). Adur& 

Meyo (B). Nari Dliarma (B). 
Kshirod Kumar Roy— Prachin Greecer Upakatha (B). 




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Mittra Street. Calcutta.— Aheria (B). Alibaba (B). Asoka (B), 
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Kshitlndpa Nath Tagrope. tatwanidhi, r.a. ; 6, Dwarkaaath 
Tagore Lano, Calcutta. -Abhibyaktibada(B). Aiapa{B). Brah- 
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Adhyatma Dharma or Ajneyabad (B). Raja Harishchandra (B). 
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dliary Lano, Calcutta^— Nabayugor Sadhana (B). Sriguru-Charano 
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Kuladappasad Roy— Chheledor Batris Sinhasan (B). 

Kuladapanjan Ray— Odisens (B). 

Kulathu Alyap, R. : Trivandram-Chalai, P. O., (Travancore).- 
Born : November, 1882.— Life of Rama Aiyaii Dalawa (Ma). Raja 
Sir T. Madhava Row, K.c.s.l. (Ma). Sir A, Seshayya Sastri, 
K.C.8.L (Ma). Hon. V. Ramayyangar, C.S.I. (Ma). Raja Kerala 
Varma, C.8.I., M.u., M.n.A.S., f.r.h.s., Valiya Koil Tampuran 
(Ma). Our Two Ranees (Ma). Savithri (Ma). Geography of 
Travancoro (Ma). 

Kumapnath Mukhopadhyaya ; Burdwan.— Padya GIta (B). 


AUTHORS. Kunja VihariJ 

Sudhakar Granthabali (B). Brajangana Gita (B). Gauranga 

Gita (B). 
Kumud Bandhu Sen— Bhuler Prayaschitta (B). 
Kumudini Basu (Mps.)» b.a.; Editor, Suprabhat, Calcutta.— 

Amarendca (B). Jahangirer Atraajivani (B). Mary Carpenter (B). 

Sikher Balidan (B). Panchapuspa (B). 
Kumudini Kanta Gangopadhyaya, b.a.— East Lynne (B). 

Siddhi-latwa (B). Sindhu Gaurab (B). 
Kumud Kanta Basu— Samudra Yatra (B). 
Kumud Nath Lahiri— Pap o Punya (B). Sagarer Dak (B). Bil- 

wadal (B). 
Kumud Nath Maliik ; Ranaghat, Nadia.— Nadia Kahini (B). Sri 

Chaitanya (B), Hajrat Muhammad (B). Chandmukh (B). Sati- 

daha (B). 
Kumudranjan Maliik, b.a.— Banatulasi (B). Bkatara (B\ Satadal 

(B). TJjani (B). Bithi (B). 
Kundanmal Dipehand ; Hyderabad (Sindh).— Paras Bhag (Si), 

(1914), Miran Bai (Si) (1914). Sakhi Praman (Si) (1914). 
KunjabihaPi Basu : Editor " Mahamandal Magazine " and " Indian 

Echo"; Howli Panday, Benares City.— Model Hindu Ladies (E). 

Beauties of Hinduism (E) etc. 
Kunjalal Bhishagratna, m.r.a.s., kaviraj; 10, Kashi Ghosh's 

Lane, Calcutta, Born : 1865.— English Translation of the Sush- 

ruta Samhita (E) (1907-1914). 
Kunjan Filial, N., b.a., m.a., ph.d., ross and arni gold 

MEDALLIST ; Director o£ Agriculture, Travancore State, Trivan- 

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Soil (Ger), Agriculture for the Ryots (Ma) (1910). Cocoanut 

Cultivation (Ma) (1912), Lessons in Nature Study (Ma) (1912). 

Lessons on Animals (Ma) (1912). Lessons on Agriculture (Ma) 

(1913). Balbodhini (Ma) (1915). 
Kunja Vihari Lai ; Kundarki, District Moradabad.— Kashte- 



Labanyaprabha Indian literary year book, 1918. 


Labanyaprabha Sarkar (Mrs.)— ^nandamohan Basnr Dainik 

Jivani (H). Griher Katha (B), M&t& o Putra (B). Niti Katht 

(B). Pauranik KShini (B). 8raddh&-Smaran (B). 
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Lajja Ram Mehta.— Adarsa Hindu (H) (1015). Adarsa Dampati . 

Susila Vidhava (H). 
Laipat Rai ; Pleader, Lahore,- -Garibaldi (D). Mazzini (U). The 

Arya Samij (E). The Story of My Exile (E). 
Lakshman Das ; Preacher, Arya Samaj, Ramnagrl.— Uunati ka 

Kendra (U). 
Lakshman Narayan Garde.— Atmoddhar (H) (1915). 
l,akshman Narayan Saphre ; Poona.— Jujutsu (M) (1915). 
Lakshman Subbajj Mujamdar; Gadag, Bombay Presy.— Girija 

Kalyan (C) (1915). Sudliania Charitra (C) (1915). 
Laksmibai Behere (Mrs.); Bhandara.C.P.— Sumanamal (M)(1915). 
Lakshmi Dhar Ba]pai ; Manager, Rajput Anglo-Oriental Pres 

Agra.— Swami Vivekanand ka Patra Vyabahar (H) (1914). 
Lakshmi Dalt Joshi, n.A. ; Dy. Collector, MOradabad.— Japa- 

Lakshmi Narayan Lai ; Pleader, Gaya.—Born : 18(J9.— Samudra- 

Lakshmi Narayan Sinha, Kumar; Zamindar, Panchgachia, 

(Bhagalpur). — Subhranshuka Upanyasa (H) (1910). 
Lakshmi Narayan Tripathi ; Editor of Bhurat Jiuan, Teacher. 

Central Hindu Collegiate School, Benares. — l^rabodh Chandro- 

daya (H). 
i^akshml Narayan Vaidya. .Majhauli, P. o. Bikram, Patna. — 

S\v:i.sthy;imrit:i-Tarangini (H.) 
Lakshmlnath Bezboruah, n.A.; 22, Rose Mary Lane, Howrah.— 

Sankardeva (A). Madhava Deva (A). 
Lalan, F. K.; Bombay.— The 6ix Dravyas of Jaina Philosophy and 

Live and Let Live of Jaina Doctrine (E) (1914). 
Lalchand.— Vyakhyan Parishadvichar (H). 
Lalchand Amardinomal Jagtiani ; Teacher, New High School, 

Karachi.— Born: 188.'),— Kirat Rasa (Si) (1908). Param Anand 

(Si) (1906). Choth-jo-Chand (Si) il909). Hindu Nariyun San Vaila 



(Si) (1909), Commentaries on Shah (Si) (1911). Mohammad Rasul 

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(Si) (1914). Ram Badshah (Si) (1914). Musafria Jo Mazo (Si) 

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Dust (Si) (1916). 
Lalita Gupta (Miss). — Yugalanjali (In Joiiit-authorship with Mrs. 

Snehalata Sen). 
Lalita Prasad Datta.— Brahma Kayastha (B). 
Lalit Krishna Ghose.— Maja (B). 

Lalitkumar Bandyopadhyaya, vidyaratna m.a. ; 70, Akhil 
, Mistry Lane, Calcutta.— Ahlade Atkhana (B). Anuprasa (B). 

Banan Samasya (B). Byakarna Bibliisika (B.) Chha.ra O Galpa 

(B). 'Ka' karer Ahankar (B). Kapalkundala Tatwa (B). Phoara 

(B\ Sadhubhasa Vanam Chalit Bhasha. 
Lalit Kumar Ghosh.— Parinaya (B). 
Lalit Mohan Chattopadhyaya; Delhi.— Akkelselami (B). Auiia 

(B) Chapala (B). Laharlata (B), Smasan (B). 
Lalitmohan Kar, m.a., b.l., kavyatirtha; Pleader, Gorakhpore.— 

Asoka Anusasan (B). (In joint-authorship with Charu Chandra 

Lalitmohan Sinha-Ray, raibahadur ; 4, Creek Row, Calcutta.— 

Atmadarsan (B). Gitabali (B). Swapnadarsan (B). 
Lallubhai Bhimbhai Desai ; Land Revenue Officer, Sirohee 

State, Abu Road, Rajputana.— Raj yogi, yane Paramar Dhara- 

barshadev (G). Devi Khadga ane Chitodni Punahprapti (G). 
Lallubhai Vallabhdas Shah ; Rewatada.— Pratishthanotsava 

Rewatada (H) (1915). 
Lalmohan Mukhopadhyaya, b.l.; 37, Amherst Street, Calcutta.— 

Indian Case-law in India (B). 
Lalmohan Roy.— Hoteo Pare (B). 
Lalmohan Vidyanidhi— Aryajatir Adima Abastha (B), Kavyanir- 

naya (B). Meghaduta (B). Sambandha Nirnaya (B), 
Latif Allah Mohammad Ishaq. -Gulkhandan (Si). 
Lele, G. K., Assistant to the Imperial Agriculture Chemist.— The 

Date Sugar Industry sin Bengal (E) (in joint-authorship with 

Harold E. Annett and B. M. Amin). 


Lllaram Indian literary year book, 1918. 

Lllaram Premchand, b.a ; Teacher, Training Ck>llege for Meiu 
Hyderabad (Sindh). Born : Srd December, 1876.— Maulana Rumi 

Liiaram Singh, b.a.; Retired 1st Class Sub-Jadge, Hyderabad 
(Sindii).— Sundari (Si) (1914). 

Lilawati Adltya.— Liiar DapUr (B). 

Llngayya Channabasappaya Galgali ; Dharwar, Bombay Presi- 
dency. — Labani I'adagalu (Ca). (1915), 

Lingesh. Vidyauhishana, vedantavachaspati, m.r.a.8. ; Kur; 
koti, Dharwar (Bombay).— Born : 2l8t May, 1879.— Ashtottarasa- 
tasIoki(S). Siddhfintasara (S). The Study of banslirit (E> 

Lochan Prasad Pandeya ; Jui)i)ulporo.— Kavita Kusum Sangralia 
(H) ; Mewa'r (iatha (H) ; Adarsha Charitramala (11). Padya- 
puspanjali (H) (1915). Birbhrata Lakshmaii (H) (1915), 

Lokram Nainpam.— Surya Kanta (Si) (1914). 


Madad All Beg, Mlrza.— Novel Akul Charakh (Si) (1916). 

Madan Mohan Chowdhury, h.l.; Purulia— Tnlsldasor Ramayaner 
Padyanubad (B). 

Madan Mohan Malaviya, the iion'blk, pandit, h.a., i.l.b., k.a.i.; 
Allahabad.— Speeches, 

Madan Mohan Seth. m.a., ll.b., m.u.a.s. ; Munsif, Jhansi, U. P. 
Born 5th Aug. 1884.— Vodic Vaijayanti (H). (1912). The Arya 
Samaj, A Political Body (E) (1909). Arya Samaj Kya Hai (H). 
(1915). Vogetarianism versus Plesli-eating (B) (1916). Contribu- 
tions to "Vodic Magazine," "Arya Mitra." 

Madan Singh ; Karauli, Rajputana.— Amit Lahri, or Bharat men 
Dudh ki Dhara (H). 

Madhava Malhar Joshl; Poona.— Adhunik Sushikshitacha Ve 

Madhava Prasad ; Behar Angel Press, Bhagalpur.— Balacharyya 

Madhava Rao Sapre. b.a.; Raipur.— Nibandha Sangrah (H). 
Hindi Das Bodha (H), Ram Das Swami ka Jiwani (H). Bhartiya 
Yudhya (H). Tilak's Gita (H). Shalopyogi Bharatvarsha (H). 


AUTHORS. Mahabali 

Madhava Shapma.— Uttam Santati (H) (1915). 

Madhava Singh Mehta; Bhilwara, Mewar, Rajputana.— Map- 

vidya, Pradarshani (H). 
Madhava Sukla ; Badshahiinandi, Allahabad.— Bharat Gitanjali 

(H). Mahabharata (H). 
Madhavdas Samaldas.— Mohibat-jo-Maidan (Si) (1915). 
Madhavia. A., b. a. ; Inspector, Salt Department, Cheyur, 

Chingleput ; 3 & 4, Kondichetty Street, Georgetown, Madras.— 

Born : 16th August, 1872.— Dox vs. Dox (E). Poems (E). 

Satyananda (E). Thillai Govlndan (B). Thillai Govindan's 

Miscellany (E). The Story of the Ramayana (E). Clarinda (E). 

Kusika's Short Stories (E). Padmavati Charitam (Ta). 

Vijayamarthandam (Ta). Muthumeenakshi (Ta). Othello (Ta). 

Podhu Dharma Satgita Manjari (Ta). Thirumalai Setupati (Ta). 
Madhu Mian. — See Muhammad Muyiz-iid-din. 
Madhu Sudan Das ; Hughli— Baishnab-tatwa-dipikS, (B). 
Madhusudan Goswami ; Brindaban (Muttra).— Alapa Vidya (H). 

Bdsantik Kusum (H) ; and several other Hindi, Bengali and 

Sanskrit books. 
Madhuvachpam Balvaehpam Hope ; Surat.— Sri Chandakhyan 

(G) (1915). Manusya Jatino Kram Vikas (G) (1915). 
Mahendpa Lai Gapg ; Physician, Muttra.— Born : 1870.— 

Chin Darpan (H). Japan Darpan (H). Shishu Palan (H). Prithvi 

Parikarraa (H). Pati-Patni Sambad (H). Dant-Raksha (H). 

Tarunon ki Din-Charya (H). Ananta Jwala (H). Japani Stri 

Siksha (H). Dhruva-Desha (H). Sukhmargi (H). Plague 

Chikitsa (H). 
Maganbhai Chatupbhai Patel.— Abhijnan Sakuntala (G) (1915). 
Magan Lai.— The Dewan of Zeb-un-nisa (E) (in joint-authorship 

■with Jessie Duncan Westbrook). 
Maganlal HaPikpishna Mehta ; Bombay.— Bharatni Devio (G). 

(In joint-authorship with Shivaprasad Dalpatrfim Pandit). Saint 

Maganlal Maneklal Zavepi.— Bharatna Mahan Purusho (G). 
Mahabali Singh ; Mukhtar, District Court, Gaya.— Updesh Mala 




Hahadeva Indian litbrary ybar book, 1918. 

Hahadeva Hari Modak. b.a.; Dr. K. H. Modak's J)ispensary, 
Kalyan, Bombay.— Born : 1864.— Matyamakaranda (M) (1902) 
Hari Vamsa (M) (1912). Vyasa (M). Sukh ani Santi (M). 
Mahadeva Iyer. R.. b.a., Dewan Peshkar and District Magis- 
trate, Quilon. Born : 1882.— Travancore Land Revenue Manual 

Hahadeva Prasad Kantiiapiaker.. e. m. e.; n. d.; m. n. s. a.; 
Manager and Proprietor ; also Physician in charge of the"Nav 
Jeevan " Sanitariam and Electro Treatment Rooms, Ahmedabad. 
Snb-Editor " Dhanwantari "; Lall Gate, Ahmedabad. Born : 27th 
September, 1880. — Tamakanu Darbyasan (G) (1909). Eshayaruga 
(Q) (19JI). Manushyauo Kudrati Khorak Kyochho (G) (1914). 
Advantages of a Vegetarian Diet (E) (1913). Means of Pre- 
serving Health (G) (1915). Nabin Upachar Shastra (G) (1918). 

Mahadeva Vasudev Navaratna; Bombay.— Striyanche Rog(M) 

Hahadeva Vinayak Joshi.— Adhahpatan (M) (1917). 

Hahananda. Lala ; Deputy-Inspector, Allahabad.— Mahananda 
Sataprabodh (H). Mahananda Vidyankns (H). Mahananda 
B&lftbodhni (H). Mahananda Gauribodhini (H). 

MahapaJ Girdhaplai; Shikarpur (Sind).— Dhuru Ohartar (Si) 

Hahasayji. — See Kusinath. 

Hahavtr Prasad Dvivedl ; Editor, Sarasioati ; Jahi, Cawnpore.— 
Sampatti S&stra (H). Hindi Translations of various books. 

Hahavlp Prasad Gohamari.- Swadesh (U) (1915). 

Hahavlp Prasad Malaviya.-Valdya Kaladhar (H) (l»15j. 

Hahbub Alam. Hall ; Editor, Paisa Akhbar, Lahore. Born : 2l8t 
February, 1885.- My Travels in Europe, Turkey and Egypt. 
Mahbub-ul-Imal (U) &c. 

Hahendra Chandra Ray ; 20 Bakul Bagan 1st Lane, Bhawanipur, 
Calcutta— Bangadeser Tirtha Vivaran o Sadhn Jivan (B). 

Hahendramohan Thakur; Murshidabad— Shibaratri BratakathA 

Hahendranath Basu.— Nanak Prakas (B). 

Hahendra Nath Lahlrl.— Snkumarl (B). Sesh faigambar (B). 


AUTHORS. Maneek 

lahesh Chandra Sen.— Prabandha-lahari (B). 

'ahesh Charan Sinha. b.a.,, Professor, Gurukul, Kangri, 

Hardwar, U. P.— Hindi Chemistry (adapted from Newth) (H). 
Rasayan Shastra (H). Banspata Shastra (H). Vidyut Shastra (H). 

lahiap N. Kutar ; Bombay.— Shah Namu (P & G) (1915). (In joint- 
authorship with Framroz N, Katur). 

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Rajbansa (B). Chitragupta (B). Kisori Milan (B). Ramabati (B). 

lahim Chandpa fflazumdap.— Asa Kavya (B). Ranarao (B). 

lahim Chandpa Sapkap, rai-bahadur ; retired Sub-Judge, 
Bengal ; Proprietor, Rai M. 0. Sarkar & Sons, Book-sellers and 
Publishers, Harrison Road, Calcutta. — Practice and Procedure 
in Civil Cases and Examination of Witnesses (E & B). The case- 
noted Indian Evidence Act (E). The Specific Relief Act (B). 
The Law of evidence as administered in British India (B). The 
Provincial Insolvency Act (B). 

Aahmud Zargain, Mipza ; Bombay.— Bedae-ul-Asar (P) (1915). 

flaithilisapan Gupta ; Chirgaon, Jhansi.— Rang men Bhang (H). 
Jayadratha-Badha (H). Pravandha (H). Bharat-Bharati (H) 
Sakuntala (H). Virangana (H). 

iajumdap, N. K ; Homeo-Practitioner.— Garhasthya Chikitsa (B). 

iakhanlal Rai-Chaudhupy, b.a., b.t.— Paralok (B). Atmar Asti- 

I tve Praman (B). Maitrir Pathe (B). Soka Keua Bhai ? (B) 

i Margatraya, ba Jnan, Ear ma o Bhakti (B). Chittabal (B). 

ialli Sen.— Sajjan Chitta Ballam (H). 
lalu Dhundi Naphapi.— Nabanath Bhaktisar (M) (1914). 
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andlik. N. V.; b.a.— Writings and speeches of the late Honour- 
able Rao-vSaheb Vishwanath Narayan M andlik, C.S.I. (E). 
aneek Bijanji Pithawalla, b.a.,; Principal, Sardar Dastur 
Hoshang Boys' High School, Poena. Residence : 3, Arsenal Road, 
Poena. Born : 20th November 1886.— A Page from Geology (E) 


Nanecklal indun literary tear book, 1918. 

(1914). Stops to Prophet Zoroaster with a Zoroastrian Daily 
Prayer Book (E) (1916). The Coming and the Passing of the 
Prophet (E) (1914). Unity in Nature (K) (1914). The Poetry 
of Ancient Persia (E) (1915). Parseo Educational Servico (E) 
(1915). The Highest Factor in Modern Education (E) (1916). 

Maneeklal Mahadev Vora; Bombay.— Nalinikant(G) (1915). 

Manekji Edalji Wachehha: Bombay.— Iranian Nights (G) (1918). 

Hanekji Nasserwanji Dhalla. I'h. n.; High Priest of the Parsisof 
North- Western India.— Zoroastrian Theology from the earliest 
times to the present day (E), 

Manges Rao Mallapur; Dharwar.— Padyaratnakar (Ca) (1916). 

Mangilal ; Draper. Nimach Cantonment.— Gano ki chand chizon 
(H). Din Chandrika (S). Kri.shna Charitra RAr (H). Dolia Sam- 
graha (H). Chatra Chauth Chfituri (H). 

Manila! Bakorbhal Vyas ; Surat.— Bimal Prabandh (G) (1914). 

Mani Lai Bandyopadhyaya.— Brata UdyApan (B). 

Manilal Chhabaram Bhatt.— Pratimft Natak (G) (Dec. 19K 
Gujratni Juni Vartao (tl) (Feb. 1917). 

Manilal Chhotalal Parekh ; Santa Cm/., Bombay.— Sacho Viswas 
(G) (1915). 

Manilal Dwarkadas Parekh : Mahomedabatl, Gnjrat.— Gum 
thayeli Motini ninla N«< Hirano Har (G) (1914). 

Manilal Gangopadhyaya ; 5, Dwarkanath Tagore Lane, Cal- 
cutta ; Joint-Editor of the Bluxrati ; Proptr. Kantik Prrss.— Al- 
panfi {\i). Betal Pancha-Vinshati (B) (Edition of Tswara CI' 
Vidyasagar's Original). Bhflsj'af''akra (B). Bharatiya Bi 
(B). Bhuturo Kflnda (B). Jupftni Phfinus (B). Jhanpi (B). 
Jhumjhumi (B). Kadambari (Edition of Taraknath T-'-.m- 
Shan's Original) (B). Kalpakathft (B). Mahuy& (B). 

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LokKatha(G) (1914). 

Manilal Jadavji Vyas ; Karachi.— Priyambada (G) (1915). 

ManilalJlvram Gandhi ; Jada, Mahikantha State.— Saabhag.,,i 
kuinar ano Snehalata (O) (1915). 

Manilal Keshavlal Parekh.— Khalifnan Adbhnt Parfikram (( 


AUTHORS. Manmatha 

Manilal Nabhubhai Dvivedi.— The Yoga-Sutra of Patanjali (E) 

Manilal Vishwanath Yajnik ; Mombassa, British East 
Africa.— Yatri (G). Urmila (G) (1914). Premad&devi (G> 

Manindra Chandra Nandi, the hon'ble, maharaja, Sir, of 
cossiMBAZAR.— A patron of Literature. 

Maniram Sarma ; Daraganj, Allahabad.— Adarsh Pariwar (H). 
Kanya Pakshastra (H). 

Mankeshvap Gaiyaram Bhaktraj.— Prabhulila Padsangraha 
(G) (1917). 

Mankumari Basu, (Mps).— Birkumar Badh (B). Kanakanjali (B). 
Kavya Kusumanjali (B). PriyaPrasanga (B). Subha Sadhana (B). 

JManmatha C. Mallik, Bar-at-La\v, f. z. s,— A Study in Ideals, 
Great Britain and India (B). Orient and Occident (E). Problem 
of Existance (E). 

Manmatha Mohan Basu, m.a. ; Head-Master, Scottish Churches' 
Institution, Calcutta — Nutan o Puratan Bijnan (B). 

Manmatha Mohan Ghosh-Roy.— Kayastha Pradip (B). 

Manmathanath Chakpavapty.— Thakar Ma (B). 

Manmatha Nath Chakpavarty ; Principal, Indian School of Art, 
Calcutta. — Aloke Chitran (B). Barna Chitran (B). Chhaya- 
vijnan (B). Sachitra Kasbidhan (B), 

Manmatha Nath De ; b. l. ; Maradpur Bankipore.— Bhari (B). 
Saivad (B). 

Manmatha Nath De ; Member of the Sericulture Association, 
Japan ; Sericulture Assistant to the Imperial Entomologist ; 
Pusa, Behar. Born 1886. Proceeded to Japan, 1907 ; made a 
special study of sericulture in the Imperial agricultural college, 
Tokyo and other places in Japan— Instructiops for rearing mul- 
berry silk-worms (E) and (B) (1914). How to improve Silk 
Reeling in Bengal (E) (1915). First and Second Reports of the 
Experiments carried out at Pusa to improve the silk Industry 
(E)(1915 and '17). First Report Do (B) (1916). Silk in India 
(E) (1911). Eri Silk in India (E) (1912). Contribations to 
" Prabasi," " Krishi Sampad," *' Grihastho," &c. 

Manmatha Indian literary year book, 1918, 

Manmatha Nath Ghose ; m.a., f. s. s., f. r. b. s.— 90, Shyambaz 
Street, Calcutta.— Mahatm& Kaliprasanna Sinha (B). 

Manmachanath Ghosh ; m.c.e., m.k.a.s., Manager, Ck)mb Faetoi 
Jessore- Japan Prabas (B). Nabya Japan (B). Supta Japan (BX 

Manmathanath Smritiratna.— Hindu Satkarmamal& (B). Satik 
Birfit (B). Stri Sudrer Nitya Karma (B). Swapna Phal o Lakshmi 
Charitra (B). 

Manmohanlal Agarwala., ll.b. (lond.), bar-at-law, baoon 
SCHOLAR, ETC.; Advocate, High Court of Judicature. North- 
western Provinces ; Edmonstone Road, Allahabad.— Mortgage 
suits (E). Law of Pre-Emption (E). Lawyer's Fade Mecum (E), 
Principles of Equity (Edited by Oliford M. Agarwala, Bar-at- 
Law, Bankipur) (E). 

Mannan Dwivedi ; Tahsildar, Dumariaganj, Basti.— Sarwaria (H). 
Lalana (H). I'reni (H). 

Manoharlal Bharadwaj Hisra ; Kotla, Agra.— Sanatan Dharma 
Bhajau Sangraha (U). 

Manoharlal Vishnu Kathavte; Satara.— Bhuratkhandftcha Pri- 
chin Itihasa (M), 

Manoharlal Zutshl m.a. ; Benares.- J-Mucation in British India (El 

Manojmohan Basu. b.a., b.l. ; 6, Qokul Mitra Lahe, Calcutta.- 
Rupakathfi (B). Sonaya Sohaga (B). 

Hanomohan Bandopadhyayat u.l. : Netrakona, Mymensingh.— 
Srisribhakti-ratnabali (B), 

Manomohan Gang'Uli. u.e.; 50, Haja Rajaballabh Street 
I Calcutta.— Orissa, and Her Remains, Ancient and Mediae 
val (K). 

Manomohan Goswami. k.a.— Dharma Biplab (B). Prithviri 
(B). Samaj (B). Sams&r (B). bivfiji (B). Qurndaksbina (B). 

Manomohan Sen.— Ehokfir Daptar (B). Mohan-Bhoga (B). Sis 
Tohh (B). 

Manoranjan Guha Thakurta.— Nirbasan Eahini (B). 

Mansimha Adhikarl ; Dehra Dun.— Brahmcharya (N) (1915). 

Harathe, K.B., b.a., ll.b.; Bombay Judicial Service (Retired). - 
The Poems of Tukanm (in joint-authorship with J. Nclsoi 
Fraser, M.A.) 



Matadin Sukul, bai-sahib, m.a., c.e.— Improved System of Boring 
or Testing for Water for Agricultural and Drinking Pur- 
poses (E). 
Mathupa Prasad Chaudhpy; Vakil, Mirzapur.— Sahasendra 

Sahas (H). 
Matilal Biswas, Midnapore.— Bakadwip (B). 
Matilal Ghosh.— Abtiimanyu Badh (B). Buddhalila (B). Kftla 

Ketu (B). Lakshman Barjan (B). Milan (B). Parasurdma (B). 

Kumar Charit (B). Prabhas Milan (B). T^rakasur (B). Su- 

dhanwa Badh (B). Dhruba (B). 
Mehdihasan Ahsan.— Khun-i-Nahak (U) (1917). 
Meherji Sorabji Engineer (Mrs.); Alimedabad.— Akhand Duniyani 

Utpattinun Varnan (G) (1914), 
Mehepban Narayanrao Babasaheb, H. H. The Chief of Ichalka- 

ranji, Bombay Presidency. — Born : 1871.— Impressions of English 

Life and Character (with an introduction by the Rt. Hon. Lord 

George Hamilton) (E). 
Meherjibhai Manekji Ratura ; Ahmedabad.— Divodasnun Deva- 

laya (G) (1917). 
Meherwanji Manehapji Banaji ; Bombay.— Society Stew (G) (1915). 
Mehp. — see Suraf Narayan. 
Hehta P. R., m. r, a. c— The Elements of the Agriculture of the 

Bombay Presidency (E). 
Mela Ram Vaishya ; Aluwala Katra, Amritsar.— Upadesh Bhaja- 


Mewa Lai Jha ; Shahzadi Mandi, Agra.— Virjasth Methil. 

Mip All, Syed ; Bilaspur, P. O.— Barchhe k& Vivfiha (H). 

fiiispa, C. S., B.A. ; First Assistant to the Imperial Entomologist. — 

The Cultivation of Lac in the Plains of India (E). 
MitPa, A. K. — Kulachudamani Santra (E). 
Uitpa, B. K., L. M. & s.; Vice-Principal, the Ayurvedic and Umani 

Tibbi College ; Medl. Officer, S. S. Ry.; Chandni Chowk, Delhi. 

Born 1877.— Rahnumfi-i-Campoundaran (U). Contributor to 

Zamana, Darul Islam, Rushni etc. 
MitPa Sen ; c/o Ganga Ram, Eila-Didar Singh, Gujranwala, Pan jab. 

— Niti Samgraha (H). Sri Santa Viuaya. (H). 


Mohammad Indian litbrary yiar book, 1918. 

Hohammadi A. A. K.; Calcutta.— Beginner's Prononnoing Persia 
to English Dictionary, ^eginner's English to Persian Dictioi 

Mohammad Abdul Halim, bharbr; Katra Bizen Beg Khan 
Lucknow. Born 1660 A. D— Kirdans Baria (U). Alfoonso (U> 
History of Jeraselem (D). 
Mohammad Abdulla Minhas; Editor, "Vakil "; Amritsar.-Ca 
No. 113 (1911) (U). Agreement between Science and Religioi 
(190C) (U). The Future of the British Empire (D) (19H). Isla 
niic World and Christianity (U) (1912). Story of the Mars (U 
Mohammad Akram Khan, Editor, Mohummadi; 29, Upper Oil 

cular Road, Calcutta.— Jisa Ki Nispap ? (B). 
Mohammad AM, m.a., ll.b. ; Ahmadiya Buildings, Lahore.- 
Iladrosi Madah (U). Al-Nabuwwat fil Islam (U). Nakatal Qura 
(U). Quran (E). Islam (E). 
Mohammad Golam Hussain ; Binodepur, Jessore.-^Bangadesiya 

Hindu Musalman (B). Delhi Agra Bhraman (B). 
Mohammad Golam Latif; Ghopa, Jessore.— Islam Prabh& (B). 
Mohammad Hadi, Syed, m.r.a.s., m.r.a.c.; Asst. Director of 

Agriculture, United Provinces.— The Sugar Industry (E). 
Mohammad Hussain, Syed ; Kambar (Larkina).— Sonahri Kin- 

khab (Si) (1915). 
Mohammad Ibrahim, Syed; Moradabad.— Janp:-i-Enroi>e (U) 

Mohammad Insanullah ; Editor " Watan," Lahore, born 20th 
April, 1870— Twelve years Reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid (U) 
(1894). Armenian Question (E & U) (1895). Ottoman History 
(U) (1897). Battles of Plevna (U) (1897). Grieco— Turkish War 
(U)(1898). History of Red jaz Railway Scheme (B. U. A.) Mq> 
<iaddania i-Ibn-i-khalludin (U). Quran, Commentary on <U). 
Contributions to " Tlie Sun." "C&M Gazette." "Pioneer," 
"Vakil," "Watan" &c. 
Mohammad Iqbal. Shekh, m.a., vh.u. hah-at-law; i,)1v^.. — 

Born : 1876.— Shikwa Talak (U). Tarftna-i-lqbll (U). 
Mohammad Ismail ; Normal School, Agra.— Kulliat-i-Ismail (U). 


AUTHORS. Mohinipanjan 

Mohammad Mozammal Huq ; Santipore,Nuddia— Apurba Darsan 
(B). Firdausi Charit (B). Hazrat Mohammad (B). Kusumanjali (B). 
Maharshi Mansur (B). Maulana Parichaya (B). Premhar (B). 
yhahnama (B). Tapasa Kahini (B). 

Mohammad Muzammel Haq, b.a. ; Bapta, Bhola, BarisaL— 
Jatiya Mangal (B). 

Mohammad Munipuzzaman ; Chrttagong.— Islamic Civilisation 
in India (E). Bhugol Shastre Musalman (B). Khagole SJiastre 
Musalman (B). 

Mohammad Muyizuddin (Madhu Mian); Howrah.— Shanti Karta 
(B). Bibele Muhammad (B). 

Mohammad Muzaffaruddin Ahmad ; The " Al Islam " Office, 
Calcutta,— Bhranti Vinod (B). 

Mohammad Najibup Rahman ; Pabna.— Anwara (B). 

Mohammad Nup-uI-Huq Chaudhupy ; Zamindar, Ulauia. Barisal 
— Akarshan (B). 

Mohammad Rafiq, the hon'ble mr, justice, ^ar-at-law ; Puisne 
Judge, High Court of Judicature, N.-W. P., Allahabad.— The 
Oudh Privy Council Decisions, 1864 to 1913 (E). (in joint-author- 
ship with Brijnath Sharga and St, Geo. H. S. Jackson.) 

Mohammad Siddik Hasan ; Katra Bizen Beg Khan, Lucknow. 
Born 1890.— Padsha Amal (U) (1915). 

Moham'mad Sidiq ; Teacher's Training School for Men, Hyder- 
abad, Sindh.— Zeb-un-Nisa (Si). 

Mohammad Yaqub Dupani.— Duties of Students (Si). 

Mohammad Yusuf Ali, Mipza; Mahadebpur, Rajshahi.— Saubhag- 
ya Sparsamani (B). Dtigdha-Sarobar (B). 

Mohanlal D. Desai, b.a., ll.b.— The Nyaya Earnika (E). 

Mohanlal Papvatisankap Dave.— Mahabharatni Samaloehana 
(G) (1914). 

Mohan Lai Tandon, B. Com.,'Bar-at-Law, f. r. e. s.— Indian 
Currency and Banking Problems. (In joint-authorship with 
Khushal T. Shah, B. Sc, Bar-at-Law). 

Mohinimohan Basu.— Dakshayani ba Saticharit (B). Paraloka- 
tatwa (B). 

Mohinipanjan Sen— Mandire (B). 


Mohit Kumar Indian utkrary year book, 1918. 


Mohit Kumar Bag-ehi— Mitra Duhit4 (B). Jibanter Pretakrity» 

Moizuddin Ahmad : Howrah— Sftntikarta h& Hajrat Mohamtnad 

Mokhtap Ahmad Siddlqi.— Serajganjer Itihus (B). 
Motilal M. Munshi; Surat.— Beauty and Joy (E). (1914). C5od» 

of Instruction for the Yonng (E) (1914). 
Moti Lai Nagar; Hathras.— Pasih aur Udyoga. 
Mrinalini Sen. (Mrs. Nirmal Chandra Sen) ; Cooch Bohar.— Mano- 

vina (B) and several other poetical works. Pfilasi Lil& (B). 
Mujib-ur-Rahman ; Editor. Musalman, Calcutta— Interesting 

Selection (E). 
Mukat Lai Misra ; Phulouri Ganj. Patna — Bamrla Mivatha Ji ko 

Likhne sc prapta. 
Mukundadev Mukhopadhyaya, kai (iuhadi ii, m.a. h.l. ; Cliin- 

sura.— Anath Bandhu (B). Nepali Chitra (B). Rad&iap (B). 
Mulehand Tulsidas Telivala, Bombay— Sewaphalam (S). (1917). 
Hul Raj. RAl-UAflADUR, M.A.. P.R.8. ; Retired Judge. Lahore ; 

Editor, Sioadesh Vastn Prachdrak.~8tknita.ry Primer (H). 
Hunindra Prasad Sarbadhikary ; "Hitabadi" office. Calcutta 

— Nabiner Samsar (B). Jalaplaban (B). Haldar Bari (B). 
Munshi Ram Gupta; Bhiwani, Uissar, Punjab.— Bbaskar (H) 

Munshi Ram. Mahatma; Editor, Sat Dharm Prachdrak. 

Founder of Gurukul, Kangrl, Haridwar.— Born : 186k 

— Napoleon Bonaparte (H). 8wami Dayaoanda ka Jiwai 

Charitra (U). etc' 
Hurari Chandra Gupta : Satgaon, &ylhett.<r Aknerer Raya (B). 

Abarodh (B). 
Murlidhar, b.a. ; Behar Angel Press. Bhagal pur.— Hindu Dharm 

ke Yiscshat& (Hindi translation of Giris Chandra Datta's original 

Murlidhar Sarma.— Saurisudhar, 
Musharraf Husain ; Calcutta.— Vishad Sindhu(B). IslamcrJay 

Mustafa Salyadall Munshi.— Turko-Balkan Ladai (G) (1914). 



AUTHORS. Nagendranath 

Mysore Seethanama ShastH, Palace Vidwan ; Halladakene, 
Mysore. Born 26th Oct, 1888.— Paravati Parinaya (K). Indra- 
kula Vijaya (K). Srusha Vijaya (K). Padya Kadamba (K). 
Panchatantra (K). Dwadasa Manjari (K). Chaturdasa Manjari 
(K). Gopikageeta (K). Sukla Manjari (K). 

Mpinal Chandra Chattopadhyaya.— Syamsundara (B). Mane- 
mane (B). Bhojbaji ( B). 

Motichand Gipdharilal Kapadia ; Bhavnagar.— Jain Drasti Yoga 
(G) (1915). 

Mukul C. Dey : 6, D. N. Tagore Lane, Calcutta.— Twelve Portraits 

Hukund Wamanrao Bupway.— The Struggle between the Mah- 
rattas and the Moghuls (B) (June, 1914). 

Mul Chand ; Training Instructor, Akbarpur, District Cawnpore. — 
Anuvada Manjari (H). 


Naba Krishna Ghosh, b.a.,— Dwijendra Lai (B). Sarayu (B), 
Tarpan (B). Odysseyer Galpa (B). Iliader Galpa (B). Santi (B). 
Pyaricharan Sarkar (B). Nepal Chandrer Ghatkali (B). 

Nagamiah, V., b.a., dbwan-bahadur ; Retd. Senior Dewan- 
Peshkar ; " Tirumalai Lodge," Trivandrun, Travancore.— Census 
Reports of 1875, 1881 & 1891. (E). Travancore State Manual (B), 

Nagardas Mohanial Pathak ; Dholera (Ahmedabad).— Bhagya- 
mahodaya (G) (1914). 

Nagendrakumap Guha-Ray,— Chandrahas-bishaya (B). Farasi 
Birangana (B). Pancha Byanjaner Atmakjftha (B), Vivekanan- 
da Prasanga (B). 

Nagendrakumap Roy.— Chaitanya Charitamrita. 

Nagendpanath Basu.PRACHYAviDYA-MAHARNAVA, siddhantavari- 
DHI, M.R.A.S., Rai Saheb; 9, Bishwakosh Lane, Calcutta. Editor, 
Vishwakosh (B). Vishwakosh (H).— Baogalar Jatiya Itihas, 
Brahman, Vaishya and Rajanya Khandas (B). Kayastha Varna. 
Nirnaya (B). Modern Buddhism and its followers in Orissa (E). 
Archaeological Survey-Report of Mayurbhanj (E). 

Nagendpanath Basu.— Adrisya-Sahaya (B). 


Nagendranath inoian ut&iulry ybak book, 1918. 

Nagrendpanath Ghosh, Sahitya Ratna ; Kimdu's Lane, P. O. Bel* 
gaschia, 24 Parghs, Bengal— Niyati (B) (1909). Contributor to 
"Grihastha, Sahitya Samachar, Alochana &c.. Editor, Tara." 

Nagendranath Gupta ; 48, Grey street, Calcutta.— Amar Sinba 
(B). Jivan o Mrityu (B). Lila (B). Parvat-vasini (B). Tamaswini 
(B). Upanyasa Sangraha (B). Compiler of " Vidyapati's Pada- 
bali (B). 

Nagendranath Mukhopadhyaya.— Kanyadayer Pratikar (B). 

Nagendranath Pal-Chaudhury ; Editor of Visioaduta; 98, Kali 
Kundu Lane, Howrah.— Paua Pratb&. (B). Bliaktiinayi (B). 

Nagendranath Ray Chaudhury, Chittagong— Sudkhore Mahajan 
(B). Charaundar Siksh& (B). 

Nagendranath Sen, 65-1, Simla street, Calcutta— »<"'riM.<i (B). 
Prom o Prakriti (B). Smasau Sandhya (B). 

Nagendranath Sen, m.c.s., (paris), s.c.i. (lond)., m.s.a.s. ilond.), 


Proprietor, Nagendra Printing Works; 18-1, 19, Lower Chitpore 
Road, Calcutta.— KavLraji Siksba (B). Rogi Cbarya (B). 

Nagendranath Thakur.— Lakshyatir (B). Matrimandir (B). 

Naghoji Pray agj !.— Dan bhik Man-khandan Kbeta bavni (Cu) 
(1913). Santa-Sant Darpan (Cu) 1918). 

Nagindas Purushottamdas Sanghvl ; Abmedabad.— Chiatimani 

Naib Husain ; Asst. to the Agricultural Chemist to the Oovt. 
U. P.— Notes on Cane Crushing in the Unitetl Provinces (in 
joint-authorship with G. Clarke, v.l.c. and S.C. Bancrji.) (E). 

Naidu, H. P.; Madras Police.— The History of Profesaional Poi - 
sonei's and Coiners of India. 

Nakuleswar Vldyabhushan ; 30, Nakuleswar Bhattacharya 
Lane, Kalighat, Calcutta.— Akhabar (B). KnmudAnanda (B). 

Nalinaksha Chakravarty; station Master, E. I.R., Asansol 
District. Residence : Rainagar, Raina P. O^ District Bard- 
wan.- Born :' 1878.— Shivaji o >rahratta Jftti (B) (1907). 
Ushliranl (B) (1908). Dui Bhagini (B) (1909). Banosobhil (B) 

Nallnlbala Bhanja.— Rush Japan Ynddhor Itihftsa (B). 



Nalinikanta Bhattasali, m.a. Dacca,— Hasi o Asru (B); Birbi- 

kram (B). 
Nalinipanjan Ray Chaudhupy.— Puspanjali (B), 
Nalinkant Narsinhpao Divatia.— Noorjahan (G) (1914). 
Nanabhai Lalbhai ; pleader,— The Verbatim Reports of cases 

under the Dekhan Agriculturists' Relief Act (1911) (E). 
Nanabhai Sadanandji Reli ; Bombay.- Vivek Chudamani (S and 

M) (1914). 
Nanak Chand, c.i.e., rai-bahaddr nasir-ud-daulha ; Late Prime 
Minister, Indore ; Muhalla Darsan, Delhi.— Murti Bhushan (H) : 
Widow Re-marriage (H). 
Nanak Ppasad Mispa, (of Benares) ; Nagpokhti, Naksal, Nepal. — 

Adyastuti (H). 
Nanalal Dalpatpam Kavi ; Rajkot.— .Taya ane Jayant (G) (1914). 
Nana Ramehandpa Nag^ Kumbjoja.— Samayasar Natak (H) (1914). 
Nandakishope Dwivedi.— Dhar Rajya ka Itihas (H) (1917). 
Nandakisop.— Khel Philosophy (H.) Bhagyabati (H). 
Nandakisop Sukla> Vanibhusan Terha P. O., Unao.— Sanatan 
Dharma (H). Navakhandeswara-Mahatroya (H) Pachas Dohe (H) 
Bharat Bhakti (H) Upanishad ke upades fH). 
Nandakumap Deva Sapma; Hardinge Gate, Muttra, U. P.— Swami 
Vivekananda (H). Swami Ram Tirtha (H). Swami Dayananda 
(H), Mahatma Gokliale, (H), etc. 
Nandalal Bandyopadhyaya.— Bana Kusum (B). 
Nandalal Dey ; Bengal Judicial Service. — Civilisation in Ancient 

India (E). 
Nandalal Sil ; Retired Accountant-General, Nizam's Dominions. 
Formerly Special Finance Officer, Bikaneer State. Residence : 
Barisa-Behala, 24-Pergs., Bengal. Present Address : Muttiganj, 
Allahabad.— B. 1870,— Barog (Urdu translation of Bankira Chandra 
Chatterji's Krishna Kanter Will). 
Nandalal Sinha, m.a., b.l.; Deputy Magistrate, Daltonganj.— 
The Vaisesika Sutras of Kan^da (IN the sacked books of thb 
HINDUS SERIES) (E). Narada Bhakti Sutra (Ditto) (E). Sdnkhya- 
Sutras (Ditto) (E). 
Nandi Sapma.— See Kedarmith Banerji, 


Nanigopal indian literaky year book, 1918. 

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Nanilal Bandyopadhyaya— Amrita Pulin (B). Basanter Rani 
(B). Eohinoor (B). P&nch Rakam (B). Rudrasen (B). SaiU- 
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Nanjangud Srikanta Sastri : Canarese Pandit, Ursu Boardini: 
School, Mysore, address, 1082, Krishnaraj Mohalla, Mysore. Born: 
5th Oct., 1884 — Anangasundari (C). Tarasundari (C). Radhatna- 
dhavi (C). Sarala Bala (C). Madhava Chandra (C). Santftpaka (C). 
Sati Rohini (C). Nirbhagya Chanikya (C). Adhikaprasangi (C). 
Hasyarnava (C).Subhasitalahari (C). Sita Parinaya (C).Abhijnana 
Pradan (C). Raghavabhyndaya (C). Vijiy.abhyndaya (C). Sita— 
Sabarnamirga (C). Dhrnvavijaya (0). Krishnavijaya (C). 
Priyadarsiba (C). Nirupamfi (C). Kanakalat& Parinaya (C). 
Urpalakumari (C). Tillottamamohana (C). Editor, " Karnatak 
Chandrika" contributor to Karnatak Qranthamala, Abakaa 
Tosh in i etc. 

Nanne Mai.— Garbhadhan Vidhi (H) (1908). 

Narasimha, C. V., b.a., n.L., rao-sahib.— Specific Relief Act 
(1 of 1877) (E). 

Narasimhienger, H. T.. b.a., ai.R.A.8.; Professor of Sanskrit. Con< 
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galore.— Yftsav&datt&-kath&-Sdra (S) (1907). Brahmanic Sys- 
tems of Religion and Philosophy (E) (1911). Editor ofVedanta- 
Vadavali, Dinacharya, Subhashita-nivi of Vedfinta-Desika, Dpa- 
desa Ratuamfll&. 

Narayan Bhavanrao Pavgee ; Retired Resident Magis- 
trate—The Aryavartic Home and the Arya Cradle in 
the Sapta Sindhas ; or. Prom Aryavarta to the Arctic 
and from Cradle to the Colony. (E). The Vodic Fathers of 
Geology (E). 

Narayan Chandra Basu.— Hamir (B). Kurukshotra (B). 

Narayan Chandra Bhattacharya. Vidyabhushan— Nababodhan 
(B). Eath& Kanja (B). Manir Bar (B). Kala Parohit (B). Bindar 
Biye (B). AbhimAn (B). 

Narayan Das, b.a.; Teacher, London Mission High School, Jann- 
pur.— Sphuta Nivandha (H). 


AUTHORS. Napayan 

farayan Dutta Ghaube ; Manik Chauk, Muttra.— Abhinava 
Nighantu (H), Nafcau Chikitsa Chakravarti (H). 

Jarayan Ganesh Chandavarkar, sir, knight, b.a., ll.b. Bom- 
bay.— Speeches and Writings. 

Jarayan Govind Chapekai>, b.a., ll.b.; Subordinate Judge.— 
Born : 27th July, 1870.— Life of Edmund Burke (M) (about 1899). 
Money and Mechanism of Exchange (M) (1904). 

Napayan Govindpav Peshve.—Mrinmayi (Adapted from Bankim 
Chandra Chatterji's kapalkundald) (M) (1915). Devi Rani, athava 
Praphulla (Translation of Bankim Ohandra Chatterji's Devi 
Chaudhurani) (M). Saundaryopasak Malati (In Joint-authorship 
with Dattatraya M. Kulkarni) (M). 

Napayan Hapi Apte ; 46, Mangalwar-peth, Satara.— Born : 1889.— 
Ajinkya Tara (M) (1909). Karamagati (M) (1911). Anand Mandir 
(M) (1911). Kapat-jal (M) (1913). Wandawe ki Nindawe (M) 
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(Japayan Lunidapam ; Secretary, Dharma Sabha, Shikarpore. 
(Sindh,)— Panch Sandhi Sar. (Si). 

Harayan Mupti, Y., b.a.; Private Secretary to the Raja of 
Vizianagram— Rupali (Te). 

Napayan Pillai, P. K., b.a., b.l.; Vakil, High Court, Kottyan. Tra- 

vancore.— Born : 1878.— Kunchan Namhiyar, His Life and Works 

(Ma) (1908). Smarta Enquiry (Ma). (I9l2). Prasanga Tarangini 

(Ma) (1914). Krishna Gatha (Ma.) (1914). Elegy on the Death 

of Keral Varma (S). Editor of Kunchan Nambiyer's Panchendro- 

i.pakhyanam Ghoshayatran, and Sundopasundopakhyanam ,* and 
of Ramannja Ezhuthatchan's Adhyatma Ramayanam. 

Napayan Prasad Apopa ; Prakash Pustakalaya, Cawnpore.— Edit- 
ed, Lala Lajpat Rai, the man in his own word. Gitanjali (Hindi 
translation of Sir Robindranath Tagore's original Bengali) 
Swadhin Yichar (Hindi translation of Prof, Hardayal's English 


Narayan Indian literary year book, 1918. 

Narayan Prasad Dehlvi (Betab.)— Kasauti (U) (1014.) 
Narayan Ramehanclra Bibhute— Kathasara Vivekamrita (M> 

(1916). Manniatha I'rabhab Natak (M) (1917). 
Napayanswami Aiyar. R. S., b.a., b.l.; Vakil, Danappa Street, 

Madura.— Kalyani (Ta). Rlalati-Madhavaui (Ta). (1914) Manda 

van Meenda Mayam (Ta). 
Narayan Vaman Tilak. kev. Ahmednagar— Tilakanchi Kavita 

(M) (1914.) 
Narayan Venkatesh Kurdi ; Dharwar.— Padmini (C) (1917). 
Narayan VIsanji Chaturbhuj Thakkur.- A|kalno Sudharo k.r 

Ramaniyo Uhayankarata (G)(1915). Ajkalnun Hindustan athava 

Prambarago Morij?yal (G) (1017). 
Narayan Vlswanath Bapat; Pnnna - iiaiii I'.ui Ek- .T.icaufcuAach 

Narendra Kumar Guha Ray- I'haru-^i i]iraii;;anu (U). 
Narendrakumar Majumdar, .m.a.; Asst. Professor, Calcutta 

University.— Aryabhatta on Indeterminate Equations of the 

First Degree (E). 
Narendranarayan Ray-Chaudhury.— Cleopatra (B). Jivaner Sar 

o Tahar Abhivyakti (B). Ramajchitra (IJ). Sangit Siksha (B). 
Narendranath Basu.— u.f.., Vakil, High Court, Calcntta.— Europe 

Bhraman (B). 
Narendranath Chattopadhyaya-Puny.i i i.iiiin.i (ii). Bhakfci o 

Bhakti (B). Sadhak o Sadhana (B). 
Narendranath Ghosh ; Kumarkhali, ^'uddca— Chandan (B). 

Besur Bin (B). 
Narendranath Law. m.a., b.l., p.r.8.; Promotion of Learning in 

India (with Introductions by H. Bcveridgo, I.C.8., and the Von'ble 

Walter K. Firmingor, m.a., b.d.) 8tudie» in Ancient Hindu 

Polity (E). 
Narendranath Majumdar; Govt, service; Research Houbc. 

M jmcnsingh. Born : 1290 B. S.— Bratakatbfl (6). Maharram (B). 

Saibya (B). 
Narendranath Pal.— Chandau (B). 
Nares Chandra Sen-Gupta, m^, u l.; S, Dud Lane, Calcutta.- 

Th.> Al>i...v of Blis.s(E). 


AUTHORS. Nathuram 

Naphap Vishnu Kathavte.— Adwaita Siddhantancha Yuktayukta 
Viehar. (M) (1915). 

Napmada Ppasada Mispa Visharad ; Bom : Sambat 1947, Dikshi- 
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(H). Kahavaton ka Koah (H). Saral Natak Mala (H). Hindi 
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Napottam Desai.— All India Century Civil Digest (E). All India 
Century Criminal Digest (B), All India Decennial Digest (E). 
Court Fees Act (E). Dictionary of Law Terms and Phrases (E). 

Napsing Devehand Bahepa ; Sadra, Bombay Precy. — Lakshmi ane 
Mena (G) (1915). 

Napsingpao Bholanath Divatia, statutory i.c.s., (Retd.) 
B.A.; Blue Bunglow, Bandra.— Born : 3rd September, 1859. 
—Brahma Dharma (E). Hridaya-Vina (G) (1896). Kusuma- 
maia (G) (1887). Nupura-Jhankara (G) (1914.) Social Dyna- 
mics (E). 

Napslnha Chintaman Kelkap, b.a., ll.b.; Editor, the Kesari— 
Irelandcha Itihas (M). Subhashit ani Vinod (M). Garibaldiche 
Charit (M). Chandragupta (M). KrishnSrjun Ynddha (M). Sri 
Sant BhSnudas (M). AmStya MS,dhava (M). Totayache Band (M). 
Translation of the Rivals (M). Lekh Sangraha (M) (1914). The 
Annotated Bombay District Municipal Act (in joint-authorship 
with D. G. Khandekar (E) (1915). 

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Natapajan, K. Bombay.— Introduction to the Speeches and Writing 
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Natesan, G. A., —Editor, The Indian Review ; Sankurama Chetty 
Street, Madras,— Editor of numerous useful Pamphlets. 

Nathupam Ppemi ; Hindi Granth Ratnakar Karyalaya,Bombay. — 

Phulon ka Guchcha (H). PratibhS (H). Ratnamala (H). 
Nathupam Sankap Sapma ; Kaviraj ; Bharat Pragendu ; Hardaa 
Ganj, Aligarh.— Born : 1859.— Anurag Ratna (H) (1918). Shanker 



Navakrishna Indian literary year book. 1918. 

iSaroj (H)(1904). Coatributions to " Saraswati," "Maryada, 

"Chitramai Jagat," "Arya Mitra." 
Navakrishna Bhattacharya ; 64, College Street, Oalcuttaw— 

B&l&ka Patha (B). B&ngalir Chhabi (B). Chhele Ebelft (B). 

Kabita Kusum (B). Rang Chang (B), Tnktuke Ramayan (B>. 

Sachitra Sisuranjan Ramayana (B). 
Navakrishna Ghosh, n.A.— See Nabakrishna Ghosh. 
Navposji Kabpaji Bomanji.-Nina (G) (19ib). 
Navpoz Jamshed Dastur; Bombay.— Juddin Navjot Kisso. 
Nawab All Chaudhupy. Tho Hon'ble Nawab Syed, Khan Bahadur,; 

Dhanbapi, Mymenaing— Maulud Sarif (B). Idnl-Ajha (B). 
Nayab Dastur Jllinochapji Dastup Jamaspji Jamasp Ashana.— 

Bombay.— ShJihanAimin (G) (1913). 
Nayan Chandpa Mukhopadhyaya ; Indian Press, Allahabad,— 

Adarsa M:ihil& (B). Khokftr GAn (B). 
Nayat.— See Aziz-ud-din. 
Nepal Chandpa Roy, b.a. b.l.; " Brahmacharyyasrama," fSanti 

Niketan, Bolpnr, District Birbhum, Bengal.— Bhu-Parichaya (B). 
Nhanalal Dalpatram. m.a. ; Khovaja Mahalla, Mandavi, Bombay. 

— Rajrajerswar ne ok Kavya (G). 
Nibaran Chandra Chaudhupy, m.r.a.8.. .Moradpore, Bankipore.— 

Karp&s Ch&sh (B). Khfidyatatwa (B). Ras&yan Parichaya, ba 

Krishi Rasayaa(B). 
Nibaran Chandra Das; Dasaswamodha Ghat, Kasi-Kasikhandae 

Anubad (B). 
Nibaran Chandpa Das-gupta. m.a^b.l.; Barisai— Chinti Laharl 


Nlbapan Chandpa Seth.— Hindu Jivan ^B). 

Nigamananda Paramhansa.— Brahmacharya Sftdhan (B). JnAti 

guru B). I'remikguru (B). Tantrikguru (B). Yogiguru (B). 
Nihai Singh, Saint, Londpn.— India's Fighters (E). Glimpses of 

the Orient of to-day (B). Messages of Uplift for India (B). 

Progressive British India (B). 
Nikhii Nath Ray, b.l., Ethora, Via Sitararapore.— BArai December 

(B). Itikath& (B). Kablkathft (B). Maran Rahasya (B). Murshi- 
• dabader Itih&s (B). Murshidahad K&hini (B). Pratapaditya (B). 



NikunjabihaFi Datta, m.r.a.s.— Karpas Parasanga (B). Krishi 

Sahaya, ba Cultivator's Guide (B), 
Nikunjamohan Lahiri.— Parimal (B). Santi Satadal (B). 
Nilkantha Bandopadhyaya.— Kayastha Jati-tatwa Nirnayer 

Samalochaua (B). 
Nilkanth Bhau Gandhi ; Bombay.— Krishna Kanta (M) (1915). 
Niimoni Mukhopadhyaya; 20, Amherst Street, Calcutta -Sadhan 

Kalpa Latika (B). 
Nilratan Mukhopadhyaya, b.a., Rampore Haut— Chandidaser 

Padabali (B). Mahabharatiya Katha (B). 
Nirbhadas N. Wadhwani ; Curator, Govt. Book Depot Karachi. 

Born : January 1, 1865. — Janam Sakhi Hani Shahiba (Si). 
Nirjhapini Ghosh (Mrs.)— Madam Genyo (B). Mauni Baba (B). 
Nipmalabala Devi.— Bhaktipuspahar (B). 
Nirmalabala Some, m.a.— Ramanir Rajya (B). 
Nirmaldas Fatehehand ; Clerk, Censor's Office, Karachi.— Sarva- 

jani (Si). 
Nirmalsiv Bandopadhyaya; Labhpur, Birbhum-Bir-Raja (B). 

Bahadur (B). 
Nirupama Devi (Mrs.)— c/o. Babu Bibhutibhushan Bhattacharya, 
Pleader, Berhampur. AnnapumSr Mandir (B). Didi (B). AleyS 
(B). Asoka (In joint.— authorship with her brother, Bibhuti 
Ch. Bhattacharya). 
Nisikanta Basu Ray.— Bappa Rao (B). 
I Nisikanta Chakravapty.— Thakur Sarbananda (B). 
Nisikanta Sen.— Kanakchampa (B). Pujar Phul (B). 
Nistarini Devi (Mrs.)— Keshab Jyoti (B). Renukana (B). Satiliia 

Nltai Chand Sil ; Chinsura— Meghaduta (B). Lahari (B). Asrame 

Nitaipada Chattopadhyaya— Smasane (B). 
Nityananda Sinha.—Saral Striroga-ChikitsS, (B). 
Nityabodh Vidyaratna.— Bajimat (B). Dilbahar (B). Ekadas 

Brihaspati (B). Kusume-keet (B). Premer Pathar (B). 
Nitya Swarup Brahmaehapy ; 195-1, Comwallis Street, Calcutta. 
—Publications :— In Devanagari character :- Srimad Bh^ga- 


Nizamuddin Indian utbbarv year book, 1918. 

batam (with eight commentaries). Rflsh Panchadhyftyce (with 
fifteen commentaries). Brahma Rtuti (with fifteen comment- 
aries). Sfinti Stuti (with fifteen commentaries). Brahma 
Sntram (with three commentariee). Yedfinta 8ftram (with 
RamSnuja vritti). Upanishads (Tsa, Kena, and Kaths, with 
bankara, Rfimanuja and Nimbarlcya Bh&shya). Parapaksha Giri- 
bajra. Srimad Bha^bat Gita (with the commentary of Keshar 
Kashmiri). Brihat Bhfigbatfimritam (with commentary). Sri- 
krishna Bhabanflmritam (with commentary). Sri Qopal Champn. 
Bhakti Rash&yanani (by Paramhansa Madhu Sudan Saraswati). 
Hava Shirsha Pancharfitram. Japannath BaMabh Nfltakam. 
Sanfltan Dharraa. IN Bengali characteu .— brimad BhApabatam. 
10th Skand* (with ten commentaries). Illustrated Sreemad 
Bhfigabatani, Skanda I, in 3 Parta. Upanishads (Tsa, Kena, Katha, 
Prasna, Maundukya, and Mandnkya, with Madhya Bhfis" 
Brihat Bbagabatftmritam. Srikrishna Bhabanamritam. (. 
Lilamritani. Sri Gopal Champu. Sri Chaitanya Charitfimritam 
(illustrated). Stava Puahpftnjali. Samkalpa Kalpadruma (by Sri 
Jiba Goswami^. Samkalpa (by Biswanath Chakravarty). Mukta 
Charit. Bhakta Jivane Vedanta. Rftdhak-Kanthahfir. Manosik-^ 
sha. Braja-Mandal Pnrikrami. Pralftpaand Teachinp:8 of Mahfi- 
prabhu. Ekannapada (51 Slokas). Pnnarjanma. Premsahachari. 
Padachinha-Tatwa. Sidhwa-Sevfi. Saufltan Dharma. Stabftm- 
rita Lahari (by Biswanath ChakraTarty.) Sri Chaitanya 
Charita. Nikunja Ralinshya Staba. Sri Qonranf»a Janma LilA. 
Skhanada Gita Chintftroaui. Kikharini. Sarva Sambfldini (by 
Sri Jiba Goswami). Rai Sekhar'a Padabali. Prem Sampnt (by 
Biswanath Chakravarty). Pr« m Samput Bhfin. 
Nizamuddin Amiruddin Kupaishl.— Idni FHt Anmol Bhet (O). 
(1915). Vafadar Sufia (G) (1015). Vadodra Nawabi Khandanno 
Joshe Javani Urfe Vasle Jamil (U) (1916) Futnhnllslam (U). 
(1917) Itihasa (Q) (1915). Bahar-i-Ramran (U) (1914). Salim ane 
Meher-un-nisa. (G) (1910). Jahan Kadr (G) (1916). Nasiruddin 
(G) (1915). Hazrat Muhammad Salv-jinun Tunk Jivan Vrittant 
(G) (1914). (In joint-authorship with Vali-Mnhammad CJhhagan- 
bhai Momin). Akhbar Mohel (G) (1014). Idna iC) rl!)14). 


AUTHORS. Padmanabha 

Nrisinha Prasad Basu; Danki Belgachhi, Nuddea— Amiya (B). 
NrisinhaFam Mukhopadhyaya.— Aryanarir Grihadharma (B). 
Nrisinhna Chandra Bandyopadhyaya.— Pret Tatwa (B). Lord 

Bipon iu India (E). 
Nrlsinh Sarma. Lalitasram, Dwarka (Kathiawar).— Cliamatkari- 

dristantamala (G) (1903). Chorashi Asan (G. M. & H.) (1900). 

Arya Charitravali (G) (1900). Parasar Smriti (G) (1900). 

Anubhav Prakas (G) (1900). Adhyatma Prakas (G) (1902). 

Santosh Satak (G) (1897). Bhulelu Man (G) (1896). Ram Gita 

(H. &G.) (1899). Vasikaran Vidya (G) (1899). Paramartha Sar 

(G) (1899). Sail Seota Stotra (G). 
Wutgopal Bhattaehapya, Tantraratna ; Lalgola, Murshidabad— 

Dharmanusthan (B), 
Wyay Vijay ; Jain Dharmashala, Kisheugarh.-Nyay Tirtha Pra- 



Oke, J. v., M.&..; Editor, LofeasJiifcs?ia».— Sanskrit Praves (M). 

Vijaganit (M) (1911). 
Onkap Keshavadeva SastPi ; Editor, N avajivan.— Wmdi Author. 
Onkar Nath Bajpai ; Editor, Kamja-mano-Ranjan ; Proprietor, 

Onkar Press, Johnstonganj, Allahabad.— Kanya Sadachar (H). 

Kanya Patra Darpan (H). Sadachar Kanyayon ki Batchit (H). 

Kanya Din Charya (H). Shanta (H). Lakshmi (H). Bhuvan Kumari 

(H). Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar (H). etc. 
Opdhendra Coomap Ganguly.— See Ardhendra Kumar Gango- 

€sman Ali, b.l. ,• Munsif, Biahnupur Banknra— DevaU (B). Hafiz 

Sahib (B). Lalchand (B). 


Padmanabhaehapia, C. M.— Life and Teachings of Sri Madhava- 
charyya (E). 

Padmanabha Menon, K.P., b.a., b.l., m.r.a.s. ; High CJourt Vakil, 
Ernakulam, Cochin State.— History of Cochin (Ma). The 
Brahmi Settlement in Malabar (E). Malabar as known to the 


Padmanath indian utbkary year book, 1918. 

ancients (E). Travancore in the 18th Ciontury (B). Early civil i 

sation of Malabar (E). Mamankam (Ma), 
Padmanath Barua; Tire hon'ble; Literary Pensioner, Lili 

Agency, Tejpur, Assam.— History of Assam. History of the 

Padmanath Bhattacharya. m.a., vidyavinod ; Professor, CJotton 

College, Gauhati.— Baijnaniker Bhranti Niras (B). Hindu Bibaha 

Sanskar (B). Parasuram Kunda o Hadarikasram Bhraman (B\ 

Prabandhastak (B). 
Padmasinha Sarma; Jwalapur. Dt, Hardwar.— Ganapati Viyog. 
Pahlajpal Lilaram Vaswani ; Snpdt. Ariinipinal Schools. Kar . 

chi.— Mahabharat (Si). Karmn (Si 
PolUSkaP, V. D. ; See Vishnu Digambar r.-tnH/cor. 
Panchanan Bhattacharya; Deoghar. Pounder of the Arya 

Mission Institution, 86/1, Muktaram Babu's Street, Calcutta.— 

Srimad-Bhagvat-Gita (B) (As oxponndod by the late Syama 

Charan Lfihiri of Benares). Dharma O Pujadi Mimansa (B). Stri 

Swadhinatfi o Stri-Siksha (B). Yoga-vSangita (B). 
Panchanandas Mukhopadhyaya, m.a., i-.r.k.s. ; Editor, Indiai\ 

Citizen Series, 86, Amherst Street, Calcutta.— The co-operati\ 

Credit Movement in India (E). Indian Constitutional Docii- 

ments, 1778-1916 (E). 
Panchanan Bhattacharya.— Chhimab&r (B). 
Panchanan Ghosh-Mani o MuktA (B). 
Panchanan Ghoshal, m.a., b.l.; 50-1. Wellington Street, Calcutta. 

— Sanskrita Natakiya Kathft (B). 
Panchanan Neogl. m.a., f.o.s., Griffiths memorial pri/i 


1906) ; Senior Professor of Chemistry, Government CUege, Raj- 
shabi.— Contributor of original chemical papers to the Journal of 
the London Chemical Society, London Cliemical News, Zeits- 
chriftfur Anorganische Chemic, &c. — Iron in Ancient India (E). 
Ayurveda o Navya Rasayan (B). Tufana (B). Vaijnanik Jivani (l: 

Panchanan Ray Chowdhury- ChArpcye Babn (B). 

Panchanan Sinha. m.a.— Ceeear (B). Alexander (B). 

Panchkari Bandyopadhyaya. n.A. ; Editor, Nayuk and Prahahini, 


AUTHORS. Papameswapa 

13, Das Lane, Bowbazar, Calcutta.— Rupalahari (B). Uma (B). 
Binsa Satabdir Mahapralaya (B). 
Panehkapi De.— BSngalir Biratwa (B). Bhishan Pratihinsa (B). 
Bhisan Pratisodha (B). Bishama Baisuchan (B>. Govinda Ram 
, (B). Harataner Naoia (B). Haty&kari Ke (B). Hatyarahasya (B). 
Jayaparajaya (B). Jibanmrita Rahasya (B). Kaia-sarpi (B). Lak- 
sha-taka (B). Manorama (B). Mayabi(B;, Mayabini(B). Mrityu- 
bibhishika (B). Mrityurangini (B). Narabali (B). Nilabasanft Sua- 
dari(B), Parimal(B). Prati3napalan(B). RaghuDSkat (B). Saka- 
Duhita (B). Sati Sabhana (B). Sonit-Tarpap (B). Suhasini (B), 
panchugopal Malliek— Ajitkumar (B). 

Panchu Ghosh ; 35-6-2, Padmapukur Road, Bhowanipore, Cal- 
cutta.— Angur (B). Apple (B). 
Pannalal : Secy., Jain Dharam Pracharini Sabha, Benares.— Sana - 

tan Granth Mala. 
Pannalal Dahiabhal Jhaveri ; Surat.— Moti Mahal (G). (1905). 
Pannalal Upadhyaya— Yuva Rakshak (H) (1908). 
Pannyasji Kesharvljayji Gani— Nitimay Jivan Ane Grihastha 
Dharma (G) (1917). Nitivichar Ratnamfila (G) (1917). Dhyan 
Dipika of Upadhyaya Sakalchandvajl (S & G). (1917). Samyag 
Darshan (G) (1917). 
Paramananda Mewapam ; Journalist, Hyderabad, (Sindh.)— 
Born: January, 1866.— Battle of Miani in Verse (Si) (1898). 
Battle of Miani in Prose (1911). Catechism of the Catholic 
Religion (Si) (1911). Dil Bahar (Si). Part I (1905). Part II 
(1906). Part HI. (1914). Diamond Ring (Si) (1909). Origins 
of the Koran (Si) (1909). The Water Pitcher (Si) (1911). Our 
Lady of Lourdes (1900). Better than Gold (Psalm 118) (Si). 
Sindhi-Bnglish Dictionary (1910). The Spinning Wheel (Si) 
(1910). Usif Misri (Si). 
Papames Ppasanna Ray, b.a., m.r.a.s. ; Asansol.— Meyeli Bra- 

takatha (B). 
Papameswapa Aiyap, S., m.a., b.l., m.r.a.s. ; Assistant Secy, to 
Govt., Trivandrum (Travancore).— Arogyaraksha (Ma). Census 
Report for 1901, (Ma). Vanchisagiti (Ma). Sujatodvahachampu 
(Ma). Kannassaramayanam (Ma). Saraia (Ma). Vishnumaya 


Paramu Indian UTEaxHY tbar book, 1918. 


(Ma). Devaki (Ma). Padmini (Ma). Nercha (Ma). Tankami 
(Ma). Kal&vati (Ma). Satyavati (Ma). Ambarishasatakam (Mai 
Umakcralamahftk&vya (Ma). Model lives (Ma). Padyamanjei 
(Ma). Mayurasandesa (B). Datchmen in Travancore (B). Tn 
yancore and Vijayanagar (B). A Soath Indian Maharaja (B). Th( 
Malabar Alphabet : its Origin and History (E). 

Paramu Pillal, K., m.a.; Atmavidya-Asram, Quilon ; Head Mastei 
High School, Quilon,— Born: 17th March, 1870.— Atma Vidy« (Ma. 
Booker T. Washington (Ma). Bssays and Addresses (B). Life < 
Ramkrishna (Ma). A Negro Apostle (E). Srimad Bhagvat Git 
(Ma). Stories from Tcnnyaon, Chancer, Shakespeare, etc., (Ma) 

Pareshchandra Bandyopadhyaya. m.a., b.l.; Sab-Jadge, Ghiya.- 
Bangalar Purabritta (H). 

Paresh Nath Hore.— Malaria Natika (B). 

Paresh Nath Sarkar.— M&lfi (B). 

Parltosh Datta.-Parinaya Rahasya (B). 

Parsadmanabba Menon. K.P.. k.a., b.l., m.r.a.s.; Yakil, Hi( 
Court, Madras.— Born : September, 1858. — Brnaculam, Madras.- 
A History of the Cochin State. 2 Vols. (Ma) 1913-14). 

Parvatibat CbitnavisCMrs.); Chhinwara, C. P.— Amelia Jagach; 
Pravas (M) (1915). 

Parvatinandan.— See Oirija Kumar Qhodt. 

Pasupati Chowdhupy.— Smasan (B). 

Patel, D.N.. Bombay.— Parsi Paigarobar Jarathestra (G) (1917 
Sankshop Sh&hnn&mun (Q) (1917). 

Pattan Lai ; Armani Street, Calcutta.— Ujar Gapn (H) ; Yitri (H) 
Sadha (H) ; Jawahirlal ki Jivancharitra (H) ; Jabilee Sadika (H 
Hita-Siksha (H). 

Patwardhan. V. G..— Studies in jthe iChemistry and Phy- 
siology of the Leaves of the Betel- Vine (Piper Beetle), and the 
Commercial Bleaching of the Betel-Vine Loaves (in joint-author- 
ship with Harold H. Mann, O. Sc.,aad I). L. Sahasrabaddhe) (E). 

PaymastePt R. B.— Kisse-i-Sanjan (E). 

Phaklr Chandra Chattopadhyaya ; C/o Messrs. G. F. Kellner A 
Co.,82, Chowringhee Road, Calcutta.^ Gharor KathA (B). Na- 
bann& (B). Pathor Katha (B). Parikath& (B). Sndha (B). 


AUTHORS. Ppabhas 

Phakir Chandra Datta ; 54, Amherst Street, Calcutta.— Born : 
1882.-B&ng&lar Samajik-Itihasa (B) (1911). Dabd-kheia (B) 
(1909). Introduction to Scientific Palmistry (1903). Laws of 
Attraction (1909). Palmistry of Old (1904). Rainy Season in 
Calcutta (1910). Weather Forecasting (1909). Fazlul Karim 
(B). Harun-ur-Rashider Galpa (B). Laili Majnu (B). Ehoja 
Mainuddiner .Jiwaui (B). 

Phanibhushan Chattopadhyaya, b.a.— Tinbandhu(B). 

Pbanibhushan Tarkavagis.— Batsyayan Bhashya (B). 

Phanindranath Ghosh ; British Chandernagore, Chinsura.— San- 
tikana (B). Bharat Bhiksha (B). 

Phanindranath Pal, b.a., 51, Cornwallis Street, Calcutta.— Chhota 
Bau(B). Indumati (B). Sai Ma (B). Sukumar (B). Swamir 
Bhita (B). Sukumari (B). Chakri Chakra (B). Mayur Puehcha 
(B). Bilati Hasa. 

Phepozsha N. Dapuwala; b.a., ll.d., bar-at-law, Advocate-at- 
Law, High Court, Bombay. The Doctrine of Consideration 
Treated Historically and Comparatively (E) 1914). 

Phulmani Das, (Mrs.); Formerly Midwife at the Allahabad Duf- 
ferin Hospital ; Grand Trunk Road, Kothaparcha, Allahabad. — 
Sarala Prasuti Darpana o Sisu Palana (B) (1915). 

Pindi Das Bhandapa ; Lohari Gate, Lahore.— Navajiwan. 

Pisharodl A. Krishna ; Malayalam Pandit, H. H. Maharaja's Col- 
lege, Trivandrum.— Nirukti Prakas (S). Rasik Ratna (S). Uttar 
Ramcharit (Ma.) Uttara Raraayan (Ma). Hridaya Dipam (Ma). 
Sangrahabodha (Ma). Nitimalika (Ma). Taraka (Ma). Nitika- 
thamala (Ma). Sudarsan (Ma). Bhasha Prakas (Ma.). 

Pokardas Thanwardas; Book-seller, Shikarpur, Sindh.— Hatim 
Tai (Si). Dilji Vindur (Si). Sikandarnamo(Si). Mormal Mendhro 

Popatlal Maganlal.— The Handy Gujrati English Dictionary {G 
and E) (1916). 

Prabhas Chandra Bandyopadhyaya.— Gojivan, ba Homoepathy 
Pasu-chikitsa. (B). 

Prabhas Chandra Sen. b.a.— Kayastha Tatwa Yiohar (B). 
Bagarar Itih&s (B). 


Prabhasanker Indian utbrary ybar book, 1018. 


Prabhasanker Govindram Shukla.— Prabhat Chandra (I9l5). 
Prabhasanker Narbheram Vyas; Sarat.— Grihasthasram (0> 

Prabhat Chandra Dube; Mahisadal.— Darjocling (B). 
Prabhat Chandra Ray.— Sweta Padma (B). 

Prabhat Kumar Mukhopadhyaya. b. a., bar-at-law; 4. Chaa« 
ranifhee, Calcutta.— Abhisap (B). Desi o Bilftti (B). BilSter Galpa 
(B). Galpa-Bithi (B). Galpanjali (B). Jibaner Mnlya (B). Na- 
bakath& (B). Nabin Sanyasi (B). Patrapuspa (B). Ramft Sundari 
(B). Ratna Dip (B). Sorashi (B). Begams of Bengal (E). 8torie« 
of Bengalee Life {E). 

Prabhat Kumar Mukhopadhyaya ; of Sir Rabindranath Tagore'ii 
" Brahmacharyyasram," Santiniketan. Bolpur, District Birhhotn, 
Bengal.— Prach in Itihaser Galpa. 

Prabhu Shankar Narbheram Vyas.— GrihasthasMMn (G.) (1917 
Pravaj'ava (CI). 

Prabodh Chandra De,F.R.H.8.; 27-1, Beadon Row, Calcutta. 
AyurvediyaCha (B). BharateArthas&stra (B). BhQmi Karshan 
(B). Golfipb&ri (B). Earpfts KathA (B). Krisbi E.shetra (B). 
Mfilancha(B). Mrittikfl Tatwa (B). Phalakar (B). Phulwftri, 
ba Mfilancha (B). Pasukhftdya (B). Potato Culture (E). Treatise 
on Mango (E). Sabji bfig (B). Udbhidjivan (B). Udbhid- 
Khadya (B). • 

Pradyumna Prasad Sinha, bji.; Dy. Magistrate and I)y. Collec- 
tor, Bhapralpur.— Born : 1889. -Mand&r Madhusudan (H) (1911). 

Prajna Sundari DevI(Mrs); 6, Dwarka Nath Tagoro Lane, Cal- 
cutta. — Amisha o >'ir4mi8hft Ahflr (B). 

Prakas Chandra Datta; 4-1, Sebakrsm Baddir Lane, Calcutta. 
Pancliamnkhi (B). 

Prakas Chandra Sarkar, m.a., b.l., 18 Rossa Ro»d, North Bhowa- 
niporo, Calcutta— Gopal Jiwan (15). 

Prakas Kavi ; Cawnpore. — Aryasinhanad (H) (1016). 

Pramatha Nath Banerjea, m.a.— A Study ofllndian Economics (E). 

Pramatha Nath Bhattaeharya.— Misarer RAni Cleopatra (IJ). 

Pramatha Nath Hose, b. sc, f.g.s., m.r.a.s. ; Ranohi.— Epochs ol 
Civilization (E). A History of Hindu Civilization (E;. Givo the 


AUTHORS. Prasanna 

Peole back their own (E). The Illusions of New India (E). 

Essays and Lectures on the Industrial Development of India and 

other Indian Subjects (E). 
Pramatha Chbwdhupy, m.a., bar-at-law, 1, Bright Street, 

Calcutta— Sonnet Panchasat (B), Char-ij^ari Kathd (B). 
Pramatha Nath Dey, b.a.— Continence and Sexual Hygiene (E). 
Pramatha Nath Mukhopadhyaya,M.A.; Panchavati Villa, Manik- 

tala, Calcutta.— India, Her Cult and Education (E). Approaches 

to Truth (E) (1914). 
Pramatha Nath Mukhopadhyaya.-Buker Bojha (B). PadSnka 

Kamana (B). 
Pramatha Nath Roy ; Nowgong, Rajshahi.— Jatak Rahasya (B). 
Pramatha Nath Roy-Chaudhury (of Santos) ; 35-2, Beadon 

Street, Calcutta.— Akhyayika (B). Arati (B). Bhagyachakra 

(B). Desabhakti (B). Dipali (B). Gairik (B). Galpa (B).- Gan 

(B). Gatha (B). Gauranga (B). Gitika (B). Hamir (B). Katha 

banamKaj(B). Padma (B), Pathar (B). Yamuna (B). Pathoga 

(B). Chitra o Charitra (B). Dhara (B). 
Pramatha Nath Tarkabhushan, mahamahopadhyaya ; Profes- 
sor, Sanskrit College, Calcutta.— Sarva Vedanta Siddhdnta Sar 

Praphulla Chandra Ray, d. sc, ph.d., o.i.e.. Professor of Chemis- 
,^ try. Presidency College, 91, Upper Circular Road, Calcutta.— A 

History of Hindu Chemistry (E & S). Bangalir Mastiska o Jahar 

Apabyabahar (B). Nabya Rasayani Vidya (B). Serai Pranivi- 

jnan (B). 
Praphullanalini Ghosh, Saraswati (Miss).— Mandar-Kusum (B) 

(1915). Nimitter Bhagi (B). 
Prasaddas Goswami ; 199, Comwallis Street, Calcutta.— Atma- 

bodh (B). Dirghajivan Kise Hai (B). Patanjal Yogasutra (B). 
Prasadilal Jha, l.m.s.; Medical Practioner, Cawnpore— Garbha- 

Raksha (H) ; Aghaton ki Prarambhik Chikitsa (H). 
Prasanna Kumar Roy, b.a.— Kayastha Pradip (B). 
Prasanna Kumar Saha. Mridanga Prakasika (B). 
Prasanna Kumar Vidyaratna.— Devimahatmya Chandi (B). 

Krishna-jivani fB). Prabandha-ratna (B), Sri Gauranga Charita 


Pratap inuian litbkary ybar book, 1918. | 

(B). brimadbhagvab Gita (B). VedavLshaye D&rsanikdiger Mat 

Pratap Chandra Ghosha. b.a.- Bom ; 25th December, 1886 ; edo* 
cated in the Hindu and Presidency Colleges of Calcatta. Adjust 
ment of the Hindu Almanac and Calendar. Contributions to* 
wards Vernacnlar Lexicography. Durga Paja. Origin of Dui^ 
Puja. Panca-Caradiya Yajna of the Vedas, and the Durga Pa|a 
of the later Purauas and Tantras. Co-efficients of Durga. Dnrgft 
Puja, what it is. Durga Puja, a social festival. On the Caltore 
of Bees in India. Country boats and other crafts of India. Teoh« 
nical Education for the mass. Articles used as Food, Drink and 
Smoke in Bonsai- On the silted up Cadiyal and Manikhali 
Khals, and the reclamation of the country drained and irriga- 
ted by the same. On the antiquities of the Sundarbans. On 
the true meaning of the terms " Yavana," etc On the 
Kacred Soma plant of the Hindus and the Homa plant of tho 
Parsis. On the Castes prevalent in Bengal and the Kayasth 
specially. BangAdhipa-parajaya Series :— Vol. I, a historica 
Romance of the days of Johangir and Shahjohan ; Vol. 1 1 
a sequelro to the above bringing down the history to the 
successor of Pratapaditya ; Vol. Ill, closing scones in the 
Sewallk hills. On the Potatoes and their culture. Rainfall 
and ascension and declination of the Moon in apogee an^^ 
perigee with tables. Atmospheric concussion and Rain. Mu 
nufacture of Sugar in Bengal. On the curing of Tobacco. Ou 
Capsicums and Chillies. Sher-phyina, a Thibetan work, ))eing a 
translation of the Catasahasrika Prajuaparamita, a theological 
and philosophical discourse of Buddha with his disc I ' 
Fishes of Bengal. [Contributions to the journals of the 
horticultural Society of India, and Asiatic Society of B> 
etc. Readings, trauslatiom. etc. of roiii)fr-nIat(> ln«<M-ir, 
and ancient coins.] 
Ppatapsinhajl. H. H. the Maharaja of Jaipur. -Araritsa;,':ir 

(G) (l«15). 
Pratibhasundari Devi (Mrs. Anurup Chandra Mukhopadhya 
ya) ; " Sauti Bhavau," Bahadurganj, Allahabad— Banaphul (B). 



Prayag- Prasad Tripathl ; Arrah.— Nabin Mat Pariksha (H) (1913). 

Desiya Gan (H) (1913). Sanatan Dharma (H) (1914). History of 

ludia (H) (1914). 
Premehand.— See Dhanpati Rai. 
Ppemehand A. Jhangiani, b.a.; Principal, Training College, 

Hyderabad, Sindh ; Editor, Talim (Si). — Born : 9th November, 

1887. Domestic Economy (Si). 
Ppemi.— See Nathu Ram. 
Prem Vallabh Joshi, b. sc. ; Science Master, Govt. High School, 

Aj mere.— Tap (H). 
Ppitamlal Dhipajliai; Bombay.— Kumudchandra (G) (1915). 
Ppithipal Singrh, Raja, Hathounda P. O. Barabanki District, Oadh. 

Raksas Kavya (S. E.), &c. 
Ppithwis Chandra Ray ; Editor, Indian World (now defunct).— 

The Poverty Problem in ladia (E). Indian^ Famines (E). Separation 

of Judicial and Executive Functions (E). The Map of India (E). 

The Break-up of Bengal (E). Our Demand for Self-Government 

(E). A Scheme of Constitutional Reforms (E). 
Priyagrovinda Datta, M.A.— Gaye Halud (B). 
Ppiyakumap Chattopadhyaya; Mozaffarpore— Ahome Sati (B). 

Girikahini (B) Mewar Nalini (B) Nilambar (B). 
Ppiyambada Devi (MFS.)-Anatha (B). Patralekhd (B). Renu 

Pulinbihapi Lai Pande, rai-bahador; Zemindar, Ukhra 

(Burdwan).— Pulin Gitika (B). 
Pupan Singh, f.c.s. ; Forest Institute, Dehra Dun.— Note on the 

Distillation and Composition of Turpentine Oil from the Chir 

Resin and the Clarification of Indian Resin (E), 
Pupna Chandra Bhattaeharya.— Chandrahas (B). Maharam (B). 

Prahlad (B). Sati Jayamati (B). 
Pupna Chandra Chattopadhyaya ; 9-A, Hogalkuria Lane, Cal- 
cutta. — Saisab Sahachari (B). 
Puma Chandra Chaudhury, Mukhtiar, Chittagong.— Kayas- 

tha Tatwa Tarangini (B). Gupta Sanhita (B). BpSre OpSre (B). 

Mandir (B). 
Purna Chandra Das.— Gatha (B). Uchchwas (B). 


Purna Indian literary year book, 1918. 


Purna Chandra De, udbhatasaoar.— Pdndavagitft (B). Pras- 

nottar MaDiratnam&I& (B). Mohamndgar o Mohakuthar (B). 

Staba Samudra (B). Udhat Samudra (B). Udbhat SlokemAlA (B). 
Purnalingam Pillai. M.S.— Studies and Critiques (E). Ten 

Tamil Saints (E). 
Purnananda Brahmaehari.— Saral Yoga-Sadhana (B). 
Purnendu Narayan Sinha, the hon'ble, m.a., b.l., rai-bahadur, 

VIDYABINODK ; Bankipore ; Joint Editor, Brahma Ftdyo.— Sri- 

Sri-Chaitanyakatha (B). Paur&nik Katha (B). 
Purshottam Vishram Mawjee ; Bombay.— Sanads and letters 

selected from the Government Records in the Alienation Office, 

Poona (M) (1914). Treaties, Agreements, and Sanads (M) (1914). 
" PuPUShottam".— Devi Shree Ahilyabai Holkar (M). 
Purushottamdas Lallubhai Patel.— Annp Knmari (O) (1916). 
Purushottamdas Tandon, m.a., ll.b. ; Secretary, Hindi Sahitya 

Sammelan, Allahabad ; Vakil, High Court. N.-W. P.— Maharana 

Pratap Sinha (H). Bhftg ka pher (H). Vyakaran (H), Bandar 

Sabha (H). 
Puwayan. Raia of.— See Fateh Singh. 
Pyare Lai ; Moradabad.— Parsi Lady (U) (1915). 
Pyare Lai Gupta ; Gwalior.—Saraswat; (U) (1915). Sukhikutumb 

Pyare Mohan Das; Sunamganj, Sylhet.— Itibritta Tatwa. 
Pyari Sankar Das-Gupta, l.m.s. ; 47, Sukea Street, Calcutta. 

Aryabidhabfi (B). Dhruva (B). Gargi (B). Kamalini (B). Phul 

o Mnkul (B). Prat&p Sinha (B). Lakshman (B). 

R, ♦ 

Rabindranath Sen.— Puspamanjari (B). Dhnpdftn (B). 

Rabindranath Tagrore, SIR, KT., d.litt.; the first Indian to get 
A n5bel prize; "Santi Nikctan," Bolpur, District iJirbhum, 
Bengal.— Achaldyatan (B). Adhunik S&hitya (B). Alochan& (B). 
Atti Galpa (B). Baikunther Khat& (B). Bau-Thfiknr&nir H&t 
(B). Bbakta B&ni (B). Bhftnusinhor Padftbali (B). Biehitra Pra- 
vandha (B). Bidfiya (B). Bisarjan (B). Byanga-Kautuk (B). 
Chaitfili ;B). Chaturanga (B). Chayanika (B). Chhabi o Ofin (B). 


AUTHORS. Radhakumud 

Ohhinna-Patra (B). Chhutir Para (B). Chitra (B). Chitrangada 
(B). Chokher Bali (B). Ddkghar (B). Dharma (B). Galpa Chariti 
(B). Galpa Guchchha (B). Gan (B). Ghare Baire (B). Gitali (B). 
Gitimalya (B). Gitanjali (B). Gitilipi (B). Gora (B). Goraye 
Galad (B). Hasya-Kautuk (B). Ingraji Patha (B), Ingraji Sopan 
(B). Ingraji Sruti Slksha (B). Jivan Smriti (B). Kahiiii (B). 
Kalpana (B). Kanika (B). Karl o Komal (B). Katha (B). Katha 
Chatustaya (B). Katha o Kahini (B). Kheya (B). Kshanika (B). 
Loka-Sahitya (B). Manasi (B). MaySr Khela (B). Mukut (B). 
Nadi (B). Naivedya (B). Naukadubi (B). Panchabhuta (B). 
Parichaya (B), Patha Sanchaya (B). Phalguni (B). Prachin 
Sahltya (B). Prajapatir Nirbandha (B). Prakritir Pratisodh 
(B). Prabhat-Sangita (B). Prayaschitta (B). Raja (B). Raja o 
Rani (B). Raja-Praja (B). Rajarshi (B). Sabda Tatwa (B). 
Sahitya (B). Samaj (B). Samaiochana (B). Samuha (B). Sanchaya 
(B). fclandhya Sangit (B). Sanskrita Sopan (B). Santi-Niketan 
(B). Saradotsab (B). Siksha (B). Sisu (B). Sonar Tari (B). 
Swadesh o Sankalpa (B). Vidyasagar-Charit (B). Published in 
Engla nd.—GhitrL Crescent Moon. Gardener. Gitanjali. Kabir. 
King of the Dark Chamber. Post Office. Sadhana. 
Radhabai Joshi (Mrs.); Amraoti— Kankanastha Brahmanantil 

Lagna Sanarambha (M) 1916). 
Radhaehapan Goswanoi; Hony. Magistrate, Vrindaban, Muttra.— 
Born: 1858.— Ohaitanya Oharit (H). Amar Siuha Rathor(H); 
Viryya-Jivani (H) ; Bidhava-Bivaha Vyavastha (H) ; Videsh 
Yatra Vichar (H). 
Radhagovinda Kar, l.r.c.p. & s.; Physician, Secretary, Belgatchia, 
i Medical College and Albert Victor Hospital, Calcutta. — Bhishak 
I Suhrid (B). Rogi-Paricharya (B). &c. 

RadhagOVlnda Nath, m.a, ; Comilla — Ballal-Chariter Anubad (B). 
Radhakamal Mukherji, m.a., p.r.s. ; Lecturer on Economics, Cal- 
cutta University ; Editor, Updsatid (B). Darider Krandan (B). 
Pallipracharak (B). Saswate Bhikhari (B). Siksha-Sebak (B). 
Foundation of Indian Economics (E). 
Radhakumud Mukhepji, m.a., p.r.s. ; Professor of History, 
Mysore University,— A History of the Indian Shipping and 


Radhamadhav Indian literary ybar book, 1918. 

Maritime Activity (E). Anna Samsthftn (B). Educational Ins 

tutioiis in Ancient India (E). The Fundamental Geographi 

Unity of India (E). 
Radhamadhav Kar; 107. Rhambazar Street, Calcatta.—Basai 

Euraari (B). 
Radhamohan Gokuljl Agrayal ; Editor, Tlw Sutya Saitatan 

Dhtirma ; Manager, DexHutagari Yantralaya ; 17, Pacru.ipatti, Cal- 
cutta.— Niti Darshana (H). Biva Bhawani (H). 
Radhanath Mitra.— Apurba Kghini (B). Bhfigya Latcshmi (U). 

Bisdl&kshi (B). Cliliaya (B). Chhfiyfipatha (B). Damayanti (B). 

Hemprabha (B). Jora Detective (B). Kfln&kari (B). Lfllknthi (B). 

Moliini (B). Muluk Ch&nd (B). Pranaya Prasanga (B). Proni- 

patra (B). R&dhfimati (B). firibatsnchintil (B). Sukul Chfind (P 
Radharaman Mukherji, h.l. Pleader, Borhampore.— The Law of 

Benanii Transactions (E). 
Radhavallabh Pathak ; Muttra.— Swayan ChikatRak (H). 
Radheram Agraval ; Chauk, Pilibhit.— 8ansftropavan-Vatika (H). 
Radhesyam ; Bareilly.— Bibhishan ki baranagati (H) (1915). 
Radhika Prasad Datta — BrAhma Kayastha (B). 
Radhika Prasad Ghosh-Chaudhupy.— Sandeha Nirasan (Bi 

Barendra Dhakur .^amalochana (B). 
Raghubar Prasad Dwivedl. uai hahih. h.a., ckrtificatk o» 

HONOOK ; Head Master, Hitakarni High School ; Editor, Hitkarnf 

Patrikd, Jubbulporo— Achar Niti Sikshfi (H). 
Raghunandan Goswami : Senhati, Khulna-Sakti Sanohaya (B 
Ragrhunandan Sarma.— Akshara Vijnan (H) (1914). 
RaiThunath Krishna Pimpalkhare. Poena.— Dambhasphot (M) 

Raghunath Sahai ; Headmaster. Dayal Singh School, Lahore.— 

Author of sovaral Urdu book.s. 
Raghunath Prasad Sarma; Cnepmetl, Pnranashahar 

Btaw-ah.- Hindi Koran (H). Korani Dasa (H). Qoran Adarsa (H) 

Raghunath Purushottam Paranjpye, tiir Ron'blk, m.a., ns .. 

Lato Fellow of the St. John's College, Cambridge ; Principal an<) 

Professor of Mathematics, Fergasson College, Poena. — Born 



1876. Gopal Krishna Gokhale (E). Dhondo Keshav Karve, a 

sketch (E). 
Raghuwansha Sharma. -Goswami Tulsidaskrita Ramayana (H) 

Raicharan Sarkar, b.a. ; LakshmipSsa, Jessore.—Yogabal (B). 
Raimohan Bandyopadhyaya.— Sadrisa-bidhan Chikitsa (B). 

Sirahpira Chikitsfi (B). 
Raiagopalaehapiar, T., m.a., b.l,— The Vaishnavite Reformers 

of India (B). 
Baja Napendranath, m.a.;— Retired Statuory C. S., Lahore.-— 

Mill's Liberty (U). 
Rajanikanta Guha, m.a.; Professor, Calcutta University— Me- 

gastheneser Bharat Bibaran (B). Marcus Aureliuser Atma- 

chinta (B). 
Rajanikanta Ray Dastidap ; m.a. ; Sibsagar, Assam.— 

Mansabhakshan sambandhi Baijnanic Yatkinchit '(B). Stva- 

sthya, Sukh o Chirayauban Labher Upaya (B). Kos- 

thabaddhata o Tahar Pratikar (B). Saral Harmoninm 
, Siksha (B). 
Rajanikanta Seth ChowdhHpy; Rampurhat— Sri Gauranga 

Avatar (B). 
Rajanikanta Vidyavinode ; Haradham, Nuddia— Siddhanta Ra- 

hasya (B). Bangiya Sabdasindhu (B). 
ISajapaja Varma, A. R., m.a., m,r.a.8.; Professor of Sanskrit 

and Dravidian Languages, Maharaja's College, Trivandrum.— 

Born : February, 1867.— Chithranakshatramala. Thulabharapra- 

bhandam. Bhasha-Bhushanam. Eorala Panineeyam. Gairvani- 
I vijayam. Meghasandesam. Bhasha-kumarasambhavam. Malaya- 
! vilasam. Sabha-shodhini. Vrithamanjiri. Malayala. Sakunthalam. 
! Angalasamr&jyam. 
Saja Raja Varma Raja, M., m.a., b.l.; Senior Under-Secretary, 

Govt, of H. H. Maharaja of Travancore.— Born : 1871.— Priyiv- 

vilapam (Ma), Garuda Sandesham (Ma). Tatwabotha Sapthali 

(Ma). Prathiraa Natakam (Ma). Miscellaneous Poems (Ma). 

Soyodhanam (Ma). Socrates (Ma). English Constitution (Ma). 

Rhuprakrithi Sastra (Ma) 



Raja Ram, "Sastri ; Professor, DayaDand Anglo- Vedic CoIleg< 
Lahore ; Editor of the Arya Oranthavali. — Bom : Jane. 1870.- 
B&la-upadesha (H). Tapans Siksb& (H). Cpadesha Saptaka (H 
Onk&r Mahfin (H). Kena Upanishad Bhashya (H). Nini' 
Bhashya(H). Sankaracharya (H). Veda-Upadesha (H). Vashi.--: 
Dharma-Upadesh (H). Vrihadaranyaka Upanishad (U). Kathi 
Prasna-Manduk-Mandukya-Taitareya-Aitareya and Ohhandogy 
Upanishad Vyakhya (H). Upanishadon ki Siksha (H). Vedanti 
Darshan (H). Nava-darshan Samgraha (H). ParaskarGrihasu 
(H). Veda (H). Ramayan (H). Gita (H). Gita-Upadesha ( i 
Gita hamen kya Sikh&ti hai ? (H). Manu (H). Arya Paftch: 
Mahayajna Paddhati (H). Swadbyaya Tajna (H). Gayatri k 
Gambhir artha anr Ashaya (H). 

Rajaram Keshav Rlshi ; Poona. -Samudrak Dip (M) (1914). 

Rajendra Chandra Gangopadhyaya.— Hii:u:it.-i)hram:in o Tirtha 
darsan (B). 

Rajendra Lai Aeharya. b.a., Snb-Dy. Magistrate, 15oj,'ra.- 
Dine Bhu-Pradakshin ( B). B&n«&lar Pratip (B). Belune Pai. 
Sapt&ha (B). Karbftl& (B). P&t&Ie (B). Rani Bhavftni (B; 
Yamanfi (B). 

Rajendralal KanjUaL— Mahabharatiya Nitikatha (B). 

Ralendranarayan Sinha.— Nidrft (B). 

Rajendra Nath Ray.— llamkrishna Bh&gavat (B). 

Rajendra Nath Som.— Decroo-j&ri Sankranta Dewani Ain (B). 

Rajendra Nath Vidyabhushan, Dhakuria, Balleyganj.— DatUi^. 
Bic»hfira ;B). Kalidas (B). Kalidas o Bhavabhuti (B). Srikmntha (B) 

Rajendra Slngrh. Thakur; Tikra Estate. Biswan, 8itapur.—Th< 
Great War of Ancient India (E)- Siva Pachisi (H). 

Rajkumar Chakravarty.— Maha])harat (B). 

Rajkumar Vedatirtha; smrititirtha, Kaikala, HiK>gii ; nm 
Hindu»akha. Gitakunja (B) (1016). Prftyaschitta P&nchalika ( 
(1914). Gitagovinda (B) (1912). Nisitha ChintA (B). Bliasha 
darpan (B) (1812). Devsamiti (B). Upanyasa-Konja (B) (l'.)14). 
Sandarvahar (B) (1015). Contribations to Sahitya Parishad 
Patrica, Chinscra Bartabaha, Janmabhumi &c.— Prabandha Pot- 
pan jali (B) (1914). Kavyamala (B) (1915). Prabandha Lahari (B; 


AUTHORS. Ramanath 

<1917). Narichitra (B) (1913) Samaveda Samhita (B) (1915). 

Tarkeswar Tathya (B) (1911). 

ajmachikar. N. T.; Poona.— San 1901-cha Mumbai Act 3ra. (M). 

Indian Penal Code (M). Satik Hindnsthanacha Jangalabad Act 

(M) (1915). Satik Police Act (M) (1915). 
[akhal Chandra Nag", Medical Practitioner, Shanti aushadha- 

laya, Kotalpur, Bankura, Bengal.— Practical Treatise on venereal 

Disease (B) (1916). Jivan Yantrer Pir^ (B) (1917). 
[akhaldas Bandyopadhyay, m.a., m.b.a.s.; 65, Simla Street, 

Calcutta.— Pashaner Katha (B). Bfingaiar Itihasa (B). Dharma- 

pal (B). Sasanka (B). Prachin Mudra (B), 
[akhaldas Majumdap, m.a.; Editor, Utsava ; 162, Bowbazar 

Street, Calcutta.— Sri Gita (B). Rig Veda Samhita (B). Man- 

dukya Upanishad (B). Yoga Vasishta Ramayau (B). Adhyatma 

Ramfiyan (B). 
takhaldas Mukhopadhyaya ; Superintendent of Palace, Bur- 

dwan Raj. — Pancharatna (B). Santi>satak (B). Bardhaman- 
' Rajbansanucharit (B), 
lalya Ram, M. L., (Mrs.) Superintendent, M. V. School, Amritsar. 

Samarat Bhashana (H). 
tama Bai (Pandita) ; Kedgaon, Poona.— Author of numerous 

pamphlets and Christian religious tracts. High Caste Hindu 

Woman (B). The Wrongs of Indian Womanhood (B). 

amadhin Misra, Kavyatirtha ; Head Pandit, Training School, 
Motiharee, Behar.— Bharat ka Itihas (H). 

tamananda Chattopadhyaya. m.a., Editor, Modem Review 
and Provost; ilO-3-1, Cornwallis Street, Calcutta.— Arabya 
Upanyftsa (B). Sachitra RamS.yana (B). Towards Home 
Rule (E). 

tamanatha Ayep, P., b.a., b.l.— The Indian Basements Act, 

lamanath Bhatt ; Bara Mandir, Bhai Bara, Bombay.— Shudhan 
Dwait Darshana. 

lamanath Mltpa ; 263, Upper Chitpore Road, Kumartuli, Cal- 
cutta.— Apurva Bichar (B). Nara-N&ri Janma Tatwa (B). Rudhir- 
otsay (B). 

tamanath Pandey.— Bharat men Portuguese. 


Ramanbhai indun utbrary year book, i918. 

Ramanbhai Mahipatram Nilkanth, the uon'blb, rao-bahasO 
B.A., U,.B. ; Pleader, Ahinedabad, Gnjrat. -Born : 13th Marc 
1868.— Bhadram-Bhadra (G) (ItfOO). Hftsya-Mandir (G) (191 
Kavita and S&hitya (G) (1904). Rai-No-Parrat (G) (191- 
Vaiviha-Vidhi (G) (1880). 

Ramanik A. Mehta.— Bhujabalthi Bhagyapariksha (G) (1915). 

Ramanlmohan Ghosh, b.a.: Post Master General's Office, d 
cutta.— Manjari (B). Miikur (B). T^nnikfi (B). flaiira Lek 
maU (B). 

RanianujaRao.S.;Bhadraclielam, (iodavan District —Manjoma 
(Tot. Jaganinohni (Te). Indra-Vasundhara (Te). 

Ramaprasad Chanda. b.a., Ghoramara, Rajshahi.— Oaura-raj 
m&ia (B^. 

Ramaswami Aiyar, C. P. — Poroword to Mrs. Annie Besant 
•' India : a Nation." 

Ramaswami, K. V., B.A.-nimln Psulms nn.l IIvukis. Imlia 

Untouehablo Saints (E' 
Ramaswami Sastpl, K.S.— sir Kalnndranatti Tasori" (h). 
Ramavatar Pandey, sAHirvAciiARYA, m.a.; Professor, Pati 

College, Bank ipur.— Born: Sambat 1934— Europiya Dars 

(H). Hindi Vyakaran Sar (H). Bharat Ratna CharitJi\. 

(H). Sahltya Ratnavali (H). Asoka Prasha.sti (S). Parmari 

Darshan (K). 
Ram Ayyar, C. S.; b.a.: Assistant to the Imperial Agricultiir 

Bactereologist.— Bakhar : the Indian Rice Beer Ferment (in joii 

authorship with C. M. Hutchison). 
Rambhat Ranchhorbhai Patel ; Dholcra, Bombay Presy.— Prai 

padanun Sadlian (O). (1014). 
Ramchandra Dube ; Secretary, Dangarpur Sraf<'. Rainiitana. 

Hiresh Kuniari (H). Nirdhan Ram (H). 
Ramchandra Mahadev Joshi ; Bombay.— Arogya Vijuan (u 

Ramchandra Malleshappa Nanjarjl ; Gokak. Bombay I'roflv 

Sri Kslietra Varavoo Mahinie (C). (1915). 
Ramchandra Sarma ; Kathmandu, Nepal.— Sri Pashnpati Stoti 



AUTHORS. Ramdayal 

amchandra Sukla ; Assistant Editor, Hindi &ahda Sagar and 
Sagri Praclmrni Patrika ; Nagri Pracharni Sabha, Benares City.— 
Born : 1884. — Kalpana ka Ananda (H). Bharatvarshiya Vivarana 
of Magasthenese (H). Raj Prabandh Siksha (H). Raja Krishna 
Dfisa ka Jivan Charitra (H). Adarsha Jivan (H). Amitabha Light 
of Asia ka Aiiubad, etc. 

amehandra Varma— Justice Ranade (H) (1914). 
amehandra Verma ; Assistant Editor, Hindi Sahda Sagar and 
Nagri Pracliarni Patrika, Benares City.— Atmoddhar (H). Rajesh- 
wari (H). Kali Nagin (H). Jhansi ki Rani (H). Sita (H). Kekai 
(H). Benares ka Itilias (H). Balopdesha (H). Manava Jivan ka 
Suphalya aur uske Sadhan ka Upai (H). ete. 
imehandpa Vishnu Kinikap.— Bhaubij (M) (1915). Yamuna 
(M) (1915). 

imehand Sukla.— Adarsa Jivan (H) (1915). 

imeharaka Yogfi ; The Philosophies and Religions of India 

imcharan Mitpa, m.a., b.l., c.i.e. ; Calcutta— The Law of 
Joint Property and Partition in British India (E). 
imeharan Pandey, Sub- Assistant Surgeon; Post Office 
Karbigwan, Oawnpore.—Durga Vijaya (H). 

imeharan PuPi ; c/o Dharmadatta Tripati, Dudh-Binayak, 
Benares. — Gheranda-Samhita (H). 

imehaplt Upadhyaya.— Hindi Writer, contributes to periodi- 

timehiz Singh ; Chakradharpur.— Jebikorh Rajbhakti. 
mdas Bhattachapya, m.a., Headmaster, Zilla School, Purniah. 
—The Dawning of Conscience (E). 

Lindas GoUP, m.a., ; Professor, Muir Central College, Allahabad ; 
Address : 39, Mumfordganj, Allahabad. — Born : 1881.— Bhari- 
Bhrama (H) (1913), Tazkira-i-Sucharuvanshi (U). Vijnan 
jPravesika in joint-authorship with Saligram Bhargava, U) & 
IH) (1911). Muftah-ul-Funun (U). 

Imdayal Majumdap, m.a., 162 Bowbazar Street, Calcutta.— 
Bhadra (B). Bharatsamar (B). Gita (S&B.) Gita Parichaya 
|;B). Kaikeyi (B). 84vitri (B). 

i 117 

Ram Deva indian uterary year book, 1918. 

Ram Deva ; Professor. GurukuL KanRri, Hard war.— Editor. T/i 
Vedic itfagasftic— Bharatvarsha ka Itihasa (H). 

Ramdhari bahay ; Vakil, Madlmvani, Darbhanga,— Siva Mala. 

Ramendpa Sundar Trivedl, m.a., (cal.), p.r.s., f.c.u.; Principa 
Ripon College, Calcutta; 12, Parsibagan Lane, Calcutt;. 
Born: 20th August, 18(J4.— Aitareya Brahman (B). Ban 
Lakshmir BratakathA (B). Charita (B). Dharmor t 
Jagat-Kath& (B). Jijnfisa (B). Karma-Kath& (B). Mfiyft Pari (B 
Prakrit i (B). 

Rames Chandra Dev ; Asansolo— Tatwa Vijnftn (B). 

Rames Chandra SInha, b.a., Khulna.— Paribarik Siksba Bidha 

Rameswari Nehru (Mrs.) ; George Town, Allahabad.— Born : ISf 
— Editor, StridarjKin. 

Rameswap Prasad Bhargava ; 235, Bahadurganj, Allahabad 
Born : J)th June, 1854,— Geography (H). Usul-i-Theosophy (U). 

Ramgopal Sanyal ; The Record of Criminal Trials for the Ini 
Hundred Years (E). 

Ramji Lai Sarma ; Editor, Vidyarlhi, i'roprietor , Hindi Preu 
Colonelganj, Allahabad. Sita Cbaritra (from Avinas Chandi 
Das' original Bengali) (H). Cljaritra Gathan (from Jnanoin' 
mohan Das' original Bengali) (U). Bala-RAmfiyana (H). li 
Manusmriti (H). Bfila-Niti-Mala (U). B&la-Bhfigavat (H). B&I 
Git& (H). Bfllopadesha (H). Bfila-Aravyopany&sa (H). B6 
Hitopadesha (H). Bfila Visbnupurfina (H). B6Ia Swasth 
rakshfi (H). Bala Nivandhamfila (H). B41a Purana (H). Bhara- 
Vidushi (from Mauil&l Gangopadhyaya's original Bengali) > 
Pativrata (from Jogendranath Basa's original Bengali) Shoil 
Chilli ki Kahauian (from Plai-Bahadur Sris Chandra Vi' 
va's original English) (H). Bala Vinod (H). Arogya-Vidl. . 
Ramayan Rahasya (H) (1915). 
Ramkanai Datta ; Pleader, Brahmanbaria, Tipi)erra Distru 
Founder of tho " Brahmanbaria Edward Institution," tho " Bm 
manharia Girls' School," and of the *' Upasana Samaj," I'.' 
baria.— Bara Loka (B). Kavita Vinsati (B) (1879). Lipi 
(B) (1882). Navapftth (B) (1887). Mahimma-Stotram (B) {lb9> 


AUTHORS. - Ramlal 

Chandranath (B) (1897). KavitaSuniti(B) (1898). Jivan Gita (B)- 
(1900). Sevak Sangit (B) (1901). Santy (B) (1902-04). Vasantotsava 
(B) (1903). Siddhartha (B) (1903). Kavitashtak (B) (1904). Mantri- 
puja (B). 1906). Nava Brahma Upasana (B) (1906). Sahitya Suhrid 
(B) (1907). Muliaramad (B) (1908). Vidnr (B) (1912). Hasan-Husaiii 
(B) (1912). Santan (B) (1914). 

jKamkpishna, C. S., b.a., b.l.— Hindu Law. (E). 

JRamkrishna Das; Rais, "Hastings House," Benares.— Born : 1882. 
— Saput Nivandha (H). 

Ramkrishna Gopal Bhandapkap, Sm, m.a., ll.d., hon. ph.d., 

I K.C.I.E.; Late Professor of Oriental Languages, Deccan College, 

j Poona. — Born : 1837.— Early History of the Deccan (E). Vaisna- 
vism (E). Wilson Philological Lectures (E). (July, 1914). 

Ramkpishnananda Gipi Baghambapi, Spi ; Daraganj, Allahabad. 
— Vaishnavachar Pradip (H). 

Ramkishna Napayan Papadkap ; Poona.— Shivanakalashikshak 
(M) (1916). 

Ramkpishna Pillai, T., b.a., f.r.h.s., f.u.m. ; Chairman, Dra- 
vidian Board of Studies and Tamil Board of Examiners, Madras 
University.— A comparative Grammar of the Dravidian or South 

• Indian Family of Languages (E). (in joint-authorship with the 
Rev. Robert Caldwell, D.D., tL.D., and the Rev. J. L. Wyatt, 
M.A.,) Life in an Indian ViUage (B). 

Ramkpishna Rao, M ; Nellore, Madras Presidency. — George V. 
(Te). Lord Hardinge (Te). Gopal Krishna Gokhale (Te). 

Ramkpishna Rau, C— Vemana, the Telegu Poet and Saint 

RamkPishnapav B. Naik ; Bijapur.— Bhutacha Bagulbova (M). 

Ramkpishna Vasdeva Vashe.— Swami R&ma Tirtha (in joint- 
authorship with Bhaskar Vishnu Phadke, b.a.) (H). 

Ram Lagan Tpipathi ; Brahampore, P. O. Chaurichaura, Gorakh- 
pore.— Sivanirmalya Grahana Mimansa. 

Ramlal Bandyopadhyaya.— Abhisheka (B). Adrista (B). Ana- 
thini (B). Aparichita (B). Bidesi (B). Chfinder Hat (B). Nauch (B). 
Karparinaya (B). Premer Chitra (B). Prem Pas (B). 


Ramlal indun literary ybar book, 1918. 

Ratnlal Sarkap ; Medical Officer to His Britannic Majesty's Con- 
sulate, Tengyuch (vid Bhamo).— Ata&r Jibaaer Lakshya (H 
Bidy&rambha (B). Clun-dese Santdn Chari (B). Nabya B&ngalir 
Kartavya (B). Sant&n Siksba (B). 

Ram Loehan Sarma ; Behar Angel Press, Bhagalpur.— SachchA 
Sudhar (H). 

Ram Narayan. l.m,s. ; Editor, Practical Medicme; Bgerton 
Roacl, Daiwara, Delhi.— Born : 1880.— A presoriber's Handliook 
(E)(1899). Aphrodisiac Jlemedios (E) (1912). Delhi Guide (E). 
Dewees CJonjugal Relation (E). Diagnosis (B) (1902). Dictionary 
of New Remedies (E) (1906). Favorite Prescriptions (E) (1908). 
Hemorrhoids (E). How to be successful as a Physician (E) (1908). 
Incompatibilities (E) <1907). Medical Hypnotism (E) (1909). Phar- 
maoopcoia of Selected Remedies (E) (1911). Physician's Refer- 
ence Book of Doses (E) Post Mortems (E) (1902). Pulmonary Con- 
sumption (E) (1904). Sexual Hygiene (E) (1910). The Secret ( " 
Sex (E) (1903). Testing Eyesight and Fitting of Glasses ( 
(1909). The Temperaments and Constitutional Defects (! 
(1912). Trachoma or Granular Lids (E) (1909). Treatment of U 
sease by Climate (E) (1901). Zachchft aur BachchA (U) (1899). 

Ram Narayan.— Prithviraj Charitra (U). Bharat ka Itihasa (11). 
Nitikusum Sikshavali iH). 

Rarp Narayan ; Jyotirmala Office, Dadar, Bombay, No. 14.— Rash- 
triya Jyotisha or Nudiniya .Tyotish (M) (1916). 

Ram Narayan Mlsra. b.a. ; Headmaster, Harish Chandra High 
School, Benares.— Parsiyon k& samshipta Itih&sa (H). Mahadeva 
Govinda Ranade (H). Vyakhyan Mala (H). Sphuta-Nivandha'(H). 

Ram Narayan Slnha; Retired Deputy Inspector of Schools, 
Mirzapur.— Jivan Sandhya (of Ramesh Chandra Dutt). Taruna 
Tapaswini (H). 

Ramnatha Ayer, S., f.h.8,c., m.r.a.s. ; Registrar of Assurances, 
Nagercoil, Travancoro.— Born: 1875.-A Brief Sketch of Travan- 
core (E) , 

Rampada Bandyopadhyaya ; 40, Garanhatta street, Calcutta.— 
Amar Bhraman (B). Hhavar&mer Will (B). Jivan Sangram (B). 
Mftnava Chitra (B). Amar Diary (B). SamsAra Chitra (B). 



AUTHORS. Ramsahay 

Ramprana Gupta; Tangail, Mytnensing.— Bratamala (B). Hazrat 
:\[uhammacl (B). Islam Kahini (B). Moghal Bansa (B). Pathan 
Rajbritta (B). Prachin Bharat (B). Kiaz-us-Salatin (B), 

Ram Prasad ; Assistant to the Economic Botanist, Department of 
Agriculture, United Provinces.— Studies in Indian Cottons (B). 
Cin joint-authorship with H. Martin Leake.) 

Ram Prasad ; Sub-judge, Ujjain, Gwalior State.— Genhu ki kheti 

Ramprasanna Bandyopadhyaya ; Narajole— Sangit Manjari 

I (B). 

Ramrai Mohanrai.— Shakespeare, the Artist (E) (1914). 

Ramratna Tripathi; Adi Samaj School, Cawnpore.— Sabda 
Suraan Mala (H). 

Ramsahay Kavyatirtha; Kantalpara, 24 Perghs.— AbakSs. 
Malancha (B). 

Ramsahay Tamanna ; (formerly Deputy Inspector of Schools, 
Unao ; and member of the Text-Book Committee, United Pro- 
vinces), Travelling Agent of Messrs. Longman Green «& Co., 
for Upper India Residence : Naibasti, Lucknow, Editor of 
the Darbar. — Born : 1855.— Rubbayiat-i-Umar Khyyam (U). 
Risala-i-Zaruryat i-Hind (U). Risala Urdu Naweesi (U). Risala-i- 
Nafa-i-Sehat (U). Nazmi Mufeedul Tarkeeb (U). Zewar-i-Hayat 
<U). Guldasta Tamanna (U). Irsha-i-Tamanna (U). Taqdeer-i- 
Earishma (U). Aina-i-Ausaf Mudarrisi (U). Lucknow ka Sailab 
(U). Murraqai-Talumi (U). Rasum-ul-Talleem (U). Bhagwat Gita 
(U). Rama Lcela (U). Vishnu Leela (U). Hanuman Chaleesa (U). 
Bajrang Sathak (U). Gaur Bewah (U). Geeta Mahatama (U), 
Bajrang Chalisa (U). Vishnu Chalisa (U). Krishna Astuta (U). 
Shiva Astuta (U). Hanumau Sathak (U). Sakti Astut (U). Nagh- 
ma-i-Ramayan (U). Surya Astut (U). Ganesh Astuta (U). KhulSsa- 
i-Ramayan (U). Rarapad Astut (U). Hanuman Astut (U). Mahadeo 
Astut (U). Karma Dipak (U).'.Krishna Dhyana Darpan (U). Devi 
Astut (H). Ram Astut Rahas Pary Adhyan (U). Sudama Charitra, 
«k kafla (U). Bal Kand (U). Sundar Kand (U). Sapta Dohawali 

• Eamayan (U), Dharma Darpan (U). Shikshawal, Ramayan (U). 
Shajanawali Ramayan (U). Tarana-i-Raraayan (U). Ram Dhyana 


Ranchhodlal inoian litbrary year book, 1018. 

Darpan (U). Shiva Dhyana Darpan Stotra Naurataud 
Kayastha Dharma Prakash (U). Ahsanul Tawarockh (1 
Afzalul Tawareokh (IT). Ashraful Tawarockh (U). Nepa 
Samachar (U). Y4dgfir-i-Jubilee (U). Gulgashti-i-Bagh-i-Lack- 
no\v(U). YfidRfir-i-Kaisari (U). Yftdgfir-i-Tajposhi (U). RisaU- 
i-Tahnyati Ryasat-i-Maur&wan (U). Risala-i-Yftdgar Sarishta- 
i-Tfileem Oudh (U). Yadgftr-I-Kayastha Conference (U). Kayas*- 
tha PrakSsh (U). Kayastha Updeshak (U). Kayasth Kange<^t 
(U). Aieiia-i-Halat-i-Conference, Patna (U). Khairkhwah-i-Chitra 
Gnptavansh (U), Musnawi Sambalstan-i-hairat (U). Yadgar-i- 
Ryasat Bhopal (U). Yadgar-i-Ryasat Alwar (U). Nazm-i-Dilp- 
azeer (U). Guldasta-i-Bagh-i-Kashmir (U). Shikar Nama-i-Asjtd- 
Jang (U). Chamanistan-i-Mygore (U). GuhiaBta-i-Uagh-i-Nash: 
(U). Majmua-i-Ghazliat (U). Araish-i-Ehilwat (U). Musnawi Gxi 
zar Farang (U). Majmna Tawareekh Waqqal (U). Musnawi Sill 
i-Guuhar (U). Dua-i-Sahar (U). Ankhon ka Tilism (U). Tilisnu 
Bengal (U). Shukrya (U). Oudh Educational ReiK>rt, 1879—1908 
(Di. Annual i<klucational Reports, Sitapur, 1888 and '84, 188» 
and 'iiO. 

Ranchhodlal Mansukhram Trivedl.— Kundan ane Kusum (O). 

Ranchhorlal Harilal Bhatt; Ahmedabad.— SasibalafG) (1915). 

Rangachari, K: Government Museum, Madras.— The Private 
Diary of Ananda Ranga IMllai, Dubash to Joseph Francois Dup- 
Icix, Governor of Pondiclicrry (in joint-authorship with Sir F. 
Price) (E). Castes and Tribes of Southern India (in joint*author- 
ship with Edgar Thurston) (K). 

Rangarao. P. V.; Nellore.— Swami Ramtirtha (Te). 

Rangarao. T.; Government Museum, Madras.— The Dr;ividi; 
Head, Yanadis of Nellore, Miscellanea (E). in joint-authorsh 
with Edgar Thurston). 

Rangaswami Iyengar. A., b.a., b.l.; Editor, The Swadeahmitram 
Madras.— the Indian Constitution (E). The Tamil Ycar-Book (T»). 

Rao. S.S.; Bombay. -Scientific Cutter (E.) (1915) 

Rasamaya Laha.— Amod (B). ArAm (B). Chhfti Bhashma (B). 
Manimukta (B). Pusp&njali (B). 


AUTHORS. Revati 

Rashbehapy Ghose, sir, ki., o.r., c.i.e., c.s.i., Calcutta.— Speeches 

(E). Law of Mortgage (E). 
Rasik Chandra Basu.— Kaiipahar (B). Behula (B). Savitri (B). 

Hitakatha Kavyakatha (B). Sershaha (B). 
Rasiklal De.; Sonamukhi, Bankura.— Puspanjali (B). Kanan (B). 

Premer Dali (B). 
Rasiklal Gupta ; Nabin Japan (B). 

Rasiklal Roy ; 60, Akhil Mistri Lane, Calcutta. — Rupkala (B). 
Rasikmohan Vidyabhushan ; 25, Baghbazar Street, Calcutta, 

Sri Raya RSmananda (B). Gambhiraya Sri Gauranga (B). 
Ratanji Framji Shethna ; Bombay.— Kiyani Lolii (G) (1915). 

KhudSpar Subar (G) (1915). 
Ratannath Dap; BhopaL— Bichhari Hui Dulhan (U) (1915). 

Hashshu (U) (1915). Kamini (U) (1915). 
Ratnachandpajee Muni ; Jaina Priest.— Kartavya Kaumudi (S «fe 

Ratnasinh Deepsinli ParmaP ; Ahmedabad,— Baconna Nibandiio 

(G) (1915). Jagvikhyat Purusho (G) (1914). (In joint-authorsliip 

■witti Vrijlal Jadavji Thakkar). Ameriearo Pravas (G) (1917). 
Ravi Prabhakap; 'BharatMitra Office,' Muktaram Babu Street, 

Calcutta.— Bliagavat-Gita (H). 
Ravisankap Jatasankep Liladliap ; Atimedabad.— Garibono Vai- 

dya (G) (1915). 
Ray, R.C., L.M.S.; 38, Amherst Street, Calcutta.— Outlines of Medi- 
cal Jurisprudence (E). 
Revasankep Ambapam Bliatta; Ahmedabad.— Devun ane Na- 
snano Kharo Upayog (G) (1915.) 
Revasankap Ladhapam Joslii ; Tliana Bunder, Cuchh.— Satmukh 

Sanhar ane Iswarbhakti (G) (1915). 
Revatikanta Bandyopadliyaya.— Elcti phul (B). Matrimurti (B). 

Suchalata (B). 
Revati Molian Mukhopadhyaya.— AkaserKatha(B). Asirbad (B), 

Kulabadhu (B.) Lekha (B). Prahlad (B). Sisupathya Krittibfis (B). 
Revati Mohan Sen-Gupta.— Baiak Srikrishna (B). Chluta (B). 

Dakshivatye bri Krishna Chaitanya (B). Hasan Husain (B)» 
Nala-Damayanti (B). Savitri (B). 


Rewah indun uterarv year book, 1918. 

Rewah. H. H. the Maharanl of.— See SUcoodani Kunuiri. 
Rewajuddin Ahmad Shaikh ; Dalgram, Tashbhaudar, Rangpnr, 

— Arab-jatir Itihas (B). 
Rikhab DasB Jain, b.a.; Paramatma Prakasa of Sri Yogindni 

Acharya (E), 
Rohini Kumar Sen ; PoHichh&y& (B). B&kal& (B). 
Roy, S.; Advocate, Calcutta High Court.—Customs and Gnstomary 

Law in British India (E). The law relating to Bad Livelihood 

and Cognate Preventive Measures (E). Law of Confession 

(E). Law of Sanction to Prosecute (E). 
Rudra-Narajan Varma; Editor *)f TJie Educational Oazettei 

Allahabad.— Born : 1849.— Yugalangariya (from the original Ben. 

gali of Bankim Ch. Chatterji) (H). Maharashtra Jivan Prabhaf 

(from the original Bengali of R. C. Datta) (H). 
Rupnarayan Pandeya; Lucknow.— Santikutir (H) (1915). Ankl 

ki Kirkiri (Hindi translation of isir Robindranath Tagore 

Owkher Bali). Chanbe k& Chitthd (adopted from Bankim Chi 

Cliatterji's KamnUi Kdtitrr Tkiftar). 
Rustam)! Dhanjibhoy Mehta, j.p., c.i.k.: 65. Canning Street, 

Calcutta.— The Exchange Imbroglio (B). 
Rustamji Edalji Dastup Peshotan Sunjana. b.a.— /.Jir.iinusti 

and Zarathu.strianism in the Avesta (E). 
Rustamji. K. J.; uar-at-law. -Law of Limitation (E) (1915). 
Rustom RarjOPJI, Paymaster; Bombay. — Pars! I'rakasli I)after(G), 


Sachchidananda Saraswatl.— Sadhana Pradip (B). Sanatan S»< 
dhanatatwa, ba Tantra-rahasya (B). Guru Pradip (B). 

Sachindralal Das Varma, r.a.; Kayekti Kabit& (B). 

Sachis Chandra Chattopadhyaya, sub-rbgihtrar, KhuIna.-> 
Bankim Jivani (B), Bdngdlir Bal (B). Banga Samsar (B). Birpuja 
iti). Mrada(B). Itaja Gancs (U). PujAr Mfilft (B). 

Sadasiva Narayan Thosar. b.a., ll.h.; Municipal Pay-Ma8t«r,i 
Bombay.— Born : '25th April. 1882.— Natyakalarukkuthar (M) 
(1808). Sangit Lilavati (M) (1911). Samilj-SA.san (M) (1912). 
Premache Ratna, ka Ratuache Prem (M) (1913). 


AUTHORS. Sankalchand 

Sadasiva Krishna Vaisampayana.— Samsarasastra (M) (1915). 
Sahasrabuddhe, D. L.— studies in the Chemistry and Physiology 

o£ the Leaves of the Betel-Vine (Piper Beetle), and the Com- 
mercial Bleaching of the Betel- Vine Leaves (in Joint-authorship 

with Harold H. Mann, D. sc, and V. G. Patwardhan). 
Sahib Singr B. Shahani; City Magistrate's Oifice, Karachi.— Sil 

Pariksha (Si). Ivanhoe (Si). 
Sailabala Ghosh (Mrs.) ; Sheik Andoo (B). 
Sailaja Devi (Mrs.)— Kana (B). 
Sailaja Kumap Ghosh ; Teacher, London Mission High School, 

Mirzapur. — Kashi Chitra (H). 
Sailendra Nath Ghosh.— Kapiler Tej. 
Sailendra Nath Sarkar; Beadon Street,'Calcutta.— Madhur Milan 

(B). Manohara(B). Rama (B). Sakher Jalapan (B). 8umati (B). 
Saint Nihal Singh.— See Nihal Singh. 
Sakal Narayan Pandey, kavya-vyakaran-sankhya-tirtjia ; 

Editor, Shiksha.—Born : 1871.— Hindi Siddhanta Prakasha (H). 

Prem Tatva (H). Vyakaran Tatva (H). Nibandha Mala (H). 

Siddhanta Kusumanjali (S). 
Saligrram BhaPgava, ; Professor, Muir Central College, 

Allahabad.— Muftah-ul-Funun (U). Vijnan Pravesika (H). (both 
n joint-authorship with Ramdas Gaur). 
S^^ligram Vyas.— Charitra Chandrika (H). (1915). 
Samaidas Sevakram Vaidya Shastri.— Jangalni Jadibutti (G) 

Sambhu Dayal Saksena ; Etawah.— Aina-i-Prem, (U) (1915). 
Sambhuiipao Ganpatpao Kalekap.— Madhur Milan (M) (1914). 
Sambhuppasad Dhungayal.— Dyuta Satak (N) (1915). 
Sambhuppasad Sivappasad Mehta; Bombay.— Sparshftsparsh 

(G) (1914). 
Samipuddin Ahmad.— Islam Itibritta fciopan (B), 
Sanjiva Rao, B.,m.a., (cantab) ; Late Principal, Kayastha Path- 

sala, Allahabad.— Educational Statistics of the United Provinces 

(E) (1915). 
Sankalehand Manekehand Shah.— Moghal Rajiaono Rasik 

Itihas (G) (1914). 


Sankap Indian literary year book, 1918. 

Sankap Dajl Pade.-Sartha Vagvatta (Sand M) (1015). Vanau- 

Shadhi Gunadarsha (M) (1917^ 
Sankar Datt Sarma ; Amritsar.— Dharma Prabesika (S and H). 
Sankarlal Agarwala ; Station Master. Kabrai, District Hamir- 

pur.— Kaly&ni (U). 
Sankarlal Maganlal Vyas. (alias Manikant).— Divyakisori (G) 

(1915). JSangit Mangalraay (G). Manikant k&vyamaU (G). 

Nirbhfigi Nirraaia (Q). Kavya Chandrodaya (G) (1914). 
Sankar Sayana Parsha; Bombay.— Telegu Lokasambandhin 

Lokh (M) (1914). 
Santa Chattopadhyaya. (Miss) b.a. ; 210-8-1. CJomwallis Street, 

Calcutta.— Hindustani Upakathi (B). (In joint-authorship with 

Miss Sita Devi, b.a.) 
Sant Lai (Ambar) : Pleader. Gorakhpur.— Kulliat-i-Ambar (D). 
Santosh Kumar Das.— Kodar Badari Parikram& (B). 
Santosh Nath Seth ; Lakkesarai. r.i.r.— Mahajan Sakha (B). 

(1911). Mahajani HLsab Likhan Pranali (B) (1912). Arthoparjaner 

Sahaj Upaya, ba Nana Prakar Byabasayer Kuta Tatwa (B) (1912). 
Santram Sarma ; vbdaratna, vidyabhushan ; Lohore.— Snddha 

Ramayan (H). 
"Saraehchandra Chakravarty.— Sadhu Nag Mahasaya True 

Christ (E). 
Sarachchandra Chattopadhyaya ; Sbibpur, Howrah — Araksh- 

aniyd (B). Baikunther Will (B). Baradidi (B). BindnrChhele 

(B). Birfij Bau (B). Charitrahin (B). (B). Debdas 

(B). Kasinath (B). Mejo Didi (B). .Xiskriti (B). Palli Samaj 

(B). Pandit Mahasay (B). Parinita(B). Pathanirdesa (B). Rftmcr 

Sumati (B). Srikanta (B). 
Sarachchandra Chaudhury ; Khaliajuri, Mymonsing.— Garha^ 

thya Hijnan (B). Bharat Prasanga (B). Maharsl Devendra 

Nathor Karmajivan (B). 
Sarachchandra Datta.—Ardhak&le (B). BehulA(B). Chheleder 

Chandi (B). Rfini Jayflmati (B). SaibyA <B). SarbamangalA (R) 

Satidharma (B^. Sftvitri (B). Sri Gaiiranga (B1. 
Sarachchandra Deb. kabi kaumuui ; Kundu's Lane, Bolgatchi 

P. O., 24 Perghs., Bengal. Born : 22nd Airrahavana. 1272 R k 

AUTHORS. Sapatkumap 

Bekare Byagar (B) (1892). Nigudha Dharmatatwa (B) (1895) 

Jaher Pir (B) (1896). Sangit Charit Satak (B) (1896). His Machher 

Galpa (1894). Sisir Mahima (B) (1895). Nagendra Gunabali (B) 

(1895). Gauri Sangithar (B) (1895). Uro Kal (B) (1915). Praner 

Bedana (B) (1914). Panchalini (B) (1914>. Samratir Agamani 

(B) (1914). Editor, Adursha, Sachchase Suhrid, Sub-Editor 

Ananda Bazar Patrika. 
Sapaehehandpa Dhap.— Adarsa Jauani (B). Rani Jayamati (B). 

Saibya (B). Sati-dharina (B) ; Sati Radhakisori (B). 
Sapaehehandra GhoshaL m.a., b.l., saraswati, kavyatirtha, vid- 

YABHUSHAN, BHABATi. Cooch Bihar.— Vedanta Paribhasha (B). 

Varuni (B). Abhimanini (B). Yantit (B). 
Sapaehehandpa Som ; 117-1, Bowbazar Street, Calcutta.— Maha- 

bharat (H). 
Sapada Chapan Dhap.— Nabab Hare-Krishna (B). 
Sapada Chapan Pande.— Amar Santa ka Chela (H). 
Sapada Ppasad Chakpavapty.— Banger Sesh Nawab (B). Ma- 

hfiprasthan (B). Mahishi (B). Mohini Pratim&, ba Sarala (B). 

Niras Pranaya (B). Padmini (B). Sabitri (B). 
Sapada Ppasad, sairititirtha-vidyavinod.— Uttarakhanda pari- 

kram (B). 
Sapada Ppasad, vidyabhushan.— Parinati (B), 
Sapada Sumant Mehta (Mps) ; A-hmedabad.— Sudhahasinl (G) 
, (1914). (In joint-authorship with Mrs. Vidya Ramanbhai). Balak- 

nuii Griha Sikshan (G). Sarirane Griha Sringir tatha behuone 

be bol (G). 
Sapafat Ali, Syed ; Calcutta — Hajrat Jibani (B). 
Sapalabala Dasi (Mps. Basu).— Ohitrapat (B). Bebhrat (B). Pus- 

pahar (B). Nivedita ( B). 
Sapaia Devi (Mps. Rambhuja Datta-Chaudhupy) b.a. ; Lahore. 

— Satagan (B). 
Sapatkumap Ghosh.— The Prince of Destiny (E). 
Sapatkumap Roy, m.a., kdmar ; Dayarampur, Rajshahi, Bengal. 
Founder of the Barendra Research Society— Mohan Lai (B). 
Bharatiya Sadhak (B). Buddher Jiban o Bani (B). Sikh Guru o 
Sikh-jati (B). Sivaji o Mahrattha Jati (B). 


Saratkumar indian utbrarv ybar book, 1918. 

Sarat Kumar Sen— Kshira (B). 

Sapayubala Das-Gupta (Mrs.)— Basanta Prayan (B). Tribeni- 

Sangam (B). Debottar Biswanatya (B). 
Sarjudasji Lakhmandasjl Sadhu ; Vadnagar, Ahmedabad.— sar- 

juyasagar Sat Ans Upadesh (G). (Itfla.) 
Sarma. S.K. ; n a, Madras. — The Rise of Prices in India being a 

Review of the Report of the Prices Enquiry Committee (B). 
Sarojini Naidu (Mrs.) ; Station Road, Hyderabad, Deccan.— Born j 

February, l879.-Golden Threshold (E). Tlie Bird of Time (E). 
Saroj Kumapl Devi (Mps.)-Adristalipi (B). Asokft (B). Chhota 

Galpa Dalit Kusum (Bengali translation of Longfellow's Bw 

geline). Hfisi o Asru (B). Kahini (B). Phuldani (B). Satadal (I);. 
Sapojnath Bandyopadhyaya.— Prfichin BftngilA Sihityer Pra- 

kriti (B). 
Saro) Nath Ghosh— Mastaker Mulya (B). Jal Samrat (B). RIr. 

mark (B). 
Sartaj Ral : Second Pandit. C. M. S. High School, Bhagalfxiro — 

Vakya Bhrarn iShanshodhan (B). 
Sasadhar Roy, m.a., B.l. ; 88-2, Hurrish Mukherji Roa<l. Calcutta 

Bangadarpan (B). Manab Samaj (B). Raghava Bijay (B). S«i 

tisatak (B). Tridiba Bijay (B). Upanishad Qranthabali (B). 
Sasadhar, tarkachuramani ; Faridpore.— Bhaktisudha Lahai 

(B) Dharmabyakhya (B^. Sadhan Pradip (B). 
Sasanka Mohan Sen. u.l.; Sadarghat. Chittagong.— Swari^ 

oMarttye(B). Bangabani (\i). Savitri (M). Sindliii Sarc^ 

(B). Saila Jsangit (B). 
Saslbhushan Bandyopadhyaya. Goswami ; D:k(;i.— Uhariim 

Sutra (B). 
Saslbhushan Basu— Dhruba (B). Prahlad. (B) Srigauranga (B). 
Saslbhushan Biswas.— Sonft Bibi (B). 
Saslbhushan Pal.— Kamakhya-Tantra (B). 
Saslbhushan Sanyal (Sivaram-Kinkar Yooatrayanandav 

Naya Mahadeva. Kashi Station P. O., Benares.— Bhut. o .s 

(B), Hindu Shastr.i Pradip (B). etc, 
Saslbhushan Sen.— Karmakshotra (B). Asoka (B). Hitakatha (6> 

Prenirhand Roychand 'B). 


ADTHoRs. Satis 

Sasibhushan smritiratna.— Kayasthopauayana Paddhati (B). 

Sasisekhap Bose ; Allahabad. —Humorous Sketches (E). 

Sasisekhar Ghosh— Jamidari Darpan (B). 

Satadalabasini Biswas (Mrs).— Behula (B). 

Satis Chandra Bagehi, m.a., ll.d. ; Principal, University Law 

College, Calcutta. — Pharasl Galpa (B). 
Satis Chandra Bhattaeharya ; Vakil High Court, Calcutta,— Hin- 
du Philosophy (B). 
Satis Chandra Chakravarty.— banti-Giti (B). 
Satis Chandra Chattopadhyaya. — AnnapftrnS (B). Ohandiran 

(B). Jahanara (B). Nfltan Babu (B). Sri RSdha (B). 
Satis Chandra Chaudhury.— Tamasa (B) 
Satis Chandra Das.— Dhruba (B). 
Satis Chandra Ghatak, m.a„ b.l., Bhawanipore, Calcutta.— Ranga 

o Vyanga (B). 
Satis Chandra Ghosh ; Chittagong.— Sanyukta (B). Chakara 

Jati (B). 
Satis Chandra Lahiri, b.a.; Swasthya o Satayu (B). Rogir prati 

Upadesh (B). 
Satis Chandra IWitra, b.a., Kaviranjan; Professor, Daulatpur 
College, Daulatpur, Khulna.— Dhammapada (B). Yasohar-Khul- 
nar Itihasa (B). Pratapsinha (B). Uchchhwas (B). 
Satis Chandra Mukhopadhyaya (Popularly known as " Fun- 
nyman"); Editor Indian Tit'bits ; 10 Ananda Chatterjea Lane, 
Calcutta, Born : Oct. 1881.— Comic Ditties (E). Composer of the 
Patriotic War song " Brittannia, O, thou mistress of the seas." 
Satis Chandra Ray, m.a. ; 72, Harish Mukerjee's Road, Bhawani- 
pore, Calcutta.— Agricultural Indebtedness in India (E). Per- 
manent Settlement in Bengal (E). Economic Causes of Famines 
I in India (E). Land Revenue Administration in India (E). 
! Satis Chandra Ray ; Professor, Cuttack College.— Gurudakshina 
I (B). Savitri (B). 

i Satis Chandra Roy, m.a., Lahore.— Anjabi (B). 
Satis Chandra Roy, m. a.; Sahazadpur, Pubna.— Gitagovinda (B). 

Meghaduta (B). Padakalpataru (B). Rasamanjari (B). 
Satis Chandra Sannyal;Coochbehar.—Atmadarsan. 



Satis Chandra Vldyabhushan, mahamahopadhyaya. mji., Ph.D. 
M.R.A.S.; Principal, Sanskrit CJollege, Calcutta; 26-1, Kan: ' 
lal Dhar Lane, Calcutta.— Atmatattwa Prakas (Bi. Bhavabh 
(B). Buddhadova (B). P&li Vy&karna (B). Ny&ya fcJfttras 
Gotama, (in the 'Sacrkd Books of thb Hindus' tseries). Hist' 
of Mediaeval School of Indian Logic (B>. NyayavaUr (E). 

Satlcari Chattopadliyaya, Siddhanta Jyotihbhusan— Glimpsee 

into the life of Thakur Bhaktivenode. 
Satkari Ghose; Director, of Messrs. McLeod's, Calcutta. — A 
Note on State versua Company management of Indian Railways 
Satyabliushan Bandyopadhyaya ; Editor " Ihe Calcutta Uni- 
versitii Magazine" II, Kasinath Bose Lane, Calcutta— Mis- 
understood (B). The Inimitable Mrs. Markhamby (E). 15l8 
Sal (B). Thieves and Swindlers (E). Tales of Bengal (B). 
Indian Detective stories (B). Indian Tales (E). 
Satyaeharan Ciiakravarty, Konnagore, Hughli.— Bamanor Des 
(B). Bhaktir Dor (B). BehulA (B). Daityapuri (B), Sonar Chand 
(B). Hara Parvati (B). PhuUarA (B). 
Satyaeharan Mukhopadhyaya, m.a., b.l. ; Vakil, Uigh Court, 
Elgin lioad, Allahabad— Agra in Pictures (E). Allahabad in 
Pictures (E). 
Satyaeharan Sastrl ; Rishra, Hughli.— Bh&rate Alexander (B). 

Chhatrapati tsivaji (B). Jfilidt Clive (B). 
Satyadeva. Swami ; The Hindi-Sahitya Hammilan Office, Allah 
bad,— Americadig-Darshan (H). America Bhraman (H). Am< : ' 
Rath Darshan (H). Meri Kailash Vatra (H). Sanjivani Bui , 
Sikshft k& Adarsha aur Lokhan kala (H). Satya Nivandhavali (H). 
Manushya ko Adhikar (H). Rajyatantra (H). Kuran Sharif (H). 
Satyanadhan (Mrs.).— Kamalini (E). 

Satyananda Agnlhotri ; Founder and Loader, Dev Samaf, 
Lahore.— Born : 20th December, 1850; founded Dot Samaj: 
18th February, 1887.— Editor of liiradar-i-Hind (D). fltndit 
Bandhu{U). Reformer (U). Dkarma-Jivan (D). Quumi Ak'-'tr 
(D).— Jivan Path (H). Dev Shastra (H). Mujh men Dev . 
ka Vikash (11). Vijnan mulak Tatwa hhiksh& (H). Dev Samaj 
Aimnhthan Vidhi (H). Atma katha (U). Atma Parichaya ^H). 


AUTHORS. Satyendra 

Mera. Bansh aur Banshi Purvaj (H). Adwatiya Abirbhaya (H). 
Dharma Sambandhi Adwatiya Siksha (H). Vinash se Moksh 
aur Uchha Jivan ki prftpti (H). Santi Charitra (H). Pushpa, 
aup pushpa anurag (H). Rishi vakya sangraha (H). Srimad 
Bhagwat Gita Sangraha (H). Jivan Path se andhita (H). Niti- 
sar (H). Pashu Jagat aur uske sambandh men manushya k© 
kartavya (H). British Raj aur hamare desh men Swaraj ki 
pukar (fl). Bhonchal, Iswar aur Devi ka Koh (H). Iswar 
vishayak mithya aur maha hanikarak viswas (H). Iswar 
badiyon ka ek naya sanapradaya (H). Kalpita Iswar ki kalpita 
sai-vajnata aur har jagah vartamanata (H). Hinduon men kai 
prakar ke samajik mithya bhed aur uske bahut bure phal (H). 
Dhan ka vinashkari raoha aur us se uddhar pane ki bidhl 
(H). Patibarta Darpan (H). Lilavati Oharit (H). Savitri Charit 
•(H). Srimati iSavitri Agnihotri ji ka sankshipta Jivan Charit 
<H). Insanidunya ke vikash men Dev Atma ka zahur maksed 
aur kam (U). Dev Atma aur uska alaukik jivan (U). Sri Dev 
Guru Bhagwan ke zahir karne men insani dunya ke liye Nature 
ka sab se ala aur bebaha attiya (U). Iswar (Khuda) ka Jhuta 
yakin aur us ke bahut bure aur khaufnak natije (U). Ehuda 
ki hasti (D). Khuda ki nind (U). Neki aur badi ke do paimane 
(U). Authoritative opinions on Flesh Eating (E). (1902). Au- 
thoritative opinions on Intoxicants (E). (1906). Moral charac- 
ter— an Essential Factor in National up-building (E). (1907). 
[Author of in all about 200 books.] 
Satyanarayan Kavipatna; Dhondupur, Agra.— Uttraramcharitra 

Satyapanjan Das, bar-at-law ; Calcutta.— Law of Ultra Vires 

in British India (E). 
Satyapanjan Ray, m.a. ; Avagunthita (B). Barnasram Dharma o 
VaisyaJati (B). Beni Ray (B). Chakshudan (B). Raja Devidas 
(B). Sneher Rin (B). 
Satyendra Bhimpav Divetia; Ahmedabad.— Atmasanyamnun 

Rajya (G). (1917). 
Satyendra Kumap Basu, b.a. ; Bangabasi Office, Calcutta.— Sa- 
chitra Mahayuddher Itihas (B). Vaishnavi (B) . 


Satyendra Indian literaky year book, 1918. 

Satyendranath Datta; 44, Masjidbari street. Calcutta.- Abhraabir 
(B). Benu o Binft (B). Chiner Dhup (B). Homsikha (B). Janmadukhi 
(B). KuhuoKeka (B). Mani Manjusha (B). PImler Phasal (B). 
Rangatnalli (B). Tlrtha Renu (B). Tirtha Salil (B). Tulirlikhan (B). 

Satyendra Nath Roy,; Prof., Canning College, Lucknow.— 
Nava Samhita (E). 

Satyendranath Tagore, i.c.8. (rktired); 19, Store Road, Balliganj, 
Calcutta.— Bauddha Dharnia (B). Bombaj' Chitra (B). Autobio- 
graphy of Maharshi Devendranath Tagore (in joint-authorshi 
with Indira Devi, with an Introduction by Evelyn Hill) (K 
Meghaduta (B). Nabaratnamfilft (B). Srimadbhagavadgitft (B 
Balya Jivani o Bombay Prabas (B). [Composer of First Bengal* 
National Song, " Java Bhflratcr Java."] 

Satyendraprasad Sankleswar Mehta; Ahmedabad.—Padmalata, 
yane Kantakman Gulab (G) (1914). Tarun Tapaswini (G) 
(1915). Ratnagadhani Rambha yane Ranghela liajput (G) (1917.) 

Saurindra Mohan Mukhopadhyaya. b.l. ; Joint Editor, Bharat: 
15, Hurrish Chatterji Street, Bhawanipur Calcutta.— Baikal. 
(B). Bandi (B). Daria (B). Dasacbakra (B). Graher Pher (B). Hater 
Panch (B). ISIatririn (B). Nirjhar (B). Paradesi (B). Puspaka 
(B). RumelA (B). Sanjher BSti (B). Sephali (B). Yatkinchit (Hi. 

Seedick R. Sayami.— Agricultural Industries in India (E). 

Setlur, S. S. I».A. LL.B.; Advocate, High Court, Bombay.— A Com- 
plete Collection of Hindu Law Books (E). Mitakshara, Text and 
Translation (K). 

Seomangal Misra ; Phagmahodadhi (H). (1915). 

Seshadri P.; Professor of English C. U. (Allege, Benares. — Born : 
81st August, 1887.— Bllhana (E) (1914). Sonnets (E) (1914). Tom 
Dutt (E) (1918). 

Sesha Iyer. K.G.. b.a., b.l., m.R.a.s. ; Vakil. High CJourt, Moi 
Legislative Council, Travancore.— Born : 1887. Fairy Toll I 
(Ta). The Date of Manikavakagar (Ta & E). Savitri (E). 

Sevananda Bharati ; 88, Police Hospital Road. Bntally, Calcutta. 
— Tamluker Itiiia.s. 

Sevasingh Harlsing Ajwanl : Inspector of PostOflicou, Acbary.i 
Kula, SukkiM- ; K.ilitor, S/iru«— Kansht (Si). 


AUTHORS. Sitanath 

Shah Syed Geoffep ; ph.d., o.d., l.h.m. & s. ; Physician and 
Accoucher ; Post Office Street, Arni, North Arcot. — Born : 17th 
August, 1882.— Dukhwo Dawa (U) (1901). Gaaj-i-Asaish (U) 
(1903). Mohafiz Haqiqi (U) (1907). Yumaiah Atnraz wo Khalkia 
Tadarak (U) (1900). Jo Bat Geoffri (U) (1912). Masir Bimaran 

(U) (1914). 

Shakaplal AmHtalal Dave— Nilreni (G). (1917). 

Shaporji Aspandapji Kapadia, m.d., l.r.c.p., L.n.c.8., ktc, bar- 
AT-LAW ; 49, Longridge Road, S. Kensington, S. W.— The Teach- 
ings of Zoroaster and the Philosophy of the Parsi Religion (B). 

Sharap.— See Abdul Halim. 

Shovona Devi. — See Sohhana Devi. 

Siddik Khaja Khajinda, Haji ; Bombay.— Shash Jami (Comm : on 
Jami's Arabic Grammar) (A) (1917). Qutub-ul-Irshad (A) (1917). 

SiddheswaP Sinha, b.a. ; Burdwan.— Mamtaj (B). 

Siddhi Mohan Mitpa, bar-at-law ; Formerly Advocate-General, 
Nizam's Dominion, Hyderabad.— The Position of Women in 
Indian Life (in joint-authorship with Her Highness the Maha- 
rani of Baroda) (E). Anglo-Indian Studies (E). The Indian 
Problems (E). 

Sikhap Kumap Basu, l.m.s.— Bhaishaja-ratna (B). 

Sinhadatta Goswami, Shillong, Assam.— Adarshapath (A) (1917) 
Kabit Lahahari (A) (1918). Priti-siti (A) (1918). Renu (A) (1917). 
Sadhu Charit (A) (1915). 

Sipvya, B. D. ; Saugor.— Hindu Woman Estate (E). 

SisiP Kumap Ghoshal, m.a„ b.l. ; Munsif, Bagerhat, Khulna.— 

Adhyatmik Jivaner Niyam (B). 
Sita Chattopadhyaya (Miss), b.a., ; 210-3-1, Comwallis Street, 
Calcutta. — Niret Gurur kahini (B). Hindusth^i Upakatha (B). 
(In Jt.-authorship with Miss SantS, Devi, b.a.) 

Sital Ppasad Bpahmaehapi ; Lucknow.— Grihastha Dharma (B). 

Sitanath Chakpavapty Kavyavinode.— Saroje Sundari (B). 

Sitanath Das MahapatPa. — Sri Harinamasmrita Sindhu (B). 

Sitanath Datta, tattwabhushan, b.a., 210-3-2, Comwallis Wtreet, 
Calcutta.— BrahmajijnasS (B). Krishna and the Gita (B). Phi- 
losophy of Brahmaism, or the Creed of Educated Hindus (E). 


Sitanath inman mtkraky ykar book, 1918. 

Upanishad (B). Vedanta and Modern Thought (E). Adwaitavad 

(B). Maitroyi (B). 
Sitanath Goswaml.— Balak Bijay Krishna (B). 
Sita Ram. m.a. -Khumkhana-i-Jawed (U). Mehtab-i-Dag (U). 
Slta Ram, ti.A., f.a.u., m.r.a.s.; Retired Deputy Collector, Mu- 

thiganj, Allahabad; Joint:Editor of the F.7«an.-Ankaganita 

(H). RaghuvansaCH). Meghaduta (H). Kumfirsambhava (H). 

Ritusamhfir (H). Nflginanda Natak (U). MalatimAdhavaNatak 

(M). Mrichchhakatika Natak (R). Mahabir Charita (H). Ut- 

tara Ram Charita (H). Malavikagnimitra Natak (H). Nayi 

Rajniti (H). Kshetra Vyavahar (H^. Vijaganite (H). Hitopa- 

desa(H). I'raja Kartavya (H). Savitri (H). Bhul-bhulaiyah (H). 

Manmohan ka ch&l (H). Jangal me Mangal {U). Hamlet (l\). 

Raja Lear (H). Raja Richard (H). Bagla Bhigat (H). 
Sitaram Gopal Rounade.— Mamthi Pari maticha bankshipt Iti- 

has (M) (1917), 
Sita Ram Pande Chaudhapi; •• The Pdtalipwtra Office," Banki- 

pur.— Stri Lakshan (H). Purush Kartavya (H). 
Slvabarat Lai, ma. ; Lahore.— Rfijastban (H). 
Sivachandra Varatia : Indore.— Surya-Chakra Vcdha (H) (1914). 

Vichar Darsan (H) (1916). 
Sivadatta. kavyatiktha, sahityopadhyaya ; Sanskrit Teacher, 

Government High School, Ajmere. — 8iva-8atsai. 
Sivadatta Sarma ; C/o Oangaram Ubana, Secretary, Arya Sama). 

•Nasir.ibad, Rajputana. Yoga Margopndcshika (H). 
Sivadayal, M.A., Retired ln.spector of Schools: i.hor.._\v>. 

Sivakumap Sastpi ; Gorakhpur. - Vedanta Siddhaata (II). 
SivakumaP Sinha ; Deputy Inspector of Schools, Bahadurganj, 

Allahabad.— Kala-Bodh (H). Pancham George (H). Yaropiya 

(European) Vuddha (H). Hindu University (U.) 
SIvanandan Ppasad Kulyap.— Swami Dayananda Saraswati 

(with an Introduction by Prof. Ram Dova) (E). 
Sivanandan Sahai ; Translator, Judg^c's Ck>nrt, Arrah.— liorn 

180A.— Dayanand Moolachhed Vichitra Sangrah (H). Sudauui 

Natak (H). Knvita Kusara (H). Life of bikh Gurus (H). Sita 


AUTHORS. Sivaratna 

Ram (H). Bhagwan Prasad ki Jiwani (H). Babu Harish Chandra 
ka Jiwan Charitra (H). Go-Saukat Natak (B). 
Sivanarayan Dwivedi ; Editor, Hindi Samacliar, Delhi.— Amar- 
datta (H). Astik Prakas (H), Champa (H). Charitra-Sanga- 
th»n (H). Columbus (H). Jay Parajay (B). Kartavya (H). 
Kumari (H). Prachin Kirti (H). Pratima (H). Raja Ram Mo- 
han Roy (H). Rin Parisodh (H). Strion ki Parudhinata (H). 

Sivanath, rai-bahadur; Retired Executive Engineer, Dehra 
Dun.— Rig Veda Bhashya (H). Vivaha Paddhati (H). 

Sivanath Sarma ; Proprietor, Damodar Press ; Bari Kali-ka-Gali, 

Lucknow. — Nagari Niradar (H). Kalyugi Pratap (H). 
Sivanath Sastpi ; m.a.; 210-6, Cornwallis Street, Calcutta.— 
Bidhabar Chhele (B). Nayantdra (B). Chhayamayi Parinay (B). 
Nirbasiter Bilfip (B). Puspamalsl (B). Puspanjali (B). Dharm- 
ajiwan (B). Himadri Kusum (B). Meja Bau (B). Yugfintar (B). 
History of the Brahma Samaj. (E). Ramtanu Lahiri o Tatkalik 
Brahmasamaj (B) [English translation of the same by Sir Roper 

Sivappasad Dalpatram, Pandit; Kotah State, Rajputana.— 
Born : 15th August, 1885.— Maitreyi (G) ( 1908). Iswar Chandra 
Vidyasagar (G) (1911). Bharatna Stri Ratno (G) (1912 and 1913). 
Bharatna Sant Purusho (G; (1913), Hindni Mahan Strio (G) 
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(1912). Biyogini(G) (1904). Bharatni Deeriou (G) (1915). 

Sivappasad Pandeya.— Sumati Vinod. 

Sivapama Kinkap Yogatpayananda.— See Sasi Bhusan Sanyal. 

Sivapatan Mitpa; Record Keeper, Birbhum CoUectorate, Bir- 
bhum, Bengal.— Born : March, 1872.— Bangiya Sahitya Sevak (B). / 
Darba (B). Tapoban (B). Baner Katha (B). Chinmayi (B). 
Sanjer Katha (B). Banga Sahitya (B). Hastalipi Likhan Pra- 
nali (B). Varnamala (B). Birbhumir Itibritta (B). Manaswi 
(B). Vidyasagar (B). [Contributor to various monthly Maga- 
zines. Editor of Sitar Banabas, Sakuntala, Ujwal Ohandrika, 
Vidyapati, Chandidas, «&c.] 

Sivapatna Sukia; C/o Pandit. Din Dayal Dikshit, Bachrawan, 
Rae Bareli.— Sri Raraavatar (H). 


Sivasankar Indian utbrary ykar book, 1918. 


Sivasankap Lai Bajpai; Cawnpore.— Ramyasa Darpan NaUk 
(H) (1915). 

Sivasankar Vaiinath Trivedi. -Sakti Akhyan (G) (1914). 

Siwoodani Kumari (Maharani of Rewah)-Siya swayamvara 
(H) (1914). 

Snehalata Sen (Mps.)—Yngalanjali (In jt. authorship with Mis« 
Lalit& Guptu). 

Sobhana Devi (Mrs.) The Orient Pearls (E). 

Sobhraj H. Daswani ; Retired Dy. Educational Inspector, Hyde 
rabad, Sindh.— Sobha Ji Sringar (Si). 

Sodhbans, P. S., a.b.t.,,— Elements of Indian Companies 

Soham Swamit (Syama Ranta Bandopadhyaya) ; Bhowali, Nainl 
Tal.— Soham Gita (B). Soham Tatwa (B). Soham hamhitft (B). 
Truth (E). Sambuk Badh (B). Vivek G4th& (B). 

SoDaeswardatta Sukia, b.a. ; Sitapur.— Most pxaltud merits of 
chastity (E). Germany ka Itihas (H). Prance ka Itihas (H). 
England ka Itihas (H). (Indh Vishayon par saral vlchar (Mac- 
lutnghton's Oommon Thoughts on Serious Subjects (H). Sfinsftrik 
bnkh (U). Anandamay Jivan (H). German Jasns (H). Kaisar 
Uahasya (H). Taral-Taranga (H). Vinod Vichitra (H). Navin 
Sampatti Shastra (H). 

Sorab P. N. Wadla.— The institution of trial by jury in India (E). 

Sorabji Shahriarii Irani ; liombay.— Parastane Cbakram (G) 
(1915). Jchangir Namun (G) (1917). 

Sri Bhagvat Singhjee, sir, (i.c.s.i., m.d., k.r.c.p., ll.d., d.c.l.. 
l'.R.s.E. ; His Highness tho Thakore Sahob of Gondal.- Arvan 
Medical Science (E). 

Sridhara Pathaka ; The " l*admakot," 103 and 115, Ltikcrganj, 
Allahabad ; Joint-Editor of tho Vi;naii.—Bori\ : 1860.— Transla- 
tion of the Hermit (H). Translation of tho Deserted Village (H). 
Translation of the Traveller (H). Kashmir Sukhamfl (H). Mano- 
vinod (H). Arfidhya Sok&njali (8). Sri Ookhale-Prashasti (H) 
(1915). I3harat Panchamrita (H). 

SrIdhar Balkrishna Ranade ; Poona. — Kalchya Dadhcutun CSU 



AUTHORS. Subodh 

Sridhar Sannaddap, b.a.— Adrita (B). 

Spidhar V. Ketkap, m.a., ph.d. Kolhapur.— Hindu Law. 

Spikanta Gangopadhyaya ; b.a., Barisal.-Arya Ramayane Bal- 

miki (B.) 
SpikPishna Joshi ; Foreign Minister, Nabha. BhSnu Tap. 
Spinath Chanda; Brahmapalli, Mymensingh.-Brahmasamajl 

Challisbatsar (B). 
Srinivasa Iyengar, P.T., m.a,; Principal, Mrs. A. V. N, College, 

Vizagapatara.- Life in ancient India in the age of the Mantras 

Spinivasa Raghavaiyangap, S. ; dewan-bahadur.— Memorandum 

on the Progress of the Madras Presidency during the last forty 

.vears of British Administration (B). 
Sripad Kpishna Kolhatkap ; Khamgaon, Berar.— Vadhupariksha 

(M) (1914). 
Spipatimohan Ghosh.— Bhalab&sa (B). 
Sripatisundap Thakup ; Saktipore, Murshidabad.— Chitrakavya 

Sripat Sahai ; Vishwanath Pharmacy, Benares,- Santan Raksha. 
Sripat Tpayambak Ranade.— Vanajyotsna (M) (1915). 
Spipam Chandpa Das ; Bankura.— Bhadusangit. 
Spipam Sastpi.— Karaka Chakram (S). Tattwabodh (B). 
Spis Chandpa Vasu, b.a., vidyarnava, rai-bahadur ; Retired 

District and Sessions Judge ; 38-40, Bahadurganj, " Bhuvanes- 

wari Asram," Allahabad. Born : 20th March, 1861.- The 

Astadhyayi of Panini (1892-99). The Siddhanta Kaumudi (1902- 

7). Polk Tales of Hindustan (B). Veddnta Sutras. The 

Upanishads. Yajnavalka Smriti. Three Truths of Theosophy. 

The Daily Practice of the Hindus. Yoga Sastra. &c., &c. 
Subapnappabha Some (Mps.)— Sa.-Suhrid (B). 
Subapnavala Devi (Mps. Avinas Chandpa Ray) ,• Beltail P. O., 

Pabna. — Bangiya Mahila Kavi (B). 
Subhadpa Bhikshu.— A Buddhist Catechism (E). 
Subhadpa Devi (Mps.) ; Moradabad,— Stri Subodhini tatha Sphuta 

Nivandha (H). 
Subodh Chandpa Bandyopadhyaya, b.a.— ChhSySlok (B). 



Subodh Chandra Majumdar, h.a.. Jai>>i" ^t«"\ — F.ikhnu (I 

Panchu I'radip (B). 
Subrahmania Alyar, u.a. ; Assistant Agricultural Chemist to th" 
Ciovernment of Madras.— The Gases of swamp rice soils : their 
utilization for aeration of the roots of the crop (in joint author* 
ship with W. H. Harrison, (E.) 
Subrahmania Sarma, D ; Nellore— Sri Sankara (Ta). 
Subrahmanya Iyer, m.a. ; Senior Dewan Peshkar and District M 
gistrate. Trivandrura. Born : 1864.— Travancore Census Repon 
of 1901 & liUl (E). Travancore Ethnographic Survey (E), etc. 
Sudarsanchandra Biswas ; Faridpore.— Ballalcharit. 
Suddhanand Parlbrajak.-Himulaya Bhraman (B). 
Sudhakrishna Bagchi; Editor : Jahmvi; Bagnau, Howrah. — Bfin- 
g&lir Samdj (B). Jyotsna (B). Kunifir Bbimsinha (B). Phuldani 
(B). Punyer Jaya (B). Silpa VijnSn (B). Swades Kusum (B). 
Sudhansu Kumar Chaudhury ; Khaliajuri. Mymensingh.— Born ; 
3rd Ashar laiO B. S.— Venice Bhraman (B) (1914). Bibaha o 
Matritwa (B). Akaser Katha (B) (1917). 
Sudhlndra Hose, m.a (Illinois), Ph.D. (iowa) ; Lecturer, Depart 
ment of Political Science, State University of Iowa, Ball ol 
Liberal Arts, Iowa City, U. 8. A.— Some Aspects of the Britist 
Rule in India (E.) 
Sudhlndra Nath Tagore, b. l.; 6, Dwarkanath Tagore Lane 

Calcutta.— Chitrarokhd (B). Dola (B). 
Sudhlr Chandra Mozumdar. b.a.,— Prathamik PratlbidhAn (B). 
Sudhir Kumar Goswami.— Timirprai)ha (B). 
Sukhalata Rao (Mrs.)-tialper Bai (B). Aro Qalpa (B). 
Sukhdeva Narain ; Madhubani, Darbhanga.— Narad. 
Sukhdeva Vlharl Mlsra. r.a., Diwan. Chhattrapur Stan — ii^.m 
1879. — Has written works in joint-authorship with Syam Vihar 
Sukhram Chaubey ; teacher, Vernacular Middle School, Jubbul 

pore.— Vani-prabodha (H). Gita-prabodha (H). 
Sukharanjan Ray, M.A. (OAL.); Professor of English, JagannatI 
College, Dacca. Bengal.— Born : June, 1889.— Akisa Pradip (B 
(1914). M&yfichitra(B)(l9U). Sukl& (B) (1910). 


AUTHORS. Supendra 

Soleman Ismail Anjairwalla, Haji; Bombay— Motina Danano 
Pocket (G) (1914). 

Sandap Lai Dwivedi; Dhanman, P. O. Sultan Gunj, Mainpuri U.P. 
—Born : l878. - Balopdesha (H). Bala Panch Tantra (H). Sammati 
Mala (H). Bal Gitavali (H). Bal Bhoj Prabandha (H). Ramashwa- 
medha (H). Yog Vashishta Sap (H). 

Sundepji Funjabhai Kavi.— Shri Sunder Sangit (G) (1917). 

Sunitee Devi, c.i., Dowager Maharani ol" Coochbihar. — Bengal 
Dacoifcs and Tigers (E). 

Suniti Devi, (Mrs.) b.a.— sahSna (B). 

Supajbhanu Jain ; pleader, Audambar, Benares. — Jagadntpatti 
Yichar (H). 

Supaj Napayan (Mehp), b,a.; Reporter and Reviewer to the Pun- 
jab Government, Lahore. — Kalam-i-Mehr (U). 

Surendpa Chandra Basu.— Bhuter Galpa (B). Pari tosh (B). 
Pashan Murati (B). Romeo o Juliet (B). 

Supendpa Chandpa Sen ; Vakil, High Court, Calcutta.— Abasar- 
Chinta (B). 

Supendpa Kumap Basu. m.a., b.l.; Burdwan.— Bakul (B). 
Surabhi (B). 

SurendPa Kumar Cliaicpavapti ; Lamchar, Noakhali~Sri Sri 
Syamanamsankirtan (B). 

Supendpakumap Chakpavapti, b.a.— Sucher Bandhan(B). Asru- 
malina (B). 

Supendramohan Basu.— Bharat Gaurab (B). 

Supendpa Mohan Bhattaehapya.— Bhabanir Matha (B). Bhairabi 
(B). Bideshi (B). Bideshiui (B). Binimaya (B). Brahmacharya 
Siksha (B). Brahma Sarahita (B). Ohhiunamasta (B). Dakini 
Vidya (B). Devata o Aradhana (B). Diksha o Sadhana (B). 
Dui Satin (B). Durbhaghyer Eahini (B). Grihasther Yogasiksha 
(B). Hathayoga sadhan (B). Hemchandra (B). Jahanara (B)^ 
Janarah (B^. Janmantar Rahasya (B). Jivan yajna (B). Kanaka 
Pratima (B). Lai Paltan (B). Lobar Bandhan (B). Lukochuri (B). 
Malina (B). Milana Mandir (B). Mule BhGl (B). Narakotsab 
(B). Nakal rani (B) Nari Bali (B). Nirvana (B). Nityakarma 
Paddhati (B). Palli Lakshmi (B). Pather Alo (B). Phulwali (B). 


Surendra Indian literary year book, 1918. 

Pratidan (B). Premer Bikas (B). Proiuer Pratiksha (B). Prei 
Unmadni (B). Preta-tarpan (B). Preta tattwa (B). Purohita 
Darpana (B). fUdhakrisbna Tattwa (B). Rasatattwa o Sal^ 
sadhanft (B). b&dhana (B). Sonar-Eanthi (B). Son&r P&rijat (. 
Swapnasnndari (B). Swarna-Eutir (B). Yoga o Sidhan Rahasy; 
(B). Yosav&ni (Bj. YogataVtwab&ridhi (B). 

Surendra .Mohan Datta. b.a., b.t.— Rama (B). Mcyeder Upa 
nyas.'i (B). 

Surendra Narayan Ghosh, b.a. ; 12, Ramnarayan Bbattachary 
Lane, Calcutta. — ^'atuu Bau (B). 

Surendra Narayan Ray.— Mukure Muskil (B). Rupcr Pbind fl.,. 

Surendra Narayan Roy-Chaudhury.— Tanwi (B). 

Surendra Nath Bandyopadhyaya. R A.; Editor, the "BenjM 
(E). and tho Bi'tiigdli (B). Founder, Proprietor, and Bead of i 
Ripon College, Calcutta.— Born : 1848.— Address : Manirampui 
Barrackpore.— fepeoches (E). 

Surendra Nath Bandyopadhyaya.-c;it-parichary& (B). Shei 

Sb&h (B). 

Surendranath Bhaktivinode — UangA (B). 

Surendranath Das; Maldah — Damayanti (B). 

Surendra Nath Goswami. b.a., l.m.s, viuyavinop, ka 
"Dhanwantri Bhaisajya Riitnagar," 27, Cornwallis "^ 
Calcutta.— Sri Chaitanya Chandrodaya (B). Swadesh-o-Sarami 
(B). Marwar Prasun (B). Hup Sanatan (B). Aurvoda Prasna < 
Pratibachan (B), Ayurveda o Malerifi Jwar (B). Bat-|)itta-k«l 
tatwa (B). I'roblem of Life bore and hereafter (E). Snoharaay 
(B). Unmadini (B). Sadhanmaneha (a) Premi«rii- (h\ Puichay 
(«) Pushpanjali ; (d) Prem&njali. 

Surendra Nath Mitra. Sheoraphuli— Ramuyan yuijei- LJIiar 

Surendra Nath Hozumdar, Smail Haripur.Pubna-Dibyadi 

Surendra Nath Mozumdar, b.a.; Bbagalporc.— Chhota Cbhou 
Galpa (B). Karmapbal (B). 

Surendra Nath Roy. (1) .v.a. r.l.; Hurdwaii.— Jiyansrota bl 
As&lata (B). Sarayu /B). Yamuna (B). Kulalaksbmi (B). 

Surendra Nath Roy, (2).— Ban^abijaya ba Bhisak l)uhit& (B) 
Bidhir .Midan (B). Kula-Laksbmi (B). Xfirilipi (H). Padmini 



(B). Saibya (B). Sarmistha (B). Savitri Satyaban (B). Taj- 

mahal (B). Uttar-Paschim-Bhraman (B). 
;upendpa Nath Sannyal— Dhruva (B). 
iurendpa Nath Sen (l).— Hindola (B). 
upendFa Nath Sen, (2) m.a., ll.d.; Advocate, High Court, N.-W. 

P.; George Town, Allahabad.— Hindu Jurisprudence (E). 
upendpa Nath Tag-OPe, B.A.; "Granville," 19, Ballyganj Store 

Road, Calcutta.— Mahabharat (B). Eyesore (English translation 

of Sir Rabindranath Tagore's Chokher Ba li, in joint-authorship 

with Indira Devi). 
;upendpa Nath, Vidayratna.— ChhSyfi (B). 

upes Chandpa Bandyopadhyaya, graduatk of pharmacy 

(TOKio), pharmaceutical CHEMIST ; Assistant Editor, Prabasi; 

14, Guru Prasad Chaudhury Lane, Calcutta.— Born: 27th October, 

1886— Hanashi (B) (1912). Japan (B) (1910). Namiko (B) (1915). 

UPBS Chandpa Basu.— Bhutergalpa (B). Paritosh (B). Pashan 

Murati (B). Romeo Juliet (B). 

upes Chandpa Chakpavapty, b.a., b.l.— Kashmire Bangali 

Yubak (B). 

upes Chandpa Samajpati ; Editor, Sdhitya ; 2-1, EamdhanMitra 

Lane, Calcutta.— Saji (B). 

UPes Chandpa Sen, m.a., Chinsura.— Kavyakatha (B). 

ures Chandpa Slnha, kumar-bahadur, b.a., Vidyarnava ; 120-3 

Upper Circular Road, Calcutta or Susung villa, Dacca ; Addl. 

Collector, Dacca.— Mriganabhi (B). Manjulii (B). 

upyakanta, Kavyavedantabbushan ; Nattore.— Kiran (B). 

upya Kumap Bhuyan, m.a., Vidyabinode ; Jorhat, Assam. Born : 

Jan. 1894.— Life of Gopal Krishna Gokhale (A). NirmSli (A). 

Ahomar Din (A). Ye sons of England (E). 

Upya Kumap Ghoshal.— Karmabir Surendranath (B). 

Upya Kumap Som — Sab-sadhana (B). Madhumalati (B). 

upya Kumap Vapma ; Gwalior ki Itihasa (H). Assistant Editor, 

Jarja/i Pratap, Gwalior.— Born : 1878. Bal Bharat (H). Asoka 

IH). President Garfield (Hj. Dhammapad (H). Mitra Labh (H). 

Bayja Bai (H), Congress Charitavali (H). Krishna Cha^it (H;. 

Brahma Oharma (H). Grihastha Dharma (H), etc. 


Surya Indian literajiy ykar book, 1918. 

Surya Narayan Ghosh ; Jagannath College, Dacca— Bhaisajjra 
bodh (B). Ramdharm (B). 

Supyapada Bandy opadhyaya, b.l.— Udy&pan (B). Punya Pra 
tim& (B). 

Supya Prasad Pandey ; Gajjanpore, Un:«o.— Sri Sambhu Chan 

Swami Kannu Pillai, L.D., m.a., bx.,ll.b. (lond.), dbwan-bahadur 
An Indian Ephomeris (E). 

Swaminatha, K.S.S.A. Iyer, C.V.; "LaliUlaya," Mylapore, Mad 
ras.S. Born 25th March, 1885.— Vivekchintamani (Ta). Gleaningi 
on the Way from Earth to Heaven with a chart of life (E). Th< 
spirit of Religion (E). Spero Meliora or the practice o 
Religion and the rationale of morality (B). My rnast*^ 
(E). Religion and morality (E). Religion and Ethics (i 
Godward Ho!— A Symposium (Ta). Memorandum of Rui 
Education (K). 

Swaminathan. N. (Mrs.)— Jayasilan (Ta). 

Swami Rau. B.A.; Sub-Editor, " Mysore Economic Journal" 
Mamul Petta, Bangalore city. Born SOth April, 1888.- Suf>! 
(0(1902). Balamanorama (C) (1908). Suvarna Sundari (C)(1916 
Karirasfistrasiira (K) (1916). Contributions to Bangalore Dail 
Post, Vokkaligara Patrika. 

Swapnakumari Devi (Mrs. Ghoshal); Pounder of the Bharat 
-Basanta-Utsab (B). Bidroha (B). Chhinnamuknl (B). Dot 
Kautuk (B). Dip Nirvan (B). G&tha (B). Galpa Guchchha (B 
Hughlir Im&mb&ri (B). Eabit& o G&n (B). E&h&ke (B). Kaatn 
N&tys b& Bibidha Kathft (B). Kirtikal&p (B). Kone Badal (B 
Malati (B). Mowar Raj (B). Nabakfihini o Any&nya Galpa (B 
Nabakabitabali (B). Pftkchakra (B). Phuler Mali (B). Prithtl 
(B), PujarTatwa (B). Rajkany&(B). Snehalati (B). English tt 
lations of her works (publishod in Kru'l.imli • — The Fatal 
land ; The Unfinished Song. 

Swapnamayi Devi (Mps.)— Nakshatri (U). 

Syamacharan De. Khok&r Hfisi (B). Anaryer Upakathi (I 
Dehaghar (B). Kasuiiri Upakath& (M). Majar Ohhabi (B.) 
Upakathfi (BKSusruHhfi (B). 



AUTHORS. Tmahane 

lyamaeharan Kaviratna, Goabagan, Calcutta.— Chandicharan 
(B). Haribhakti (B). DSns&gar (B). Kundarnir Chhay a (B). Padan- 
kaduta (B), Raslila (B). Satyanarayan o Subhachavir Kathfi (B). 

iyamaehapan Sapkar.— Ainsahachar (B). Bairagee (B). Hitaniti o 
Chanakyasloka (B). 

Jyamadas Mukhopadhyaya— Kusumhar (B). 

iJyamakanta Gangopadhyaya.— Uttar BhSrat Bhraman o Samu- 

1 dra Darsan (B). 

iiyamakanta Ray,— Dina Bichar Chandrika (B). 

liyamlal Goswami ; Naldi, Jessore.— Bhaktiyoga ^B). Nurjfihan 

i (B). 

yamsundap Aebapya, rasayan-sastri; Benares.— Rasyan Sastra 

•yarn Sundep Das, b.a., m.r.a.s. ; Head Master, Kalicharan High 
School, Lucknow; one of the founders and Vice-President, 
Nagari Praclmrini Sabha, Benares. — Hindi Sabdasagar (H) (1915). 
Hindi Glossary (H). Ram Oharit Mdnasa (H). Kovidratnamala 
(H). Hindi Sabda Kosh (H). The Government of India (B). 
[Editor, Manoran/an Granthamala series. Edited several works 
issued by the Nagari Pracharini Sabha, Benares], 
iyam Vihapi Misra. m.a.; Deputy Magistrate, Bulandshahr, 
(formerly Diwan, Chhattrapur State), President, Nagari Pra- 
charini Sabha, Benares.— Born : 1873. — Bharat Binai (H). Erodh 
(H).Sammilita Hindu Kutumb (H). Kanyakubjion ka DashS. (H). 
Adya Nivandha (H). Misrabandhu Vinod (H). Hindi Navaratna 
(H), Bhushan Granthavali (H). Lav-Kush Charitra (H). Rus ka 
Itihas (H). Japan ka Itihas (H). Spain ka Itihas (H). 
lyed Mahomed, khan-bahaddr, the hon. nawab ; Wellei^ey 
Square, Calcutta.— Khyfiiat-i-Azad (U). Moslem Men of Letters 
(E). SawSneh Umri-i-Azad (U). Nawabi Darbar. 


alehepkap, H. A.— Lord Curzon in Indian Caricature (B). 

ambane. V.A.— The Salt Lands of the Nira Valley (in joint- 
authorship with Harold H. Mann, Principal, Agricultural Col- 
lege, Poona) (E). 



Tamij-ud-din inuian litkhaky ybau book. 1918. 

Tamij-ud-din Ahmad : Mymensingh.— sialjamii (B). 
Tapanmohan Chattopadhyaya— Khela (B). 
Tapachand Dinmal Gajra, m.a., s.t.c.d.; Teacher, High Schoc 
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Taraprasanna, Vidyahinode ; 13, Biswa.«» Nursery Lane, Calcutta 

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Tapinl Prasad Agnihotpi, u.a.— Sivaji ka Jivan Charit (H). Sara 

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Tariniprasad Jyotishi; 92-4, (Corporation street. CJalcatta 

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„ 145 


Trimbak Indian literary year book, 1918. 

Ceremonies among the Eapola R in i as {Et. Orlclii :\nd A^eoi 

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joint-authorship with Vasudev Govind Apt«). 
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Udayachand Ray; 70, Colootolab Street, Calcutta.— Kab 

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Udharam C. Thadhani, n.A.; lietired Asst, iiy. haucaiiona 

spector, Hyderabad, Sindh. — Mat (Si). 
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Dun.— Sphuta-Nivandha (H). 


AUTHORS. Upendranath 

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i Bengali Translation of the Right Hon'ble Lord Curzon's Book 
if the same name), 
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Urmlla Devi (Mrs).— (H). 

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Valdya. D. R., b.a., i,.c.k.— The Bombay City Land Revenue 

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latiou of Taraknath's original Bengali) (1915). 
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AUTHORS. Vishun 

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(M) (1915). Arya Striratnen (M) (1917). 
Yasoda Devi (Mps.); Editor, Kauifasnrtvaswa, and of Slri-Dhamu 

Rakshak ; Culonelganj, Allahal>ad. -Sachohimata (H). Sukhl 

kututnb (H). Mahilajivari (H). .Tivanraksha (H). Garbbaraksh;!* 

bidbfin (H). Sisuraksha (H) Sant-itismlhar (U). Dhatrividya (H> 

Patibrata Dharmatma (H). Sjichcha i'atipreiu (H). Vaiii 

Yasovant Napayan Tipnis.— Radhamadhav (M)(19U). Matsy» 

gaodha (M) (1914). 
Yatlndpa Kishop Chaudhupy.— Chatni (B). 
Yatindpa KIshope Ghosh— Jayadratha Badh (B). 
Yatindramohan Bagchi. b.a.; lO-l, Arpuli Lane, Calcutta.— Bt>rn 

Dec. 1878— Aparajita (B). Leklia (B) Rcklu. (RV \ fn> 

Patirkathd (B). 
Yatindpa Mohan Mitra— Kfulhaka hiahacliai (li). 
Yatindpamohan Ray ; 17, Sagardhar Lane, Calcutta.— Dljak 

Yatindpa Mohan Sengupta— Durbadal (B). Bilwadal (B). 
Yatindpamohan Sinha.— b.a., Mymensing.— Dhruvatara (B> 

S&kiro Nirakar Tattwavich4r(B). Urisliy&r Chitra (B). T; 



AUTHORS. Yogendra 

Yatindpa Narayan Chowdhupy— Anjali (B). 

Yatindpanath Datta ; 39, Manik Basu Ghat Street, Calcutta— 

Bharateswari o iiharat Samrat (B). 
Yatindpanath Mozumdar, b, l., Mymensing— AkSser Galpa 

Yatindpanath Pal.— Biyer Hasi (B). Beyer Kone (B) Ranga 
Baridhi (B) Kulabadhu (B). Matrihara (B). Kaler Kole (B.) 
Gharer Lakshnii (B) Sangini (B) Satir Swarga (B). 
Yatindpanath Roy, m.a.— Malina (B). 
Yatindpanath Sen ; George Town.— The Twentieth Century 

Trilingual Dictionary (E. H. and U), 
Yatpamohan Biswas.— Vaidic Sandhya Paddhati (B) Chattal 

Kayastha Parichaya (B). 
Yeshwant Keshav Ppadhan ; Jyotirmala Office, Dadar, Bombay^ 

No. 14— Vivaha Pradip (M). Balabodh Jyotish (M). 
Yogatpayananda.— See Sasi Bhushan Sanyal. 
Yogendpaehandpa Ghosh, m.a., b.l., rai-bahaduk ; Bhowa- 
nipore, Calcutta.— Hindu Law (E). Hindu Law of Impartible 
Property and Endowment (E). 
JTogendpalal Chandpa, L.M.S.— A Treatise on Treatment (E) 

(1911). The Art of Life (E) (1911). 
Yogendpalal Chaudhupy ; Retired Sub-Judge.— Born : 27th July, 
1849.— Sangit Puspanjali (B) (1903). Gita Laharl (B). Adarsa 
Ramani (B). 
sYogendra Narayan Sinha, Kumap; Zamindar, Panchgachia 
' (Bhagalpur)— Vedini (H) (1917) Vyakaran Tatwaprakash (H) 
j 1916. 

Yogendpanath Das.— Ballal Sen (B). 

Yogendpanath Gupta.— 54-1, Narinda. Dacca— Arjuna (B). Bhim- 
j sen (B). Bikrampurer Itihas (B). Dali (B). Dhruva (B). Kedar 

Rai (B). Prahlad (B). Rup Katha (B). 
yogendpanath Roy.— Ananta Gurur Rahasya (B). Jyotirvijnan 
Kalpalatika (B). Narijatak o Narilakshan (B). Utkaler Pan- 
i chatirtha (B). 

Yogendpanath Sapkap.— Murali (B). 
Yogendpappasad Datta.— Maharaja Suryakanta (B). 


Yogrendpa indun literary year book, 1918. 

Yogendra Singh Indar; Editor " East and West;" Morefi« 

Grange, Simla.— Born. 1877.— Life of R. M. Malabari (E), Nasi 

(E). Nurjahan (E). 
Yoges Chandra Ghosh.— Harimati (B). Pagal Sangifc (B). 

Kri.shnamati (B). Takii (B). 
Yoges Chandra Kavibhushan,— Abega (B). 
Yoges Chandra Roy, m.a., vidyanidhi, Vijnanabhushana Ri 

BAHADUR : Professor, Ravenshaw College, Cuttack.— .\niadei 

Jyotish () Jyotishi (B). BAnglft Sabda Kosh (13). I 

Vyakaran (B). Ratna-Pariksha (B). Patrali (U). Sanl> 

man (B). Rasayan Vijnan Kanika (B). 
Yoges Chandra Mitra ; 22, KIru Road, haiiygunj. laiciu:!- 

Jiban-biina tatwa (H). 
Yoges Chandra Sinha. b.i... i, Corris Church Lane, Calcutta. 

KalorSrota (B). 
Yogeswarananda Swami.— Ramkrishna Math, Ulsoor, Bangalore. 

—Whispers of the Soul and other Discourses (E) Towards Lipb* 

Yogindranath Basu, b.a.; 35a, Ooabagan Lano, Calcutta.— 

Ahalyabaier Jivan Charit Devabala (B). Prithiviraja (B) 

Michael Madusudan Datter Jiban Charit (B). Patibrat^'i (B). 

Unkiba.ser R&mayan (B), Tukaramor Jivan Charit (B) Katht- 

opanishad (B) Kashi Das Mahabharat (B). 
Yogindranath Chattopadhyaya; " Alochanfi " Oflice, Howrah- 

B&ma Khyiipa (H^ Mnlianmul.Win. l{nmm-As:i(Un^., Kuliini 

Yogindranath Samadar. i*kainatat\vaija<;is, i!.a„ i .k.i;.s., i 
HIST. A.S.; Professor, Patna College, Moradpur, Bankipoi 
— Artha Niti (B). Artha.sastra (B). Ingrajer Katha (B). Kh&sti 
(B). Samasamayik Bharat (B). Khatta (B). 

Yogindranath Sarlcar ; 64, College Street, Calcutta ; Proprietor 
of the City Hook Socii'f y.— Ashare Swapna (B). Chhabi o Ualpa 
(B). Chhara o Par (B). Hiji Biji (B). Chhabir Bai (B). HariP- 
chandra (B). Hasi-khusi (B). Hasi o Khola (B). Uasi liasi (i 
Khelar Gan o Kabita (B). Ebclar Sathi (B). Khukumanir Chb:i 
(B). Kurukshctra (B). Lankakanda (B). Majar Galpa (I 


Nala-Damayanti (B). Nutau Chhabi (B). Pasu Pakshi (B). 

Ranga Clihabi (B). Sakuntala (B). S&vitri (B). Sisupathya 

Granthabali (B). Sita (B). Srivatsa (B). 
Yogindpanath Sarkar, m.a., b.l.— Kamalini (B). 
Yogindranath Sen, m.a., vidyabhushan, viDyARAXNA, kayibaj : 

Benares.— Paribrajaker Gita (B). 


ZafaP Omar, b.a.; United Provinces Police.— The Indian Police- 
man (E). 
Zakhmi.— Sec Hari Ram. 

1 Zohpa Rahman (Mps).— Bengali Poetess. 



The list of periodicals given in the following pages has no 
pretension to thoroaghness or completeness. As in the case of 
the Authors' Directory, so in this also, the Editor received practi- 
cally no help from the managers or editors of the periodicals. It 
is hoped, however, that in future editions of the work, the Editor 
may not have to repeat the same complaint. 

The first letter after the name of the periodical gives its period- 
icity. The following abbreviations have been used : 
li— Ui-moDthly; M — Monthly;; 

D- Daily; Q-Quarterly; 

F— Fortnightly ; S— Semi-weekly ; 

H— Half-yearly ; T— Thrice-weekly ; 

The letter or letters in the second pair of brackets denote the 
language or languages in which tlie periodical is published. Tl. 
same abbreviations have been used as in the case of Author 
Directory. The sum of money against the name of a periodical 
denotes its annual inland rate of subscription (of the popular 
edition, if there be more than one edition). Unless otherwise 
stated, the personal name given is the name of the Editora, nd 
the name of the place given denotes the place of publication. 
The Editor regrets that fuller information regarding the perio<l 
cals could not l>e given, as ho had no lirst hand materials for it. 

Vbhyudaya, (W) (H) ; Rs. 2-8 ; Allahabad.— Krishnakanta Malavi- 
ya ; Founder-Proprietor : The Hon'ble Pandit Madan Mohan 
Malavlya, but it is given over to a ' registered company ' styled, 
The Abhyudmja Limited, of which the shares are now being sold, 
ehapya and Dharmaviehap, (F) (M) ; Rs. 2-2 ; Established : 
1913 ; Jagatgururaat, Kolhapur. — Vishnu Vaman Bapat. 
dvoeate. (S) (E) ; Ami^iabad, Lucknow. — Surendranath Ghosh,B.L. 
dvoeate of India, (D) (E) ; Rs. 20, Dalai Street, Fort, Bombay. 
,dyap Bulletin, The (M) (E) ; Rs. 2 ; Adyar, Madras.— Mrs. Annie 

fghan. The (W) (P and U) ; Rs. 4 ; Peshawar. ^ 

ftab, (W) (Si) ; Hyderabad (Sindh), 
fzal-ul-Akhbap, (W) (U) ; Rs. 3 ; Delhi, 
gpaval, (M) (H) ; Re. 1 ; Calcutta. 

gpieultupal Joupnal of India, The (Q) (E) ; Rs. 6 ; illustrated ; 
O. Box 54, Calcutta, The official organ of the Imperial Agri- 
cultural Department. 

lliad,(W) (M); Rs. 2; Established: 1875; Satara.-Narayan 
Hari Apte. 

thbar-i-'Am, (D) (U); Rs. 14 ; also (W) (U) Rs. 3, Lahore, start- 
ed 1871, circulation 2,500. Editor and Proprietor : Gopiuath 
Pandit. Asst. Editors : Prankrisana Pandit & Sardar L. Singh. 
Manager: Pran Krishna Pandit. Printed at the Mitra Vilas 

Shbap-i-Islam, (D) (G) ; Rs. 7-8 ; Bombay. -Khan-Saheb Qazi- 
Ismail Qazi-Muhammad Purbandari. 
chbap-i-Saudagap.— See Hindusthan. 
chbap-i-Tajap, (Wi (U) ; Rs. 2 ; Delhi. 

lohbap-i-Tailim, (M) (Si) ; Rs. 3 ; Hyderabad, Sindh.— Premchand 
uid Rao-Bahadur Dewan Bulchand Dayaram. 


Aiaukika Indian utrrary ykar book, 1918. 

Alaukika Rahasya. (M) [U) ; Kshirode Prasad Vidrabinod, M.a 

2f^, Hnrrolal Mitra Lane, Calcatta. 
Al Din. (M) (G); Rs. 2 ; Simlock, Nausari (Bombay Presidency).— 

Ahmad Htisain. 
Al Haq. (W) (Si): Hyderabad (Sindh.) 
AI Helal. (D) (U); Delhi.— Maulana Abnl Kalam. 
Al Islam. (M) (B) ; E. M. Md. Ekram Khan. 
Allahabad Law Journal. The (W)(Ki. Rs. lO. (loorjjo Town 

Allahabad— Tcj Bahadur Sapru and Sarat Chandra Chaadhri. 
Almora Akhbar. (W) (H) ; Rs. 2-8 ; Badri Dat Pande. Almora. 
Alochana. (M) (B), Howrah.— Yogondra Nath Chattopadhyaya. 
Alochani. (M) (B)-, Rihabari, Dibriip^arb. 
Amritabazar Patrika. (D) (B); Rs. 20, 2, Ananda Cbatterji Lane 

Ananda. (M) (B): ^knai, Mymensingh. 
Ananda. (M) (G); Re. 1-4; Palitana, Susil.— Piib/inhf rs : Th« 

Jaiiia Dbartna Prakashak Varj^a. 

Ananda. (M) (M); Re. 1.— Established : I005.-Sanivar Poth 

Poena. — Vasudeva (lovinda Apte. ».A. — I'ublisher : Gopal Val 

vant Joshi. 

Ananda. (M) (Si) ; Re. 1-4; Hyderabad, Sindh. — Kundanmal Dip 

chand. — Printed at Kaiseria Press, Circulation : 1500. 
Ananda. (W) (H); Us. 1-12 ; Lueknow. 

Ananda Bazar Patrika. (W)(B): P^s. 2-2; AnaiuiaChatt.rii r.arw 

Ananda Chandpika. (M) (K); Rs. :. ; liam^aloro i ity. 
Ananda SanKlt Patrika. (M) (B); 6I and 62, Bowbazar Street 

Calcutta.— Pratibha Devi and Indira Devi. 
Anavll Sewak. (M) (Q) ; As. 8 ; Surat.— Dayalji Nanubhai 
Anavil Vijay. (M) (G); Re. 1-8; Bombay.— Ohhotubhai Vasi. 
Andhra Chandrika. (W) (To); Proddutur. 
Andhra Patrika. (D) (Te) ; -Madras. 
Andhra Prakasika. (S) ( Te) ; Madras. 

Anjali. (M) (B); 10, Iswar Mill Lane, Calcutt-^.— K. B. Datta. 

Anjali. (M) (G); Re. 1-8 ; Karachi ; Editor and Publisher. ^CtiiM 

paklal Nandlal Eausbik. < 




PBRioDicALs. Arya 

intahpur. (M) (B) ; Rs. 2 ; 15, Maniktala Main Road, Calcntta.— 

Mrs. Birajraohini Roy, 
^rchana> (M; (B) ; Re. 1-4 ; 18, Parbaticharan Ghosh Lane, Ar- 

chana P. O,, Calcutta. — Keshav Chandra Gapta, M a., b.l. 
^Pghya. (M) (B); 3, Bhairab Biswas Lane, Calcutta, 
ipogya Sindhu, (M) (H); Re. 1-9; Aligarh. 
iPShad, (M) (A «& U) ; Rs. 2 ; Saharanpur, U. P.— Sharas-ul-Haq. 
Lptha Sadhaka Patrika, (W) (K); Rs. 2; Ring Wood. Banga- 
j lore City, 

Ipunodayam, (M) (Ta) ; Tanjore, 
Lpya. (M) (B) ; Rs, 6 ; 7, Rue Dupleix, Pondicherry ; Editor and 

Proprietors. — Aurobindo Ghosh, Paul Richard and Miriha 

Richard. Manage**. — Sonrindranath Bose. 
Lpyabaia Samaj Magazine, The (M) (K) ; Mysore, 
ipya Chikitsa Ppanali, (M) (B); Calcutta.— Kaviraj G.N. Gnpta. 
ipya Dappan, (M) (B) ; Rs. 2 ; " Saraswat Math " Kokilamukh, 

Jorhat, Assam, Journal of the " Gowranga Anatha-Niketana.'' — 

Paribrajak Pararahamsa Sriraad Aeharya Swami Nigamananda 

Saraswati Deva. 

pya Dhapma Ppakasika, (M) (K) ; Nadahalll, Sorab Taluk, 

Shimgoa, Mysore State. 

pya GaUPab, (M) (B) ; Kishorganj, Mymensing. 

pya Gaupaba. (M) (B) ; Calcutta. 

pya Gazette, (W) (U) ; Rs. 2-8 ; Lahore. 

pya Kayastha Ppatibha, (M) (B) ; Farldpnr. 

pya MitPa, (W) (H) ; Rs. 2 ; Agra. Established 1896. Circu- 
lation 1725. Editor.— Harishankar Sharma. Afanoger.— -NaruMal. 

Proprietor : Arya Pratinidhi Sabha. Official organ of the Arya 

Samajis in U. P. 

pya Musaflp, (?) (U). 

pya PatPika, (W) (E) ; Rs. 5 ; Railway Road, Lahore. 

pya PatPika, (W) (G> ; Rs. 8-4 ; Baroda— Published by the 
Director of Commerce, Baroda State. 

pya Prabha, (M) (S) ; Mahamuni, Chittagong. 

pya Ppakash,!(W) (G);'Rs. 3; Baroda.— PubHsh^r ; Vitthal 
Ashram Thakkar. 



Arya Sudharak, (W) (G) ; Rs. 2 ; Baroda.— Maganlal Mathurbhai 

Apyavarta. (W) (M) ; lie. l-13 ; Dhulia. Hoinlmy Presidonoy.- 

Tulsidas Govinda Josiii. 
Asian, (W) (K) ; lis. 21 ; 8, Mangoe Lane. Ualc-utta. 
Assam Advertiser. (W) (B) ; Shillong. 
Assam Bandhava. (M) (Ash) ; Dibrngarh. Tarapada Eavyavino 
Atmananda. (M) (K) ; Mysore. 
Atmananda Prakasa. (M) (G) ; Re. 1-4 : Rliavanagar (Kathii 

wad). Published by the Atmananda Sabha. 
Atmavidya, (.M) (H) ; Ro. I ; Bankiporo. 
Audiehya Hitechchhu. (M) (0) ; Re. 1-4 ; Udichya Mitramandal. 

Ahmedabad.- Gaurishanker Jestharatn Dave. 
Audiehya Jivan. (M) (G) ; Re. 1-4 : Ahtiiedal>ad— Harisankar 

Ogliadbliai Vidyarthi. 
Aadichya Mltpa,(-M) (G) ; Re. l ; Ahmedabad. [in the interest of 

the Audiehya Brahmin community]. — Raghunath Mnrari Sarma, 
Audiehya Prabhakara. (M) (G) : Re. l : Bombay.— Manisankar 

Ranchhodji Vyas. 
Audumbar, (M) (H) : Rs. 2 ; Benares. 
AvasaP. '^f ^ 'T^^ • 02. K':ili D.itt.i .Sf rcct . pMlciif f n — S C. 

Awaz-1-KhalR, (,\V) (,h) ; U^, ;; ; AikuhI lihawun, ij<>nares city. 
Ayurveda. (M)(B) : Rs. S; 29, FarJai)ukiir. street, Calcutta. Est i)>- 

lished 11)16: Editors: Biraja Chnnder Gupta Eabibhushan and 

Yarnini Bhushau Ray Kaviratna, M. A . ^f. H. Mun(ir:-<- • M-H- 

prosanna Ray Kabiratna. 
Ayurveda, (M) (M) ; Re. 1-8; Girgaum, Bombay.- Dauiodar 

Krishna Kclkar. 
Ayurveda Hitaishini. (M) (B) ; Dacca. 
Ayurveda Rahasyarka. (M) (O) ; F^e. i-« : '■>■> (Kathiawad).- 

Jivaraui Ka-sidas. I 

Ayurveda Vikas, (M) (B) ; Patuatuli. Dacca. 
Azad. (W) (U) ; Rs. 8; Grand Parade, Cawnpore.— Bdttor : M 

Dayaram Nigam, B. A. Manager : Ram Ram Sabir. 


PERIODICALS. Bangramahila 


Bagrh-i-Moumin, (M) (G) ; Re. 1-8 ; Amraoti.— Banbhai Aghaji 

jBahiskpita Bhapat, (W) (M) ; Rs. 2 ; Amraoti. — Established : 
1914. Circulation 200 Editor and Proprietor. Ganesh Akaji Gavai. 
The paper is published in the interests of the depre.ssed 

Bajkhedawal, (M) (G) ; Re. 1 ; Ahmedabad. Circulation 400— 
Himmatlal Dahyabhai Dave. 

Bakul, (W) (M) ; Re. 1 13.-Ratnagiri, Established : 1883.— 
Editor, Manager and Proprietor : Hari Dharmaraj Gandhi. 

Balak, (M) (B) ; 23, Chowringhee, Calcutta. 

Balak, (M) (M); Re. 1.— Established : 1916.-39, Gola Lane, 
Hornby Road, Fort, Bombay; Kesarinath Dadabhai Dhume, 
Manager, Printer and Publisher. N. D. Sripotdar. Printed at the 
Partap Press, No. of copies issued 2000. 

Bala Sikshak, (M) (G) ; Re. 1-4 ; Baroda.— Lallubhai Bhatta. 

Balbodh, (M) (M) ; As. 11 ; Thakurdwara, Bombay— Established : 
1881 — Tukaram Javji and Gajavan Bhaskar Vaidya. 

Bal Hitaishi, (M) (H) ; Re. 1-8 ; Meerut. 

Balikadarsha, (M) (M) ; Poona.— Miss K. M. Burns. 
>Bal MitPa, (M) (M) ; Re. 1-10 ; Girgaum, Bombay. 

Bamabodhini PatPika, (M) (B) ; 9, Antony Bagan Lane, Cal- 
cutta. — Sukumar Datta. 

Bangabasi, (W) (B); Rs. 2; Foreign Rs. 4-8, 38-2, Bhawani 
Cliaran Dutt Street, Calcutta. Started 1881.— Editorial Staff : 
liui Sahib Bihari Lai Sarkar, Harimohan Mukherji, Hari Nath 
iJhattacharya and Jogesh Chunder Mukherji. Manager : Baroda 
Prosad Bose. Proprietors : Baroda Prosad Bose and Mahendra 
Kumar Bose. — Illustrated, circulation : 25,000 nearly. 

Bangalee, (D) (B) ; 126, Bowbazar Street, Calcutta.— The Hon'ble 
Mr. Surendra Nath Banerjea. 

iBangalope Daily Post. (D) (E) ; Bangalore. 

Bangamahila, (M) (B); Rs. 2; Ghoramara, Rajshahi.— Pandit 
A. C. Sarvabhauma. 


Bangratna indun i.itrkary ykar book, 1»18. 

Bangraratna. (M) (B) ; Krishnagar (.Vadia). 

Bankura Dappan. (W) (B) ; Bankura.— K. C. TriTedi. 

Bapdhaman Sanjlvani, (W) (B) ; Burdwan. 

Bapisal Hitalshl. (W) (B); Rs. 2 : Barisal.— Durga Narayan Sen. 

Baptabaha. (W) (B) ; 28. Kansaripara Road, Bhowanipur, Caleiitt 

Bartanla. (S) (D) ; Delhi. 

Basudha. (M) (B); Re. l; 22, Phakir Chand Chakravarty Lam 

Calcutta. -Proprietor and Editor Bankuvihari Dhar, 8 ub-£riitop 

Hrajabailabh Roy Kavya-kantha Bisharad. 
Basumatl. (W) iB); Rs. 3; 166. Bowbazar Street, Calciitta.- 

>>:istbhuKhan Mukhopadbyaya. 

Basunari, (I)) (B) Rs. 10. 

Bauddha Bandhu. (M) (B); 4«. Harrison Road. Calcutta. 

Bazm-I-Sukhan. (M) (U); la. an issue; Nadm (Qaya).— Najjeswar 

Behar Advocate and Kayastha Messengrep, (S) (E); its, 8 

Gaya.— A. Kriishiianand. Printed at Narayan Press, Gay:i. 
Behar Bandhu, (W) (U) ; Rs. 2 ; Bankipore. 
Beharee, (O) (B) : Bankipur. Mr. Cuiininghani, [also (W) (B) an 

(D) (H)]. 

Behap Hepald. (W) (E) ; Muradpur. Bankipure. 
Behap Standapd, (W) (E) ; MazalTarpur. 
Belgraon Samachar. (W) (M); Rs. 2-13; Holjjaon.— llsiaimsnod 

1864.— Hari Bhikhaji Samanta. 
Bengal Co-opepative Joupnai. (S) (E) ; Writers' Building. Cal 

t-utta.—iidt tor : J. T. Donowan, Esq., 1. C.S., Rc(;istrar of oc 

operative Societies. Aast. Editor: Prof. P. Mukherjee, MJl 

Bengalee. (D) (K) ; 128, Bowbazar Street, Calcutta.— The Hon'l 

Mr. Suroiidra Nath Banerjea. 
Bengal Times. (?) (E); Dacca. 
Bhagrini Samachar. (M) (M) ; Re. l-8;-Bndbwar Pcth. P< > 

Established : 1913,— Krishuaji Raghunath Khisti. 
Bhagyodaya. (M) (G) ; Re. 1-8 : Ahmodabad. - Jethalal Devash^i. 

kara Davi*. 
Bhaibandhu Navapag, (.M) (U): R<.-. l-ii ; Baroda. 



aPKRioDicALs. Bhaskar 

Bhakta, (M) (G) Rs. 3. Ahmedabad.— Jamietram Lakshmiram 

Bhakti Sandesh, (M) (C) Rs. 2. Started i 19 16. Illustrated. 

Editor — D. K. Bharadwaj. Assistant Editor — Sree Narayan 

Sharma — Auandasrani, Basavangudi, Bangalore city. 
Bhandapi Vihari, (M) (M) ; Re. I-IO.— Established : 1910.— 

Naigaon, Dadar, Bombay. — Raoji Ramji Gaugauaik. 
BharatehitPa, (W) (B) ; Re. 1-8; Tarak Chatterji Lane, Calcutta. 
Bharati, (M) (B) ; Rs. 3-6, illustrated ; 22, Sukea Street, Calcutta. 

— Manilal Ganguli and Sauriudramohan Mukerji. Printed at 

the Kantick Press. 
Bharati Vilasa. (M) (K) ; Mysore. 
Bharat Jivan, (W) (H) ; Rs. 2 ; JNilkantha, Benares.— Srikiishna 

Bharat MahiIa,(M) (B); Re. 2-10, illustrated; Wari, Dacca.— 

Mrs. Sarayubala Datta. 
Bharat Mahila, (M) («i) ; Organ of Sri Kanya Brahmacharyya- 

shram ; Thatha (Sindh), 
Bharat Mitra, (D) (H) ; Rs. 10 ; 103, Mukta Ram Babu's Street, 

Calcutta. [Also (W) Rs. 2.] 
Bharat-Nari, (M) (B) ; 60, Mirzapore s'treet, Calcutta. 
Bharatodaya, (W) (H) ; Re. 1-8 ; Jwalapur. 
Bharat Prakas, (M) (Si.) : Re. 1-8; Hyderabad, Sindh.— Mot umal 

Bharat Sevak, (M) (M) ; Rs. 3. Poona.— R. G. Pradhan. 
Bharat Sudasa-Pravartak, (W) (H) ; Rs. 2 ; Farrukhabad. 
Bharatvarsha, (M) (B) ; Rs. 6; 210, Cornwallls Street, Calcutta. 

— Upendra Krishna Banerji and Jaladhar Sen. 
Bharatvarsha. (W) (M); Rs. 2 ; Kepe, Goa.— Established : 1912.— 

G, P. Uedge, Sedai. 
Bhargava, (Q) (G) ; Re. 1 ; Borabay.-Kanhyalal Maniklal Munshi. 
Bharueha-Mitra, (W) (G) ; Rs. 2-13 ; Broach.— Trikamlal Harinath 

Bharueh Samaehar, (W) (G) ; Rs. 2 ; Broach.— Jahangir Ardesir 

Bhaskar, (M) (H) ; Rs. 2; Meerut. 


Bhaskar Indian litrrary yrar book, 1018. 

Bhaskap, (M) (Si); Hyderabad (Sindh). 

Bhavsap Kshatriya Prabodh. (M) (M) ; Rs. 2-8.— Established 

1915.— Princess Street, Bombay.— B. G. Kulkarni, B. A. 
Bhishagvilas, (M) (M); Re. 1-8; Sholapur.— Established 1894.- 

Mahadev Ramchandra Ranade. 
Bhishak-Dappan, (M) (B) ; 118, Amherst Stroet, Calcutta. 
Bidushak, (M) (E); 29, Beniapukur lioad, Calcutta. -K«»'<-f-->".t» 

Bijaya. (M) (B) ; 20.Patuatola Lane, Calcutta.— Manoranjan Guh» 

BikpampuP. (M) (B) ; Rs. 8 ; 54-1, Narinda, Dacca : Illustrated.— 

Y<igendra Nath Gupta. Sub-Editor. Pabitra K Gan(;uli. 
BIpbhuma-Bapta, (W) (B) ; Birbhum. 
Bipbhuma-Basi. (W) (B); Rampurhat, Birbhum.— Nilratan Mukcr* 

jee, n.A. 
Bipbhumi. (M) (B) ; Rs. 2 : 17, Guru Prasad Chaudhnry Lane, Ca 

outta.— Kulada Prasad Mallick. bhagaratvatna, b.a. 
BodhinI, (M) (K) ; Udipi. 
Bombay. — See also Muitibai. 
Bombay Cathedpal Papish Magazine. «M^ ii.> u.- iii. lio. 

bay.— C. W. T. Ma.son, 
Bombay ChPOnicle, The (D) fE) ; Rs .)ii , .Meadows str.'.'t 

Fort, Bombay. — Editor : B, G. Horni man. Chief Sub. Editor: 

yi. R. Bhattacharya. Assistant Editor : 8ycd Hussain. Managing 

Director : K. R. Cama. 

Bombay Cotton Mapket, The (M) (K) ; Rs. 5 ; Bombay. 
Bombay Guapdlan. The (W) (K); Rs. 5 ; 119, Khetwadi Main 

Road, Girgaon, Bombay. Editor : Miss A. M. R. n.iwnn i'r.><t..r 

lioad, Girp^aon, Bombay. Mannger : M. G. Joseph. 
Bombay Law Repoptep. The (K) (E). 

Bombay Price Cuppent. The (W)(E); 2,Greon Street, Port, Bombay. 
Bombay Youngman, The(M)(E); Re. 1-4; Woodhouse Road, 

Bombay— L. C. Haworth. 
Bpahmabadi. (M) (B) ; Barisal. -Satyananda Das, b.a. 
Bpahma KshatPiya Tplmaslk. (Q) (G) ; Re. 1-4 ; Bombay Kesho 

pnisatl Chhofalal Desai. 



{rahmanad, (M)(G^; Re. 1-8; Ahmedabad.— Manilal Maganlal 

irahman Dharma. (M)(G) ; Re. 1; Bombay. -Prahladji Sevakram. 

Publisher : The Tapodhan Bpahman-Vidyottejak Mandal. 
Irahman Samaja, (M) (B) ; 62, Amherst street, Calcutta.— 

Panchanan Sarma. 
irahman Sapwaswa, (M) (H) ; Rs. 2-4 ; Etawah.— Bhimseu 


irahmavadi, (M) (B) ; Barisal.— Satyananda Das. 
Irahmavadin, (M) (E) ; Rs. 4 ; 1-14, Baker Street, Madras. 

rahmavidya, (M) (B) ; Rs. 2-8 ; 4-3A, College Square, Calcutta — 

Editors : Hirendra Nath Datta. m.a.,b.l., vedantaratna, Purnendu 

Aarayan Sinha, M.A., B.L., Manager : Bani Nath Nandi. Oashier 

Nagendra Nath Bose. Established, 1319 B. S. 
;pahmavidya Granthapatnamala, (M) (M) ; Poona.— Vishnu 

Vaman Bapat. 

pihaijatakakhyam, (M) (K) ; Mysore. 

ipoaeh &e., — See Bharucha. 

luddhi Ppabha. (M) (G) ; Re. 1-4 ; Editor : Manilal Mohanlal 

Padrakar. Organ of the Adyhatma Jnana Prakashak INIandal, 


Uddhi Ppakasa, (^I) (G) ; Re. 1-8 ; Gujarat Vernacular Society, 

Ahmedabad. — Hiralal Tribhubandas Parekh, B.A. 
Ulletin. (D) (£) ; Rs. 15 ; Lahore. Editor : Kaushi Ram Khosla. 

Jt. Editor : Rama Prasanna Chatterjee. Proprietors : Khosla 

Bros. Printed at Khosla Bros. Electric Press. 
luUetin, The (D) (E) ; Secundrabad, Nizam's Dominions, 
lulletin of the Calcutta Mathematical Society, (Q) (E) Rs, 6. 

Editorial Committee : The Hon'ble Justice Sir Asutosh Mu- 

kherjea. Dr. C. E. Culler, Dr. Ganesh Prasad. Printed at the 

Calcutta University Press. 

iyabasa O Baniiya, (M) (B) ; Rs. 3-6 ; 33, Canning Street, Cal- 
i cutta. — Sachindra Prasad Basu. 
iyabasayi, (M) (B) ; Re. 1-8 ; 100, Upper Chitpore Road, Calcutta, 

Manager : Haripada Banerjee. 




Calcutta Advertiser. The (W) (E) ; 20, British Indiain 

Calcutta Law Journal. The (F) (K) ; Rs. 10; Old Post Offi« 

.Street, Calcutta. 
Calcutta Review, The (Q) (B) ; Rs. 17 ; 258, Bowbazar fcitro ■ 

Calcutta. — Publishers : General Fuhlighing Co. 
Calcutta Spectator, The (W) (K) ; LaliLmohan Cllioshal. 
Calcutta University Magazine. (M)(E); li«. 2-8 . I-A, ColleK 

•Square, Calcntta.~8. B. Banorjee. Manager : Rajendralal Gn 

galy. Proprietors : The Calcutta University Institute. I'rinti 

by S. Mi tier & Co. 
Calcutta Weekly Notes. The (W) (E); S, Hastings Street, C« 

cutta. J. Chaudhury, m.a„ bar-at-law. 
Capital. (W) (E) ; Rs. 32 ; 1, Commercial Bnildings, Calcatta. 
Central Hindu College Magazine, The (M) (E): Re. l ; Benar 
Chabbls Pargana Bartabaha, (W) (E); 26, Kansaripara R> 

Bhawauipore, Culciittu. 
Chaltanya Chandrika, (M) (H) ; As. 8; Brindabau. 
Chandra Prakasa. (M) (G); Re. 1-4; Surat.- Prabhusankar N 

bhayaram Vyasa. 
Chandrika. (M)(M); lis. 2 ; I^tabllshed: 1915.-K. R. Kashik 

Pufdinher : KrishnaraoSakharam Pathkar, Thakurdwara, Bomli 
Chandrodaya, (\V) (K) ; Dharwar.— 
Charumlhir. (W) (B) ; Rs. 2 ; Shf rpur, Mymensingh -C. C. Chai 

Chatuspadi ani Krishikarma. (M> (M); Rs. Z: Mahbubpi. 

TTyderahad. Deccan. — Ramchandra liaghunath Joshi. 
Cherag. (M) (G); Rs. 3; Billimora, Vaghrech, via Bon ''hv 

Khursedji Shapurji ])ai}u. Proprietor and Publisher, 

Chhatra, (M) (B); As. 8; 191, Upper Circular Road, Calcutta 

Sasibhusan Mukhopadhyaya. 
Chhatra-Suhrid, (M) (B) ; Kaliganj, Dacca. 
Chlkitsaka. (W) (M): Re. 1-18; Belgaam.— Javaji Ramaohandr 




I'KitioDicAis. Danipatimitra 

3hikitsa-PP0kas, (M) (B) ; Audulberia, Nadia— D. N, Haldar. 
hikitsa Sammilani, (M) (B) ; 197, Comwallis Street, Calcutta. 
yhikitsa Tatwa Vijnan. (M) (B) ; 26, Grey Street, Calcutta. 
Jhildpen's Friend (S) (H & U); Methodist Publishing House, 


3hinsura-Bartabaha, (\V) (B); Rs, 2, started 25th June, 1893». 
circulation 1500. Madhabitala, Chinsurah. Editor, Proprietor 
and Manager, Dinanath Mukharji, Printed at Diamond Press, 
hitpamaya Jagat, (M) (G) ; lis. 5-8; Poona.— Tuljasankar 
Gaurisankar Yajnik. 

hitramaya Jagrat, (M) (H) ; Rs. 6, illustrated ; Chltrashala 
Press, Poona. — Bhaskar Ramchandra Bhalerav. • 
Jhitramaya Jagat, (M) (M) ; Established : 1910 ; Rs. 3-8; Poona. 

-Ramchandra Vasudeva Joshi, 
Civil and Military Gazette, (D) (E) ; Rs. 48 ; Lahore. 
College of Engineering (H) (K). Poona— Professor C. Graham 

Commepee, The (\V) (E) ; Pis. 10 ; 25 and 26, Waterloo Street, 

Commercial India, (M) (E); 101-1, Civil Street, Calcutta. 
Commonweal, (W) (E); Rs. 6; Adyar, Madras.— Mr. Ruuga 
j Reddi. 

Criminal Law Journal of India, The (M) (E). 
Criminal Review, The (M) (E). 


Dacca Gazette, The (W) (E) ; Rs. 6 ; Bangla Bazar, Dacca. 

Daily Gazette, (D) (E) ; Karachi [publishes also "War BuUestins"].. 

Manager : G. A. Holdaway. 
Dainik Chandrika, (D) (B) ; 14, Madan Baral Lane, Calcutta. 
Daivajna, (B) (M).— Established : 1912.— Re. 1. ; Girgaum, Bombay. 

—Gajanan Yashovanta Benkar, b.a. 
Daivajna Probodhini, (M) (M) Re. 1-4; Bombay,— V. P. Achareker. 
Dampatimitra, (M) (G) ; Rs. 3 ; Baroda.-Jagannath Prabhasankar- 



Darjeeling indian i.itkkauy ykar book, 1918. 

Dapjeeling Advertiser and Visitor, Tlie (W) (E); Rs. 5, Darjeel 

ing. Started 1899, circulation 1200. Editor and Matiager : G. 6 

Honwetsch, B.A. 
Darsak. (W) (B) ; I47, Baranasi Ghose Street. Calcutta. 
D8P-us-Saltanat and Updu Guide. (W) (U).— Pounded : 18«4.— U. 

15, 18, Ismail Madan Lane, Colootolali Street, Calcutta.— Q. A 

i^atil". M.R.A.s. 
Dashalad Patrilca,(Q) (G); Re. l; Broach.— Maniklal Narott; 

Dashanima Hitavardhalc, (B) (G) Rs. 1-9 Bombay— Sakor la 

Chliotalal Dharia. 
Dasha Sopathia Masik, (M) (G) Rs. 1-4, Bombay Naranji Pun 

sliottam Saiigani. 
Dasha Srimali Vanikmitpa,(M) (G); Re. l-'4.; Bomiiay.-An,.,... 

Laxmi Nand Shah. 
Dayanand Arya-Vedic College Union, The (M) (E);Re. 1 

PublixhiT : Atinaram. Anarkali, Lahore. 
Deccan Collesre QuaPteply. The (Q) (E. M. & K.) ; R-*. 2.— T. > 

Patil, S. V. Kelkar and R. (J. Dishpandu. 

JDehati, (M) (H) ; Anand Bhawan. Benares City. 

Delhi Gazette. (U); Delhi. 

Desamata. (W) (To); Rajahmundry. 

Deshi Mitpa. ( W> (V.) ; Surat.— Manganlal Kilabhai. 

Deshi Vepapl Chambepnu Masik. (M) iG) ; Organ of the Indian 

Mercliants' Chamber Bureau; Rs. 3; Bombay.— Jayasukhlal 

Krishnalal Mohta. Printed at Lady N'orthcoto Hindu orphana^r 

K. N. Sadar Press, Chichpo^ly Lane. Bombay. 
Dhaka Ppakas, (W) (B) ; R»*. 2 ; 292, Rangala Bazar, Dacca.— M. U. 

Dhaka Review o Sammilani. (M) (E and B) ; Dacca.— Satyendr* 

.N'ath Bliadra and Bidhui>hnshan Goswami. 
Dhamudhapi, (?) (?) ; Davaiij^fre. Chitaldrug. Mysor* 

4)hanvantapi.(M) (G and E) ; Rs.'l ; . ixi.i-ar, .\. Gujarat. Editi .. 

Publinhtr and Proprietor: Bhopjilal Trikamlal Vakil. Established 
1008, January. .N'o. of copies issued: 700. Sub-Editor: Dr. 


PERIODICALS. Dnyanodaya 

Mahadev Prasad, E. M. E., N. D., M. N. S. A. Printed at the 

Diamond Jubilee Printing Press, Ahmedabad. 
hapma-dipika, (M) (M) ; Rs. 2.— Established : 1911.— Christian 

Juan Prakashak Sabha, Fort, Bombay.— Plev. Canon D. L. Joshi. 
hapmajagriti. (M) (M) ; Rs. 1-8, Poona.— V. R. Karandikar, 

Proprietors : Marathi Theosophical Federation, started 1913. 
hapmanibandhamala, (M) (M), Poona. 
ihaPma Ppaehapak, (M) (B^ ; Yajneswar Press, Benares.— Fou7i- 

der : Paribrajak Kumar Srikrishna Prasanna Sen (Swami Krishna- 

nanda), author of Bhakti o Bhakta, Paribra/aker Gita etc. 
ihapma Tatwa, (F) (B) ; Rs. 3-3 ; Ramanath Mozumdar Street, 

•hapma Viehar, (M) (M) ; Rs. 1-8.— Established : 1912.— Kolha- 

pur. Atmaramsastri Harishastri Pitre. 

hong Song. (M) (G) ; Rs. 3 ; Bombay, a comic paper. — Dinshaw 

Eduiji Earkaria. 
lipuba, (M) (B) ; 10, Kalidas Sinha Lane, Calcutta. 

iamond Hapboup Hitaishi, (W)(B); Rs. 2. Diamond Harbour 

(24 Pergs.) Editor : Mahendranath Tatwanidhi. Printed at 

Diamond Press. 

igambapa Jalna, (M) (G and H); Re. 1-12; Chandabadi, 

Surat. — Mulchand Kisandas Eapadia. 

igest, (M) (G), Rs. 3-8 ; Amraoti.- Hakimchand Jairam Eduiji. 

il-AfPOZ, (M) (U), Rs. 2, Lucknow- Established: 1915, circulation : 

500. Editor and Proprietor ; Muhammad Abdul Halim, Sharar. 

Sub-Editor : Muhammad Siddiq Hasan. Manager : Hakim Siraj- 


llgudaz, (M) (U), Rs. 1-8, Lucknow, Established : 1887, circulation; 

3000. Editor and Proprietor : Muhammad Abdul Halim Sharar. 
Sub-Editor : Muhammad Siddiq Hasan. Manager : Hakim Siraj- 


ll-i-Apam. (M)(G); Rs. 3, Bombay. — Ratanshah Faramji Acharya. 

'in MitPa, (W) (M) ; Rs. 2; Established: 1911.— Mukund Ganapat 

tnyanodaya, (W) (M. & E.) Ahmednagar. English Editor : Rev. 
R. A. Huive, m.a., d.d. Marathi Editor : Rev. N. V. Tilak, 




Hast, The (S) (K) ; Rs. 8 ; Armanitola, Dacca— B. C. Roy. 

East and West. (M) (K); Rs. 12 ; Harrington, Simla. 

Eastern Bengal and .\ssam Era. Tho (S) (E) ; Rs. 10 : Dacca,- 

E. C. Kemp. 
Eastern Chronicle. The (W) (E); Rs. 5: Karimsranj. Sylhot,- 

H. C. Sinha. 
Echo, The (M) (B) ; Rs. 2 ; Bombay.— J. C. H. tlo8o)u«i. 
Education Gazette, The (M) (H) ; Re. 1 ; Allahabad. 
Education Gazette. The (W) (B) ; Rs. 2 ; Chinsnrah.— Mukunda 

l)ov Mnkhopadhyaya. Founder: Bhudeva Mnkhopadhyaya. 
Educational Review, The (M) (E) ; 4, Mount Road, Matlras. 
HIphinstonlan, Tho (Twice a Term) (E): As. 8 per issno ; Pnlv 

lished by the Elphinstono College, Bombay. — Started 1904, 

Circulation 550. Professor C. J, Siddon. Manatj<'r : Y. X. Snk- 

Empire, Tho (D)'(E), Rs. 20 ; 25 and 26. Watorloo Street, Calcutta. 
Empress, The (P) (E>; Rs. 16. illustrated.— Established : l'^^ ' 

Editorial OJJlce : 20. British Indian Street, Calcutta. Puhli- 

Thacker Spink & Co., 5 and 8, Government Place, Calcntt.i 
English Mail, The (^') (E) ; Froro Road, Bombay. 
Engrlishman, The (D) (E) .- Rs. SO ; 9. Hare Street, Calcntt.i. 
Empress, The (D) (E) ; Mnr.adpnr (Bankipore). 


Faiz-i-Am. (M) (G); Ro. 1-8; Ahmedabad.— Nurkhan Amirkhan 

Pat ban. 
Tarldpur Hltaishini. (W) (B) ; Rs. 2 ; Paridpnr.— N. C. Majnmdn 
Faujdari Sahayak, (M) (G); Rs. 3-«; Araraotl.— llakimchand Ja 

ram Adnlji. 
Fauji Akhbar, (W) (U) ; Rs. S-4 ; Lahore. 
Fergusson College Magazine, The (y) (M & E); as. 8 a Qoy^ 

Poon.-*. — Professor Krishnaji Nilkanth Dravid, M. A. 
Firdaus, (M) (G);Rs. 3-8; Bombay.— Dorabji Hustomji Dastur. 
Fraehogard, (Q) (G) ; Re. 1.— Dinshaw Shapurji Mas-ini. Pu' 

liahera : The Parsi Vegetarian and Temperance Society, Bomba;. 
Fursad. (M) (G); Rs. 4; Bombay.— Bomanji Navrosji Kabraji. 


PKRioDicALs. Gu)rati 


alpaLahaPi, (M) (B), Rs. 2-8; 29, Durgacharan Mitra Street, 

Calcntta.— Jnanendranath Basn. 

ambhira, (F) (B) ; Re. 1 ; l, Kaligram, Maldah.— Proprietor and 

Publisher. Krishnaram Sarkar. Established, April 1914. 

andharva Mahavidyalaya. (M) (M); Re, 1-4,— Established : 

1911. Gandharva Vidyalaya, Girgaurn, Bombay.— Vishnu Di- 

gambara Paluskar. 

ardnep's Magazine, The (M) (B) ; Re. 1 ; Gopal Tagore Road, 


arhwali, (M) (H) ; Re. 1 ; Dehra Dun. 

aura Duta, (W) (B) ; Re. 1-8 ; Maldah, 

aura Hitkapi, (M) (H); Re. 1-4 ; Agar ; Malwa. circulation 900. 

Started 1912. Proprietor : Narayan Pd. Gaur, Editor: Ganesh 

Datt Sharma Gaur. Manager : Pyarelal Gaur. 

OVardhanmala, (M) (M) ; Re. 1-3; Bombay.— started : I9l0. 

Circulation: 1000. Editor and Proprietor. Anantdas, Ramadasi 

alias Dattatraya Moreshwar Lohokare. Printed in the Siddha- 

nath Press, Wai, Satara. 

pant Medical College Magazine, The (H) (B) ; Rs. 2 ; Poona,— 

G. P. Phadke. 

peat Indian Peninsula Railway Magazine, The (M) (E); Rs. 3; 

Bombay.— G. W. Dawson. 

piha Laksmi, (M) (H) ; Re. 1-8 ; Allahabad.— Srimati Gopal Deyi 

(Mrs. Sudarsanacharya). 

Plhastha, (M) (B); Rs. 2 ; 24, Middle Road, Calcutta.— Publisher : 
i Kshetra Nath Basu. 
(pihini Ratnamala, (M) (M) ; Re. 1-4 ; Bombay.— -Mrs. Sitabai 

fujapati. The (W) (E and G) ; Rs. 5. Circulation 16,000.— Manilal 

Ichcharara Desai, B.A., Sub-Editor : Ambalal B, Gavne, Asst, 

Editor : Natawar D. Desai. 
ruipati Punch, (W) (G and E) ; Re. 1-8 ; Ahmedabad,— Motilal 

Maganlal Shah. Sub-Editor Dahyabhai Lakshman Bhai Patel. 


Gujratmitra Indian i.itkraky year book. 1918. 

GujratmitPa. (W) (G); Rs. 4: Surat.— Uttamram Cmedrs 

Gujpat Shalapatra. (M) (G); Re. I ; Ahmedabad.— Kaikhushm 

Ardeshir Bala. B.A. ; Principal P. R. Tr. Cose. 
Gulshan. (M) (G and E); Rs. 814 Naosari, Bombay.— Illnstrated. 

Editor and Proprirtor : Dinshaw Kunwarjl Bhagalia. Ladies 

Number and Parsi New Year Number 4. 
Gulzap. (M) (G); Re. 1-8; Amraoti.— Abdullah Ismail. 
Gup Sup. (F) (G) ; Rs. 8-12 ; Bombay comic. Tllu.strated. Circula- 
tion : 1000.— Proprietor and Editor : Phirozeshah J. B. Marzaban. 

M.A, Publisher: Bejanji B. Contractor. Billard House, For 



Habi-ul-Matin, (W) (U) ; Calcutta. 

Hakim. (M) (B); 114-15; Machuabazar Street. Calcutta. 

Harshanad. (M) (G) ; As. 12 ; Baroda. 

'Hasyavinod. (M) (M); Re. 1-4.— Established : 1915.— Bhangbadi 
Bombay. — Ja^annath Rajjhunath Ajgaonkar. 

Herald. The (D) (E) ; Rs. 15, also (S) (B). Rs. 5 ; Publishers: I 
Sen it Bro.s.. Fari<labad, Dacca. 

Herald of India. The (M) (E) ; 309, Civil Lines. Cawnpore. 

Hindi Bangrabasi, (W) (H) ; Rs.Z; Foreign Rg. 4-8; 38-2. Bh 
wani Charan D.itta Street. Calcutta. Editorial Staff: Hari 
Krishan Jahar. Guru Govind Lall lUuatrated. ^falmger: Baro- 
da Prasad Bose. PropnVtors : Baroda Prosad Bose and Mahcndra 
K. Bose. 

Hindi Graphic. (M)(G& E): Circulation. 16.000. R«. «; poti 
Mansions. Grant Road. Bombay. —Proprietreas and Editor: Mi.v 
Bai Limjibhai Palamkote. 

Hindi Kesari, (W) (H) ; R8.2 ; Benares City.— Gangaprasad Gupt.i 

Hindi Punch, (D) (E and G) ; Rs. 8 ; Frcro Street, Fort, Bomi 

Hindi Sahitya Sammelan Patrika. (M) (H); Johnsto 

Hindi Samachar. (W) (H) ; Ks. 2 ; Deliii. Started 1914. Circal 
tion : 2000. Bdtfor : P. Vlshwambhar Dayal Sharma. Sand 



pRRioDiGALs. Humanity 

Sanip Shartua. Proprietor : Mathumal Bhansali. Printed in 

" Avt Printing Works." 
iindi Vaidya Kalpatapu, (M) (H) ; Re, 1-9 ; Alunedabad.— Jata- 

sankar Liladhar Trivedi. 
iind Nagrarik, (P) (M) ; Re. 1-4.— Established : 1912.— Mohpa. 

Dist. Nngpur.— Kislian Pagu Mahar. 
lindu. The (D) (E) ; Rs. 20 ; Mount Road, Madras, 
iindu, (W) (H and U), Lahore, 
lindu Message, (W) (H). Rs. 6. Srirangam. Started 25th October, 

1917. -K. Sundararama Aiyar, M. A. & T. K. Bala Subrahmaniya 

Aiyar, H.A. 
lindu PatPika, (M) (B) ; Rs. 2 ; Jessore.— Rai-Bahadur jadunath 

Moziundar, Jt.A., B.L. 
[indu Patriot, The (W) (E) ; Rs. 12 ; 147, Baranasi Ghosh Street, 


lindu Ranjika, (W) (B) ; Re. 1-8 ; Rajshahi.— K. M. Maitra. 
[indu Sakha, (M) (B) ; Kaikala, Hughll ; Re. 1 ; Started 1315 B.S. 

Circulation 500— Rajkumar Vedatirtha. Proprietors: Shyama 

Ch. Vidyaratna and liajkumar Vedtirtha; Manager: Ashutosh 

Mukherjee. Printed at Ghosh Press, Calcutta. 

indutSpipitual Magazine, The (M) (E) ; Rs.5.— PH/)[/s/ier : T.K. 

Biswas, Anand Ohatterji Lane, Bagbazar, Calcutta.— Motilal Ghose. 

industhani Akhbap Saudagap, (D)(G); Rs. 13; Port, Bom- 
bay. — Publishers ; Ratanlal & Co, 

industhan Review, (M) (E). Rs 5. 7, Elgin Road, Allahabad— 

Sachcliidananda Sinha, Bar-at-Law. 

ind Vijay, (W) (G) ; Rs. 2, Baroda.— D. K, Seth, 

ita Chintak, (M) (K) ; Rs. 1-8. Naugundi Koppa, Dist. Belgaum. 

itavad, (W) (E) ; Nagpur. 

Itavadi, (W) (B) ; Rs. 2 ; 70, CoJootolla Street, Calcutta.-Chan- 

drodaya Vidyavinod. 

itkapini Patrika, (M) (H) ; Rs. 3; Organ of the Bitkarini 

Habha, Jubbnlpur. Editor Rai Saheb R. P. Dvivedi, B.A. 

Sub-Editor : Narmada Prasad Misra Visharad. 

olkap College Magazine, (Q) (E & M) Rs.2. Indore.— V.D. Ghate. 

umanity. (P) (E) ; Madras. 


Indiaman inihan i.itkuauv year book, 1918. 


Indiaman, The (^V) (E) ; lioyal Exchange Palace, Calcutta. 
Indian Agricultural World, The (M)(B); Rs. 10; Triplican< 

Madras, 8. K.-Circiilation ; 500.— P. A. V. Iyer. 
Indian Agriculturist, The (M) (E) ; Rs. 12; 6, Chowringhi Roa, 

Indian and Eastern Engineer, The (M) (E); Rs. 10; «, Man;,^ 

Lauo, Calcutta. — J. Wyut'ss. 
Indian Antiquary, The tM) (E) ; Rs. 20 ; British India Pi 

Ma/.agon, Bombay.— Sir R. C. Temple, CLE.; and Devad; 

Ramkrisbna Hliaiularkar, M.A. 
Indian Daily News, The (D) (E) ; Rs. 18; 19, British India 

Street, Calcutta. 
Indian Daily Telegraph, The (D)(E); Rs. 24 ; Forsyth Ro* 

Indian Echo, (W) (E) Rs. 8. Started 1908, circulation 1500- 

Kunjabihari Bose, 
Indian Education, The (M) (E);R8. 6— Publishers: Longma. 

Green & Co., Bombay. 
Indian Emigrant. The (M) (E) ; Rs, 5.— T. K. Swaminathan, :; 

Broadway, Madras. 
Indian Empire, The (W) (E) ; Rs. 4; 8, Mohan Lai Mitter Lan- 

Indian Engineering, The(M) (E), 256, Bowbazar Street, Ot 

cutta.— C. J. A. Pritchard. 
Indian Industries and Power, The (M) (E);Rs. 0; Bomlia 

Editor: H. J. Davis. Managing Proprietor: W. H. Lawlee 

Manager: M. Novouha. 
Indian Interpreter, (Q) (E). 
Indian Journal of Medical Research. The (Q) (E); Rs.* 

P. O. Box. 64, Calcutta.— Organ of the Indian Research Fui 

Association. Editor: D. G., I. M. S., and Sanitary Commi.ssion' 

■with tiie Government of India. Secy, toithe Editorial Board : >' 

P. Norman White, c.l.K., l.M.s., Asst., D.o. I.m.h. (Sanitary). Pn 

shcrs : Thacker Spink & Co. Established July, 1018. 




Indian Juvenile Templar, The (M) (K) ; As. 12; Bombay.— W. T, 

Indian Ladies Magazine, Tlie (Q) (E) ; Rs. 4-8 ; Cathedral Post 

OtUce, Madras. 
Indian Loyalist, (W) (G) ; Rs. 3.— Ganeshlal Jethabhai, Wadwan. 
Indian Masonic Review, The (M) (E) ; Rs. 6 ; Bombay.— Arthur 

W. Wise and R. D. Hughes. 
Indian Medical Gazette, The (M) (E) ; Rs. 12 ; 5 and 6, Govern- 
ment Place, Calcutta. 
Indian Medical Journal, The (M) (E) ; Rs. ^' ; Bombay. Proprie- 
tors : the All-Tndia Sub-Assistant Surgeons' Association. — 
Started : 1907. Circulation 2,500. Editors : Rao Saheb Surju 
Prasad, and N. K. Karandikar. Manager : P. S. Ramachandrier. 
Indian Medical Record, The (M) (E); Rs. 5; 2, Harokumar 
Tagore Sq., Corporation Street, Calcutta. — Proprietors : Kavi- 
raj A. C. Bisharad. 
Indian Messenger, The (W) (E) ; Organ of the Sadharan Brahmo- 

.Samaj ; Rs. 5 ; 211, Cornwallis Street, Calcutta. 
Indian Mirror, The (D) (E) ; Rs. 24. [The Oldest Indo-English 
Daily started in India.] 55, Creek Row, Calcutta. — Satyendra 
Nath Sen, B.A. 
Indian Music Journal, (M) (K) ; Mysore. 

Indian Patriot, The (D & T) (E) ; 23, Irrabalu Chetti Street, 
Madras.— Dewan Bahadur C. Karmakar Menon, b.a. Sub- 
Editor.— S. Ranga Iyer. 
Indian Philoeratist. The (Q) (E) ; one anna per issue ; Bom- 
bay.— T. R. N. Cama. 
Indian Planters' Gazette, and Sporting :\ews. The (W) (E) ; 
Rs. 20 ; 1, Lalbazar Street, Calcutta.— I^»"opr£etors : H. E. Abbot. 
Manager : D. C. Bose. 
Indian Railway Gazette, The (M) (E) ; Rs. 5 ; 6-3, Sudder Street, 

Indian Review, The (M) (E); Rs. 5; 29, Sankurama Chetty 

Street, ^ladras.— G. A. Natesan. 
Indian Royal Chronicle, and official world, (P) (B) ; Rs. 25 ; 
Illustrated ; 10, British Indian Street, Calcutta. Started 


Indian indian litrkaky ykak book, 1918. 

1888. Publishers: Lewis & Co. Printers, Calcutta Printiiiir 

Indian Social Reformer. The (W) (B) ; Rs. 5, Empire limidin^. 

Fort Bombay. — K. Natarajan. 
Indian Sportsman, Tlie (\V) (lO) ; Us. 20 ; Lalbazar, Calcutta. 
Indian Stationer and Printer. The (M) (K) ; Ro. 1-8 : []om))av 

H. Hill. 
Indian Textile Journal, The(M)(E); Rs. 9; Mcactow .-mh. 

liombay.— Sorabji M. K:it;iiagar & C. E. Wallace. 
Indian Textile Journal, the (M) (G) ; Rs. S-13 ; Meadow 

Street. Bombay.— M. C. RatuaRar & Co. 
Indian Thought. (Q) (S and K) : Rs. 10; " Mithila," Qeon 

Town, Allahabad.— Mahamahopadhyaya Dr. Ganga Nath Jhu. 

M,A., D.LrrT. 
Indian Trade Journal. The (W) (E) ; Rs, 6; Calcutta. 
Indian Witness. The (W) (E); Rs. 6; Methodist Publishiiij; 

House. Lucknow.— Rev. F. B. Price, u.D. 
IndU (M) (H) ; Rs. 8-8 : Benares, 
IndU Prakash, (D)(EaadM): Rs. «. Publi8her$: Indu Vijar 

Co. Ltd., 8H8, Girgaum Road, Bombay.— Mr. Padhye. 
Industrial Mirror, The ; (M) (E) ; Rs. 2 ; Attungal, Travauei»r 

Editor & Proprietor.-'A. Siva Ram Krishna Iyer. 
Industry, (M) (E); S, Mohan Lai Mitter's Street, Calcutta. 
Intikhab-i-Lajwab, (W) (U); lis. 4. Lahore, started 189,>. Illus- 
trated. Editor: Haji Maqbul Alam. Manager : Abdul Aziz. 
Islam Darsan, (M) (B) ; Calcutta— Shaik Abdur Rahim. 
Islamic News, (\V) (G) ; Rs. y; Amraoti. —Abdullah Lsmail. 
Ismaeli Satpanth Prakash. (.M) (G) Rs. 2-4 ; Bombay— Valibh 

Nanjee, and Harjibhai i'uuja. 
Ismail-i-Sitaro. (M) (G) ; Rs. 8 ; Bombay.— Ibrahim Joo.sab Van 
Israelite, The (M) (E & M) Rs. 2 : Bombay— D. S. Erulkar. 
Itlhasani Aitihasik. (M) (M);Rs. 2. Published by Katkarvot- 

tejak Sabha, Dhulia (Khundesh). Establishe<i 1916—8. S. 
Itihas-sangraha. (M) (,M); Rs. 4.— Established : 1908,— K 

Lane, Bombay.— Rao-Bahadur Dattatraya Balavaut Pa 

Publisher: Tukarnm Javji. Oirculatiou : 1,000. 



I'KiaoDk'Ai.s. Jaginpup 

Jagradadarsa, (W) (M). — Estahlisbed : 1882,— Ahmadn agar.— 
Kashinath B. Limaye. 

Jagad-VPitta, (W) (M) ; Rs. 2-5 ; Dalai Street, off Apolle Street, 
Bombay. — Arjnnrao Kelusliker. 

Jagajjyotih, (M) (B) ; Rs, 2 ; 5, Lalitmohan Das Lane, Calcutta.— 
Gwnalankar Mahasthabir. 

Jagrapan, (W) (B) ; Bagerhat. 

Jaina Bodhak, (M) (M) ; Rs. 1-8, Solapm*— Jivaraj Gantamcbaiul 

Jaina Confepenee Hepald, (M) (d) ; Re. 1-4; Bombay.— Mohan- 
lal Dulichaiifl Desai. 

Jaina Dhapma Ppakas, (M) (G) ; Re. 1-4 ; Bhavanagar, Pub- 
lished, by the Jaina Dharma Prasarak Sabha. 

Jaina Gazette, The (M) (E) ; Rs, 2 ; Lucknow,— Ajit Prasad, 

M.A., LL.B. 

Jaina Gazette, (W) (H) ; Rs. 3 ; Aligarh, 

Jaina Hitaishi, (M) (H) ; Re. 1-8 ; Bombay.— Nathuram Premi. 

Jaina Hitaishini, (M) (K); Mysore. 

Jaina HiteehehllU. (M)(G) ; As. 8.— Editor «& Proprietor: Vadilal 

Motilal Shah, Bombay. Suhscrihers : 3,,500. 
Jaina Hiteehehhu,(M) (G); Re. 1-8; Ahraedabad— Motilal Man- ^ 

sukhlal Sliah. 
Jaina Ppabhat» (M) (H) ; Re. 1-4 ; Siirat.— Snrajmal Jain. 
Jaina Review (M) (G) ; Rs. 2, Bombay— Dharam Chand Par- 

shotam Shah Godliaviwala. 
Jaina Samaj (M) (H) ; Rs. 1-1 Bombay— Tekchandra Singhi, B.A. 
Jaina Samsap (M) (H) ;Rs. 1-10 Bombay— Nem Chand Kothare. 
Jaina Sutra, (W) (H) ; Rs. 2 ; Bombay. 
Jam-e-Jamshed, (D) (G & E) ; Rs. 24; Illustrated circulation 

6,000. Started Mareli 1832 Billavd House, Port, Bombay.— 

Pliorozeshah Jahangir Marzban M. A., Proprietor : I. B. Mars^aban. 

Editor : Publishers : J.B. Marzbaii & Co. 
Jangda Samaehap, (M) (H) ; Delhi. 

Jangipup Sambad, (W) (B); Re. 1-8. Started 132i B.S. Raghu- 


Janmabhumi Indian mtkkaky year book, 1918. 

nathsanj, Murshidabaid.—Eifitor and Proprietor : Sarat Chan 

dra Pandit. 
Janmabhumi, (M) (B) ; 39. Manik Basus Ghat Street, Calcutta- 

Jatindra Nath Datta. 
Jasus, (M) (H) ; Rs. 2 : Gahmar. U. P. 
Jayaji Pratap. (\V) (H & K); Rs. 3; Gwalior. 
Jehavah Jereh, (M) (E); Poona.— John E. Norton. 
Jhankap, (M){B); Rs. 2-6 : 65-1, Bochu Chatterji Street, Cal- 
cutta.— Yatindranath Pal and tiatyacharan Cliakravartv 

Manager : Baradakaiita Alajumtlar. 
Jinasu. (M) ((J); As. 8; Bhavai»as:ar.— Pranjivan Uddhavji Thakka 
Jin Vljay, (W) (M); ile. l-S; BelRaum.- A.P. Clianglo. 
Jivan, (M)(G); Re. I; Baroda— Chimanlal Trimbaklal. 
Jivan Tatwa. (W) (U); Rs. 3: Lahore; started 1905.— brimaa 

Amar Siiif;h]i, Workor, Deva .^^aniaj. Manager — Mana Dev. 
Jnananjan. (M) (M): Re. 1-4. Established : 1912.— Bhangbat 

Bomi)ay. — Jagannath Raghnnath Ajgaonkar. 
Jnanmitra, (W) (M) ; Rs. 2 ; Sanivariwth, I'oona.— Narayan Val: 

vant Chavvan. 
Jnan Prakash, (\V) (M): u^. ".»: nndhvar Poth, Poon.i.— (...p . 

Krishna Dovadhiir. 
Jnansagrar, (W) (M); U«. l-lo.— Established: 1871.— Kohlapu 

— Vishnu Vithal Maiitii, 
Jnansandhan. (W) (M) ; Rs. 2 ; Girgaum Bombay.— Danioda 

Vishnn Gadre. 
Jnan Shakti, (M) (H) ; Rs. 2-8; Gorakhpur.-Sivakuinar tihastri. 
Jnan Sudiia. (M) (tl); Re. I : Ahmedabad, Gujrat.— The Hon'ble 

Rao-Baiiadiir Ranianbhai Mahipatraiii Nilkantha. n.\., i.\..\\. 

Published by tho Pi*arthana Samaj. 
Jnan Vardhak. (M) (Ci);Ks. .**. ; Bombav. — KaiKimsni .Nusscrwaiiji 

Jnati Bandhu (.M) ((i) Re. 1-8.— Jinsanlal Xathalal. Vakil. 
Jote. (!<') (Si) ; As. 12 : Hyderal»ad. Siiulh.— Stm t.>d 1896. Cir.ul . 

tion 500 ; Parmanand Mowaraiu. 
Journal and Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengral* 

Tlio (M) (E) ; Rs. 24 ; Park Strcot, Calcutta. 



Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society, The (Q) (E) ; 

Rs. 10, each number illustrated ; Bombay.— W. S. Milard, R.A. 

Spence, and N. B. Kinnear. 
Journal of the Indian Mathematical Club, The (M) (B) ; Rs, 6 ; 

23, Malesvaram, Bangalore.— M. T. Naraniengar, M.A. ; Manager : 

P. V. Seshu Aiyar, b.a, l.t., 87, Venkatachala Ohetty Street, 

Triplicane, Madras. 
Journal of the Iranian Association, The (M) (E & G) ; Rs. 3 ; 

Bombay.— P. A. Wadia. 
Journal of the Poona Sarvajanie Sabha, The (Q) (E) ; Rs. 2-8.— 

N. C. Kelkar. 
Journal of the South Indian Institute, (Q) (E). 
Jyoth, (W) (B) ; Rs. 2 ; Chittagong,— K. P. Chakravarty. 
Jyotirmala, (M) (M); Re. 1-8; Dadar Bombay.— jEditor, Proprietor, 

and Manager : Yasovant Keshav Pradhan. Started April, 1915. 

Circulation— 1,000, Chief Assts.— Ram Narayan, V. R. Deshpande, 

JN'. G. Vasaikar, Printed at Vaidya Bros' Press, Thakurdwar, 

Bombay No. 2. 
Jyotirvijaya, (M) (M) ; Rs. 2.— Established : lOll.-Ganesh Sastri 

nesingkai- : Desing Kave mahakal. 
Jyotisastra Payonidhi, (M) (K) ; Mysore. 
Jyotish Ratnabhandar, (M) (M) ; Re. l ; Wai, Satara.- Gajanan 

Lakshman Karandikur and Shankar Balawanta Joglekar. 


Kadambari Sang'raha, (M) (K) ; Re. 1-4 ; Mysore. 

Kadva Hiteehehhu, (M) (G) ; Re. 1-4; Ahmedabad.— Chimanlal 

Kadva Vijay, (M) (G) ; Re. 1-4 ; Ahmedabad.- Motilal Kalidas 

J'atel. Mamigcr : Purshotam Lallubhai Patel.. 
Kaisar-i-Hind, (W) (E and G); Elphinstone Circle, Bombay.-D. E. 

Kajer Lok, (M) (B) ; Rs. 2-8; 17, Oekur Dutt Lane, Calcutta. 
Kalwar Mitra, (M) (H) ; Re. 1-8 ; Muthiganj, Allahabad. 
Kalyani, (M) (B) ; 71-1, Baniatola Street, Calcutta. 
Kalyani, (W) (B) ; Magura, Jessore. 


Kanika inpun i.itkrary year book. 1918. 

Kanika, (M) (B); Calcutta. 

Kannada Kogrlle, (M) (K) ; Maugalore (.s. c.) 

Kanyakubja Hitakari. (M) (H) ; Re. 1-8 ; Cawnpore, Ko. of copi. 

issued : .1,300. Editor and Manager : Gauri Shanker Avast lii. 
Kanyamanoranjan. (M) (II) ; Re. 1-4 ; Published by the Oukar 

Press, Allahabad. 
Kanya Sarwaswa, (M) (H) ; R. . l^; Colonelganj, 

Srimati Yasoda Devi. 
Kanya Sikshak, {M)(M); Re. I-8.— started M.iroh : 1015.- Origan 

of the Training College for Women, Poona. Circulation 700. It 

is printed at the Aryabhusban Press. Hon. Editor: At. K. K&- 

khani.s, B. A. Axsistanl Editor: Miss R. Reuben, B. A., Ha, 

Mauufjer : Miss M. N'(>\vland. 
Kapole Mitra Anekapole. (M) (G); Re. 1-8 ; Bombay.— Prabhndn 

Ladhabhai Mod^. 
Karachi Chronicle, The (W) (K) ; Rs. 8; Huudar Road, Kara<hi. 
Karnamuk. (W) (M); J{k. 2-5.- Establishefl : 1891.— Budhbar Petl 

Poona. — llari Narayan Apte. ' 

Karmakar-Bandhu. (M) (B); 16, Circular Garden Reach Road 

Kidderpore, Calcutta. 
Karnataka, (S) (K) ; Bangalore City. 
Karnatak Chandrika. (M) (K) ; Re. l-4. .Mysore, started, IliO: 

Circulation — 1,000. Nanjangud Srikantha Khastri. Printen- 

Graduates' Trading Association Press. 
Karnatak Granthamala, (M) (K) ; Rs. 2-8. Mysore. 
Karnatak Sahltya Parlshad Patrlka. ((^) (K). Ra. 8. Baugalor 

— R. Raghunathrao. 
Karnatak Vaibhava, (NY) (M) ; Bijapore. 
Karnatak Vrltha S. Dhananjaya. (NY) (K). Dharwar.-K. li 

Kartavya, (W) (M): Rs. 2.— Established: 1915.—" Vasudevasram, 

Amraoti, Berar. -liamchandra Vasudov Kolhatkar. 
Kasad, (M) (C.) ; Ro. 1-8 ; Surat — K<'valbhai Rupalbhai Patol. 
Kaslpup Nlbasi, (W)(B); Rs. 2; Kasipur, Harisal.— P. C. Mukerjee. 
Kathlawad Vartaman. (NV)(G); Hs. 8 ; Ahmedabad.— Hhaishan- 

kar Chhaganlul Rawal. 


I'KiMODicALs. Kistna 

i(owkab-i-Hind, (W) (U) ; Rs. 2 ; Methodist Publishing House, 

Luckuow. — Rev. T. R. Chitambar, m.a. 
[avya-patnavali, (M) (M) ; Re. l-4.-Established : 1890.— Jalgaon. 

East Khandesh.— Narayau Narasinha Pbadnis. 
[avya-sudharnava, (M) (M) ; Rs, 2-4.— Established: 1910.— 

Bhangawadi, Bombay.— Jagannath Raghunath Ajgaonkar. 
[ayastha Hitakari, (W) (U) ; Rs. 3-4 ; Gwalior. 
[ayastha Pathsala Magrazine, The (M) (E) ; Allahabad, 
layastha Patrika, (M) (B) ; Rs. 2, started in 1309 B. S. No. of 

copies issued 1200. 46, Grey Street, Calcutta. Organ of the Banga- 
i deshiya Kayastha Sabha. Editorial Commissioner. Nagendra- 

nath Basu, Prachyavidya Maharnava ; Hirendranath Datta, 

Upendra Ch. Mitra Shastri. Printed at the Samaj Press. 
:elavni» (M) (G) ; Ro. 1-4 ; Palace Road Baroda. started: 18S7, 

circulation, 1500, Editor, Proprietor aitd Manager : Kalyaniai 

N. Joshi, B.A. 
;epala Kokila ani Naven Manwantar, (M) (M) ; Rs. 2-8.- 

Established : 1915.~Budhvar Peth, Poona.— Krishnaji Narayan 

Athvale. Publishers : The Hind Agency, 
.esari, (W) (M) ,- Rs. 2 ; Narayan Peth, Poona.— Narasinha Chiji- 

taman Kelkar, b.a,, ll.b. 

hadayta Mitra, (M) (G) ; Re. 1-4 ; Bombay.— Bhailal Vrindavan- 

das Kothari. 

haki opinion, (M) (E) ; Rs. 3 ; Poona— J. P. Stedman. 

halsa Advocate, The (W) (E^ ; Lahore. 

handes Baibhav, (W) (M) ; Rs. 2.— Established : 1868.— Dhulia. 

— Yadav Balkrishna Bahalkar. 

heda VaPtaman, (W) (G); Re. 1-13; Kheda.— Somchand Paua- 


helgadi, (M) (M) ; Established : 1909. Re. 1-10; Girgaum, 

llniiibay. — Barapalavankar. 

hetwadi Traimasik, (Q) (G) : Re. 1 ; Baroda. 

hetwadi Vijnana, (M) (G) ; Rs. 2-8; Rajkot.— Dulcray Chhotala 


hulnabasi, (W) (B) ; Khulna. 
istna PatPika, (W) (Te) ;Masnlipatam. 


Kohlnoor Indian litkrary year book, 1018. 

Kohinoor. (M) (B); Pansa, Faridpur.— Rausban Ali C 


Koli Subodh. (M) (G); Re. 1-4 : Jalalporo (Sarat).— Jivanj 

Dnllabhai Patel. 

Krishak, (M) (B) ; Rs. 2 ; 162,Bo\vbazarStreet. Calcutta.— Nikn 
r.ihari Datta, m.r.a.s. 

Krlshl Sampad,(M) (B); Rs. 3. Raja Lane. Dacca.— Establish, 

1317 B. S. Circulation 1000, Editor and Proprietor: XisikanJ 

Kshatra Duta, (Q) (M) ; As. 12 ; Bombay. -Editor and Proprietot 

Mukunda Janartlan Gurogaokar. Started 1904. 
Kshatriya Samaehar, (M) (H) ; As. 8; Patna. 
Kusadaha, (M) (B) ; Re. 1 ; 28, Sukea JStreet, Calcutta.— Yogindi 

Nath Kunclii. 
Kutehi Jain Mitra. f>r) fO): Rs. 4-8.— Bombay Jutha bai n< 


Lakshmi, (M) (H) Rs. 2-8, illustrated; Aurangabad, Gaya.— Pr. 

prietor : Laksmi Narayan Lai. 
Larkana Gazette. (W) (E & SI) Larkana.— Dewan Tahilra 

Mnlchand Tanwamalani. 
Law Weekly, The, (\V) (K) Madras. 
Leader. The (D) (E) ; Rs. 21 ; 14-A, South Road, Allahabad.— C 

Legal Miscellany and Review, The (M) (E) ; Rs. 5 ; Calcutta. 
Library Miscellany, The (Q) (E. c;. M.) : Rs. 2 ; Mandavi R. 

Baroda.— J. 8. Kudalkar, ma., i.i..h. Publisher and Mana< 

B. M. Dadaohanji, B.A. 
Light to the Blind. {Q)(E) ; Rs. 2.— Mysore ; it is the oflicial oi 

».r the Indian Association of workers for the Blind, star 

.lairaary 1917, circulation .'iOO. Editor and Manager : P. N. 


Literary Review, The (M) (E)iBombay. 

Lokamltra. (M) (M); Re. l-S.- Kstablishfd : 1891.— Khanapu 
Bolgaum.— Dattatraya Govinda Sadckai . 



PERionicALs. Maharastpiya 

okappakasam (M) (E and Ma) ; Ks. 4-8 ; Trichur. Started April 
1912, copies issued 2500.— Editor and Proprietor : T. Neelakandha 
Vaidyesvvar Aiyai*, Assistant Editors : P. S. Shamoo Aiyar and 
B. T. C. Atehutha Menon. Manager : P. S. Shamoo Aiyar. 

oka Sewak, (W) (M) ; Bombay. 

Okashikshan, (M) (M), Rs. 2-8, District Dharwar.— Editor and 
Proprietor : Janardan Vinayak Oke, m.a.; Circulation : 1,500. 


adhukap, (M) (M) ; Re. 1-13.— Established ; 1913.— Dadar, Bom- 
bay.— PropHetoi* and Editor: M. G. Gore, Publisher. — Shanker 
Ganesh Gochide. 
adhupvani, (M) (K) ; Mysore, 

:adpas Law Joupnal, The (W) (E), Madras, 

ladpas Law Times, (W) (E), Madras, 

:adpas Mail, The (D) (E) ; Rs. 51-8 ; North Beach Road, Madras. 

[adpas Times, The (Twice Daily) (E); 159, Mound Road, Madras.— 
W. F. Graham, I. c. s. (retired). 

[adpas Weekly Notes, The (W) (E), Madras. 

lahajan Bandhu, (M) (B) ; 24, Golak Datta Lane, Calcutta.— Raj 
Krishna Pal. 

lahajyotih, (M) (G) ; Rs. 2 ; Ahraedabad,— Editor : Himatlal 
Vrajavallabh Virnavala. Princcd atShriSatya Prakash Printing 

[ahakal, (M)(G);Rs. 2; Baroda.— Shakalchand Harilal. Pub- 
lished by the Sreyahsadhak Adhikari Varga. 

lahamandal Magazine, (M) (E) ; Rs. 2-8. Benares, Started 1911, 
Circulation ; about 2000. — Kunja Bihari Bose. 

'lahapaja's College Magazine, The (M) (K) ; Mysore. 

lahapashtpa, (\Y) (M) ; Rs. 2.— Established : 1914.— Nagpur.— 
Gopal Anant Ogale. 

laharastpa Sapaswat, va Mahapastpa Kavi, (M) (S & M) ; As. 
an issue ; Poona.— Khanderao Chintaman Mahendale. 

'lahapastPiya Sapaswat, (M) (M). Publishers : The Bharat 
Itihas Sansodhak Mandal, Sanivar Peth, Poona. 


Maheswari Indian litbkaky year book, 1918. 

Maheswapi, (Mi(H): Re, 1; Aligarh-Mangilal Sharma. i> 

/isH'T : Bliagiralhdas Bhatra. 
Mahila. (M) (B) ; ?., Ramanath Mazumdar Street. Calcutta. 
Mahilasakhl, (M (K) ; Mysore. 
Mahishya Bandhab. (M) (B) ; Diamond Harbour. — Maheiu! 

Nalh Tattwanidhi. 
Mahishya-Mahila (.M) (B) : Udayapur, Kumari, Nadia. 
Mahishya Samaj, (.M) (B) ; 27, Police Hospital Road, Calcuita. 
Makaranda. (M) (M); Rs. 2-8.— Eastablished : 1008.— ^^ 

Satara.— Xaraliar Narayan Patvardhan. 
Walabar Herald. TJ»e (W)(K); Rs. 4 ; 9, Petercollio Street 

Cochin.— K. W. Nigli. Proprietor : Ittoop Mapilli. 
Malaneha, (M)(B;; Rs. 3; Illnstratod;- Editor : Kalipra-sai 

Da.s (Snpta, M.A. Staff~P. C. Mozumdar M.A. B.L., S. N. S. 

B.A.. K. K. Sen and P. N. Das Gupta. Pub/ishers.— Sahitya V 

char Saniity, Limited, .?4. Strand Road, Calcutta. 
Maldaha Samaehar, (W) (B); Rs. 2 ; Maldah.— K. P. Chak 

Manasi o MarmabanI, (M) (B), Rs. 14— 14a Ramtann Basu Lai. 

Calcutta.— Maharaja .Tag.ulindra Xafh Roy of Nattore. Manag' 

Subodh Chandra Datta and Prabhat Kumar Mukherji. 
Manbhum, (W) (E) ; Purulla. 

Mandalay Times. The (Thrice W) (E) ; Rs. 10; Mandalay. 
Mandarmala. (M) (B) ; 45-5, Simla Street. Calcutta. 
Man)ubhashini,(\V) (S); Rs. 8 ; Conjoeveram. —Kdttor and P; 

lirirt')!- : P. B. Anaiitacharya Swamin. 
Manoranjan, (M) (H) Rs. 2-8; Arrah.-Iswariprasad Sharm 
Manoranjan, (M) (M); Rs. 4.— Established : 1S95.-2m(I 

of Mr. Korsondas Natha's Bungalow Sandhurst Road P. 

— Kashinath Raghunath Mitra. 
Maratha. (M) (M) ; Rs. 2.--Estal.lish(^d : l»14.~ CiMii.iipiif.; 

Bombay. -Sambhajirao Ganpatrao alias Krishnanuj Kelkar. 
Maratha Mltra. (M){M); Re. l-in.-Established : 1909.— Ka11< 

devi Road, Bombay.— Gopal Dajiba Dalvi. 
Marathl Shalapatrak, {M>(M); Re. 1-8.— Established ; 1830. 

Chitrashala Press, Poena.— Shankar Narabari Joshi. 




arathi Sikshak, (M) (M) ; Re. 1 ; Poona.— Ganesli Narayan 

Khare, Principal, Training College, Poona, and Dinlcar Shaukar- 


arattha. The (W) (E); Rs. 4; 456, Narayan Peth, Poona.— 

Narasinha Chintamani Kelkax*. 

arwapi, (D) (H) ; Nagpur. 
lapyada, (M) (H) ; Rs. 3 ; Allahabad. 
[asheer-i-Dakhan, (D) (U) ; Rs. 12 ; Hyderabad, Deccan. 

asik Mitra, (M) (G); Rs. 2-8; Bombay.— KaikhusroNaseerwanji 

lauktik, (Q) (G); Rs. 1-2. Bombay.— -Thakorlal Chhotalal 


(edini Bandhab, (W) (B) ; Midnapur. 

leman Prakas. (M) (G); Rs. 2-6; Bombay.— Muhammad Ahmed, 
[evada, (M)(G); As. 8; Ahmedabad.— Manilal Maganlal Tri- 


lillineal Light, The (M) (E) ; Mysore, 
lirpup Khas Gazette, (W) (Si) ; Mirpur Khas (Sindh). -Gurdi- 


lithila MihiF, (W) (H) ; Rs. 2 ; Darbhanga. 
litpa, (W) (H) ; Balaghafc, C. P. 

lo-aprikh, (M) (U) Rs. 0-8. Lncknow. Established 1915, circu- 
lation 800. A purely historical magazine. Mohammad Siddiq 

loda Subheehehhaka, (M) (G) ; Re 1-8 ; Amraoti.— Popatlal 

Hansraj Seth. 
«Odak, (M) (M); Re. 1. -Established: 1914— Malabar Hill, 

Bombay. — Anant Govind Teudulkar. 
SodaVPitta, (W) (M); Re. 1-1.3.— listablished: 1890.— Wui, Sat- 

ara. — Damodar Lakshman Lele. 
Ilodel Masik, (M) (G) ; Rs. 2-8. Boiiibay-Jehangir Sorabjee 

Bedinipope Hitaishi, (W) (B) ; Rs. 2; Banibazar, Midn.ipore. — 

Manmatha Nath Mag. 
Hodepn Review, The (M) (E); Rs. 6; Illustrated, 210-;3-l, Corn- 

wallis Street, Calcutta.— Ramananda Ohattopadhyaya, m.a. 


Hohammadl inj»ian i.itkkahv vkaii book. 1918. 


Mohammadi. (W) (B) ; Calcutta. M. Md. Ekram Khan. 

Morning Post, The. (D) (E) ; Rs. 24 ; Xioholson Road, KaRhra 

(j;ito, IK'llii. Edituv, Mally Ispahany, Proprietor, T. C. Mor 


Moslem HitaishI, (\V) (B) ; 18, Harrison Hn^i, r^.lcutta.-Sl 

Abdiir Raliini. 
M. S. Journal, of the Tropics (M) (E) ; Rs. G ; 46. Beadon Sf 

Calcutta. —S. K. Mallick, .M.D., M.S. 
Mukhbir-i-Alam. (W) (U) ; Rs. 8-12 ; Moradabad, U. P. 
Mukti Samaehar. (M) (U & K) ; As. 6. Ahmadabad ; circul 
2250. The «»lVicial organ of the Salvation Annj', Gn.i 

:md Wostern India T«?rritory.— Col. W. Stovens. 
Mukul, (M), (iJ) ; Rs. 1-8. Brahnio Mission Press, 211. Coruwa 

Street, Calcutta.— Hem Ciiandra Sarkar. 
Mumbai Gujrati, (W) (0); Kort, nonil):i.v.-Bhatjavanlal 

Mumbai Samaehar, (D) (G) ; Rs. 15 ; Frero Road, Fort, Bomb 

— Kaikhiisru Manekji Borjori. 
Mumbai Valbhav, (W) (M) ; Bombay. 
Mumukshu,(W) (M); Re. MS; Sadashiv Peth, Poena Ci 

Lakshman Ramchandra Pangarkar. n.A. 
Muni,(M) (H); Rs. 2. Snrat — Vishwambhar Das Gangiya. 
Murshidabad Hitaishi. (W) (B) ; Khagra, Murshidabad. 
Musalir, (W) (S) ; Hyderabjid (Sindh). 
Mussalman. The, (W) (K); 3, Elliot Read. Calcutta.— Mujil 

Mysore Economic Journal. The, (M) (E); Rs. 4; Bangalo 

Rs. .S for Mysore Stato and Illustrated. Started 1015. C H" 

vadara Rao, Prtiit^r. VakkaligaraSan;jha Press. Alsoawv 

Kaunatia edition printed at Government Press, Bangalore. 
Mysore Star. , W) {]■]) : .My.sore.— PropnV'tor : (5. Virujiakshiaii 


Naba Banga. (W) (B) ; Re. 1-8 ; Chandpur (Tipperah). 
Nabyabharat, (M ) (B); 210-4; Rs. 8 Cornwallis Street, Calcutta. 
Debiprasunna Roy-Chaudhury. 



Jagapi Ppaeharak, (M) (H) ; Rs. 2 ; Luckuow. 

Jagapi Ppaehapini Patpika, (M) (H) ; [Journal of the Nagarj 

Pracharini Sabha, Beuares] Re. 1-8.- Ram Chandra Varma. 
ilagaP Udaya, (M) (G) Rs, 2; Bombay- Gagindara Bholanatb 

^agap Vijay, (M) (G) ; Re. 1-8 ; Ahmedabad.— Dahyabhai Dhan- 

sukram Pandya. 
^amdev, (M) (M); Re, 1.- Established ; 1911.— Lashkar, Poena 

Cantt. — Baburao Atmaram Bachal. 
»Jana Sipal, (M) (G) ; As. 15 ; Ahmedabad circulation : 352.— 

Colonel W. Stevens- 
»andini, (M) (B); Sibpur. Howrah.-Asutosh Das-Gupta Mahala 


!fandini, (M) (K) ; Nanjauagaodu, Mysore. 
Napad, (W) (H) ; He. 1-8 ; Chapra, Behar. Circulation : 3,000. 
Napayan, (M) (B) ; Rs. 3-8 ; 208-2, Cornwallis Street, Calcutta.— 

C. R, Dass, BAR-AT-LAW. 

Nap-i-Jang, (M) (U) ; 9 as. Lahore —Major Glanville. 
Natya-mandip, (M) (B) ; 139, Cornwallis Street, Calcutta. 
Nava Jlvan, (M) (H) ; Rs. 3 ; Benares. 
Nava Jivan ane Satya, (M) (G) ; Rs. 2; Bombay.— Jidulal 

Kanhyialal Yajnik. 
Navan Manvantap, See Keval Kokil. 
Navanita, (M) (H) ; Rs. 2 ; Benares. 

Navapas, (M) (G) ,• Rs. 4; Bombay.— Bomanji Navrosji Kabraji. 
Nava Yuga, (M) (M) ; Rs. 4.— Established : 1914.— Fort, Bombay. 

— Vitthal Jivaji Nadkarini. Publishers : D. Kasinath & Co. 
Navsapi Patrika, (W) (G) ; Rs, 2 ; Navsari, Bombay Presidency.— 

Harivallabhdas Pranjivandas Parekh. 
Nayak, (D) (B) ; 159, Maniktola Street, Calcutta.— Panchkaury 

Banerji, b.a. ' 

New India, The, (D) (E) ; Rs. 18 ; also (W) (E), Rs. 6 ; Adyar, 

Madras.— Mrs. Annie Basant. 
New Refopmep, The, (M) (E) ; Rs. 4 ; 15, Venkatroyan Lane, Park 

Town, Madras.— Gopaul Chetty. Srd April, 1907. 
News of India, The, (W) (E) ; Re. 1-2 ; Marie Lodge, Simla. 


Nibhandha Indian litekarv year hook, 1918. 

Nibandha Mala, (M) (H); Rs. 2 ; Bharatpur.— Jaganuath Das 

Saligrani Sanna. 
Nigamagam Chandrika, (M)(H) ; lis. 2 ; Benares. Started 18JK 

tircuhition 2200; Oayanand. 
Nihap, (W) (Bi; Contai. 
Nil Mysore, (M) ( ) ; Mysoi-e. 
NlPbal Sewak. ( W) (H) ; Rs. 2 ; Dolira Dun. 
Nirmalya. (M) (B) ; Calcutta. 
Noakhaii Sanmilanl, (W) (B); Re, 1-8 ; Noakhall. 
Nup Afshan. (W) (U) ; Rs. 3 ; Liulhiaua. Started 1872. Circulatic 

525. Editor and Hatiager : Rev. E. M. Wherry, D. D. Assiatai 

Editor: Rev. P. K. Singh, Proprietors : American Presbytoria 

Mission. Printod at Mission Stoam Press. 
Nupsing Journal of India, Tlio, (M)(Ci); Rs. 8; Bombay. Star 

1U09. Organ of tlio Trained Nurses' Association of India and 

Association of Nursing Supdts. of India.— Mrs. Barr. 

0' Anglo-Lusitano. (W) (Portugese and l';),R8. 5. 1 Bank Stif' 

Fort Bombay. Started 8th July. 1886. Editor : Dr. W. F. P.. 

L. M. and S. Manager: Ocoubo. Proprietor: Mrs. Holeu 

Obsepvep, The (F) (E) ; Lahore. 
OffleeP. The (M) (Te). 9 As. Bapatla : iii^dr. Tuloy. 
O'Hepaldo, (Portuguese) ; Goa. 
Oriental Tpavelleps' Gazette, The (M) (K); Rs. S.-Thoma 

Cook and Sous, Bombay. 
Oudh Akhbap, (D) (U) ; Rs. 20 ; Hazratganj, Lucknow.— Brijnara 

yan Cluikvast. n.A., LL.B. 
Overland Summary, (W) (E); Rs, 15; British Indian Street 

Oxford and Cambridge Hostel Magazine. The (K) (E) ; Katra 




ibna and Bogpa Hitaishi, (W) (B) ; Rs. 2 ; Pabna.-B. K. Vidya- 

iigham-i-Sulah, (S) (U) Rs. 6. Started in 1913. Editor : M. Dost 
MoJiammad. Assts. M. Abdul Huq and Hakim Mohd. Hussain ; 
A/a)jafyer— Faqirullah Ahmedi. 
iisa Akhbar, (D) (U) ; Lahore.— Mahbub Alam. 
Ulibapta, (W) (B) ; Bongong (Jessore). Started 1906.— Charn 
Chandra Roy. Manager— Jagabandhu Mukherjee. 
lllibasi, (W) (B) ; Kalna (Burdwan).— Sasibhushan Banerjee. 
illiehitpa, (W) (B). 

meham Geopge Vijaya, (W) (M) ; Re. 1-lS ; Belgaon City.— 
Krishnaji Hari Dikshit and Balwant Babarao Kulkarni. Circula- 
tion : 1,000. 

iineharaj, (M) (H) ; Re. 1-4 ; Bombay.— Kichardas Kolavtri. 
mehapaj, (M) (H and G) ; Rs. 2-1 ; Nasik.— Kaehardas Kalantri. 
Circulation : 1,500. Illustrated— Manager : Krishnalal Purohit. 
mdit (Kashi Vidya Sudhanidhi), (M) (S & E) ; Rs. 9. Benares. 
Started, 1866, No. of subscribers 373, Editor: Mahamahopadh- 
yaya Pt. Vindhyeswari Prasad Divedi (Sans. Portion), Asst. 
Editors : Rasiklal Bhattacbarya, M.A., R. Krishnamaehari, B.A., 
Bf.L., Kshitish Chundra Chattopadbyaya, Prof. Murlidhar Jha, 
Prof. Ganpat Shastri Mokati Vyakaranacharya, Dhundraj 
Shastri ; Vitthal Shastri, Munnalal Jaina, Gopal Shastri. 
Manager : Bhagavati Prasad, B.A., Proptv. Assistant Manager : 
Beni Prasad Anand. The journal publishes rare Sanskrit 
works from ancient Mss. and Eng. translations. Printed at 
Medical Hall Press. 

inditaspam, (M) (H) ; Rs. 2 ; Ujjain, C. I. 
ipamaptha, (M) (S & K) ; Mysore, 
irichapak. (M) (B). 
ipidapsak, (W) (B) ; Rs. 2 ; Sylhet. 
IPSi, see Prajamitra. 

IPsi, The (D) (E & G) ; Rs. 12 ; Bank Street, Bombay. 
iPsi Sansap, (W) (G) ; Rs. 4 ; Karachi.— R. K. Saiva. 


Pataka Indian LixERAhY year book, 1918. 

Pataka, (W) (B) ; Calcutta. 

Patliputpa, (W) (H); Rs. 2 ; Moradpur (Patna). 

Patel Bandhu, (M) (G) ; Re, 1-8; Surat.— Editors: Km 

Vitlialbhai Mehta. Manager : Kalganji Vitbalbhai Mehta ; 

tod 1909. Circulation 1.000. 
Patrika, (M) (M); Re. 1-8.— Established : 1914.— Lonekhoi' 

Taluk Sahada.— Bhau Goraksha Pandit. 
Peoples' Friend, The (Madras), (M, Ta.) ( 3 & 4, Kondichci 

Street, G. T. Madras.— G. A. Vaidyaraman b.a^ f.8,8. 
Phalajyotishadarsa, (M) (M); Nasik. 
Phcenlx, The (W) (E) ; Karachi. 
Pioneer, The (D) (E) ; Rs. 48; 17, Church Road, AUahabad.-C. 

Pioneer Mail, The (W) (E) ; Rs. 24, Church Road. Allahabad, 
Planters' Chronicle, The, (W) (E) ; Rs. 10 ; Bangalore. 
Poona Agricultural College Magazine, (Q) (E) ; Rs. 2 ; Pouna 

J>. N. Joshi and A Sullivan. 
Poona New English School Vangmay, ( ) (M) ; As. 4 an issti 

Poena. — Sankar Riiinchandra Kantikar. 
Poona Observer, The, (D) (E) ; Arsenal Road, Poona. 
Popsatham, (M) (Ta) ; 6 As. Nagarcoil.— Col. Nurani. 
Prabahinl, ( ) (B) ; Calcutta.— Panchkaury Banerji, b.a. 
Prabasi, (M) (B) ; Rs. 3-8, illustrated; 210-8-1, Cornwallis Stre 

Calcutta.— Ramananda Chattopadhyaya, m.a. 
Prabha, (M) (H) ; Rs. 3 ; Khandwa, C. P. 
Prabhat, (M) (M); Rs. 3.— Established: 1914—89 Gola T 

Hornby Road, Fort Bombay.— Pnf>Ji»hrrs : The Sahitya Pra^ 

Maudali. Editor : Eisorinath. Dadabhai Dhume. No. of cop 

issued: 3,000. 
Prabhat. (Q) (B) ; Chittagong. 

Ppabhat. (M) (G) ; Rs. 3-8; Bombay. -Burjorji, Khasibhai, 
Prabhat, (T) (Si) ; Hyderabad (Sindh). 
Prabhat, (W) (M); Re. 118.— Established : 191J.-NewGoa ( 

|iin).-P. V. Sirgaonkar. 
Prabhu Masik, (M)(M); Re. 1. -Established : 1007.-Tliak 

dwara. Bombay.— A nandrao Basantrao Talpade. 




ijPrabuddha Bharat, (M) (E) ; Re. 1-8; Mayavati, Loha Ghat, 
P. O. Alraora, U. P. 

[L'paehi-Ppabha, (M) (M) ; Re. 1-5.— Established : 1909.— Poomi. 
—Mrs. Saraswati Bai Vaiclya. Publisher : Ramchaudra Pan- 
da rang Vaidya. 

i^raetieal Medicine, The (M) (E) ; Rs. 3 ; Bgerton Road, Dai- 
wara, Delhi. Editor and Proprietor : Dr. Ram Narain, L.M.s. 

Prahlada, (W) (H) ; Rs. 2-4 ; Delhi. 

Prajabandhu, (W) (E «& G) ; Rs. 3-8 ; Ahmedabad.— Editor : 
Jagajivan Shivashankar Trivedi. Proprietor : T. P. Thakor, star- 
ted 1898. 

PrajamitPa ani Papsi, (D) (G) ; Rs. 12 ; Port Bombay. Pub- 
lisher : M. P. Madan. 

rajapati, (M) (B) ; G3, Nimtala Ghat Street, Calcutta.— J. N, 

?ra]"ati, (W)(M); Belgaum. 

pakas, (\V)(M); Re. 1-13.— Established : 1905.— Satara.— Ram- 
chaudra Ganes Soman. 

^pakas, ( ) (U). 

rakpiti, (M) (B) ; 4I, Mechubazar Street, Calcutta.— Debendra 
Nath Sen. 

*pantabasi, (F) (B) ; Rs. 2 ; Netrakona, Mymensingh. 

*rasun, (W) (B) ; Kufcwa.— Jyoti Prasad Sinha. 

patahkal, (M) (G) ; Re. 1-8 ; Baroda.— Jagannath Prabhasankar 

'patibasi, (M) (B) ; Calcutta. 

*patibha, (M) (B); Rs. 2-6 ; Paridabad, Dacca.— Abinas Chandi-a 
ilazumdar, ji.a., n.L. 

'pemadaPShika (Q) (M) ; As. 5. Organ of the T. W. C. A. Bom- 
bay.— J. B. Rose & J. P. Wingate. 

*pemodyan, (M) (M); Re. 1-4.— Established : 1913.— Junnar 
(Poona). — Ramchandra Martanda Khandra. 

Presidency College Magazine, The (B) (E) ; Calcutta. 

»Piti, (M) (B) ; Rs. 2 : 24-3 B, College Street, Calcutta. 

*rogpess, (M) (E) ; As. 13; Publishers : The Christian Literature 
Society for India, Madras. 



Punjab Samaehap, (W) (U) ; Lahore. 

Punjab Times, The (W) (E) ; Rs. 5-8; Massy Road, Rawalpii 
Punjabi, The (T) (E) : Rs. 18 ; Anarkali, Lahore.— K*linath R 
Purnanand, (M) (M); Re. 1-8. Bclgaum— B. R. Sohoni. 
Purulia Dappan, (W) (B) : Purulia, 

Pushtl Bhakti Sudhcv. (M) (G) ; Rs. 2; Bombay.-VaclilalNaKin 
das Sab. 


Quarteply Bulletir !'• -f Kwing Christian College, {(,)) (K^ 
As. 8 ; Allahabad 

Racing Calendep. (F)(E); Rs. 16; P.O. Box No. 54, CalcuttJ 

Publishers : Thacker Spink & Co. 
Rah-e-Papsa, (M) (G) Organ of the Theosophical Society o 

Karachi. Re. 1.— Janished .\. R. Mehta. 
Railway Times, The (W) (E) ; Rs. 6-12 ; Bazar Gate Streei 

Rajgrop HlteehellU. (Q) (G); Re. 1. Bombay— Narbhi ram I):»vj 

Raj Hansa, (D) (K). Dharwar— A. Hoskeri. 
Rajput. (P) (H) ; Rs. 2. Organ of the Rshatriy'a-Upakarni-Mahr 

sabha.— KnmariUanuraanta Singh Raghuvansi. Established 187! 

Circulation 2,000. 
Ramdas anl Ramdasi. (M)(M); Rs. 2. Published by Satk.ii 

yottejak Sabha.— Established : 1915.— Dhulia (Khande.sli 

Shankar Srikriahna Dev, n.A., LL.B. 
Ranaghat Bapta. (W) (B) ; Ranaghat. 
Rangabiiuml, (M) (M) ; Rs. 3.— Established ; 1910— K.isIj 

I'otli. Poena.— Shankar Bapuji Mozumdar. 
Rangoon Gazette. Tlu« (D) (E); Rs. 5 ; Sparks Street, Rangoon. 
Rangoon Times, The (D) (E) ; Rangoon. 
Rangpup Dappana. (W) (B) ; Rs. 2 Rangpur.— 8. C Majurada 
Rangpup DiJc-ppal<as. (W) (K it B) ; Kakina, Rangi)ur, 
Kangpup Saliitya Parishat Patrika. (Q) (B) ; Rs. 3 ; Rangpur 



PKRioDicALs. Sahitya 

Rasik MitPa, (M) (H) ; Re. 1-8 ; Cawnpore. 
Ratnakap, (W) (B) ; Asansol, E. I. R. 
Ratnakap, (W) (E & O) ; Puri. 
Raushni, (M) (C) ; Lahore. 

Reis & Rayyet, (W) (E); l, Ukoop Datt's Lane, Calcutta. 
Review, The (M) (E) ; Rs. 5; 154, Harrison Road, Calcutta.— 
Jayendraro Bhagwanlal Durkal, M. A. 


Sabuj Patpa, (M) (B); Rs. 2-6; Pramatha Chaudhri, m.a., 

Bar-at-la\y, Puhlisliers : Kantik Press, 20, Cornwallis Street, 

Saehehashi Suhpid, (M) (B) ; Belgatchia, P. O., 24-Perganas. 

Manager : Nageodranath Ghosh. 
Saehitpa Bharata, (M) (K) ; Rs. 3-6. HublL— B. N. Mutalok. 
SaehitPa Chatupya, (M) (K) ; Bangalore. 
SaehitPa Vinod, (W) (M); Rs. 2-1.— Established : 1912.— Gir- 

gaum, Bombay.— Gajanan Krishna Desai. 
Sadbhakti Chandpika, (M) (K) ; Mysore. 
Sadbodha Chandpika, (M) (K) ; Re. 1-4 ; Agadi, Dharwarf— 

Y..G. Kulkarni. 
Sadhapma Ppaeharak, (W) (H) ; Rs. 3-8 ; Delhi. 
Sadliak, (M) (B) ; Dhariapur (Nadia).— A. C. Biswas. 
•Sadip, ( ) (K) ; Mysore. 
Sahitya, (M) (B) ; Rs. 3 ; 2-1, Ramdhan Mitra Lane, Calcutta.— 

Suresh Chandra Samajpati. 
Sahitya, (M) (G) ; Rs. 2-8 ; Baroda.— Propriefor and Editor : 

Maganlal Hargovindas Kantavala, m.a. 
Sahitya Chandpika, (M) (S and K) ; Mysore. 
Sahitya Papishat Patpika, (Q) (B) ; 243-1, Upper Circular lload, 

Calcutta.— Ramendrasuuder Trivedi, M. A. 
Sahitya PatPika, (M) (H) ; Re, 1-8 ; Arrah, 
Sahitya Sambad, (M) {B).— Proprietor, Durgadas Lahiri. Editor : 

Pramothanath Sarmangal. Printer, Publisher & Manager : Dhi- 

rendranath Lahiri. Printed at the Prithibir Itihasa Printing 

Works, Howrah. 


Sahitya indian literary year book, 1918. j 

Sahitya Samhita, (M) (B) ; 106-l Grey Street, Calcutta. 

Rajendra Nath Sastri. 
Sahokap, (M) (G) ; Rs. 2-4 ; Amraoti.— Krishnaprasad Girij; 

prasad Mehta. 
SajjantOShlnl, (M) (S andB); ISI, Maniktala Street. Calcutt.-^ 

I'rinted at «ri Bhagwat Press, Krishnagore, Nuddia. 
Saraaj,(Al)(B): 71.Sankaritola. Calcutta.— Radhaffovinda Xatb, yi.A 
Samajadarsa, (M) (M) ; Rf. 1-3 ; Badale, Alimednasar. 
Samajbandhu, (M) (B); 9-2, Sibtola Lane, Entally P. ()., Cu 

ciitta.— Adhar Chandra Das. 
Samalochak, (M) (G) : Rs. .n; Bombay.— Ambalal Bulakiram 

Jaini, and C. N. Pandya, Publifhrr : 11. G. Tripatlii. 
Samay, (W) (B) ; 2 Rs. 4. Wili.ims L;iiic. Cnlciitt:!. JiiaiuMidi . 

nath Das, M.A., u.L. 
Sambadbahika, (W) (b) ; Port Jtoad, Uaiason-. 
Sammilani, (M)(B); Calcutta. 

Samsar Suhrid, (M) (B) ; Kimdu Lane, Bclgacbia, CalcuttJi. 
Sandhyopakarak, (F) (H) : Hs, 2 : Agra.— Jnanavallabh, Retire » 

Sanatandharma Paramarthlk Patrlka. (M) (Si); Re. 1-; 

Hyderabad, Sindh.— Viruram Vishinda.s. 
Sanatandharma PatPika. (M) (H) ; Ko. 1; Moradabad. 
Sanatandharma Ppacharak Patra,(M)(Sl); Re. 1-4 ; Karachi.— 

Tejuram Ruchiram. 
Sandes. (D) (M); Rs. 9; 47. Kalbadcvi Road. Bomb.iy.— Editor 

and Publisher : Achyuta BalwanL Kolhatkar, n.A., 
Sandes, (M) (Bj; Re. 1-8.— Sakumar Ray; 21-2, Snkca Streei 

Calcutta. PuhliBJicrs: U. Ray & Son.s. 100, Gurpar Road. Cal 

cutta. — Founder: Upendrakisor Ray-Chaudhury, H.A. 
Saniaya. (W) (B) ; Ite. 2 ;— R. N. Ghosh. 
SanjibanI, (W) (B) ; G, College KMnar.>, Calcutta.— Founded 188; 

Krishna Kumar Mitra, it.A. 
Sanj-Vartaman, (D) (G andK); Rs. 10; Fort, Bombay.— Mc 

Rostam and Gandhi. Publishers: ^'asservauji Watcha Ciai < 
Sankalpa, (M) (M); Re. 2-C.-- Established : 1915.— Kalbadev 

Road, Bombay.— Madhava ^lairat Suratkar. 



nsar Chakra, (M) (Si) Re. 1-8, Karachi— Maharaj Harootnal 

inskpita Ratnakar, (M) (S). 

inskrit Researeh, (Q) (E and 8) ; Rs. 5. [Organ of the Sanskrit 
Academy of India,] Sankar Math, Banglore City.— Lingesa 
Mahabhagawat Ph. D„ m.r.a.s., vidyabhushan, vedantavachas- 
PATi, Kurtkoti, District Dharwar, Bombay Presidency, 
intaehe Bol, (M) (M) ; As. l2.~Established : I914.-Kasba Petlu 
Poona. — P. V. Dhekne and Pandurang Vishnu. Publishers ; 
Tlie Gajanan Printing Agency, 
anti. (M) (B) ; Ganpur, Birbhum. 
antikana, (M) (B). 

arada, (M) (S) ; Rs. 4, illustrated ; Chandra Sekhar Sastri, Dara- 
ganj, Allahabad. 

arada< (M) (K) ; Rs. 3 ; Bangalore,— Narayan Shastri. 
arada Vinod, (M) (H) ; Re. 1-8 ; Saradabhavan Library, Miloni- 
ganj. Jubbulpore. — Narraadaprasad Misra. Publishers. — Sarada- 
bhavan Library, 
apal Homoeopathy, (M) (B). 
araswat, (B) (M) ; Bombay. 

apaswati, (M) fH); Rs, 5; Illustrated ; Indian Press, Allahabad.— 
Maliabir Prasad Dvivedi. Circulation : 5,.500. 
Jaraswati, (M) (Si) ; As. 12 ; Hj^derabad (Sindh).— Khanchan Pra-^ 

jSarvajana Hitopakarini, (D W & M) (K) ; Mysore, 
jsaswati, (M) (B) ; Ethora, Burdwan.— Nikhilnath Roy, lu. 
ISatsangf, (M) (G) ; Re. 1 ; Surat.— Buleray Dajibhai Desai. 
Satsang- Ppakash, (M) (G) Re. 1-4. Ahmedabad.— Chimanlal 

Jiibhai Parikh. 
Satyabadi, (M) (H) ; Re. 1-4 ; Bombay.— Khubchand Jain. 
Satyabadi, (M) (Si) ; Hyderabad (Sindh). 
Satyasodhak, (W) (M) ; Rs. 2-13.— Established : 1872.— Ratnagiri. 

— Rari Ganesh Limye. 
Saurabh, (M) (B) ; Rs. 2 ; Mymensingb. Started 1912.— Editor and 
Proprietor : Kedarnath Mazuradar. Assistant Editors : Naren- 
dra Nath Mozumdar ; Suresh Chandra Singh Bahadur, b.a. ; 


Sahaji indiax mterary year book, 1018. 


Umcsh Chunder 13hattacharya, M.A., B.L. and Amar Dattj 

Manager : Ramesh Chunder Roy. Assistant Manager: Satyem' 

Nath De. 
Sayaji-Vljaya, (W) (M) ; Rs. 2-8.— Established : 1896-Pi«blts;i.'r 

Daniodar Savalram aud Co., Girgaum, Bombay, 
Sayaji-Vljay, (W) (G) ; Rs. 2-4 ; Baroda.— Mauiklal AmbalJ 

Science aud Industry, (M) (E) ; Rs. 2-8 ; Charni Road, Glrgann 

Bombay.— G. N. Potdar, h.a. and L. G. Khare. 
Selenee-gpounded Religion, (M) (E); Rs. 2; Lahore. Star.. 

1906.— Har Narayan Agnlhotriji, Worker, Dova Samaj. Manager- 

Jnan Dova. 
Sena Samachar, (M) (H) ; As 6. Bareillj'.— Bgdr. Muthiah. 
Servant of India, The (W) (E); Rs. 4; 541, Budhwar Petl 

Poona.— Editor : llon'ble V. S. Srinivasa Sastri. 
Sesltekiia. (B) (To) ; Madras. 
Sevak. (IM) (B) ; Calcutta.— Rijanikanto Guha, ma. 
Sevak. (M) (H); Rs. 4; Lahore. Started 1909.— Srinian Dcv.iti 

singji, Worker, Deva Samaj. itiatuiger— Jnana Dov. 
Shahu, (W) (M); Re. 1-10.— Established : 1008.- xloiu Nai 

Satara. — Vaman Ilari Davlo, 
Shalapatrak, (M) (M); Poona. 
Sliarathi Ratnakar, (M) (K) ; Mysore. 
SliarifBibl, (W)(U); Rs. 8. Lahore. Started 1898. Illustrate* 

Editor : Fatiraa Begani (Munshi Fazil of the Punjab University 

Manager : Paisa Aklibar IVcss. 
Shastramuktavali, (M) (8) ; Rs. 5-8. Started in 1902.— Proj)>ictf 

and Editor: P. B. Anantacharya. Printed in tho S!i,iii-.ili5ii 

Press, Conjeverum. 
Shetaki anl Shetakarl. (M)(M): Ro. l. -Established : liiio.- 

I'oona.- Harold H. Mann, W.V.H. Gonchatti. G. K. Dovadhar, < 

K. Ranade and K. M. Paraar. Publishers : Tho Deccan Agricultu 

al Association. Printed at the Shri Shoskari Press, Poona Cii 

Shetkarl. (W) (M) ; Poona. 

Shetkarl, (W) (M); Rs. 2.— Established : 1909.— Ahmadnagai 
Editor, Publishers, Ganesh Krishna Chitale, l».A., LL.H. 



5hewa, ( ) (Si) ; Sukkur.— Shevasing Harising Ajwani. 

holapup Samaehap, (W) (M); Re. 1-13 ; Sholapur.— Established : 
1884.— ViUhal Narsappa Jakkal. 

Jhubhaehintak, (W) (H) ; Rs. 2. Rewa, C. I. Started 1911. Circu- 
lation : 1000. Editor and Manager : B. R. Bhattacharya, Vidj'a- 
bliushan. Proprietor : H, H. the Maharaja of Rewa, G. C. S I. 

likh Review, The (M) (E) ; Delhi. 

Jiksha, (W) (H) ; Rs. 2-8 ; Bankipore. 

iiksha o Swasthya, (M) (B) ; Re. 1-8.— 155-4, Bowbazar Street, 
Calcutta.— Atu] Chandra Sen, m.a., b.l. 

Iiksha Samaehap, (W) (B) ; Dacca. 

lilpa o Sahitya, (M) (B) ; Madhabitala, Chinsura. 

lindh Advocate, The (W)(E); Sukkur.- Proprietor: Virumal Begraj. 

lindhi, (\V) (Si), Sukkur, Proprietor : Virumal Begraj. 

lindh Joupnal TJie (W) (E) ; Hyderabad (Sindh).— Karamchand. 

Indh-khaip-khwah, (W) (Si) ; Hyderabad (Sindh). 

lindh PatPika, (W) (E and Si) ; Larkana.— Deosingh Syarasingh. 

lindh Sudhap, (W) (Si) ; Karachi— Khanchand. 

indh Upakapak. (M) (E and Si) ; Re. 1 ; started 1904 ; Shikarpur 

(Sindh).— Editor and' Manager— Sriman Mohan Dev, "Worker, 

Deva Samaj. 
indhvasi; (D) (Si) ; Hyderabad (Sindh). Manager : Jebhmal 

Thakur Singh. 

inhanad, (M) (M) ; 5 as. ; Poona.— Maj. Gayadas. 
isu, (M) (B); Re. 1.-65-1, Becliu Chatterji Street, Calcutta. 

Barada Kanta Mozumdar. Piihlisliers : Bhattacharya and Sons, 

65, College Street, Calcutta. 
oeial Refopm Advocate, (W) (E). 

oeial Service QuaPteply, The (Q) (E). Organ of the Social Ser- 
vice League, Bombay. Rs. 2. — Narayan Malhar Joshi. 
oeiety Illustpated, (P) (E). 

QOkhdi, (M) (G); Karachi— Gulam Hussain Bhobdena Nandvani. 
opan, (M) (B) ; Rs. 2-6.— Wari, Dacca,— Hemendra Nath Datta. 
outh Indian Obsepvep, (E) ; Ootacamand. 
porting News, (W) (E) ; 256, Bowbazar Street, Calcutta.— H. E. 



Sreyah Indian litbrauy yrar book, 1918. 

Speyah Sadhak, (M)(G);R8. 2; Baroda.— Upendra. Publishei 

\>y the " Sreyahasadhak Adhikari Varga." 
Sri Bhuml, (M) (B) ; lis. 2-6 ; Karimganj, bylhet. 
Sri Bhaktai (M) (G) ; Rs. 4; Bombay. — Jamiatrara Lakshmirau 

Sri Gaupangra Sevak, (M) (B) ; ru 2 ; Rtarted in Ma^h 1817 B. S 

Saidabad, Khagra (Mnrshidabad). Editors : Lalit Mohan Bnnda 

opadbyaya B.A. and Rasik Mohan Vidyabhushan. .-Is.s' 

(tasikbehari Sankhyatirtha. Ramprasanna (ili(>.s«.>. Anutosh B. 

and Bamacharan Basu. 
Spi GiPinaPayan. (Q) (G) : Re. 1-4 ; Sri Girinarayau Maljumandal 

Bombay.— Khatau Vallabhji Joshi and Vasantram Harikrishn 

Sri Hapischandpa-kala, (M) (H; ; R*?. 8 ; Bnnkiporo.- .Nan«mlrj 

narayan Sinha. 
Spikplshna-Chaitanya Tatwa Ppaehapak, i-M) cBi; ii. Uppi- 

Circular Road. Calcutta.— Dr. P. N. Nandi, 
Sri Kplshnarai Vljnan Vaibhava, (M) (K) ; Rs. 8 Mj-soro. 
Sri Kplshna Sooktl; (M) (M); Re. 1; Udipi. 
Srimad Dhapmanldhanam. (M) (K) ; Nadahalli, Sorab Talul 

Sliimgoa, Mysore State. 
SPipampope, (M) (B) ; Sanipara Lane, Soramporo, (Hugbli). 
SpI TulsipatPa, (M ) (H); As. 2 an i.ssue ; Ajodhia— Bdtfo?- & PrnprU 

tor : Radhamohan Sahay alias Balakrara Vinayak. Published b 

Shri Tulsi Satsang Maha Sabha. Manager : Thakur Lakshma 

Singh ; Gen. Sec.— Chedi Ram Dwividi. Estd.lQlS. 
Srutibodh, (M) (E andS) ; Rs, fi; Bombaj'.— R. V. Patwardhai 

Aehyuta Valavanta Kolhalkar, b.a,, ll.b., and D. A. Tuljapurka 

I Also issued in M, G. and H.] 
Srutibodh Ushagranthamala, (M) (M) ; As. 12.— R. V. Patwai 

(llian, A. V. Kolhatkar, D. A. Tuljapiirkar. 
Statesman, The (D) (E) ; Rs, 30 ; :\ Chowringheo Road, Calcutti 
StPibodh, (M) (G) ; Re. 1-8 ; Bombay.— Mrs. Siriubal, J. K. Kabraj 
Strl Dappan. (M) (H) ; Rs. 2-4 ; Allahabad. -Kamala Nehru (M 
StPidhapma-sikshaka. (M) (H) ; Rs. 2-8 ; Colonolganj, All 

bad.— Srimatl Yasoda Devi. 


PKRioDicALs. Sumati 

?ihitopadesh, (M) (G) ; Hindu Gujrati Sfcri Manclal, Bombay. 
?i Siksha, (M) (H) ; Allahabad. 

ident, The (M) (E)— Jitendralal Banerjea, ma., b.l.; Publisher: 
V. V. Seyne, Calcutta. 

ident's Bpotherhood Quarterly, The (Q)(E); Re. 1; Bombay.— 
\ A. Wadia. 

ident's Own Magrazine, (M) (E) ; Re. 1 ; 32, Armenian Street^ 
Calcutta — J. C. Rollo, m.a. 

ident's World (M) (E) ; Newal Ki. shore Press, Lucknow. 
barnamala, (M) (M) ; Bombay. 

bhasuehak, (W) (M.) ; Re 1-13,— Established : 1858 — Bhawani. 
eth, Satara. — Dattatraya Ramchandra Chitale. 
bhe Bahar, (M) (U) ; Mysore. 

bhodaya, (W) (K) ; Rs. 2-13. Dharwar and Hubli. 
bodh Patrika. (W) (M) ; Re. 1-13 ; Established : 1871.— Ram- 
oohan Asram, Girgaum, Bombay.— DwarkanathGovinda Vaidya. 
bodh Prakas, (M) (G); Re. 1-4 ; Baroda.— INfiansahed Fatehbhai 

bodh SindhU, (W) (H) ; Rs. 3 ; Khandwa, C. P. 
Sdarsan, (M) (G) ; Rs, 2 ; Nadiad,— Madhavlal Nathubhai Dwi- 

dha Banhadi, (W) (M) ; Rs. 2 ; Established : 19U.— Akola.— 
niularik Hari Anvikar. 

dhakar, (M) (M) ; As. 12 ; Established : 19I4.— Girgaum, Bom- 
iny.— Damodar Krishna Ketkar. 

dhanidhi, (M) (H) ; Re. 1-9, illustrated Editor and Proprietor : 
'andifc Jagannath Prashad Sukla, Daraganj, Allaliabad. Circula- 
ion : 1,000. 

dharak, (W) (M) ; Re. 1-13 ; Established : 1890.— Sadasiva Peth 
*oona.— Ramchandra Vishnu P'hadtare. 

flhar Patrika, (M) (Gu.) ; As. 12 ;— Hyderabad (Sindh)— Khan- 
ihand Partabai. 

ihi, (M) (B) ; 176, Ramkrishnapur Lane, Howrah. 
hrid, (M) (B) ; 1.3-2. Beniapukur Lane, Calcutta.— Hiralal Das 

mati, (M) (B) ; naeca.-Purna Chandra Ghosh. 


Sumati inwan utbraRY year Book, 1918. 

Sumati, (W) (M) ; Wardha. 

Sundarakanda, (M) (S and K) ; Mysore. 

Sundapisubodh. (M) (G) ; Rs. 8-8 ; Ahmedabad.~Ram Mohani 

Surabhi. (M) (B) ; Contai.— Pramathanath Banerji, B.A. 
Sural. (^V) (B) ; R«. 2; Pabna.— M. N. Mazumdar. 
Supama, (W) (B) ; Silchar, Assam.— G. N. Das. 
Supat Akhbap, (W) (G) ; Rs. 2 ; Surat.— Seth Bairamji Wadia, 
Suppabhat, (M) (B) ; Us. 24 ; 8, College Square, Calcutta.— >' 

Kumudini Basu, B.A., haraswati. 
Suvachhana(M) (G) ; Re. 1 ; Ahmedabad.— Mohanlal Vitthak 

Swades Bandhava. (M) (H) ; Re. 1-8 ; Agra. Established : Ap 

I00r>; circulation 500. Kunwar Hannnant Ringli RaRhuvans; 
Swadeshmitpan, (D) (Ta) ; 117. Armenian Street, Madras 

Vishwanadha Aiyar, 
Swadhapma. (M) (G): Re. l-in : ]?aroda.— Someswar Magan 

Swapga Mala, (M) 01), ; Ks. 2 ; iUMiare.s. 
Swastha Samachar, (M) (B), Re. 1, illustrated: 15, Ami 

Street, Calcutta. [Also a Hindi Edition.]— Dr. Kartick Chain 

llasu. M.B. 

Tallm. (M) (Si) ; Rs. 2, Hyderabad (Sindh).—Premchand A. JhanR 

ni, B.A., Principal, Training College, Hyderabad. 
Tambull Sama). (M) (B) : so, Banstola Street, Calcutta. 
TandUPUStI, (M) (Si) ; Re. 1-8 ; Hyderabad Sindh.— Punwani B 

ehand Parasuram. 
Tapoban, (M) (B) ; Rs. --0; 101. Bowbazar Street, Calcui 

Syama Charan Sarkar. 
Tapa. (M) (B); Calcutta. 
TaPanginl. (M) (H); Rs. 3, illustrated; Beuares Cantoniui' 

Vasantram Vyasa. 
Tattwabodhini Patrika, (M)(B) ; 6 Rs ; 55, Upper Chitpoi 

Calcutta.— Satyandranath Tagore, Kshitlndranath Tagore. 





ttwa Kaumudi. (F) (B) ; 211, Cornwallis fetreet, Calcutta. 
ttwamanjapi, (M) (B) ; Re. 1 ; 80-1, Corporation Street, Cal- 

zkirat-US-Shuapa, (Q) (U) ; As. 2 an issue ; Aligarh.— -Syed Ini- 
iad Imam. 

legraph, (W) (E) ; Rs. 2 ; Foreiga Rs. 3, 38-2, Bhawani Cliaraii 
Datta Street, Calcutta. Editor Staff : Satyenclra K. Bose, B.A,, 
tnd Nagendra Nath Mozumdar. Manac]ei' : Baroda Prasad 
Bose. Proprietor : Baroda Prasad Boso and Mahendra K. Bose. 
Illustrated, circulation : 5000. 
li SamaehaP, (M) (H) ; Re. 1-8 ; Barh. Patna. 
lugu Samaehar, (M) (M); Re. 1; Started April 1916; circulation 
500. Editor, Proprietor and Manarjer : Vithal Narsappa Jakkal. 
eosophist. The (M) (E); Rs. 8 ; Madras.— Mrs, Annie Besant. 
li-Bandhav, (M) (B) ,• Calcutta. 

mes of Assam, The (W) (E) ,- Rs. 5-R. N. Changkakati. 
mes of India, The (D) (E) ; Rs. 25 ; Hornby Road, Fort Bombay, 
mes of India Illustpated Weekly, The (W) (E) ; Rs. 12 ; Horn- 
by Road, Fort Bombay. 

ppepa Guide, (W) (E & B) j Rs. 2 ; Comilla.— R. K. Gupta & K. 
B. Ghatak. 

)Shini, (M) (B) ; Dacca.— Anukul Chandra Kavyatirtha, 
fibune, The (D) (E) ; Rs. 20 ; Lower Mall, Lahore.— Gopal lyen- 

Pimasik, (Q) (G) ; As. 8 ; Rajkot (Kathiawad). — Manshankar Para- 

pipupa Hitaishi, (W) (B) ; Rs. 2 ; Comilla. 
Pisul, (M) (H) ; Re. 1 ; Benares City. 


ehehhwas, (M) (B) ; 14-1. Bechu Chatterjee Street, Calcutta, 
dasin Bhashkap, (M) (Gu & Si); Hyderabad, Sindh.— Kundan- 
mal Dipchand. 
Idaya, (M) (B) ; Calcutta. 

Idbodhan, (M) (B) ; Rs. 2; 1, Mukerjee Lane, Calcutta. 


TJdyama inhian ijikkary vkak mook, 1918. 

Udyama Prakas, (M) (M); Re. 1-8; Wai, Satara.— Vishwa 

Udyan, (M) (M); Rs. 2-8; Established : I909.-Girgaon, Bomba 

Gatiesb Vithal Knlkarni. 
Udyogr. (^V) (M); Re. 1; Athni, Bombay Presidency.— Nai 

Ramchandra Sahare. 
Ui-Islam, (M) (Si); Ko. 1-8. Kirachi.— MabamiDad Hanif. 
United India. & Native States, The (M) (E) ; George Town, 

United Ppovinces Times. Tho (\V) (E^ '<- ^; Canning \{ 

Allahabad.— H. Liddell. 
Unival Abhyudaya, (M) (G): Re. 1; Bombay.— Lallubhai Sanl 

bhai Bliatta. 
Upanishadprakas, (.M) (8 & M) ; Rs. 4-6. -Established : 19i2. 

Thakurdwara, Kalbadevi Road, Bombay. — Chintaman Gangadhi 

Bhanu, b.a.; Publishers : Damoder Savalram & Co. 
Upanyas Bahar, (.M) (H^ ; Rs. 2 ; Benares. 
Upanyas Lahari, (M) (H) ; Rs. 2 ; Benares. 
Upanyas Mala, (M) (H) ; Re. 1-8 ; Bijnor. 
Upasana, (jNI) (B) ; Berhampore.— Radhakamul Mukhopadliyuy 


.Usha. (M) (M); Re. l-l2.— Established : I9r2.-Sriitibodh OH 
Kalb;ulevi Road, Bombay. — Tt. V. P:it\v;>.i(lli:ui, A. R. Knlhiit, 
& D. A. Tuljapurkar. 

TJtkalDlpika, (O); Cuttack. 

Utsaha, (M) (U) Rs. 2-4 ; Rainosw»r Prasad Sharma, Urai, Jalaun 

Utsava, (M) (B) ; 162, Bowbazar Street, Calcutta. 

VagbhUShan, (M) (K) ; Rs. 2. SUrtod 1800. Editors : V. B. Ah< 

and N. R. Doshpando. PiibifsJirrs.— Karnataka Vidya Vardha 

Rangha, Dharwar. 
Vaidie Dhapma. va Mahatmayanche Sol, (M)(M); Re. 1-1! 

Dadar, Bombay.— Established 19l0.— Sadasiv Bapuji KuikHrn 




/aidie Sapwaswa, (xM) (H & S) ; Rs, 2-8 ; Daraganj, Allah.ibad. 

Editor: Dwarka Prasad Chaturvedi. Proprietor: H. H. TheJagad- 

guni Si'i Pradibadibhayankar AnandacharyaSwami. 
Vaidya, (M) (H) ; Re. 1 ; Moradabad. 
/aidya Kalpatapu, (M) (H) ; Rs. 2 ; Ahmedabad.-Jatasankai- 

Liladhar Trivedi. 
1/aidya Sindhu, (M) (C) ; Rs. 2-8 ; Chikpet, Bangalore City.— 

Editor and Proprietor : Vaidya Panchanaua V. D. Pandit,, 


Vaishnav Dharma Pataka, (M) (G) ; Rs. 2. Bombay.— Madhav 

Vaishya, (M) (H) ; Allahabad.— Sangamlal Agarwal, m.a., See- 

lotary, Agarwal Vidyalaya. 
Vaishya Masik, (M) (M) ; Re.« 1.- Established : 1910 -Girgaum, 

Bombay. — Biswanath Gopal Shetyi, B.A. 
Vaishya PatPika, (M) (G) ; Re. 1 ; Ahmedabad.— Bhailal Nandalal 


Vaisya Patrika, (M) (B) ; Jessore. 

Vakil, (M) (G) ; Rs. 3-8 ; Amraoti,— Hakimchand Jairam Adalji. 
Vakil, (M) (M) ; Rs. 4-6 ; Sitabaldi, Nagpur.— Shambhurao Ganesh 

Vak Soundarya, (M) (G) ; Rs. 2. Karachi.— ChaturbhuJ Khem- 

chand Kothari. 
Vakil, (S) (U); Rs. 6; Started 1895; circulation 3000; Amrit- 

.sar.—Md. A. Murhas. Manager: Abdul Aziz ; Proprietor: The 

Vakil Trust (Sir S. Ghulam Yasin). 
Vakyaligara PatPika, (M) (K); Bangalore.— Proprietor : K. H. 

Vande Jinavaram, (M) (M) ; Rs. 2-9.-Established : 1908.- 

Nipani, Belgaon.— l^axman Ramchandra Latkar. 
Vanita Vijnana, (M) (G); Re. l; Surat.— Bai Bajigauri D. Mud- 

shi and Shivagauri K. Gajjar. Published by the " Vanita 

Vishram.' ' 
Vanita Vinod, (M) (G) ; Rs. 2; Kadi, Gujrat,— Kasambhai Sule- 

Vanita Visram, ^M) (M) ; Rs. 4.— Established : 1915.— Professor 


Varhad Indian literary year book, I9i8. 

A. V, Khot, B.A., B,sc. Puhliahers : Messrs. M. Acbal & Co^ Po 
liox 106, Bombay. 
Vaphad Shala Patpa, (M) (K); Re. 1-3.- Established : 1876»^ 

Inspector of Schools, Varhad, Amraoti. 
Varhad Samaehar, (W) (M) ; Rs, 2 : Akola.- Established -. 1867.^ 

Narayan Kanderao Phadko. 
Vapkarl, (W) (M) ; Rs. 2 ; Pandarpur.—Vitthal Rao i.uiiyc. 
VarodPE Law RepoPtS, (M) (G) ; Baroda.— Oirdharlal Doa 

Vapodra-Vaptaman, (\V) (G); Rs. 2; Baroda.- Jauharbhai Dad 

t)hai Patel. 
Varta Mala, (M) (G) ; Re. 1-8; Bombay. -Kaikhushru Nass 

wanji Polishwala. 
Vapta Vapidhl, (M) (G) ; Rs. 2-4 ; Ahmedabad.— Udaychand Lal- 

fhand Pandit. 
Vasanta. (M) (G); Rs. 2-8; Ahmedabad, Gujrat.— The Uon'bto 

Ilao Bahadur Ramanbhai Mahipatram Nilkanth, h.a., ll.h. 
Vedanta-Kesapl, (M) (E) ; Rs. 2; Ramkrishna Mission, Myla- 

pore, Madras. 
Vedaptha Ppakaslka. (M ) (S & K) ; Bombay. 
Vedic Magazine and Gurukula Samachap. The (M) (E) ; Rs. i 

Ram Dcv, Gurukul, Kaugri. 
Vidyadaylnl.(M) (K) ; Mysore. 

Vidyanada (M) (K) ; Re. 1-8 ; Bangalore.— Adi Narayan Shastr 
VidyaPthl, (M) (H); Allahabad; 2 Rs, ;— Ramjiial. Hindi Press. 
Vtdyapthl. (Q) (M); Indore. 

Vldyavathl, (M) (Te); Tambuchetty Street, Madras. 
Vldyavllas, (W)(M); Ro. 1-13; Established: 1891.— Kolhapur.- 

(ianesh Sankar Gokhalu. 
Vidyodaya. (M) (S) ; Rs. 2, Bhatpara. 24 Pcrfihs. Bengal ; i 
Professor Bhababibhuty VidyabhiLsan, M. A., First stan 
the Panjab University in 1871 under the editorship of the lati 
Pt, Hrisikesh Shastri. 
Vihamgama. (M) (M) ; Re. 1 ; Hanso Road, BycuUa. Bombay. 
Vlhar. (M) (M) ; Rs. 2.— Established: 1914 .— Sadasiva I'oth, Poona 
Dattatraya Keshav Ga«lre. 



Yijnan, (iM) (B) ; Rs, 2 ; 51, Sankaritola, Calcutta.— Amritalal 

Sarkar, l.m.s,, f.c.s. 
Vijnan, (M) (H) ; Rs. 3 ; illustrated.— Lala Sitaram, b.a., and 

Sridhar Pathaka (Organ of the " Vernaculai' Scientific Society," 

Vijnan ani HunaP (M) (G) ; Rs. 2 ; Baroda. — Lakshmichand 

Raghunath Da.s. 
Vljnana Chintamani, (W) (S) ; Rs. 4; Pattampi, S. India.— Nil- 

kantha Sarma. 
Vikata Vinodini, (M) (K) ; Bangalore. 
Vikshipta, OV) (M) ; Rs. 2-4 ; Girgaon, Bombay.— Established : 

1915.— Gajanan Sadasiva Damle. 
VindaP Vakas, (M) (Si) ; Rs. 2 ; Motilal, District Hyderabad, 

Sindh. — N. G. Jorvvani. 
Vinod, (F) (M) ; As. 12 ; Belgaum. 
Vip Bhapat (W) (H) ; Rs. 2 ; Calcutta. 
Vipshiva Dhapmapahasya, (M) (M) ; Re. l ; Deur, Talaka Kori- 

gaon, District Satara.— Sivalinga Bhau Ozarde. 
"Vishpanti, (M) (M) ; Re.1-4; Bombay.— Bhimraj Dharmaraj Palav. 
Vishwat)pahma Vpitta. (M) (M) ; Re. I.— Established : 1913.— 

Ganesh Peth, Poona.— Balsastri Ravjisasti-i Kshirsagar. 
Vlsmi Sadl, (M> (G) ; Rs. 6. Bombay.— Haji Mohammed Alarakhia 


Viswabapta, (W) (B) ; Dacca, 
Vlswaduta, (W) (B) ; Re. 1-12 ; 93, Kali Kundu Lane, Howrah. - 

Nagendranath Pal-Chaudhury. 
Vivek, (M) (G) ; Re. 1-8 ; Lackras, (Nandod).— Chhaganlal Naran- 

bhai Mitri. 
Viveka Chintamani, (M) (Ta); Lalitalaya, 19, Adam Street, 

Mylapore, S. Madras, Established 1892. C. V. Swaminath 

J^iyar, K.s,, S.A. 
Vividha Jnanavistap (M) (M); Rs, 3.— Established : 1870.— 

Phanasbadi, Bombay. — Anantrao Atmaram Morankar. Pub- 
lisher : Nadkarni & Co. 
Vpittasap, (W) (M) ; Re, 1-13.— Established : 1885.- Wai, Sata- 
ra.— Dr, Purushottam Ganesh Vaidya, 


Vyapari indian utbrary ybar book, 1918. 

Vyapapi, (M) (H) ; Re. 1-4; Juhi, Cawnpore.— Bhagw»u Daa 

Vyapapl, (W) (M) : Re. 1-8 —Established : 1889.— Ravivarpeth, 

I'oona.— N. D. Guod. 
Vyapap Samaehap, (W) (B & s.) ; Shikarpur.— PropnV/or; 

N'irceraal Begraj. 


Wap Bulletins [Supplement to Daily Gazette (D) (E); Karachi. 
War Cpy, (M) (E) ; Re. l-ll. Simla— Comuiissioner. Fakir 

War League Joupnal, (M) (E) ; Karachi.— M. do P. Wol»b. 
Watan. (W) (U) ; Rs. 4-1; Watan Buildings, Lahore. 
Wealth of India, The (M) (E); Rs. 5; 3 & 4, Kondichetty 

8treet, G. T., Madras.— 0. A. Vaidyaramman, B.A., r.s.s. 
Wednesday Review, The, (W) (E); Rs, 8; Teppakulam. Trichi- 

Weekly Chponicle, The (W) (E); 50. Reddy Sti-eet. Egmoi 

White already to Harvest. The. (M) (£); Re. 1-2. -J. \ 

Wilsonian. The. (Q) (E). Organ of the Wilson C!ollege Literary 

Society, Bombay.— Rev. R. Strachan. 
Woman's Friend. (S) (H & U) ; Methodist Publishing House, 

Woman's Outlook In India. (M) (E) ; Re. 1.&-Mrs. Alice 

World and The New Dispensation. The, (W) (E) ; Ks. 4 ; .' 

Kamanath Moivamdar Street, Calcutta. — Pramatha Lai Sen. 


Yamuna. (M) (B); Rs. 2; 21-1, Cornwallis Street, Caloutta.- 

Phanindra Nath Pal, B.A. and Sarachchandra Chattopadhyaya. j 
Yasohap, ('A') (B) ; Jes-soro. Ij 

Yogabal, (.M) (B) ; Re. 1-2 ; 17, Kaslnath DatU Street. Calcutta 
— Amritalal Guj^ta, kaviuuushan. 




og-a-rahasya, (M) (M) ; Rs. 2-10 ; Benares. 
Og'isakha> (M) (B) ; 115-1, Ramkrishna I)ass Lane, Calcutta, 
ogisammilani PatPika, (M) (B) ; Kandirpar, Comilla. 
oungr Citizen, The (M) (E) ; Re. 1-4; Adyar, Madras.— Mrs. 
Annie Besant. 

ounar India, ( ) ( ) ; Bombay.— P. K. Telang. 
oungmen of India, The (M)(E); 86, College Street, Calcutta. 
Oflicial organ of the Y. M. c. A. 
'uddhabani, (M) (Te) ; Bapaka.— Bgdr. Tuley. 
'uvak, (M) (B); Santipur. 

amana. (M) (U) ; Rs. 4 ; New Chowk, Cawnpore. Established 
l!tO:i — Durga Narayan Nigam, b.a. 

lemindap, (D) (U) ; Rs. 12 ; Karamabad, Gujranwala.— Zafar 
Khan. B.A. 


News Ag^encies. 

Associated Press of India and the Eastern News Agency. Ld.- 
Matiaging Director : Everard Cotes ; Indian Agent : K. C. Roy. 

(1) Calcutta.— Oj^jce : 1, Garstin Place ; Manager : E. Digby . 

T«'l«gram«: "Associated; " Telephone: 9195; P. O. Box 

(2) BOMUAY.— Ojgi.ce: 15 Elphinstoue Circle Port; Ma 

A. C. Chatterji ; Telegrams: " Associated;" T<'I«; 

(3) Madras.— Oj^c#' : 49, Lingacherry btreot ; Af auar/er : > 

N. G. Menon ; Telegrams : " Associated ;" Teleplwne : 14fi. 

(4) DKLMl.— TeleiJrams : " Despatch." and " Associated." 

(5) Simla. — Telegrams : " Despatch." and " Associated." 

(8) Lahore.— Ojfjirc : Maclagan Road ; Afunaget-: H, M. Cha 
terjee ; Telegrams: "Associated." 

Calcutta Intelligence Syndicate ; 92-5, Upper Circular Road, 
and 14, Parsi liagan Lane, Calcutta; Johnstonganj, Allahabad.— 
Manaijer : S. S. Hose ; TelegiVims : " Newsmonger." 

Indian News Agency ; Calcutta. Delhi, Simla. 

Indo-British Press Agency ; Calcutta. 

News Bureau ; 18. Mangoo Lane, Calcutta ; Dacca ; Allahabad. 

Pettit India Commercial Intelligence Bureau ; 7-11, Esplanao 
Circle, luirt Bombay. 

Reuter's Telegram Company. Ld., London Office : 24, Old J. wry. 
London, E. C. ; Code used: Reuter's Social Code; Telr(jrums : 
*' Renter ; " Oeueral Manager in the East : B. H. Muudy ; Asuis- 
tant : W. J. Taylor. 

(1) Calcutta.— Oj(;icc : 7, CliveRow ; Manager: A. W.Kin::^^ - 

Advertising Manager: L. E. Crowly; Remittan- 
Banking Departmetit : H. P. Pilaher; TelepJiom; (.\. ., 
100 ; Telephone (Advertisement) : 1178 ; Post Oljice Box 

(2) Bombay.- Ojfirr : Macmillan's Buildings, 44,Hornby Road, 

Fort : Telephone : 487; Post Office Box: 162. 
(8) Mahras.—OjO'Icc : Christian College Buildings; ;Vu»ta<)rr 
Hugh Speirs ; Telephone : 30. 

(4) Colombo. 

(5) Delhi. 
(0) Karachi. 
(7) Rangoon. 

Upper India News Agency ; Hazratganj, Lucknow.— Propn. j./r 
J. M. D'Souza ; Assistant: Mrs. T. Pereira. 



Agarpara Public Library ; Mission Road, Agarpara, 24Parga- 
nas.—Honoyarij Secretary : Nagendranatih Mukerji. Librarians : 
8. C. Ohatterji and Kalidas Mukerji. 

Ahiritola Reading Library ; l, Gaur Lalia Street, Calcutta. 

Albert Edward Institute and Cowasjee Dinshaw Library ; 
East Street, Poena. The Institute was built in 1881 in Com- 
meraoration of the visit of our late Emperor King Edward 
VII to Poona in 1875 from public donation. The Cowasjee 
Dinshaw Library of Bombay was amalgamated to the Institute 
in 1901 by the wishes of its founder the late Mr. Cowasjee 
Dinshaw, C I. E., of Aden who, besides presenting the library, 
gave a handsome donation of Rs. 17,000 for building a Hall 
in his name and locating the library therein. The Hall was 
constructed in 1906. 'Ihe number of books in the Institute 
and Library together amount to 6,000 and the number of 
periodicals in the Reading Room 20, excluding the newspapers. 
The monthly subscription : Rs. 2 and Re. 1 ; Entrance fee : 
Re. 1. President: K. B. Meher Hoshung Dustur ; Jt. Honij, 
Sf?cs. : Prof. P. E. Bharucha and Rajianna Lingoo; Treasurer: 
R. Gungaram Bhow Muskare. 

Allahabad Public Library ; Established ; 1864. It has a building 
of its own, known as the " Thornhill-Mayne Memorial Building 
which was completed in 1878, at a cost of Rs. 1,90,000 and con- 
sists of an oriental section and a general section. The Library 
is controlled by a committee appointed by the Government. 
The Secretary receives an honorarium of Rs, 600 per annum. 
The pay of the Librarian is Rs. 75-5-100 per mensem, and that of 
the Assistant Librarian is 50-5-75 per mensem. The Library is 
maintained chiefly from Government grants. It is open to all 
/persons who may come and read in the Reading Room attached 
to it, books being allowed to be taken out only by those who de- 


Amiya lndian literary year book, 1918. 

posit a sum of Rs. 16 only. The number of depositors on 31st 
March, 1917, was 747. The total number of books issued was 
8559. The Library contains 81,250 volumes and books are added 
every year. The present Secretary Prof. Radford. The present 
Librarian is Babu Anathuath Mitra. 

Amija Library ; Moradpur, Bankipore.— Established. 1901. 
Secretary : Sudhirnath Bhaduri. 

Anjuman-i-Islam M. H. Mucba, Reading Room & Library ; 
Bhindi Bazar, Parel Road, Boinltay ; Established : 1885 ; Pre- 
sidetit ; Ameeruddin Tyabjee ; Secrctanj : Dr. Rajab Ali Rawjee 
Lakhdhir ; Librarian : Munshi AH Umar Ghoghari. 

Anjuman-i-Mufldul Islam Library; .%. Phulbagan Road. Calcutta. 

Anjuman Talim o Taraqqi : Tauhibag, Kntaliy, Calcutta, 

Anjuman-i-Tahzib ; Fyzabad. 

Anna Library.— See Hmjapettuli, etc. 

Ariadah Association ; Sukhada Memorial Hall, Ariadah. 24 

Ariya Pustalcalaya ; Chowribazar, Delhi. 

Astagram Suniti tianchariui Sabha ; Comilla. 

Association Library, The ; Nawabshah. Sindh. 


Bagalkot Library; Bagalkot, Kathiawad. 

Bagh Bazar Reading Library ; 2.',-i, Rajvallabh Street, Cal- 
cutta; Chairman: Behary Lai Mitter, B. L. ; Secretary: 
Asutosh Banerji, M.A. ; Librarian : Monmohan Oangnli, h.k. 

Bajana Hall Reading Room : F:iephant Gate, Madras. 

Bandhav Library ; 47-1. Shainba/.ar street, Calcutta. — Estab- 
lished : 1886. 

Bangalore Library; w •■a.- s<r.-v.-t„^„ ■ Ki..fPh.... \-,,rt,Mi ; 

Librarian : A. Joseph. 

Banga Sahltya Sabha : Ciamihan.ihi, Duiiii. 

Banga Sahltya Samiti and Library ; Agra. 

Banga Sahityotsahini Sabha o Bandhav Samiti ; Colonelganj. 
(Park Road, Allahabad),- Established : 1877.— Contains 1,098 
volumes. Honorary Secretary : Prof. Snrendranath Deva, M.A. 



Ijuapukup Library and Reading Club ; 36, Baniapukur Road, 
I jalcutta.— President : W. R. Gourlay, I.C.S., Honorary Secretary: 
.j. N. Addy ; Joint Secretary : N. Mukerji. 
fjikura George Library ; Bankura. 

ij'a Bazar Library and Free Reading Room ; 96-97, Lower 
Ifhitpore Road, Calcutta.— Established : 1901 —President : 
l-.[akshmi Narayan Khettry ; Honorary Secretary : Madan Mohan 
jD arman ; Honorary Librarian: Jasodanandan Akhouri. 
I'isah Reading Club and Library ; Barisah, 24 Parganas. 
|?nagore People's Library ; 80, Kutighata Road, Barnagore,— 

:stablished : 1876. -Preside»jt : Rai Harendranath Chaudhury, 

f.A. ; Honorary Secretaries : Nagendranath Banerji and Binod 

ehari Banerji. 

Kara Saraswati Pustakalaya ; Howrah. 

idon Square Reading Room.— See Chaitanya Library. 

lala Library; Behala, 24 Pargana?.— Established : 1903.— 
io7inrary Secretary ; Saurindranath Roy, M.A, ; Librarian and 
j.Ksf.stant Secretary: Brajendranath Mukerji. 

!lgi Library ; Belgi. 
igal Dramatic Club and Library ; Rangmal Delhi, 
igali Library ; Macecjonganj, Jubbulpore, C. P. 
B.igali Library Collections, The ; Bolpur, District Birbhum, 
fjlengal ; Established 1908 ; No. of books 375 ; Periodicals 7 ; 
jjionthly subscription as. 8.~ Manager : Jyotikumar Sarkar. 
Pigali Youngmen's Association ; See Vidydsdgara Library. 
Badreswara Public Library ; District Hnghly. 
Barati-Bhavan Library; Allahabad.— Contains 4.430 books, 
iubscribes to 25 newspapers ; 12 other journals and newspapers 
• supplied by private persons. It has a building of its own 
j'vhich cost Rs. 22,441. The late Lala Braj Mohan Das dedicated 
Jo this Library property and cash of the value of over 
ijls, 47,000. Of this amount, Rs. 25,000 have been deposited in 
h9 Allahabad Bank, yielding a monthly interest of Rs, 104-2-9. 
The number of members at present is 280, of whom about 
i5 belong to out-stations. Present Librarian : Tika Ram 


fihuvaneswari Indian litbrary year kook, 1918. 

Bhuvaneswari Library ; " Bhnvaneswari Asram," S8-40, Bal 
dur;:i:anj, Allaliai>ad.— Contains over 10,000 volumes. It is met 
for scholars associated with Panini oilici'. 

Bijapur Library ; Bijapur. 

fiinapani Library ; (lanpur P. «>. uai Mollarpur, E. I. J{. I. 
Dist. Bii))liuni. Kstablished: 1810 B. 8. Ck)ntains over 1 
Ben(;ali books and nearly 400 old Bengali manuscripts; Secretar 
Sachipati Chattorji ; Saliityabhushan. 

fiisweswari Library ; housi^ of Pt. Raj Kumar Vedtirtha ; Kaiks 
(Uughli). Establishi-.l 1900. .\o. of Boolcs 1,300; periodical 
Sul)s : nil. 

Bombay Native General Library : Khetwadi Main )\' 
Bombay. Kstablished 1845 ; Prfsident : Kni Jamsetji Jeejeeb.. 
BART.; Vire-PreHident—SlK Bhalachandra Krishna, KT.; if< 
S*?c»/. N. 1*. I'iivri ; Liitrarian : K. M, Masani Master. Sou. Trea 
Dadabhoy Pestonji Karanjia. 

Boys' Own Library; Fountain. Delhi. 

Boys' Own Library and Free Reading? Room. The : 7-3, Bf t., 
street, Calcutta. ICstablished 1909. No. of books 2,000 ; No. 
periodicals 30. Membership : 4 as. and 2 as. per month, i • 
dent : Satis Oh. Koy, m.a., u.l. Vice Prt'sidenta : Jiban Kr. i 
B.A. and Bijoy Ratna Maxumdar. Sec. : Krishna Prasanna Qhoi 
Asst. Sec. : Pradyot K. Rudra. Treasr. : Bojoy Kr. Dey. Libri 
Bankim Ch. Mukherjee. 

Srahmo Library ; Hyderabad, Sindh. 

Brahmo Samaj Free Reading" Room; 97. Anna Plllai Stre- 
Ma<lras. — 8 •'(•;/. : Ktliirajnlu Naidu. 

Brahmo Samaj Library ; 212, Cornwall is Street, Calcutta.- 
Aidenti Dr. P. K. Kay. IMI.D. ; Vice-Presdts : Dr. P. 0. 
Sir J. C. Bose ; Members of the Committee ; Dr. Nilratan b»i 
Miss Heinaprabha Bose, Pt. Sitanath Tattwabhushan, ! 
Krishna Kumar Mitra, Prof. Satis Chandra Ray, M.A.. Print, 
Heramba Chandra Maitra ; Sec : Hridaya K. De, M. A. ; Libr* 
.Tagat Chunder Bhouinie. 

Brahmo Samaj of India Library and Free Reading Roor 


t iConnemara libraries and reading rooms. 

Vl 80-3, Harrison Road, Calcutta.— Seers. : Nabajiban Banerji 
||| and Pulak Chandra Sinha ; Librarian : Prakas Chandra Biswas. 
ijBuFdwan Raj Public Library ; Bnvdwan.— Librarian : Nisakar 

JBurman Reading: Room and Library ; Hooghly. 


Caine's Memorial Reading Room ; Royapettah, Madras. 
Calnan Library; Gorakhpur; (U. P.) ; Established. 1898. No of 

books over 1000. Periodicals 14, subs. Rs. 2 to As. 8 per mouth. 

Hon. Sec. Ajodhyadas, Bar-at-law, Jt, Sec : Radha Benode Roy, 

Hon. Treasr. : Raghubir Pd., Vakil. 
Carmichael Library; Chauk, Benares.— Pcestdent: rai-bahadur 

Sarat Chandra Banerji, M.A., B.L. ; Vice-President Makbul Alam, 

B.A., LL.B,; Hon. Secy. : Madhava Rao Karraabar. 
Central Library and Athletic Association ; 1, Begam Saheb 

Street, Madras. — Secy. : C. Raja. 
Chaitanya Library and Beadon Square Literary Club; 4-1, 

Beadon Street, Calcutta.— Established: 1889. No. of books over 

1 1,000. Priodicals : about 125, monthly subs, as 4. Patrons : Sir L. 

Sanderson and Maharaja of Burdwan. —Presidoit : Hon'ble F. I. 

Monahan, I. C. S. ; Hon. Sees. G. H Sen and K. B. Dutt. Hon. 

Librarians : J. N. Gupta and S. K. Do. 
Chikmagalur Reading Room and Library; Narasinharaga 

Wadayar Town Hall, Chikwagalur Kadur, (Mysore). Estd. 1880. 

No. of books 1086. Periodicals 26. Subs Rs. 2 to as. 4. No. of 

members 68. Presdt. C. Srinivasa l^au; Vice-Presdt, S. V. Dasappa ; 

Hon. Sec. C, Vasudeva Rau ; Librn. C. Swami Rau. 
Chinsura Student's Library ; Hooghly. 
Colonelganj Library ; Cawnpore.— 6Vcy : Shaikh Mohammad 

Altaf Hussain Bilgarami. 
Colonelgani Reading Club ; Cawnpore.--8ecy : Premnarayan 

Colvin Library ; Nawabganj, Barabanki.—HoH. Sect) : Muhammad 

Rashid-ud-din Ashraf. 
Connemara Public Library ; Madras. 


Cornwallis Indian literary vrar book. 1918. 


Cornwallis Union Club and Library; 84, Cornwallis Street, 
Calcutta.— Established : 1894. The Library contains about 6,000 j 
tx>okR, and has a reading room in which there are 15 periodi 
— Presdt : Hirendranath Datta, M.A,. n.L., vedantaratna ; 
Pulin Bihari Mitra. Lt'bn. Neroda Ch. Dcy. Treasurer : K&tM 
Bhushan Hanorji. 

Coronation Library; \el lore.— Contains about 900 EngliJ 
iKioks, Free to the public. Maintained by the Nellore Projr^ 
five Union. 


Dacca Library. Dacca.— Radhika Mohan Basak. 

Dadar Sarwajanlk Wachanalaya ; Lady Jamshetji Road, Dae 
Bombay. Estd. 1907. No of Hooks : 2000 ; Periodicals : 21 ; Rate 
of Subs. 1st class As. 8 ; 2nd class As 4 ; Prcadt. K. D. Dhuru, 
V'tce-Presdt. B. V. Phadke ; Secg. M. G. Gose, L. N. Vaisham* 
payan & Y. G. Gadkari ; Treasrs. L. R. Rawai & S. G. Vartak. 

D.A.G. Office Library ; .Tahan^ir Mansion, Delhi. 

Daimadmya Circulating Library: 2, Chunam Kiln Road, 

Danish Mission Free Library ; 88, 1'ophnm's Broadway, Madras 

Datyadina Library. The; Rhikarpur, 8indh. 

Dayal Singh Library; Lahore. 

Delhi Public Library and Reading Room ; Delhi.— Honorary 
Sccretarii: Fazl-ud-din, ii.A. 

Devakumar's Central Jaina Oriental Library ; Arrah. 

Dhakuria Public Library; Dhakuria. p.0. 24-Parganas. Estd ; 
July 1904. Has building of its own. erected in 1916 at a 
cost of Rs. 3,500. ReRstd. under Act XXI of 1860. No, of BookR 
:{r)00. Periodicals 7. Monthly Sulw. Re. 1 to As 4. Prcadt. J. 
Chaudhury, M.A., Bar-at-Law ; Vice-Prrsdts, Ttajindra N. Vidya- 
bhushan ; Murlidhar Banerji M. A.; Krishna Dhan Das ; Sr 
Jatindrainohan Roy; L<Jjrariati« : Lalit Mohan Roy, Banki 
Chunder Cbatterjee, Haripado Banerjee; Accountant Ramesh 
Clumder Roy. 

Diamond Jubilee Library ; Patehgarh. 

Duke Public Library ; Howrab.— Established : 1914. 


riends' libraries and reading rooms. 

ast LibPapy— 128-2, Amherst Street, Calcutta. 

dward Hall, &C,—See King Edivard Hall Reading Room. 

dward Libpapy.— See King Edtvard Memorial Library &c. 

dward Libpapy ; Bhiria, Sindh. 

mepald Libpapy and Rambagan Litepapy Club ; 167, Manik- 

tala Street, 'Calcutta.— Established": 1898. — President : rai Baha- 
dur Baikunthanath Basu- Honorary Secretary : Ghanendranatha 
Basu ; Honorary Librarian : Saehindranath Basu, B.A., ll.b. 

rnakulam Public Libpapy and Reading Room ; Estd : Jan. l„ 
1870, No. of books 4378 ; periodicals 22. Monthly subs. Rs. 2 
to Re. 1. Presdt, T. G. Narayana Ayyar, M.A., B.L., Sec. T. K. 
Krishna Menon, B.A. Treasr. T. A. Doraswami Ayyar. The 
Library receives an annual grant of Rs. 600 from the Cochin 

pamii Cawasjee Institute ; Girgaon Road, Bombay. 

pee Reading Room ; " L. P. Hall " Nellore. Maintained by the 
Nellore Progressive Union from the subscriptions of its mem- 
bers. Daily attendance about 100. Established : 1907. No. of 
Periodicals : Eng.— 22, Telugu 14. 

pepe Hall Libpapy, The ; Karachi. 

Piends' CentUPy Club. — See Ramakishnapur Library. 

piends' Debating Club and Libpapy ; Dutt's Lane, Chinsura. 
Estd. 1913. No of books: 600; Periodicals 10. Presdt. D. N. 
Mandal, M.A., B.L., Vice-Presdt. G. M. Choudhuri, B.L. Hon. Sec. 
Puma Ch. Adhya Asst. Sec. : Sibchandra Mandal. Librn. San- 
tosh Kumar Pyne. 

Piends' Dpamatie Union and the Union Libpapy ; 370, 
Mukhtaram Babu Street, Calcutta. Established. 1898. Presdt. : 
RAI Baikunthanath Basu bahadur ; Asst. Sees. Ananta Deb 
Ghosh and Nirmal Chandra Sinha. Sec, : Pramathanath Ghosh. 




Ghulam Hussain Khalikdina Library; Karachi. 

Gibes Library. The ; Larkana, Sindh. 

Girgaum Circulating Library : Girgaum Road. Bombay. 

Gokhale Saraswati Sadan ; Kasganj. Etali. Established : 14tl 

June, 1016. The Library contains about 1,000 l>ooks. and tbi 

Reading Room has about 25 papers ou its table. No. of membert 

100 ; minimum monthly subscription as. 2.— Hon. Secy. Babi 

Rama Gupta, m.a. 
Gowribere Library : 16, Budree Das Temple Btreet, Calcnttn 

E.stablished : 1S84. 
Guaranhatta Epistolary Association.— See Royal Librani 
Gunalankar Library; "Buddhist Monastery," 5, Lalilmohai 

Das Lane. Kapalitola, Bowbazar Street, Calcutta. Established 

1SA2, by Kripasaran Mahasthabir, 


Hardlnge Library : Delhi. 

Hemchandra Library.-See Snhrid Parishad. 

Hindi Free Library ; Ronuman Tal, Jubbnipore, C. l*.—Necretar\t 

Jamuna Das. 
Hindushtani Mercantile Association and Reading Room 

Delhi. Omii-num : Babu Ram Lai. 
Hoogly Public Library ; Chinsura, 
Hudson Library, The ; Mirpur Khas, Sindh. 

Ilkai Library; Ilkal. 

Imperial Library ; Met talfe Hall, Hare Street. Calcutta. C 

tains over 20,000 hooks.- Libruriuu : J. A. Chapman ; S'""'' 

tendent of Rmdiiuj Rooms : Surendranath Kumar. 
Indian Circulating Library and Reading Room ; 10, iinut-i 

Indian Street, Calcutta. Over ,".0,000 boolcs. Mawiginy Aijents 

Lewis & C<>. 
Indi Library ; Indi. 




na Central Library ; Arrah (Bihar.) 

na Reading Room and Library ; Chartered Bank Buildings 

na Siddhanta Bhavana, Sri ; Arrah. Established : June, 1911. 
onnded and endowed by Late Sriman Devakumarji, Rais, Arrah. 
President: Padinaray Phulcband Raniwale ; Vice-President : 
jit Prasad. M.A., LL.B., Secretary : Karorichand ; Joint Secre- 
iry : Devendra Prasad. 

nsetjee Nusserwanjee Petit Baherkote Improvement Li- 
rary ; 12, Abdul Rahman Street, Bombay, Established : 1867. — 
honorary Secretary: Kowasji Polanji Kutar ; Librarian :K.R. 

nsetjee Nusserwanjee Petit Colaba Library.— President r 
Framji Petit; Honorary Secretary and Treasurer: C. D.. 

nsetjee Nusserwanjee Petit Girgaum Library; Girgaum, 
imbawadi.— President : L. S. Braganza ; Honorary Secretary 
lid Treasurer : M. A. Kapadia. 

nsetjee Nusserwanjee Petit Institute ; Hornby Road Fort^ 
iombay.— Prestdeut : Sir Dinshaw Maneckjee Petit, bart. ; 
lonorary Secretary: Sorab B. Dadybhorjor, B.A„rx.B. ; Libra- 
iun : Kavasjee Ardeshir Dha, B.A., ll.b. 
tli Library ; Jath State. 

c^erilal Umiashanker Yajnik Bhuleshwar Library; 132, 
dain Bhuleshwar Road, Bombay.— President : Tribhuvandas 
i^arjivandas, J.P. ; Secretaries ; hon'ble Gokuldas Kahandas 
*arekh, b.a., ll.b., j. p., Tribhiibandas Narotanidas Malvi, and 
Shawanidas Narandas Motivala, b.a., ll.b., j.p. ; Librarian : 
unvantlal Chhotelal Desai. 


imala Library, The ; 17, Palmer's Bazar Road, North Entally, 
Calcutta. No. of Books : Bengali 2,500, Bng, 500. Presdt : 
Dr. Suresh Cb. Sarkar, m.b. Hon. Sec. Sailendra Mohan Bhatta~ 


Kanwakubja indiax literary ykak book, 1918. 

charya, B.a^ B,l. Asst. Sec. : Prainatlia Nath Chandra. Librari 
Bhupondra Nath Ghosh. 
Kanwakubja Library; Lordganj. near Bare Mahabir, Jubi 

|)ur, C. P. 
Kasba SantI Library ; Dhakuria Post Oftice, Ballygungc, 24-i 

ganas. — Established : 1908. 
Keatingre Library ; Cachhar, .^ssam. 
Khalikdina Hall Library ; The.— See Ghulam Husain, &c. 
Khuda Bakhsh Library. -St-e Orj>>it«I Public Library. 
King Edward Hail Reading Room ; Bowringpet, Mysore. ^" 

ber of members : 28. Established : September, 1004. 
King Edward Memorial Library and Reading Room ; 1\ 

Hall, Sanger. C. P. Est;iblislied 1911. No. of Jwoks : 3000. 

of periodicals 2S ; Hate of subscription : 1st class, Rs. 2 

class, Re. 1-8 ; 3rd class, Re. 1. President : G. V. Shrikli;i. 

Vicc-Preaident : K. B. Lai. St'c. : S. C. Mukherji, B.A., L 

Jt.Sec: S. V. Subhedar, Librarian: L. P. Agarwala; Audit 

Govind Rao Shrikhandi. 
Kishorimohan Students" Library ; I abna. Established : It 

No. of Books: Eng. 500; Bengali 800. Periodicals 38. Mont 

Sabs, as 8 to as 2.— Sec. Jahnavi Charan Bhoumik, u.L. 
Krishna Mandall Library, The ; Rohri, Sindh. 
Krishna Pustakalaya ; Aurangabad, (Gaya). Number of bool 

Krlshnaraja (Sri) Wodyar Installation Free Library ; koi 

Established : 1898. Nnmber of visitoi-s or members ; 2,000. 

Lalkoah Christian Reading Room ; Delhi. 

Literary Association and Library; Bhatpara. Estabiisiiea ; i 
Number of books : 2,500. Number of members : 110. Moii 
sabscription :— annas 4. Preadt. uai uabaih:r S. C. Bhatt 
charyya ; Hon. Sec. Girija Charan Bhattacharyya. 

Lyali Library ; Rasulganj, Aligarh. Estd : 1878. Regstd. in IS 
under Soc. 26 of Act VII of 1882. Has a building of 
erected in 1885 at a cost of Rs. 80,000. No. of books 



Iperiodicals, 20. Monthly Subs : Re. 1 & as. 8. Presdt. Vice- 
Presdts: Nawab Muzammullah Khan, Khan Bahadur; Jwa]a 
Parsad Chatterjee, b.l. ; Rao Raghnraj Singh and Kunwar 
Man Singh. 


idras Cireulating LibPapy ; 4-30, Mount Road, Madras, 
^hamandal Libpapy ; Jagatganj, Benares Cantt. Number of 
books— 3,000. 

ihomedan Coponation Litepapy Society ; Hazuria Street, 
Byculla, Bombay. 

ihomedan Libpapy ; 107, Upper Chltpur Road, Calcutta. 
ihomedan Public Libpapy ; Triplicane, Wallajah Road, Mad- 
ras. — Pt'fsdt. Muhluddin Sahib Bahadur ; Hon. Secy. Sultan 
Azam Husain Khan Sahib Bahadur. 

mnu Lai Pustakalaya ; Gaya. Number of books : 1,000. 
ihpathi Gpantha Sangpahalaya ; Bhai Jivanjl's Lane, Palwa 
Road, Bombay. Founded : 1898. Has a building of its own, 
known as "Sarada Mandir" which was erected in 1912 at a cost 
)f Rs. 25,000. No. of books 10,000 (Marathi). Periodicals 80. 
Subs. as. 8 quarterly.— Pat»*o« : H. H. the Gaikwar of Baroda. 
Presdt. Gajanan Bhaskar Vaidya, b.a. Vice Presdt. Jagannath 
Raghunath Gharpure, b.a., ll.b. Sees: Ambadas Gopal Puntan- 
svekar and Sridhar Narayan Jauwekar. Treasr. Anant Nilkanth 

ihpathl Vaehanalaya, The ; Karachi, 
ihpathi Vaehanalaya ; Lordganj, Jubbulpore, C. P. 
iju Public Libpapy, Maju, Howrah. Estd : 1st October, 1912 : 
Regstd. 18th September, 19U under Act XXI of 1860. Has a 
building of its own completed in 1916. Cost Rs. 4,500. No. of 
Books : Bengali, 3,500 ; English 1,500. Periodicals 67. Subs. 
is. 8 & as. 4 per month. Presdt : M. N. Mitra, Bar-at-Law. 
Vice Presdt: Ranadhir Chatterjee, b.a. Sec. Anil Chandra 
Mukherjee, M.A., b,l. Assistant Sec. Narayan Chandra Mazum- 
iar. Librn. Jitendranath Banerjee, Asst. Lihrn. Hiralal Mozuni- 
iar; Actt: Bljoy Kr. Mazumdar. 



Malati Sarada Sadan Library ; Benares. 

Mangalore Library ; Mangalore, Soutti Canara, Madras. 

Marwari Library; Chaudney Cliowk, Dellii.- Sec. Setb Kedi 
uath Goonka. 

Max Denson Hall Library; Karachi. 

Mayaram Sudharam Library. The; Lala Rohri.Sindh. 

Metcalfe Hail,— See Imperial Libranj. 

Mictiael Library; Kidderpore, Calcutta.- J*. Sect. B. li. Banurj 
and R. K. Goswami. 

Milne Library. The ; Garhi Yasiu, Sindh. » 

Minerva Library and Students' Literary Club ; y I'eary Moh 
Paul's Lane, Calcutta. Kstablishod : 1895. 

Mirzapore Plioenix Union Library and Free Reading Roo 
12, Kally Dass Sinha Laiiu. Calcutta. Estd: 1892.— No. of boo) 
Bengali 2,000, English ii.OOO. There is a handsome collection 
Sans. Mss. & publications. Babu Pratap Chundra Ghosh (I 
Registrar of Assurances, Calcutta) made a gift of about ) 
volumes to this Library. No. of Periodicals 59. Monthly Sub 
As. 4. Presdt : M. M. Dr. batish Chandra Vidyabhushan, M. 
Ph. D. M.R.A.8. Treasurer: Hemanta Kumar Sinha. Secrrtar 
.Tatindra Kumar Sinha, B.l. Librarian: Dhirondra Lai Mitter. 

Motianlal Central Jaina Library : Bombay. 

Monomotian Library and Reading Room ; Eamalapur How 
P.O. Ramna (Dacca). Established : 1918 by Biraj Moh.m 1 
in the name of his father for the benefit of the people 
Kamalapar, and the neighbouring villages. No. of books 1,00< 
periodicals : 29. 

Mooljibhoy Jewraj Khoja General Reading Room and Librar: 
:l7,KasaiGully,Khaduck, Bombay.— President : hon'ulk sir I 
rahim Rahimtoola, C.I.K., J.v. Secrctarij : Ghulamali C. Mool 
Librarian : Peermahomed Hussain. 

Muddebihal Library ; Muddebihal. 

Muhammedan Public Library : Wallagah Road. Tt 
Mudras. Established : 1850. Has a building of its own 
in iSdO. No. of books 4518. Periodicals 18- Bubs. As. 4. P- 




dents: Hon. Nawab Saiyid Muhammad Sahib Bahadur. Secretary z 
Muhammad Abdul Khadir. 

alia FIpoz Libpary ; The K. R. Cama Oriental Institute, Hornby 
Road, Port, Bombay. — Ohairman: Merwanji Muncharji Cama; 
Sec, Pramrose R. Joshi, J.P. ; Librn. Khursedji N. Munshi, B. A. 
unicipai Centpal Libpapyand Reading- Room, The; Ealbadevi 
c oad, near Cavel Street, Bombay. Estd : 1907. No. of Books 
1000 ; periodicals 23. Subscription meant for Municipal Pri- 
mary Schools Teachers; Librn : Pramji Hormasji. 
Ysope Educational Libpapy ; Bangalore.— Ltfaran'an : H. Sita- 


payan Jagannath Libpapyf The ; Shikarpur Sindh. 

Ltive General Libpapy ; Dharwar. Secretary : H. B. Laxmi- 
shwar, b.a., ll.b. 

tive Genepal Libpapy ; Esplanade Road, Bombay, 

Ltive Genepal Librapy ; Girgaum Road, Bombay. 

ltive Genepal Libpapy ; Hyderabad, Sindh. 

tive General Libpapy ; Poena. 

tive General Library ; Satara. 

tive General Libpary ; Shirhatti, District Dharwar, Bombay 


tive General Libpary ; Sukkur, Sindh. 

Hope Ppogressive Union.— See Thikkana Library. 

jam's Library, H. H. The; Hyderabad, Deccan,— Libnomn; 

Maulvi Syed Tosadduk Husain. 

ngumbaukum Reading Room and Ripon Libpapy ; 36. Mun- 

;aduswami Iyer Street, Madras. 

i Club Libpapy and Reading Room,— 84-1-1, Bowbazar Street, 

lental and Mixed Libpapy and Fpee Reading Room ; Banga- 
ove City. Established : 1883. Government lEndowment : Rs. 720, 
nnually. Number of members or visitors : Male 22;612 ; Pe- 
aale 7,689 ; Juvenile 1,662,-Total 31,963. 


Oriental indian uterarv year book, I9l8, 

Oriental Public Library (Popularly known as "Khuda Bak 
Library"); Bankipore. — Hecretary : A. Hassan, BAR-AT-i 
Chowhatta, Bankipore. Founded by the late KHAiN bahadu 
Ehuda Bakhsh, c.l.B. Contains more than 5,000 Arabic and I' 
sian Mss.; also English books worth over a lakh of Rupees. ; 
a building of its own worth Rs. 80,000. Made over to the pu' 
by a trust deed on 29th October, 1891. Maintained by the i 
▼emment, and donations at an annual cost of about Rs. 9,00< 
Contains also a valuable troUection of Chinese, Central Asiai 
Persian and Indian Paintings. 

Panchanan Library and Free Reading Room: Khoorooi. . u 
chanantala, Howrah. — fi ec.ret.iry : Haripada Banerji. 

Patpiotic Library and Simla Literary Club.: 38-2, i" 
I3oso Lane, Cidcutyi. —Bonorani Secretarirs: B. P. Cli 
M.A., B.L., and S. N. Cbakravarty, b.a. ; Houorury Lihrariant : 
N. Boso and K. L. Bose. 

Pentagon Library : 10, Talpukur,Road, Calcutta.- Libraria 
Ainritiilal Das. 

People's Free Reading Room and Library ; Fort fitrcnt. n.n 

Petit (Sir Dinshaw Maneckji) Kanda Muhalla and Bh 
Muhalia Library ; Homhuy.— Chairman : Sir Diushaw A. 
Petit, BART.; Honorary Secretary : Darashaw Merwanjee Bhar 

Petit (Sir Dinshaw Maneckji) Medical Library; Ready mom 
Building, AppoUo Bunder, Bombay. — Lif>rari«n : K. M. Dubasb. 

Petit.— See also JnmaHji Sussf^riranjce Petit, etc. 

Pitambar Library ; Senhati, Khulna. Estd. 1904 by Kabir: 
Baroda Ch. tJen, in memory of his father for the benefit of ' 
public. No. of Books, 400; Periodicals 8. Monthly Sii 
nil. President: Kcdarnath 5>on. Vire-Presidenf: Oopal 
Sen, fire, .\8\viiu Kumar Sen. Asat. Sec. Mohima Kumar .S. 

*• Practical Medicine " Lending Library : Daiwara, Del 



ii\ 1909, Subs, monthly Re. 1-8. Yearly Rs. 7-8. No, of books : 

»| over 3000 ; periodicals : over 100. 
'ayagr Bsmga. Sahitya Mandip ; 39, Goods Shed Road, Allahabad. 
Established : 1896. Contains over 1,600 Bengali books. Over 26 
Bengali and English Newspapers and Journals are placed on 
its Reading Room-table. The Reading Room is open to the 
public, and books are issued to members only. Monthly subscrip- 
tion Re. 1, as. 8 and as. 4. President : RAI-bahadur Sris Chandra 
Basu, B.A., VIDYARNAVA ; Vice-Pi'csident : Nilmadhava Sen-Gupta 
and Dr. Surendranath Sen, M.A., LL.D., Secretary : Prof. Nalin- 
bihari Mitra, M.A. ; Assistatnt Secretary : Narendranath Sen ; 
Librarian. Yamine Mukherji, b.a. ; Treasurer : Mohine Mukerji. 
pogpessive Union and Raja Sip Ramaswami Mudaliap Free 
Reading' Room and Librapy ; Kamaleswarenpettah, Madras.— 
President: DEWAN-bahadur C. Karunakara Menon, B A. ; Vtce- 
president: RAO- BAHADUR K. Vaithilingam Pillai ; Secretary; 
V. Varadaraja Mudaliar ; Assistant Secretary and Librarian: 
P. Govindarajulu Raju. 

po Bono Publico ' Libpapy ; Sasi Bhushan Chatterji's Street, 
Rawal Pindi. 

Ublie Club. — See Rohra Sammilani. 
ablie Libpapy ; Ahmednagar. 

ablic Libpapy; Almora. Established : 1890, by the late RAi Baha- 
dur P. Badri Dat Joshi. 

ublie Libpapy ; Town Hall, Amritsar, Estd, 1873. No. of books : 
over 1500: periodicals 15. Annual subscription Rs. h.— Sec- 
retary : P. Marsden, I.C.S., Librn. Harnainsing Maggo. 
iiblie Libpapy ; Chittagong. 
ablic Libpapy ; Parrukhabad, 

ablic Libpapy; LalBaradari, Lacknow. This Library wfis formed 
[in terms of Govt. (U. P.) Resolution No. 1272 XVIII 417-1909, 
dated Nainital the 23rd September, 1910]; out of the books belong- 
ing to Lucknow Museum supplemented by a generous donation 
of books by Mr. C. W. McMian, 1. C S. (Retired). Besides, 
about 2000 volunes were acquired from the Station Library. 
Thefe are at present over 14,000 English books and 4000 Govt. 



Reports and Publications, There are also some Hindi, Urd 
Persian and Sans, books and a few Persian and Sans. Mss. An 
the l)est Eng. periodicals, both Scientiiiic and General arc s--' 
scribed for. It is a free Library; depositors of Rs. 15 may i 
row books for home i-eading. The Library remains open ii 
8 A.M. to dusk except on public holidays. Presdt. Commissi^ 
of Lucknow Division, Ex-officio Hon-Librarian S, B. Smith, M 
Asst. Libu. S. K. Mitra, M. A. 

Public Library ; N'oushera, Sindh. 

Public Library : old Sukkur, Sindh. Estd. 1911. Has a building r 
its own; cost Jte. 300. Ko. of books 500, periodical, 8. Siihj 
cription Re. 1 to as. 4. Sec. Mithal 8hab. 

Public Library ; ThatU, Sindh. 

Public Library and Reading Room ; Cranganore (Cochin State 
Estd. 1018. No ol iKKjks 525, periodicals : 20. Monthly Subs, 
as. 12 to a.s. 4. Ladies at half rates. 6Vc. K. Achyuthakumn' 

Public Library and Reading Room; Trichnr, Cochin St 
South India. 

Punjab Public Library ; Lahore. Established in 1888. Anrm:i 
subscription, R«. 5, 

Purasawallcam Clrculatingr Library ; Vopery. Madras, s 
N. K. Mahanarangam Pillay. Trcasr. A. Arunat-halaiii. 


Radha Rana Library: Debnathpara, Benares. 

Rajani Kanta Gupta Memorial Library; 128-2, Amherst - 
Calcutta.— Pa<ro»: hon'hlk .maiiakaja-hahadcr Manindi;i > 
dra Nandi of Co.ssimbazar ; Presdt.: Lalit Kumar Banerji, vidya 
RATNA, M.A. ; Vice-pvendts. Rai Haridhan Dutt Bahadur ^' * 
Manmathanath Mukerji, .Mji., BX., Saran Chandra Chattel 
Gajondra Nath De, B.L., Hon. Sec. Sailapati Chattorji, M.A., i:.u 

Ramaswami Mudaliar (Raja Sin) Library, Ac— See Pro(/( cssiV 

Rambagan Literary Club, s.-,- Emerald Libiorij. 

Ramdas Meraiji Library ; Khorc Garden Head. Karachi. 

Ramkrishna Library. See Sri Sri Ram Kri§hna Library. ' 



imkPishnapup Librapy and Friends' Century Club ; Ram- 
krishnapore, Howrah. 

immohun Libpary and Free Reading Room ; 267, Upper Cir- 
cular Road, Calcutta, Registered under Act XXI of I860.— 
Presdt. Sir DR. J.C. BOSE, M.A., 1>.SC.,C.S.I., CJ.B., Vice-presidents : 
hon'blb SIR S. P. Sinha, S. N. Tagore, hon'ble raja Rishee Case 
Law, C.I.B., the Honorable Bhupendra Nath Basu, M.A., B.L., Dr. 
Brajendranath Seal, M.A., Ph.D., Dr. P. C. Ray, m.a., d. SC, C.l e. & 
R. H. M. Rustomjee. Secy : Pramathanath Banerjea, M.A., D. s.c, 

F. R. E. s., BAR-AT-LAw. Treasurer : B. K. Ghosh, M. A., bar-at- 
LAW. Lihrn. Charu Chandra Bhattacharya, m.a. 

im Mohun Roy Fpee Reading Room ; Dacca. 
im Mohun Free Library and Reading- Room ; Bezwada. 
E.std. 1911. Has a building of its own, erected in 1914, at a cost 
of Rs. 10,000. No. of books : 3,000. Periodicals 35. Rates of Sub- 
scription : Re. 1, as. 8, and as. 4. Presdt. S. V. Narasinham. Vice- 
Presdt. B. Venkatapiah. Sec. C. Venkata Ramanayya. Asst. Sec. 

G. Brahmanandan ; Librn. : V. Gopal Kreshnayya. 

made Libpapy.— 72, Brodie's Road, Mylapore, Madras, main- 
tained by the South Indian Association. 
maghat Public Libpapy ; Ranaghat. 

eading- Room ; Molakalmuru, Mysore. Established : November, 
1912. Number of members : 40. 

Bseapeh House Libpapy; Mymensingh. It is the family 
Library of B. Kedarnath Mozumdar : contains 2,500 books : has a 
valuable stock of old Mss. and old Bengali Periodicals. 
BVa Sadan Libpapy ; near Sunder Vilas Theatre, Jubbulpore. 
Presdt. Narmada Prasad Misra Visharad. , 
Ijharam Libpapy, The ; Jacobabad, Sindh. 
ipon Libpapy, See Nungumhauknn, &c. 
ohopa Sammilani (Public Club and Libpapy) ; Barrackpore. 
/'resident : S. K. Banerjee, L.M.s. ; Secretary : S. K. Banerjee. 
oyal Libpapy and Guapanhatta Epistolapy Association ; 35, 
i^'akir Chand Chakravarti Lane, Calcutta ; President : Mahendra 
Vath Kundu, M.A., B.L., Secretary : Haransasi De, m.r.a.S. 
oyapettah Fpee Reading" Room and Anna Libpapy ; Madras. 


Sadar Indian literarv yeak book, 1918. 



Sadar Bazar Reading: Room ; Elphinstone R(>a(l. Roiubay. 

Sakti Library ; Maju, District Howrah. 

Salvation Army Libraries ; at ; Ani ; Ahuied;i!);i(i ; lioy's sel 
Alimednagar ; Boy's School, Trivandrum; Boy's Industrial So 
Rura ; Bombay Loom Factory: Cliawa; Clianga Manga; Clu 
Danepore ; Gorakhpur ; Eashipur : Rodiali : Eotadbian ; Lah< 
Ludhiana; Moradabad; Nn);arcoil ; Najibabad, Makbpur i<'^ 
Colony; O'Dwyer Silk School, Simla; Patna; Poona ; Stu 

Samachar Patralaya ; Khurja, U. V. 

Samayik Banga Sahitya Samiti ; Daraganj, Allahabad. Es 
lished : IQOO.—Lihrurlun : Jyotish Chandra Basil. Pouuden 
Satyavrata Bhattacharyya, m.a., Panchkori Mitra; Nil 
Mallik ; iSiddheswar Mitra: Sital Chandra Cliattorji : ' 
Chandra Banerji ; Atul Krishna Banerji. 

Sanskrit Pustaka Sangrrahalaya ; Bunder itajapur. ili 
No. of books over 1500 ; Sec: Dattatreya Vasudev 
Niygudkar, Vidyaratna. 

Santi Cootir Library and Akshaya Datta Smriti Samiti ; Ball 
District Howrah. Establishe»d : 1899. No. of books over, 100 
with a rare collection of old vernacular periodicals ; about 1 
periodicals in the Reading Room. Founder: Rashbiha 
Bancrjea; Patron: Raja Peary Mohan Mukherjee, M.A., h.l.c.s.I 
President: N. C. Vyakarn-Smrititirtha ; Fice President : Anandi 
charan Saraswati ; N. B. Bancrjea, B. A., B.L., Munsif; Secretary 
R. Bancrjea, M.n. ki.a.SC, m.r.a.s. ; Assistant Secretary & TAhn 
rinn : N. C. Vidyaratna ; Assistant Secvetanj A'Treasurer : * .1) 
shCiya Memorial Fund' : Nikunjabihari Banerjea, b.l. ; Subsn 
tion : Rs. 6 yearly, admission fee Rs. 2. Meetings hold qtiartui i. 
Objects : 1. To stir up a friendly feeling among its moiiibei 
and the reading public ; 2. To create a healthy literary tast 
among students by affording facilities by giving loans of book 
of reference, arts and agriculture. Contains Bengali book 
and periodicals only. 



iSarada Bhavan Librapy ; Miloniganj, Jubbulpore, C. P. Presi- 
i (leiit: Govind Das. Secretary: Txilsidas. 

sapada Sadan Librapy ; Chauk, Benares. 

j^apaswati Institute and Free Reading Room : 52-3 Sankaritola 
Lane, Calcutta. Estd. 1897. Registered uader Act XXI of 1860, 
No. of members : over 200 ; No. of books : Bengali 2244, English 
13C0. Patrons : Maharaja Jagadindra Natli Roy of Nattore,. 
Raja Manmatha Nath Roy Chaudhury of Sautosli, and C. R, 
Das, Bar-at-law. Presdt. Hon'ble Deva Prasad Sarvadhicary, 
M.A., LLJ)., C.I.B. Sec. : Rishindra Nath Sarkar, M.A., b.l. 

Saraswati Library ; Shikarpur, Sindli. 

Saraswati Sadan. Maintained by the Nagri Pracharini Sabha, 
Rae Bareli. Contains over 600 books, and subscribes to about 
a dozen periodicals. In charge of the Library : Mahavir Prasad,, L.T., Supervisor : Satynarayan Avasthi, b.a., ll.b. 

Saraswati Vaehanalaya ; Katra, Saugor, C. S^.— Srcrctari ; Chho- 
tey Lai. 

Sassoon Meehanies' Institute and Library ; 152, Esplanade 
Road, Bombay. Pounded : 30th October, 1847. 

Savitri Library ; 18, Ocoor Datta Lane, Calcutta. 

Sherpur Library ; Sherpur, Bogra. Organiser: Haragopal Das- 

Sibpur Public Library ; 239, Grand Trunk Road, Howrah. — 
Secretary : Mahendranath Banerji, b.l. 

Simla Literary Club. — See Patriotic Library. 

Sri Sri Ramlsrishina Library ; Kosalpur, Bankura. Established : 
6th of Ashar 1320 B. S. (1913). No. of books 1500 ; periodicals 
15. Subscription: annas 4 per month. President: Kalipada 

■ Banerjee. Vice-President : Ohandi Charan Bhadra, Prahlad 
Chandra Rakshit, Birendranath Datta ; Librarians : Rakhal 
Chandra Nag and Manmatha Nath Mallick ; Treastirer : Bhut 
Nath De, Secretary : Atul Krishna Bhadra. 

State Library ; The ; Khairpur, Sindh. 

Students' Library ; Gorakhpore.— Secretary.: Radha Ranjan Sen, 

Students' Literary Club.— See Minerva Library. 

Students' Own Association Library ; Fulti, Sindh. 


students ikdian literary year book, 1918. 

Students' Sporting: Club Library ; St.inlov Roail. Allali:ii)a< 

Ltbi-artaii. Hrishikes Makerji. 
Suhrld Parlshad and Hemehandra Library ; i^aiig;ircrf 


Taltala Public Library, «. Xeogrypiikur West Lane, Calcutu*. 
Established: 1882.— Patrons: llON*BLE MR. S. L. Maddox, l.r.s. 
c.I.K., and hon'ulr Mr. Surendra Nath l^ancrjea ; Presidi-nt : 
NAWAh A. K. M. Abdur Rahmkn, bar-at-law ; Vice-Prc»ideu! 
A. C. Banerjoa, uar-at-law. Satyendra Nath Sen, B.A., and A. 
Sircar. L.M.8.. K.L.s. ; SecrHary : Hemanta Kumar Mnkerji, H.i 
Librarians : flaiir Mohan Addy. N. Oan<;uli and R. B. Ghosh. 

Telegu Dnyanottejak Sabha Library ; Kamatipura Bazar Road 
\iinn\y,iy.~ I* resident : Sayaji Nagiiji ; Vice-President : Shiviiji 
Lingoo Java ; Secretary and Treasurer : V. M. Jiotiwalla. 

Theosophieal Lodfire Library ; Hyderabad, Sindh. 

Thikkana Library ; >ielIore. Coatains about 2,000 volumes 
Sanskrit and Tclegu books. Free to the public. Open froi 
to II A. M., and 2 to 8 P.M. Maintained by the Nellore Pro* 
gressive Union. 


Uluberia Victoria Memorial Library ; Ulnberia, Howrah.— 

S«"<'i*<'/ iry : limes Chandra Hil. 
Union Club Library ; Gorakhpur. See. Ouloan Library, 
Union Library ;— 170, Muktaram Babu Street, Calcutta. Muni« 

oipal {jr.iiit Rs. 150 por annum. 
Union Library ; .Mugkalyan, Howrah. 
Union ReadingrCIub : 252 Misri Bazar Street, Cawnpore. Bsta 

lished 1002. Books 200, periodicals 4 ; Bobscrlption Re. 1. ai.<. 

As. 8. Secy. : G. C. Nlgam ; Assistaut Secretary : 8. N. Nigam : 

Trenur, and Librarian : L. N. Khanna. 
United Reading Club; Sathghara, Bator P. O., Howrah.— Pff> 

dent; Nanigopal Pal, b-l., Honorary Secretary: Lalit Mohan ; Joint Honorary S*^retary : Ruresh Chandra Pal. 


nited libraries and reading rooms. 

nited Reading Room ; 67-1-2, Nimtalah Ghat Street, Calcutta.— 
President : Hon'ble Mr. S. L. Maddox, M.A., I.C.S., Vice-Presi- 
dent : [Hon'blb Sir S. P. Sinha, C.S.I., BAR-AT-LAW ; Secretaries : 
Bepin Jiehari Dhar and A. L. Chunder, M.A., B.L. ; Librarian : 
Uma Charan Laha, b.l. Municipal Grant Rs. 200 per annum, 
shalakshml Librapy ; Village Koyepara; P. O. Mahanwin; 
Dist. Chittagung— Sc'cretai-y : Ramaniranjan Vidyabinode. 


ani Bhavan, (Free Reading and Circulating Library and an 
Association for diffusion of intellectual culture) ; Bogra, Raj- 
shahi Division, Bengal. Established : August, 1913. Members in 
September, 1915 : Males 147 ; females 5. Number of Books : Eng- 
lisJi 683, Bengali, 807 ; Periodicals 33 ; Secretary : Sures Chunder 
Das Gupta. \ 

ietoria Library ; Indore. Librarian Haris Chunder Sarkar. 

^idyasagar Library and Bengali Youngmen's Association ; 
Aminabad, Lucknow.— Secretary : Karunamoy Chatterji. 

Hdyasagar Reading Rooms ; Hooghli. 


iVoodburn Public Library ; Bogra,— Secretary : Jitendra Kumar 
Biswas, B.L. 

ifcungmen's Association and Library ; 63, Barrackpore Trunk 
Road, Paikpara. Established : 1901. Honorary Secretaries : 
Nalinimohan Chatterjee, B.L., Pareshnath Mukerji, B.L. ; Libra- 
rian : Pramathanath Mukerji. 

if oungmen's Club and Reading Rooms ; 68, NebutoJlah Lane, 
Calcutta. Established : 20th January, 1889. Honorary Secretary : 
Benoy Bhushan Sen. 

Ifoungmen's Social Club Library ; Dadar, Bombay.— Librarion : 
P. A. Pereira. 



Informations regarding the Scientific and Literary Associations 
' though fuller than what was contained in the last issue, aro f - 
from being complete yet. In very few cases they have lx' 
supplied by the authorities of the Associations themsolv 
But the Editor is hopeful (as his scheme has alread)* bot^iin 
arouse interest) that it will very soon be complete. 
Some Institutions have been included in this list which (.-ouui 
have also gone under the head of the Libraries. 


eademy Debating" Union : Monghyr. Meetings held every 
Saturday. Maintains a reading room. — Presdt. : Jagadwip 
Sahai, b.a. ; Vice-Presdt. : Harendra Nath Mukerji, M.SC. ; Secy. : 
Nrisinha Chiindra Banerji. 

damdighi Sahitya Samity ; Adamdighi, Bogva.— Secy. Nagen- 
dranath Chakravarty. 

.gappara Association ; Agarpara. Estd. : 1879.— Presdt. : Nanda- 
lal Banerji; Sony. Secy. : B. B. Banerji. 

Igpieultupal and Hoptieultupal Society of India ; 17, Alipore 
Road, Alipore. Gardens and Nurseries at the same place. 
Founded: 1820.— Pre.sdt. : THE hon'blk C. P. Beaeheroft. l.c.s, ; 
Secy. : F. H. Abbott. 

Lgpi-Hoptieultupal Society of Bupma ; Victoria Park, Kan- 
dawglay, Burma. — Secy. : Capt. W. H. Allen. 

gpi-Hopticultupal Society of Madpas; Mount Road, Teynam- 
pett, S. W. Madras . Ornamental Gardens and Office and Library 
with about 1,000 Botanical Books at the same place. Nursery 
Gardens : St. George's Cathedral Road, Teynampett, S. W. 
Madras. Estd. 15th July, 1835.— Pi-esdt. : H. E. The Right 
hon'ble Lord Pentland, P.O., G.C.I.E. ; Hon, Secy. R. S. F. Simson, 
Snpdt. H. S. Hongriton, F.L.s. 

kshaya Kumap Datta Smpiti Samity and Santi Cootip Li- 
bpapy ; Bally (Howrah). See Santi Oootir Library. 

Ulanee Fpaneaise ; " Thoburn House," Appollo Bunder. Estd : 
1883.— Delegate : PROF, Louis Paltier, b.a., o. i. p.. Object : 
Aims exclusively at encouraging the study and propagation of 
French language. 

ndhpadesa Libpapies Association ; Bezwada.— Estd. 1914. 
Thery are 200 Libraries in Andhradesa (Telegu Districts 
of the Madras Presidency), of which this Association is the 
central organization. It publishes the Library Miscellany. (Q) 


Anjuman indun literary year book, 1918. 


(Te.).—Presdt. : hon'blk rao-bahadur Mooharla Ramchandn 
Rao; Vtc«?-Pr«'sdtji.: (I) Chilakamarf i Lakshminarasimhara (2) Su 
Vcnkata Nara.simlia Sastri ; Hoiiij. Secij. lyyanki Venkata Ram 
nayya; Asst, Sens. P. Suri Sastri, B.A., and A. V. Reddy Pantna 

An]uman-i-Sana O Funun. See Vernacular Scientific Socictij, 

Anjuman-i-Tlbbia; Delhi.— /V«'«(l^. : rai hahadur Lala Shi 
Prasad, c.l.B., VicePri^adt. : Ehan Sahib Hakim Ahmad Sij 
Khan and rai hahadur Lala Lai. Life Secy. : HaH 
uI-MiiIk H. M. Ajmal Khan. Jt.-Sccy. : Khan Bahadur Peerzai 
Mohd. Hugsain, M. a. Secij. of the OoUeye, Snh-Oommitt>i{ 
Hakim Ghulam Kibria Khan ; Organizi'i' of the Vedic Branch 
the Ayurvedic and Unani Tihbi Oollege and Vice'Presdt. of t 
College Sub-Cnmmitter : Dit. B. K. Mitra, l,.M.s. ; Financial Si*cj 
Lala Radha Mohan. 

/Anthropologrical Society of Bombay: Town Hall. Boinl)ajK 
Estd. : 1886.— Pn'sdL The Hon'blo W. D. Shepperd, Vice- 
Presdt J. N. Fraser; Secy. Shama-ul-Ulma Dr. Jivanji JamRhedji 
Modi. B.A., PH.P., r.i.B. 

Apladah Association. Library and Literary Club; "TheNukli. 
da Devi Memorial Hall," Ariadah. 24-Par<?anas. — Preadtx. (1) 
Alexander Creig, (2) Thomas Crabb ; Secy : Chnnilal Banerji. 

Art.— See (1) Bombay' Art Society (1) Madras Fine Art Societii. 

/Arya Sahitya Samaj ; Baghbazar, Calcutta. Pretdt. : Chandra 
Sokhar Kar, Bar-at-Law. 

Aryan Youngrmen's Association; 36, Mathukrishnam street, 
Madras. Object : Improvement of the mental, moral and religion- 
conditions of Aryan Yonngmen, by holding debates, readii 
essays, etc. 

Asiatic Society of Bengal; l. Park Street, Calcutta. Presdt. 
H. H. Hayden, c.i.B., k.r.s., b.a., b.a.I., v.Q.h., Seen 
F. H. Graviely, 

Asiatic Society, Royal.— See (l) Bombay Branch of the Hoyol 
Asiatic Society ; (2> Madras Literary Society and Auxiliary of 
the Royal Asiatic Soeie/ii. 

Association for the Advancement of Scientific and Industrial 
Education of Indians; 7. Old Post Ollice Street, Calcutta. 


— Secy,: rai-bahadur Jogendra Chauder Ghosh, M.A., B.L., 


stponomical Society of India ; Imperial Secretariat Buildings, 
Calcutta.— Presdt. : W. J, Simmons ; Secretaries : (1) Dr. E. P, 
Harrison, (2) C. V. Raman. 


agura Sahitya Papishad ; Bogra. 

lagura Sahitya Samiti; Bogra. Estd. 1908. Secy. : Suresh Ch. 
Das Gupta, b. l. 

aliaghata Sandhya Samiti ; 16, Barwaritala Road, Baliaghata, 
Calcutta.— Presdt : U. N. Sen-Gupta, M.A., b.l., bar-at-laW; 
Secjj: S. Mukerji, B.L. ; Librarian: N.N. Sen. 

^andhava Samity ; 170, Upper Circular Road, Calcutta.— Presdt. : 

J Pandit Kshirod Prasad Vidyavinod, M.A., Secretary : professor 
Nalin Bihai-i Mitra, m.a. 

;an galore Literary Union ; Estd. : 15th October, 1874.— Num- 
ber of members : 44. 

iangiya Sahitya Parishad ; 243-1, Upper Circular Road, Cal 
cutta. Estd.: 1893.— Presdt : Sir J. C. Bose, M.A., D.SC., C.S.I , 
Secy. : RAI Yatindranath Chaudhuri, M.A., B.L., Editor of the 
journal, which is issued quarterly : mahamahopadhyaya PANDIT 
Satis Chandra Vidyabhusan, M.A., PH.D. 

lankura Sahitya Parishad ; Bankura. 

iarisal Sahitya Parishad ; Barisal. 

;asavangudi Union ; Bangalore. Estd : September, 1901. Num- 
ber of members : 39. 

lehala Saraswat Samiti ; Hari Sabha Lane, Behala, 
24-Parganas.~Pre8dt. : Amulya Charan Ghosh, vidyabhusan ; 
Secy. : Kshetradas Banerji. 

ielpukur Palli Parishad ; Belpukur, Rangpur. 

ierhampur Sahitya Parishad ; Berhampore. 

ihagalpur Bangiya Sahitya Parishad ; Bhagalpur. 

ihandarkar Oriental Research Institute, The ; Poona. 
Offices at present in (1) Anandashram, Poona and (2) 839, Narayan 


Bharata Indian literary year book, 1918. 

Peth, Poona. Land worth Rs. 7,000 purchased and hiiildl 
commenced. Opened on 6th July, 1917. The Institute is to j 
(l)Dr. Bhandarkar's private Library of Oriental Books and (I 
Govt. Mss, Library at the Deccan College (over 18,000 Mss.) t 
soon as the Buildings are ready. Jt. Secys. of th<> Provision: 
Ck>mmittee : — 

1. Dr. S. K. Belvalker, m.a„ rii.i). 2. Dr. P. D. Gunc, m.a in i 
'i. IV. B. Utgiker, M.A. 4. Pb. Lingesha Mahabhagwata. 

The objects of the Institute are : — 

First : — To place within easy roach of advanced research bU 
dents a first-class and up-to-date Oriental Library, and to affor 
them all other ready-made helps in the way of select topici 
bibliographies, digests of magazine articles, card-indices, etc 
in the absence of which research activity in India is seriou ' 
hampered. "To know what luia been said is the very first s 
towards knowing what can be said." 

Second :— To train promising students to the scientific nietbod 
of research along Western lines and thereby to check tha 
tendency for hasty generalization and uncritical procedure tha 
is sometimes laid at our door. " The form : the how one says 
thing, is at least as important as wliat one says." 

Third: — To act as a bureau for literary advice and informali.- 
and thus prevent that blind, haphazard, often fruitless gropim 
for facts and consequent waste of time and energy th;u 
novice in a field of research has to complain of in at 1< 
first few years of his activity. 

Lu»t but not the least :— To express our admiring u'li'mm- un 
eminent services of tsir R. G. Bhandarkar, M.A., I'll.D., Li.. 
K.C.I.B., to the cause of Sanskrit learning by associating ' 
name with an Institute which would continue to ren>i 
to generations of research students to come the same sor 
of friendly assistance that Sir Ramkrishnapant has be- 
doing all his life to earnest students of research in any braii 
of study. 

Bharata Itihas-Samsodhak Mandal.— See Indian Antiqi 





hawanipore Sahitya Samiti ; 50, Kansaripara Road, Bhawani- 
pore, Calcutta. Estd. 1900. Has a small Library, containing 
over 700 books. Presdt. Rai Yatindranatli Chaudhri, M.A., 
B.r-., Srikantha ; Sec. Syamratan Chatterji, b,l. 
irbhum Reseapeh Society ; Presdt. Nagendra Nath Vasu, 


RAJ KUMAR-BAHADUR Mahimaniranjan Chakravarty of Hetampur. 

ombay Art Society.— Estd. December, 1888. 

ombay Bpaneh of ttie Royal Asiatic Society; (Town Hall) 

Bombay. Estd : 1804. Uo. of books in the Library : about 

1,00,000 : Periodicals more than 150 in the Reading Room. 

Subscription Rs. 50 per annum for Resdt. member and Rs. 30 

for non-resident member Rs. 15 for membership and Rs. 15 for 

taking out books.— Presdt. hon'blb justice Sir John Heaton, 

[I.C.S., Secy. Rev. R. M. Gray, M. A., Libni. P. B. Gothoskef, b,a.; 

Asst. Librn.: R. G. Gupta. 

ombay Branch of the Classical Association; Estd: 1910. 
Patron: H. E. Rt. Hon. Lord Wellingdon, G.C.I.K., Presdt. 
Rt. Rev. E. J. Palmer, M.A., d.d., l^ice-Presdt.s. : Hon'ble 
(Sir R. A. Lamb, K.c.s.1., C.I.E., l.c.s., Hon'ble ttir Stanley and 
Batchelor, B.A., LC.s. ; Hon'ble C. H. A. Hill, C.S.I., C.I.B., 
I.C.S., Hon'ble Sir J. J. Heaton, i.c.s ; A. L. Coverton, m.a., 
Sir J H. Marshall, c, I. K , Hony. Secy.: Mrs. R M. Gray, 13, 
Marine Lines, Bombay ; Hony. Treasr. : 8. T. Sheppard. 
ombay Medical Union ; Readymoney Building, Appollo Bandar, 
Bombay.— Ob/ect : Promotion of friendly intercourse and ex- 
change of views and experiences between its members, and to 
maintain the interest and status of the Medical profession in 

ombay Sanitary Association ; Bombay.— Object : (i) to create 
&nd educate public opinion with regard to sanitary matters in 
general ; (ii) to diffuse the knowledge of sanitation and hygiene 
generally and of the prevention of the spread of disease amongst 
all classes of people, by means of lectures, leaflets, practical 
demonstrations, and, if possible, by holding classes and examina- 
tions ; (iii) to promote sanitary science by giving prizes, rewards 


Bombay Indian litbrary year book, 1918. 

or medals to those who may by diligent application add to oqi 
knowledge in sanitary science by original research or *' ■ 
wise; (iv) to arrange for homely talk or simple pi 
lectures for mothers and girls, in various localities and d 
chaivls, provided the jiconlc in sucli localities or chuti i 

Bombay Natural History bocieiy ; *>, Apollo Street, For; 
bay. Estd. 1885- Prcsdt. H. E. The Governor of H. 
Vice-PresdU. : (1) H. H. THR rag saHKB of Kutch, O.C.I.E., (2) .1 
Inverarity, b.a. ll.b., (3) tub hon'blb mr. jcsticb N. C. Maclr 
Hony. Secy. : W. 8. Millard, K.Z.S. 

Brahma Samsad ; Oh/ect: (l) Htndy of the ancient si 
science, called Brahma Vidya or Vodanta, (2) Comi);; 
study of all the religious and philosophical systems of th 
world. Meeting place : The Calcutta University Institntf 
— Preadt : T}IB iion'blk sir justicb A, Chaudhury : Oenerm 
iSeey. : Pasupati Nath Chatterji, M.R.A.S., m.r.s.a. 

Burdwan Boys' Athletic and Literary Club ; Burdwan. 

Burdwan Sahitya Parlshad ; Burdwan. 

Calcutta Chemical Society. 

Calcutta Historical Society. 

Calcutta Literary Society; 24, NimtoUah Street. C:i 
Estd. 175. Presdt. J. Chaudhury, bar-at-law ; Ficc-i'r, > 
Sir Asutosh Mukhopadhyaya. Founder and Secy. Sham L 

Calcutta Mathematical Society ; University College of Sciou' 
92, Upper Circular RoaA, Calcutta. Admission fee: Rs. 10. Annua 
Subscription for resident members: R«. 12; for non-r< ^ 
members: Rs. 6. Publishes a quarterly journal, call- 
Bulletin of the Oalrutta Mathematieal Society.— Preadt. i 
hon'blb jusnoB hir Asutosh Mukerji, saraswati, kt., cs.i., m 
D.L.,, PH.D., P.R.8.B.; Vicfi-pretdt$. : (1) SIR Oooroo D.i 
Banerji, KT., M.A., D.L., PH.D. ; (2) THR hon'blb MR. Mahendi 
Ray, c.l,B., M.A., BX. ; (8) C. E. Cullis, M.A., PH. u.; Tre<J^ 


RAI-BAHADUR Abinaschandra Bose, M.A.; Secy. : Ganesh Prasad, 
M.A„ D. sc; Councillors: (1) D. N. MuUik, p.r.s.e,, (2) 8. C. 
jBagchi, B.A., LL.D., BAR-AT-LAW (3) Syamadas Mukerji,M.A.,PH,D„ 
(4) C. V. Raman, M.A., (5) Sudhansa Kunwar Banerjeo, M. sc, 
(6) 8. C. Basu, B.A., (7) P. L. Ganguli, M.A., b.l.,(8) Manmathanath 
Ray, M.A., B.L., (9) N. K. Mazumdar, m.a. 
ileutta Physical Society, 

lieutta Shakespeare Society; 10, Ananda Chatterji Lane, Bagh- 
bazar, Calcutta. Object : (1) to popularize Shakespeare's plays ; 
(ii) to cultivate histrionic art. 

feileutta University Institute ; 1-a, College Square, Calcutta.— 
Presdt. : THE hon'ble MR. J. G. Gumming, C.I.E., I.C s.; General 
aecy. : Sir Rash Behari Ghosh, kt. c.s.i,, CLB., d.L. ; Presdt., 
Literary section : SIR Gooroodas Banerji ; Hony. Secy. : profes- 
sor Khagendra Nath Mitra ; Treasurer : SIR R. N. Mukerji, 
k.o.i.b. Object: Moral, mental and physical improvement of 
young men. 

lattagpam Sahitya Parishad ; Chittagong. 
lemieal.— See under Scientific. 

ihatpa Sammilani ; 191, Upper Circular Road, Calcutta, 
likitsaka Samuha ; Bombay. 

llpological Society; 54, Amherst Row, Calcutta— iSccy. ; P. 
C.Dutt ; Asst. Secy, and Libr. : J. N. Mitra. Annual subscription : 
Re. 1-8. Established : April, 1901. Object : confirmation and 
verification of the truths and principles of Astrology, Palmistry 
and other kindred sciences, by the elimination of error ; of 
disseminating reliable scientific knowledge in regard to all 
Occult Sciences. 
)ntai Sapaswat Samitl ; Contai, Midnapore. 

aeea Sahitya Papishad ; Dacca, 
eccan Education Society ; Poona. 

iamond Jubillee Union ; Komaleeswaranpett ; Madras. Object : 
to inculcate mental and moral condition of the members, by 
holding debates and reading essays. 
iili Bangiya Sahitya Parishad ; Delhi. 




East Bengal Saraswat Samaj ; Dacca. 
Ernaeulam Literary Union ; Cochin. 


Friends' Debating Club and Library; Ctiiasara. See und< 

Friends Sunrise Literary Club ; 9, Peary Mohau Pal's Lun 
Calcutta. Estd. lOll. Meetings arc lield at tlie Durbar Hall 
Mr. Durlabli Cti. Kundu. No. of members : about 100. Prt 
Dr. Deva Prasad Sarvadliiliari, M.A., M.D., C.I.B., Vice-presdtK, : i 
Satischandra Vidyabbushan ; Rai Radhacbandra Pal Baliadui 
Sastri Harichandra Qanguli, Prof. Maomotha Mohan Boa 
M. N. Dhar. Hony. Secijs. : Kcsbabchandra Qupta, M.A., u.L., ai 
Kali Prasanna Roy, M.A., V.o.B. A$at. Secy*. : Debalci Nandj 
Nath and Ramcshchandra Pal. Treasurer: Durlabhchandra Kiiiu 


Gardening.— See Indian Oardening Astoeiation. 

Gauhati Sahitya Parishad ; Gauhati, Assam. 

Geeta Society ; 51, Sankaritola Lane, Calcutta. Estd : 1001. 

Pre.sdt : P. N. Mulcerji, MA. ; Sec. : Dr. A. L. Sircar, p.c.h. : 

Secys. J. >'. Mukerji, B.A.. and N. C. Kumar. 
Geological.— See under Scientific. 
Gujrat Cheap Literature Society ; Ahmedabad. 
Gujrat Sahitya Sabha ; Ahmedabad. 
Gujrat Vernacular Society ; Ahmedabad. Founded by A. 

Forbes in 1848. No. of Life-members. — 587. No. of Register 

Libraries— S20. Publishes a monthly Buddhi Praliasa (0). 

6 to 8 new books annually. Hony. Secy.: Ramanbhai M. Nilka 

K.A., LL.B. 


Hemchandra Sahitya Samiti and Reading Room ; 15, Garb: 

Road, Kidderpore, Calcutta. 
Hindi Sahitya Parishad ; 108, Muktaram Babu Street, Calctu 



Bstd. 1910. Annual Sobs. Rs. 3. Presdt : Rajendra Prasad, M.A., 

D.L., Sec ; Jagannath Prasad Ohaturvedy, m.r.a.s., Asst. Secy., 

Vasudeva Mishra. 

indi Sahitya Pravardhini Sabha; Bombay. 

Indi Sahitya Sambapdhini Sabha ; Khandwa, C. P. 

indu Literary Society ; 24, Nimtola Street, Calcutta. Estd, 

1876.— Presdt : Sham Lai Day. 

istopical.— See (i) Asiatic Society of Bengal ; (2) Bombay Branch 

of the Royul Asiatic Society ; (3) Madras Literunj Society and 

Auxiliary of the Royul Asiatic Society; (4) Rdrha Research 

Society ; (5) Varendra Research Society ; (6) Bhandarkar Oriental 

Reseai'ch Institute ; (7) Bharat-Itihasa-Samsodhak Mandal 

I (Indian Antiquarian Society) ; (8) Calcutta Historical Society. 
istorieal Society ; Dharwar. 
loptieultupal.— See under Agricultural. 


ndian Antiquarain Society, The; Sanivar Peth, Poona.— Sec- 
retary : Khanderav Chintamani Mehendale. Object : to unearth 
and to bring to light unknown works of well-known ancient 
autliors, and documents useful to History. 

tidian Association of Workers for the Blind; Mysore. Secy. : 
P. N. V. Rau. 

ndian Gardening* Association ; 162, Bowbazar Street, Calcutta. 
Established : 1897.— President :— Honorary Director : T. N. 
Mukerji, F.L.s. ; Secy, : S. C. Basu, m.r.a.s. ; Manager : K. L. 
Ghosh, F.R.H.s. ; Siipdt. of Farms : Sasibushan Mukerji. f.r.h.s. 
J^ursery Garden at Ultadanga, Calcutta. Experimental Farm at 
Govindapore, 24-Parganas. 

ndian Guild of Science and Technology. -Secretary Bombay 
Section : L. G. Khare. 

ndian Mathematical Society ; Bstd : 1907, It conducts a Bi- 
monthly Journal, and maintains a Library, which is at pre- 
sent located in the Pergusson College, Poena, with current 
mathematical periodicals and new books on Mathematics. — 
Presdt. :— PROF, A. C. L.Wilkinson, M.A., f.r. a. 8. Sees: pro. 


India Indian literary yrar book, 1918. 

D. D. Rapadia. M. A., Poona, and prof. M. T. Naraniengtr. 
Bangalore; Libm : the hon'blk, principal R. P. Paranjp.r 

M.A., B. 8C. 

Indian Museum ; 27, Chowringhee Road, and 1, Suddor '^ 

Calcutta.- -Hony. Ohairrttan : hon'bleji'STICE sir Asutosh .^i 

ji ; Treasurer : hon'BLR raja R. C. Law : Hony. Secy. : N. Annan 

dale, B.A., D. SC. 
Indian Research Society; 25-1, Bancbaram Okoor Lane, Calcutta. 
India Society of Naturopaths : Navajivanalaya, Ahmodabad 

city. Estd. 1914 A. 1). Presdt. Benedict Lust., M.D. N.D., S.ri^«.; 

K. E. Branduar, M. D., N. D. and Mahadeo Prasad, N. D. 
Industrial.— See under Scientific. 
Instituto Luso-Indiano ; " Associanas Goana Building." Dubai, 

Girgaun Road, Bombay. Object : Promotion of moral, social. 

and intellectual welfare of its members, by means of lectures, 

debates, etc. 


Kalna Sahitya Farishad ; Kalna, Hoofjhly. 

Karnatak Itihasa Mandala ; niiirwar. /'».-'/ v it vinr i » 


Karnatak Sahitya Farishad ; Baiigulore. I'rctidt. li. v. Aaujuu- 
(iayya, m.a., Vice Chancellor, Mysore University. 

Karnatalc Vidyawardhalca Sangha : Dharwar. Has a Libra- 
coutaiuing over 2000 boolcs. I'rrMlt. Meherban Lt. Abdul Majm 
Khan, Nawab of Savanior. 

Kasi Banglya Sahitya Farishad ; Benares. 

Koiar Literary Union ; Kolar, Mysore. Estd. : 1885. Numlier of 
members ; over 800, Subsn. its. 8 to As. 8. Has a building (coat 
Hs. 4000.) of its own built iu 1895. Has a small Library of 40^ 
l)ooks and 12 periodicals. The union also provides indoor ai; 
outdoor games. Honij. Sccij. : C. li. Gopala Rao. 

Krlshnanagore Sahitya Farishad ; Krishnauagore. 




litepatupe. Bengali.— See (1) Ariadah Association ; (2) Bangiya 
Sahttya Purishad (3) Sdhitya Parishads :— (i) Bagura (Bogra), 
(ii) Banknra, (iii) Barisal, (iv) Belpukur, (v) Berhampur, (vi) 
Bhagalpur, (vii) Bhawanipur, (viii) Burdwan, (ix) Cbattagratn 
(Chittagong), (x) Dacca, (xi) Dilli (Delhi), (xii) Gauhati, (xiii) 
Ealna, (xiv) Kasi (Benares), (xv) Krishnanagore, (xvi) Medinipur 
(Midnapore), (xvii) Mymensingh, (xviiii) Pabna, (xix) Paikpara 
(Calcutta), (xx) Purulia, (xxi) Rajshahi, (xxii) Rangpur. (xxiii) 
Silchar; (4) Sahitya Sabhas : (i) Sahitya Sammilan, (ii) Musalman 
Sahitya Samiti (iii) " Akshya Kumar Datta " Smriti Samiti, (iv) 
" Hemchandra " Sahitya Samity. 

itepature, French.— See (1) Alliance Francaise (2) Salle Fran- 

itepatUPe, Gujrati.— See (1) Gujrat Sahitya Sabha, (2) Qujrat 
Vernacular Society, (3) Qujrat Cheap Literature Society (4) 
Vernacular Literary Society. 

JtepatUPe, Hindi.— See (1) Hindi Sahitija Parishad, (2) Hindi 
Sahitya Pravardhini Sablm, (3) Hindi Sahitya Sambardhini Sabha, 
(4) Nagari Pi^acluirini Sabluis at (i) Amritsar, (ii) Arrah, (iii) 
Benares, (iv) Gorakhpur, (v) Rae Bareli, (5) Nagari Pravardhini 
Sabha, Allababad, (6) Sahitya Bhusan Mundali. 

iitepatUPe, Mahrathi. — See Sarada Prasadhana Mandal. 

.iteratUPe, Sanskrit.— See Sanskrit Academy nf India. 

JteratUPe. Sindhi. — See Sindhi Sahitya Pracharak Society. 

iitepatupe, Telegu.— See Telegu Dnyanotte/ak Sabha. 


ladras Fine Apts Society ; Central Museum, Madras, 

ladras Litepapy Society and Auxiliapy of the Royal Asiatic 

Society.— Secy. : W. F. Grahame, I.c.s., College Road, Nun- 

gambaukam ; Clmirman : hon'ble JUSTICE SIR John Wallis, 

M.A. ; Librarian : M. J, McPherson. 
[ahomedan Litepapy Society ; 25, Popham's Broadway, Madras. 

—Preadt. : khan-bahadur Walji Lalji Salt ; Hony. Jt.-Secys. ; 

(1) S. Azimuddin, (2) Abdul Basit. 


Mathematical indun ijtrrary ybar book, 1918. 


Mathematical.— See (1) Indian Mathematical Society, (2) Col- 
cutta Mathematical Societij, (3) Astrouomical Society of India. 

Medinipur Sahitya Parishad ; Midnapore. 

Minerva Debating: Society: Banj^loro city. Estd. 22od Jone.lOll 
Has a Library attached to it. Patron : Raja Sabhabushaiu 
Karpur Srinivasa Rao, n. 8C. L. c. R. Presdt. L. Swami Rao, B.A., 
Hecy. : L. Krishna Swami Rao. 

Mining: and Geological Institute oflndia ; The :— Foanded in 
1906 ; and incorporated nndcr the Indian (Companies Act. 1882 in 
1909. Office: 12, Dalhonsie Square. Calcutta. The obj. 
the Institute are the promotion of the study of all bran*!, 
mining methods and of mineral occurrences in India, with a view 
to disseminating the information obtained for faciliating the 
economic development of the mineral industries of the country. 
■Classes of membership — Ordinarj' Members, Associate M«;i " 
Associates and Subscribers. The Entrance Pee for Or«i 
Members and Associates is Rs. 30 and for Associate Memb<' 
Rs. 16. Annual Subscription Rs. 30 and Rs. 15 only in tl.^ 
case of Associate Members. ?fo Entrance Fee for Subscribers. 
Preadt. : R. G. M. Bathgate. Vice-Presdt.: U. J. Winch and C. ! 
McCale. Bony. Treasurer : H. R. Hayden. Hony. Secy. : E. I 

Musaiman Sahitya Samitl ; 11-2, Chhaku Khansama Lan- 

Mymensingh Sahitya Parishad ; Mymonsingh. Estd. 1311 H 
Monthly subscription annas 4. Scry. Kedarnath Mozumd 
Asst. Secy.: Abinash Chunder Roy. 

Mysore Literary Union, The ; Established : May, 1887. Numi> 
of members : 107. 


Najrari Pracharlnl Sabha ; Allahabad. 

Nagari Pracharini Sabha; Am rif^m-.'^rr./ : Jagannath Pnc.h- 

Nagari Pracharlnl Sabha: Airah. 



^fagapi Ppaeharini Sabha ; Benares.— Prcsdt. : Syam Bihary 

i Misra, M.A. ; Vice-Presdt : Syam Sundar Das, b.a.,m.r.a.s., Secy. : 

i Gauri Sankar Prasad, B.A., ll,b. 

Ifagapi Ppaeharini Sabha ; Gorakhpur. 

Ifagapi Ppaehapini Sabha; Rae BarelL— Meetings held monthly. 
Maintains a library, called Saraswati Sadan.— Presdf.: Gur 
Dayal Tripathi, B.A., LL.B., Vice-Presdts. : Kismat Rai Jagdhari, 
B.A., LL.B., and Mahabir Prasad, 'jB. sc, L. T., Secy. : Dwarka 
Prasad Sukla, b.a., ll.b, ; Jt.-Secys. : Madhava Prasad, and 
Sivaram Sukla. 

latUPal HistOPy &e.— See Bombay Natural History Society. 

fellope Ppogpessive Union ; Nellore, Madras Presidency. Estd. 
1906. Number of members about 200. Maintains the Free 
Reading Room, the Thikkana Library, and the Coronation 
Library (B. J.) Patron : the Rajah of Venkatagiri, Nellore 
District; Presdt. : M. Chengiah, b.a., b.l.. Public Prosecutor, 
Nellore ; Vice-Presdts. : (I) The Hon'ble Mr. A. S. Krishna 
Rao, B A., B.L,, and (2) K. A. Viraraghavachari, b.a., Secys. ; (1) 
M. Narasinhacharlu, b.a., b.l., and (2) M. Sivakanniah, b.a., l. t. 


[Pabna Sahitya Papishad ; Pabna. 

Paikpapa Sahitya Samiti ; Cosslpore. 

Panini Office, The. It is an academy of Indian Research.founded at 
Allahabad by bai-bahadur Sris Chandra Basu, b.a., vidyarnava, 
and major B, D. Basu, l.M.s. (retired). Its object is " to 
conserve the ancient learning of India." A large number of 

[ scholars are associated with this Office who are engaged in 
translating and editing several Sanskrit works on Indian 
religion, philosophy, etc. The Office publishes the well-known 
monthly series. The Sucred Books of the Hindus, which was 
started in July, 1909. 

Physical.— See under Scientific. 

Poona Litepapy and Philosophical Club ; John Small Memorial 
Hall, Budhawar Peth, Poona City, Estd. 1910 ; Subs.J Rs. 3, 
No. of members GO.— Presdt. : SIR R. Q. Bhandarkar; Vice- 


Presidency indun utbrary year book, 1918. 

Preadt. : Prof. B. E. Thakore, B.A., Seci/s. : (1) Alexander Rol 

SOD, M.A., and (2) M.B. Pitbawala, U.A., B.SC. 
Presidency College Chemical Society ; Calcutta.— Presdt. : 

P. C. Ray. 
Presidency College Geological Institute ; Calcutta.— Est 

Oct. 1905. Annual Subs, senior menil)er8 Rs. 2, junior Re. 1. 

Excursions are organised for the benefit of the members. 

Patrofjs : Principal W. C. Wordsworth, m.a. (Oxon) ; Dr. H. H. 

Bayden,,, K.R.8 , P.o.a, Preadt. : Prof. G. de P. Cotter, B^^ 

K.G.8., Vice-Presdts. : Prof. H. C. Das Gupta, M.A., K.r..8.; 

Bhupendranath Maitra, M.A., Treasurer : Bhupcndranath Maitra, 

M.A., Hon.Jiecy. : Rai Jadunath Sahai,, Anst. Secy. : Siva Kali 

Presidency College Physical Society; Calcutta.— Prcsdt. : db. 

Sir J. C. Bose. 
Purulia Sahitya Parishad ; Purulia. 


Rajshahi Sahitya Parishad ; Rajshahi. 

Rangoon Literary Society ; 13, York Uoati, Uangoon.— i>Vc;/. 
M. Hunter. 

Rangpur Sahitya Parishad ; Rangpur. 

Rarha Research Society. Founded on 18th September, 1914, b> 
the Muharajiidhiraj of Burdwan. Preadt. : mauamahopadhyaya 
Haraprasad Sastri, C.I.8.; Vice-Prendt. : Na^endra Nath Vaso, 


Research House ; Mymensing. 

Royal Asiatic Society, The.— See (l) liumbay Branch of the Royal 

Asiatic Si>cietij, and (2) Madras Liti'runj Society and Auxiliary 

of the Royal Astatic Society, 


Sahitya Bhushan Mandall; Benares. Ohjecta : (1) to bring out 
correct and annotated editions of classical works in Hindi ; (1) 
to cause protluction of works in Hindi, relating to common topii 
of the day ; (8) to co-operate with, and, where necessary, 



r subsidise, the other existing Hindi Literary Societies. — Organis- 

i ers : (1) Amar Singh, Benares ; (2) Bhagavandin, editor of Lak- 

i shmi, Gaya : (3) Jagamohan Varma,8arnath Archaeology, Benares; 

li (4) Ramchandra Sakla, Benares ; (5) Ramchandra Varma, 

! Benares : (6) Ambikaprasada Tripathi, Sylhet : (7) Chaturbhuj 

I Sahai Varma, Chhatarpur ; (8^ Brajabhushan Ojha, Gorakhpur. 

lahitya Manthini Sabha; Kashinagore P. 0.,Jessore. Estd. 
1915. — Secy. Phani Bhushan Mukherjee. Asst. Secy., Eshirode 
Lai Chatterjee and Jagendra Nath Mukherjee, l.m.s,. No. of 
members 100 nearly. Objects : 1. Discussion of Social, Literary 
and Religious subjects ; 2. Publication and circulation of 

ahitya Papishad ; See Bangiya Sahitya Parishad. 

ahitya Sabha ; 106-1, Grey Street, Calcutta.— Pafron : H. E. 
the Governor of Bengal ; Presdt. ; hon'blb maharaja Manin- 
dra Chandra Nandi Bahadur : Hony. Secy. : rai Rajendra 
Chandra Sastri Bahadur, m. a,; Jt.-Secy.: Gopal Chandra 
Mukerji; Treasurer : KUMAR P. K. Deb Bahadur. 

lahitya Samity ; Adamdighi, Bogra. Secy. : Nagendra Nath 


lahitya Samiti ; Raikali, Bogra ; Secy.— Bepinbihari Kavyaratna. 

lahitya Sammilan ; Duke Public Library, Howrah. 

lahitya Sammilan ; 92, Bowbazar Street, Calcutta. 

akha Sammilan ; 21, Kalidas Singh Lane, Calcutta.— Estd. : 
1907. Secy.: Atindra Kumar Bose, M.A.; Asst. Seey.z K. S. 
Mukerji, M.A.; Librn. : Lalit Mohan Ray, m.a. 

ialle Fpaneaise ; " Thoburn House," Apollo Bunder, Bombay. 
Estd. July, 1912. Object : to supply the needs of all lovers 
of the French language. 

JanskPit Academy of India, The; Bangalore. Estd.: 1914; 
Publishes an Anglo-Sanskrit Quarterly Journal, " Sanskrit 
Research." — Patron : H. H. Maharaja of Mysore ; Presdt. : 
SIR R. G. Bhandarkar, k.c.i.b., Poena ; Secy. : Lingesa Maha- 
bhagwat, M.R.A.S., vidyabhushan, vedantavachaspati, Kurtkoti 

Sanskrit Pustakonnati Sabha ; Etawah Bibliographical Literary 


Sarada Indian lttbrary year book, 1918. 

Institution and Sooioty. Regstd. under Act XXI of 1860 : Esid. 

1890. Presdt.: rai Barada Eanta Lahiri, Ex-Prime Minister, 

Faridkote State ; Secy. Ganga Vishnu Tewary. Contains aboot 

6,000 works in Sanskrit Bibliography. 
Sarada Prasadhana Mandal ; Poona. 
Saraswati Institute ; 49, Sankaritola Lane, Calcutta.— PreMit, 

HON*lir>K DR. Dcvaprasad Sarvadhikary m.a., b.l., ll.d.; Vicr- 

Prcsdts. (1) HON'BLE MR. Surendra Nath Banerjea, and J. P. 

Sarvadhikary, M.A., B.L.; Hoiiy. General Secy. J. N. Eanjilal, 

M.A., IJ.L. 

Saraswati Mandir ; Banglabazaar, Dacca.— bVci/. Bidhubhuslian 
Goswami, M.A. 

Satkaryottejak Sabha; Dhulia (Khandesh). Kstd.1893: carriei 
on research work in the Held of Mahratta History and 
Literature. Publishes two series of books : — 1. Shri Kamdai 
Ani Haindasi Granthamala ; 2. Maharastra Dharma ^ranthamn!- 
Up to date 10 and 3 books respectively have been published 
these two series. Conducts two monthly magazines:- ' 
Ramdas Ani Kamdasi 2. Itihas ani aitihasiW. Mem' 
subscription : Rs. 12 annually. Secy. : M. Dev. 

Scientific.— See (1) Agricultural and Horticultural Nociciy <>i 
India, (2) Agri-Horticultural Societies of Burma and Madrao ' 
(3) Anjuman-i-Tibbia ; (4) Association for the Advancement 
Scientific and Industrial Education of Indians ; (5) Astronomi 
Society of India ; (8) Bombay Medical Union; (7) BomI 
Natural History Society ; (8) Bombay Sanitary Associati 
Calcutta Chemical Society ; (10) Calcutta Mathematical s 
(11) Calcutta Physical Society; (12) Chikitsaka Samuha ; i 
Indian Guild of Science and Technology ; (14) Mining and Gc„ 
logical Institute of India; (15) Presidency College Societies- 
Chemical, Geological, Physical; (1(J) Society for Promotin{ 
Scientitic Knowledge; (17) Vernacular Scientific Society. 
Shibpore Oriental Panchabati Literary Club ; 48, Chaudbu 
para, Howrah.- Presdt. : H. P. Kay-Chaudhury ; Secy.: A. 
Ray-Chandhury ; Librn. : N. M. Bauerji. 
Sbikdar Bagan Bandhava Natya Saroaj and Library ; 74i 



shikdar Bagan Street, Calcutta.— Presdt. : prof. jV. B, Mitra, 
M.A.; Jt Hon. Sees.: (1) P. L. Ganguli, (2) A. C. Ghosh ; Libra. : 
A. C. Bhar ; Business Manager : J. M. Bose. 

ikh and Singh Sabha Traet Society ; Hyderabad (Sindh). 

iksha Samiti ; Bally (District Howrah). Pounded: 1912. Governs 
tlie following institutions :— (1) Banga Sishu Vidyalaya, (2) A 
night school, (3) A circulating Library, with a free Reading 
Room. Subscription: Re. I yearly. Patrons: C. A. Radiee, 
i.( .s., Commissioner, and W. A. Hopkyns, M.A., l.C.s., District- 
MMgistrate ; Vice-Patron.: rai-bahadur A. C. Banerjea, late 
Director, Public Instruction, Patiala State ; Presdt. : Dr. R, 
Banerjea, f.I.a, kc„ M.r.a.h. ; Vice-Presdt. : N. R. Paul ; Secy. : 
|j. K. Mukerji. 

ilehap Sahitya Sammilan ; Silchar, Assam. 

Indhi Sahitya Ppaehapak Society ; Hyderabad (Sind). 

oeiety for Promoting Seientifle Knowledge ; Delhi.— Dr. B. K. 
M itra, L. M. &. s., and Dr. B. C. Sen, L. R. c. P. 

outh Indian Association and Ranade Library ; 72, Brodie's 
I', Mylapore, Madras.— Hony Sees. : (1) A. Swaminatha Iyer, 
i;.A., (2) L. S, Viraraghava Iyer, b.a., b.l. 

itudents' Brotherhood ; Bombay. 

itudents' Improvement Society, The ; Polepalli Subba Satti's 

j choultry. Bangalore City. Estd. 1909. Subs, per annum : Sym- 

j pathisers Rs. 5 : associates Rs. 3 ; students as. 12 Presdt. : S. V. 

I 8etti, B.A., A. M. I. E. F. Secy. : K. M. Ramiah Setti, Treusr. and 

I Librn. ; Venkatappa Setti. The society has a Reading Room and 

[ a small Library of its own. The institution exists mainly for 
the benefit of the students who are fed free and given higher 

I literary education by the founders of the choultry. 

luddha Sahitya Samity ; Almora. Estd. : 1911.— No. of books 

j 500, periodicals 16 ; Annual Subs. Re. 1, Lihrn, Qovind Ballabh 

I Pant. 

unrise Literary Club, The Friend's;— Secy. : Friends' Sunrise 
literary club. 


Teehnomieal Indian litekary year book, 1918. 


Technology.— Sec Indian Quild of Science and Technology. 
Telegu Dnyanottejak Sabha ; Kamatipura Bazar Road, IJouibay 
Tipuvaleswarenpettah LiteFary Society and Reading: Room 
Nagapir Street, Madras.— PresdL : A. C. Parthasaratby Naidu 
Hectj. : A. C. Cliakrapanee .\aidu ; Libru. and Trcasr. : P. Cunnai 


Upanchanl<i Palli Sahitya Samlti ; iJaura, Jalpaiguri. 

.Dttarpara Sapaswat Sammilan;; Uttarpara, Hugh li— Put row. 
Kumar Paucbanau Mukerjee Baliadur Presdt. BbuKancbaDdra 
Banerjee. Secy. Lalitmobau Mukerjee. Estd. Jane, 190U. 


Varendra Research Society.— Founder and Patron: ki mah 
Sarat Kumar Roy of Digbapatia. 

Vernacular Literary Society ; Ahmedabad. 

Vernaculap Scientiflc Society, The; Office: Katra, Allab ''"*'' 
J'opular lectures on Science generally held at the PI 
Laboratory, Muir Central College, Allahabad. Issues a 
monthly, entitled Vijnan. Efforts are being made to i^ 
Urdu edition of it as well. Founded : 10th March, 1913.— i' 
THE UON. Sir Ram pal Singh,, Vice-Presdts. : (1) ■ . 
mahoi'adiiyaya Dk. Ganganatb J ha, m.a., D. LITT., M.R.A.S., & 
Allahabad (also General Editor of Publications) ; (2) Tin 
I'ANUiT Madan Mohan Malaviya, U.A.,, Allahaba<i 
MR. 8. H. Fremantle, l.c.s., C.I.K., Allahabad; (4) MRS. Annie 
Besant, Madras; (5) Purohit Gopinath, rai-Bahadur, '' ' 
Jaipur ; General Sees. : LALA Sita Ram, U.A., M.R.A.S., Allah 
and PROF. Satis Chandra Deva, M.A., Allahabad; Secya. : (1) 
Saligram Bhargava,, Allahabad ; (2) maulvi Mehdi J I 
Nasiri, m.a., AlUhabad ; Treasurer: PROP. Brajaraj Bahail> 
Srivastava,, LL.B., Allahabad; Resident Councillors : (i 
Prof. Ramdas Gaur, m.a., (2) I'ROF. Devendranath Pal, m.a 



(3) PROP. Gopal Swarap Bhargva, ; (4) Hiralal Khanna, ; Non-Resident Oouncillors : (I) B. Syam Sundar Das, B.A., 
M.R.A.S., Lucknow ; (2) Nanda Kumar Tewari,, Lucknow ; 
;:(3) PROF. Ramavatar Pandeya, sahityacharya, m.a., Patna ; 
i (4) PROF. G. P. Agnihotri, B.SC, Nagpar ; (5) Radhgmohan 
JGokulji, Calcutta. Auditors : (1) Pyarelal Kaisarwani, Allah* 
jabad ; ^2) Sridhar Pathaka, Allahabad (also Jt.-Editor of the 
I organ). 
Ijnan Parishad. — See Vernacular Scientific Society. 


oungmen's Imppovement Society : Chadderghat, Hyderabad, 
Deccan. Estd, : 1879. Has a building of its own. Contains 
2,063 books. Number of members on the 28th February 1914 : 
159. — Presdt. : rao-bahadur G. Krishnama Chariar, b.a,, b.l. ; 
Hon. Secy. : Y. N. Seshadri, F.C.S., m.r.a.C. 
oungmen's Union.— 4-^2, Wellington Square, Calcutta. 
oungmen's Union Club ; Amritsar.— Presdt. and Chief Organiser: 
sardar Harnara Singh, Rais and Notary Public. 




Several aamos entered iu this List are also flt euough to go ud 

the head Booksellers and Publiahfrs. 
Iu many cases the name of the Proprietor and the year of est 

lishment of the Press were not supplied. The Editor I 

that in future editions he will be able to supply inform , 

regarding such items in much fuller detail. 

dul Ali ' Press ; Sahswan, Badauo. 

hyudaya' Press; Bharati Bhavan Lane, Allahabad.— Pro- 

netor : The Hon'ble Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya. 

aham Brotheps & Cos Commepoial Printing Works ; 285, 

jwbazar 8treet, Calcutta. 

le Printing & Process Work ; 115, Amherst Street, Calcutta. 

lison Press ; Mount Road, Madras.— Proprietors : Addison & Co. 

Brahma Samaj Press ; 55, Upper Chitpur Road, Calcutta. 

voeate of India' Press; Dalai street, off Appollo Street, 
mbay.— Proprietors : P. P. Gordon & Co, 

tab ' Press ; Sukkur. 

rwala Press ; Gaya.— Proprietor : Harihar Prasad Jinjal. 

nadabad Union Printing Press Company Limited ; Ahmed- 


riadia Press ; Mysore.— Proprietor : Mohammad Ali Azeed. 

nadi Press ; Aligarh. — Proprietor: Rashid Ahmad. 

nadiyya Steam Press ; Ahmadiyya Buildings, Lahore.— Estab- 

shed 1914. Proprietors : Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat-i-Islam. 

anager: Paqir Ullah Ahmad). 

:htar-i-Hind ' Press ; Saharanpur. 

art Press ; 91, Meadows Street, Bombay. 

ert Press ; Sukkar, 

ion Printing Works ; Green Street, b'outh Side, Bombay. 

ona Printing Works ; The Mall, Cawnpore. 

Haq Press ' Sukkur. 
liab Darbar Press ; Laslikar, Gwalior. 
lafi Press: Beniapukur Road, Calcutta. 
K v&n & Co.'s Printing Press ; Chandni Chowk, Delhi. 
mpita Bazar' Press; 13, Ananda Chandra Chatterji Lane, 

ft biea Vijay Printing Press ; Ahmadabad. 


Anadi indian i.itkharv vkah uook, i»18. 

Anadi Printing Works ; 37, uethiuio Row. Calcutta. 

Ananda Press; Bhowanipur, Calcutta. 

Ananda Press ; 159, Broadway, Madras, 

Ananda Press ; Mysore.— Proprietor : Saclichidanauda Jois. 

Anandaspama Press ; Poona. 

Anglo-Apabie Press ; Liicknow. 

' Anglo-Lusltano" Press; 1. Bank Road, Bombay. —Propriftrrm 

Mrs. L. Mascarenhas. 
Anglo-Oriental Press : 88, LaTouehe Road, Lucknow. 
Anglo-Persian Printing Press. The ; 17, Armenian Lane, For 

Anglo-Vernaeular Printing Press ; Ahmadabad. 
Anwar Ahmadi Press ; Johnstonganj, Allahabad.— Propria 

Moulvi Muliainniud Muhi-ud-din Ahmatl Jafari. 

Apollo Printing Works; Bombay. 

Army Press ; Cawnpore. 

Artistic Press; Randall's Roadi Madras. 

Artistic Printing Press ; Brueo Road, Bombay. 

Art Press ; '^4-1, IlarrLsou Road, Calcutta. 

Art Printing Works ; Bouares City.— Proprietors : Ganga Pn 

Gupta & Sons. 
Art Printing Works ; Sunder Building, Fatchpuri, Dolh:. 

lished 1912. Proprietors : Mathumal & Sons. Manager: Dlui 

Singh Bhausali. 
Art Union Printing Works ; 28, juggernatli Dntt's Lane, & '2 

Bowbazar Street, Calcutta. 
Arunodaya Press ; Thana. 
Arya Bhaskar Press ; Bagli Muzaffar Khau Street, Agm. 

lished 1889. Proprietors : Arya Pratiuidhi Sabha. i'rii 

Mitra (M.) (11.) 6'updt. Nath Mai. 
Arya-Bhushan Pr6ss ; Poona City. 
Aryan Press ; Silohar. 
Arya Steam Press ; Lalioro. 
Aryavaidyakbodh Press; Kalyan, Distiiri Than.i. 
Arya-Vijay Press ; Poona. 
Ashal-ul-Mataba Press ; Lucknow. 



rap Kaplmi Press ; Johnstonganj, Allahabad. 
p-i-Jadid Press ; Meerut. 

utosh Auddy & Co's Printing Press ; 16, Lower Chitpnr Road, 

sntosh ' Press ; Printers la Ordinary to H. E. The Governor of 
Bengal, Patuatuli, Dacca, 
enseum Press ; 70, Proctor Street, Grant Road, Bombay, 
maram Printing Press ; Dhulia Khandesh, Established 1906. 
asar Press ; 92, Kali Prasad nutt's Street, Calcutta, 
urvedie Press ; Meerut.--Pro2))*ietor : Vijay Sankar Sarma. 
;izi Press; Agva,.— Proprietor : Abdul Aziz Khan. 


bji Printing WopIss ; Jalgaon, East. Khandesh. Prints 

iavyaratnavali (W.) (M.) and Prabodh Chandrika (W.) (M.) 

Proprietor : Narayan Narsingh Phadnis. 

adpi' Printing Worlcs ; Bulandshahr.— Proprieto)' : Badri 


hraich Press ; Bahraich.— Proprietor : Baladcva Das Gupta. 

khtiyari Press ; Katra, Allahabad. 

kul Press ; Ratnagiri, 

ngalore Book-Depot Press ; Bangalore.— Proprietor : Vajapeya 


nik Press.— See Vanik. 

ni Press.— See Vani. 

iptist Mission Press ; 41, Lower Circular Road, Calcutta. 
Jasumati ' Electro Machine Press ; 166, Bowbazar Street, 

isanta Press ; Madras. Printer : Runga Reddi. 
Eisanti Press ; 71, Nebutola Lane, Calcutta. 
eadon Art Press ; 17, Garanhatta Street, Calcutta. 
lee Press ; 4, Arpooli Lane, Calcutta. 
Sehar Angel ' Press ; Bhagalpur. 
Jehar-Bandhu ' Press ; Bankipore. 
3eharee' Press ; Bankipore. 
Behar Herald ' Press ; Moradpore, Patna. 


Behar ixdian utbkaky vkar book, 1918. 

Behap Machine Press ; Bankipore. 

Behar Printing: and Publishing: Syndicate Press ; Bankipoi 

• Belgraum Samaehar ' Press ; BelKaum. 
Belvedere Steam Printing: Works ; 7, Church Road, Allahabad 

— Poprictor : Madan Mohan. 
Bench and Bar Diary Press ; 81, Bontinck Street, Calcutta. 
Beng:al Chemical Steam Printing: Works ; 82, Maniktola Mali 

Road, Calcutta. 
Bengal Economical Printing Works ; CI, Cliro Street, Calcutta 
Bengal Printing and Publishing House; Hooghly. 
Bengal Printing Press ; 99, Ahireetola Street, Calcutta, 

• Bengal Times' Press ; Dacca. 
Besant Press ; 2nd Lino Beach ; Madras. 

' Bhagavandin ' Press; Anwarganj, Cawnpur.— Proprietor : 1 

Bhagavandin Misra. 
' Bharatbandhu ' Press ; AHgarh. 
Bharatbhushan Press ; Lucknow. 
' Bharat Jivan ' Press ; Nilkantha, Benares. 

• Bharat Mahila ' Press ; Wari, Dacca. 
•Bharatmihir' Press; 25, Roy Bagan Street, Calcutta. 
Bharat Prakas Press ; Gorakhimro. ' 

Blrargava Press Co. ; See Star Presn. 

Bhaskar Press ; Meerut. 

Bhavani Press ; Hooghly. * 

Bhuleswar Printing Press ; Bombay. 

Bhuvaneswari Press ; My.«»oro.— Proprietor : A. ErishDa Diksli 

Bijaya Press ; 20, Patuatola Lane, Calcutta. 

Binod Behary Seal's Press ; 333, Upper Chitpur Road, Cal«iiu 

• Bombay Chronicle ' Press ; Meadows Street, Bombay.— Sit; 

intendent : Y. T. Managacnkar. 

• Bombay Gazette ' Electric Printing Works ; Bombaj-. 
Bombay Guardian Mission Press ; 129, Khotwadi Main Road 

(lirpauin, Bombay. Established IS.jI. 
Bombay Machine Press ; Scoka Bazar, Agra.— Proprietor : Bans! 
dhar Dadani. 

• Bombay Vaibhava ' Press ; Bombay. 


I PRINTING PRESSES. Chamundepwari 

|Bombay VaPtaman ' Press ; 139, Girgaon Road, Bombay, 
ose Press; Jail Road, Darjeeling.— Proprietor : S. K. Bose. 
pahman Ppess ; Cawnpore, 
pahma Ppess ; Etawah. 

rahma Mission Ppess ; 211, Cornvallis Street, Calcutta, 
pahmavadin Ppess ; 14, Baker's Street, Madras, 
pitish Indian Ppinting Wopks; 31, Tikapara Lane, Salkea, 

Uowrah. — Proprietor : A. N. Mukerji. 

pitish India Ppess ; Love Lane, Mazagon, Bombay. 

udhoday Yantpa ; Chinsura. — Founder : Bhudeva Mukhopadh- 


updwan Press ; Mahajantooly, Bardwan. 

;adep Ppinting Ppess ; Parsi Bazar Street, West Side, Bombay. 
Calcutta Adveptisep ' Ppess ; 20, British Indian Street, Calcutta. 
;alcutta Genepal Ppinting: Co. ; 300, Bowbazar Street, Calcutta. 
:aleutta Ppinting Wopks ; 10, British Indian Street, Calcutta. 

Managing Agent : Swis & Co. 
Caledonian Ppinting Co., Ld. ; 3, Wellesley lane, Calcutta. 
'ambPian Ppess ; 4, 5, 6,«British Indian Street, Calcutta. 
Camepon & Co's Ppinting Ppess ; Hyderabad (Deecan.) 
Catliolie Exarainep ' Ppess ; 33, Meadows Street, Bombay. 
:athoIie Opphan Ppess; 3 & 4, Portuguese Church Street, 

3axton Ppess ; 14, Residency Road, Bangalore.— Proprietor : K. 

Xarayanaiengar. » 

^axton Ppinting Wopks ; Caxton House, Frere Road, Bombay. 
Caxton Steam Ppinting Wopks ; 1-2, Mission Row, Calcutta.— 

Proprietors : "W. Newman & Co. 
3entpal Press, The ; 3-1, Wellesley Street, Calcutta. 
Centpal Ppess ; Dinapore.— Proprietors: Sib Chandra Singh & Sons 
Centupy Ppess ; Bombay. 
Champion Ppess ; Calcutta. 

Chamundeswapi Ppess ; Bangalore. —Proprietor : M. SnbbiahB.A, 


Chamundeswari Indian litkrary year rook, 1918. 

Chamundeswari Press; Mysore.— Proprietor : C. Muthyala 

Chandra-Kiran Press; Bombay. 

Ctaandra-Prabha Press ; Pearey Kalan, Benares City. Proprie- 
tor : The hon'ble kai kauadur Sadanand Pandey of Ghaziporc 

ChandPika Press ; Bagalkot. 

Chandrodaya Press ; Dharwar. 

Cheap Printing Press ; Bankipore. 

'Cheragr* Printing Press, The; Bombay. 

Cherry Press, Ltd ; 86, Lower Circular Road, Calcutta, 

Chetty & Co ; 2-79, Yajatha Covil Street, Madras. 

Chintamani Press ; Farrnkhabad. 

Chitrasala Steam Press ; Sadashiv Peth, Poena City. 

Chittottejak Press ; Bombay. 

Christian Literature Society Printing Works ; George Town 

Chunder and Bros ; 98, Radha Bazar, Calcutta. 

Chunder, L. N.. & Co.; 114, Radha Bazar Street, Calcutta. 

Church Mission Congregational Press ; Lucknow. 

City Press ; "Sambhu Niwas," llowett Road, Allahabad,— Esta 

lisbed : 1895.— Proprietor: Ghulam Muhammad. 

City Press; Bangalore.— Proprietor : 61. Narasimhaiya. 

City Press : 12, Beatinck Street, Calcutta.— Proprietor.* : Tlios. 

Smith & Co. 

City Press; 85, Voeraraghava Modaly Street, Madrss. 

City Emporium Press; Mysore.— Proprietor : Vonktapathiah. 

City Mercantile Press ; 6, Chanduoy Chowk Street, Calcutta. 

City Printers Ltd.; 101-1, CUvo Qtroot.—Worka: 8, Harrison 

Road, Calcutta. 

Clarendon Printing Press ; Fort Street, Bombay. 

College Press. The ; 117-1, Bowbazar Street, Calcutta. 

Commercial Press; Alhihabad. 

Commercial Press ; 3, Hastings teitroet, CAlcatta. 

Commercial Press ; Juhi, Cawnpore. 

Commercial Press; Badsho Lodge, Triplicaoo, Madras. 

Commercial Printing Press; Bombay. 



' 'Commepeial Repopter' Press; Meadows Street, East Side, 

!j Bombay. 

J I Commissioners' Press; Karachi. 

si Cones & Go's. Printing Press ; 1, Lall Bazar Street, Calcutta. 

>j Coral Press ; Barabazar, Cliaudernagore. — Propi'ietom : J. N. Dnfcfc 

)j & Co. 

ij Coronation Press ; Sifcalagali, Agra. 

|i Coronation Press ; Chatai Mahal, Ca,vfnpore.— Proprietor : 

Yasodaaandaa Sukla. 
j Coronation Printing- Press ; Colonelganj, Park Road, Allahabad. 
j —Proprietor : M. Hashitnkhan. 

Coronation Printing Works; Amritsar.— Proprietor ; Charau 
'f\ Cotton Press; 57, Harrison Road, Calcutta. 
H Cranenbupg's Law Publishing Press; 3-5, Bow Bazar Street,. 
;j Calcutta. 
;J Crown Press ; Mysore.— Proprietor : M, B. Madappa. 

Crown Printing Works ; Ahmedabad. 

Cutehi Dasha, Osval Jain Boarding Press, Bomba3^ 
a Cuttaek Printing Co., Ltd. ; Durga Bazar, Cuttack. 


Dabdaba-i-Ahmadi Press ; Lucknow. » 

Dabdaba-i-Haidari Press ; Karachi. * 

Daftar Askhara Press ; Bombay. 

Damodar (M) Brothers' Press ; 7, Church Gate street, Bombay. 

Damodar Press ; Lucknow, 

Damodar Printing Works ; Agra. 

Darbar Press ; Patna City. 

Dar-us-Saltanant Press; 14. 15, & 16, Ismail Madau Laue, 

Colootolah Street, Calcutta.— Proprietors : Abd-ul-Bari & Abd- 


Dasgupta&Co- ; 54-3 College Street, Calcutta. 

Dayasagar Printing Press ; Bombay. 

' Day Brothers' Hindu Press ; ei, Aheereetollah Street, Calcutta. 


Debating Indian litbrarv y&ar book, 1918. 

^Debating Club' Press; Almora.— Established: 1871.— Afafiaj|« 

Sadanand Sanwal. 
Delhi Printing Works , Chauri Bazar, Delhi.- proprietors : Thaki 

Das & Rons. 
' Desi Mitpa ' Engine Printing Press ; Snrat. 
Dhananjaya Press; Khanapnr, Dist. Bilgaum (Bombay Presidency^ 
Dharmabhyudaya Printing Press; Benares. 
Dharma-Prakasa Press ; Manfjalore, Madras Presidency. 
Dharmatarangini Press ; Dharwar. Manager :Shivaling Sastr 
Dharma-Vijaya Press ; Kalbadevi Road. West Side, Bombay. 
Dhundiraj Press; Bolgann. 

Dhutapapeswar (Sri) Press: Panvel. Bombay Presidency. 
Diamond Jubilee Printing Press ; Ahmedabad. 
Diamond Press; Chinsara.— Propru*<or : Dinanath Mukerjl. 
Diamond Press ; Diamond Harbour, Bcnp:al. 
Dllgudaz Press; Katra Bizen Big Khan, Lueknow. Establishe I 

1888. Proprietor Md. Abdul Hakim Rharar ; AaMstant Maitaqr 

Siddiq Ha.san and Hakim Sirajul Huq. 
DInga Press ; Bombay. 
Din-Mitra Press ; Ahmednagar. 
Dnan.— See Jnan. 
Dvadasasreni Press; Aligarh. 
Dynae Printing Works ; 206, Old China Bazar Street, Calcutta. 


East Bengal Printing & Publishing House.— See PublUhet 

* East ' Press. The ; Aimimitollah, Dacca. 
Eastern Printing Works ; 12, Bazar Gato Street, Bombay. 
Edinburgh Press ; .100, Bowbazar btrect, Calontta. 
Edward Press ; 18, Bahirana, Grand Trunk Road, Allahabad.— 

Proprietor : Vaidyanatha Sarma Rajvaidya. 
Edward Press ; Snkkur. 
Emerald Printing Works; 9, Nanda K, Choudhery's 2nd Lan< 

Emperaza de -Progresso ' ; Go.a. 



Empire Press ; 25 & 26, Waterloo Street, Calcutta. 

Empire Press ; Delhi. 

Examiner Press : Bombay. 

Excelsior Press; 7, New Chind Bazar Street, Calcatta.— Pro-^ 

prietors : Abbott, Mltter & Co. 
Exchange Press ; Mohtaslumganj, Allahabad. 


Faiz-i-Am Press ; Aligarh. 

Pakhr-ul-Mataba Press ; Lucknow. 

Family Printing: Press ; Bombay. 

Fidvi Printing Press ; Bombay. 

Fine Art Press ; 2, Latto Babu Lane, Beadon Square, Calcutta. 

Fort Gunja Printing: Press; 17, Hummum Street, Fort Bombay. 

—Proprietor : M. F. Gunja. 
Fort Mercantile Press ; 28, Tamarind Lane, Bombay. 
Fort Printing Press ; Bombay. 


Gajanan Press ; Dhulia (Khandesh). 

Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Press ; Bombay. 

Ganga Printing Press ; 179 & 181, Abdul Rahman Street, Bombay. 

Ganguli, H, C, & Co., 12-1, Esplanade East, Calcutta. 

Ganpat Krishnaji Press ; 552, Girgaum Road, Bombaj-. 

Garhwali Press ; Dehra Dun. 

Gauranga, Sri, Press ; 71-1, Mirzapore Street, Calcutta. 

Gaurinilaya Press : Bangalore. — Proprietor : B. Basappa Chetti. 

General Agency Press ; Tukmur, Mysore State.— Z^ropnetor : 

General Printing Press ; 141, Upper Ohitpore Road, Calcutta. 
George Printing Press ; Jacobabad. 
George Printing Press ; Sukkur. 

George Printing Works; Benares. — Proprietor : Atmaram Sarma. 
George V. Printing Press ; Bombay. 
Ghose Press ; 38, Shibnarayan Das Lane, Calcutta. 
Ghose Press ; Cbinsura.— Proprietor : K. Ghosh. 



Globe Ppintingr Works ; Bombay. 

Gogte & Go's Press ; Charni Road, Bombay, 

Gopal Narayana & Go's Press ; Bombay. 

Govardhan Press; Poona. 

Graduates Tracling- Association Press: Mysore. 

Gramadliilcari Printing Press ; Hijapur. 

Granthodaya Press ; Alimedai)ad. 

Great Eden Press ; 6, Bliim Ghosh's Lano, Calcutta. 

Goodwill Press ; 205, old China Bazar Street, Calcutta. 

Gopal Steam Printing? Works; Bha^alpur.— Proprietor : Gopal 

Guardian Press ; Mount Road. Madras. 
Gujrat Printing- Press ; Ahmedabad. 
Gujrat Standard Press ; Rurat. 

Gujrati Printing Press ; 12, Ba/:ir Gate Stpoct, Bombay. 
Gulshan-i-Ibrahiml Press ; Lucknow. 
Gulzari-i-Ahmadl Press ; Moradabad. 
Gunavardhak Printing Press; Ahmodabad. 
Gupta Press ; 221, Comwallis Street, Calcutta. 
Gurukula Press ; Kangri, Bijnor District. 


Hamidia Steam Press; Lahore; Established 1901. 

Hare Press ; 46, Bochu Cliatterjeo Street. Calcutta. 

Harihar Press ; Poona. 

Harold Press, The ; 35, Clive Street, Calcutta. 

Haroon Printing Press; Karachi. 

Herladic Engraving Works ; 176, Mount Road, Madros.— Pro- 

prictors : Tiie Mechanical Engraving & Process Co. 
Herald Printing Works ; 158, Arahorst Street, Calcutta. 
Higglnbotham & Go's Printing Press; Mount Road, Madras. 
Hilton & Go's Printing Press ; 109. College Street. Calcutta, 
Hindi Press; Colonelganj, Allahabad.— Proprietor : Ramjilal 

Hindu Press, Dey Brothers ; 61, Aliiritolla Street, Calcutta. 
Hindustani Press ; Nizamabad, Lucknow. 



♦ Hipa YantPa Madhabitala, Chinsurah, Dist, Hughli. 
i Hitaishi Ppess ; 11, Kedarnath Basu Lane, Calcutta. 

Hiteehehhu Press ; Ahmedabad. 

^iteehehhu Printing Press ; Karachi. 


mperial Book Depot's Printing Press ; 68, Chandni Cbowk, 


niperial Medical Hall Press ; Fountain, Delhi, 
mperial Native Press; Chandney Chowk, Delhi. 
mperial Printing OflBee; Chinsurah. 

mperial Printing Press ; 44-A. Cantonment, Jubbulpore. — 
—Proprietor : N. Narainswami Naidu. 

Indian Daily News' Press; 19, British Indian Street, Calcutta, 
[nclian Press; Fine Art Printers and Publishers.— Established: 
1SS2.— 3, Pioneer Road, Allahabad. — Proprietor : Chintamani 
Indian Press ; Narial Bazar, Cawnpore. — Proprietor : Manohar Lai 

Indian Social Reformer' Press : 12, Hummum Street, Bombay. 
[ndia Press; 25. Middle Road, Entally, Calcutta.— Proprietor : 

Ram Rakhal Ghosh. 
ndia Printing Works ; 117, Armenian Street, Madras. 
India Publishing Go's Press; 12-16, Bank Street, Bombay.— 

Proprietor : B. G. Gajiwala, M.A., LL.B. 
Indira Press ; Poena. 

Indu Prakash ' Steam Press ; Bombay. • 

industrial School Press; Melkote, Mysore State.— Proprietor : 

M. 6. Shamiengar. 
Industrial Press, The ; 7, Swallow Lane, Calcutta, 
industrial Press ; 13, Hummum Street, Fort Bombay. 
Industry Press ; Girgaum Back Road, Bombay. 
Institute Press ; Aligarh. 
Intizami Press ; Cawnpore. 
Irish Mission Press ;Surat. 



Irish Press; Bangalore.— Proprietor : K. S. Krislmi Ai\.r»" r. i 
Islamia Press : Baitakhana Road, Calcutta. 
Islam Press ; 18, Harrison Road, Calcutta. 
Israelite Press ; Poena. 

Jagadarsa Press ; Ahmodabad. 

Jagraddhitechehhu Press; Poona.— Proprietor : Raojl 8. Qan 

Jagradiswara Press ; Girgaum Road. Bombay. 
Jagannath (Sri) Press ; Lucknow. 
Jagat-vinod Press; Aligarh. 

Jaggeswar Press ; I). 47-83, Misir I'okhra, Bonarea City. 
Jahangir B. Marzban & Go's Press; (.lam-i-Jamsho.i • i:.n'>i" 

House, Fort, Uorabay. 
Jahnavy Printing Works; Chunar— Proprietor : Shru tLaii 

Jain Advocate Press ; Ahmcdabatl. 
Jain Engine Printing Press ; Surat. 
Jain-Vldya-Vijay Printing Press ; Ahmodabad. 
• Jain-Vijay Printing Press ' ; Surat. 

Jam-1-Jamshed Printing Works; Bombay. \ 

J. N. Petit Parsl Orphanage Printing Works r>J«ijnbay. 

Jaya Lakshmi Narasimha Press ; Bangalore.— Proprietor : Nan 

ratua Anand Rao. 
Jivan Press; Anarkali, Lahore.— i'roprictor : fcjriman Amarsingl 

Worker, Deva Samaj. 
Jnan-Mandir Printing Press ; Ahmodabad. 
Jnan-Sagara Press ; Matuuga (Bombay Prosidonc.v). 
Jnan-Vardhak Printing Press ; Ahmedabad. 
Job Press; The Mall, Agra. 
Job Press ;" Kothi," The Mall, Cawnpore. Proprtefrew 

Srimati Tuisi Devi. 
•Job Works Press' ; Moraduba.l. 
Jubbulpore Post Press ; Jubbulporo. 
Jubilee Printing Works ; Kvzabad. 
Jyotishmati Press : Moolapot, Xollor.-. 



Cailas Press ; Hathras, District Aligarh. 
aisapi.~-See Qaisar &c. 
[aisaria. — See Qaisaria &c. 
[aisaP-i-Hind .—See Qaisar-i-Hind. 
[alanidhi Press ; Bangalore—Proprietor : T. K. Krishnaswami 

Calappakasa Press ; Malegaum (Bombay Presidency), 
[alapathnakaran Press ; 289, Thumbu Chetty street, Madras, 
[alika Prasad Press ; 371, Ganespeth, Poona City. 
[alika Press ; 28, Jugal Kisor Das Lane, Calcutta.— Proprietor : 

Sarat Chandra Cliakravarty, 
[alika Press ; 17, Nandakumar Chaudhuri 2nd Lane, Calcutta., 
[alika (Sri) Printing Press ; Parsibazar Street, West Side, 

[alpadruma Press; Trichur, Cocliin. 
Calpataru Press ; Sholapur. 
Calyanram Iyer & Co ; 189, Esplanade, Madras, 
^amala Printing Works ; 36, Banamali Sarkar Street, Calcutta. 
Janakaditya Press ; DiiarWar. 
Kanara Press ; Madras. 
Jantik Press; 20, Cornwallis Street, Calcutta — Proprietor : 

Manilal Gangopadhyaya. 
Kapalee Press, The ; 305, Tliumberclietty Street, Madras. 
Karachi Printing Works ; Karaciii. 
iKarnatak Press ; Girgaum Back Road, Bombay. 
;iKapnatak Printing Works ; Dharwar. 

i'Karunesh (Sri) Printing Press ; Bombay. 
Kasinath, D., & Go's Pre^s ; 20-21, Custom House Road, Fort 
!|Kasi Press ; Jangambari, Benares City. 

'Kasipur Press ; Barisal.— Proprietor : Pratap Cliandra Mukerji. 
Kaumudi Press ; 15-A. Bhuvan Mohan Sarkar Lane, Calcutta. 
Khairkhwah-i-Islam Press ; Agra. 
Khalrkhwah Press ; Hyderabad (Sindli). 



Kharga indian utbraky ykau book, 1918. 

Khargra Vilas Press ; Baakipore.— Proprietor : Ram Rau VIja 

Khelgadi Printing Press : Girgaum Hack Road, Fort Bombay. 
Khelgadi Printing: Works ; Bombaj'. 
Khoja Slndhl Printing Press : Bombay. 
Khosia Brothers" Electric Printing Works ; Railway Hoa( 

Khudabakhsh Press ; Surat. 
Keshariajl Printing Press; Ahmedabad. 
King George Press ; Parola (East Kbandosh). 
Kirloskar Press ; Poona. 
Koheera Sagar Press ; Bangalore— Proprietor : B. C. S. Raja- 

gopala Sarma. 
Koh-i-Nup Press; Chittagong.— Proprietor : Mohinimohan Da^ 
Koh-i-Nur Press ; Mysore.— Proprietor : K. Vonkappaiah. 
Krishna Press ; Mohalla Lai Khan Dargah, Bhagalpur. 
Krishna Press ; 2-12, Wellington Street, Calcutta. 
Krishna Press : Lucknow. 
Krishna Press; shikarpar, 
Krishna Printing Press ; Bombay. 

Krishnaraj Press ; Mysoro.— Proprietor : Ahmad All Khan. 
Krishnaraj Vanlvllas Press; Mysore.—PropHetor : M.S. Laksi 

mana Rao. 
Kumar Printing Press; 179 .t I81, Abdul Rahman Ktre«> 

Kundanlal Seth Press ; Lucknow. 
* Kuntaline ' Press ; 61 & M, Bowbazar Street, Calcutta 

prietor : H. Bote. 
Kusumika Press ; Simla, Calcutta. 

L. • 

Lahiri Press ; Bonaros City.— Proprietor ; Durga Prasad Kiiattn 
Lakshmi Art Printing Works ; Sankli Street, Byonlla. 
Lakshml-Naraslmha Press ; Mysore.— Proprietor : S. Vitthal 

Lakshmi-Narayan Press; Benares City.— Manajer : Ganpat 
Lakshmi-Narayana Press ; 402, Girgaum Road, Bombay. 



akshmi-Napayana Press; Moradabad. 
iakshmi Press ; Chandney Chowk, Delhi, 
akshmi Press; Nellore. 

Iakshmi Press; Shikarpur (Sindh).— Proprietor : VirumalBegraj. 
akshmi Printing Works ; 64-1, 64-2. Sukeas Street, Calcutta. 
akshmi-Venkateswara Press ; Kalyan, Bombay. 
akshmi-Vijay Steam Press ; Sholapur (Bombay Presidency), 
akshmi- Vilas (Sri) Press ; Bangalore.— Proprietor : G. B. Sri- 

akshmi-Vilas (Sri) Press ; Haveri, Bombay Presidency. 
akshmi-Vilas (Sri) Printing Press ; Nadahalli, Sorab Taluk, 
Sbimoga, Mysore State. — Proprietor : Naraiiappa Venkappa. 
al Chand & Sons ; 76, Lower Circular Road, Calcutta. 
Larkana Gazette ' Press ; Larkaua. 
aw Press ; Grand Parade, Cawnpore. 
aw Press ; Lacknow.— Proprietor : H. C. Sen. 
aw Printing House ; Mount Koad, Madras, 
aw Printing Press ; Poona. 

Leader' Press; 14- a. South Road, Allahabad.— Proprietors : 
The Newspapers, Limited. 

iberty Press ; 7, Sankarama Cliotty Street, Madras.— Proprie- 
tors : Raithby & Co. 

iddell's Printing Works ; Canning Road, Allahabad.— Propj-ie- 
tor and Manager : H. Liddell. 
ight Press ; The Mall, Cawnpore. 
Ight Press ; Dinapur — Proprietors : P. G. Nath & Co. 
lla Printing & Binding Works ; 14, Madan Baral Lane, Bow- 
bazar, Calcutta. 

Ion Lithographic Press ; 169, Bazar Gate Street, Bombay. 
Iverpool Press ; G, Cawnpore Road, Allahabad.— Proprietress : 
Mrs. S. E. Hare. 

okaprakasam Printing Press ; Trichur— Proprietor T. Neela- 
kandha Vaidegeswara Aiyar. 
bndon Mission Press ; Mission Road, Cuttack. 
, S. Press ; Kottakal.— Managing Proprietors : P. V. Krishna 




Lucknow Steam Printing Press; New Civil Lines. Laoknow.- 
Proprietor : Raui Ratan Bajpai. 

* Luhana Mitra ' Steam Printing Press ; Baroda. 

Lyons Press; U, Ezra Street, Calcatta. — Proprtrtori : Uarr; 
Lyons & Co. 


Hacneill & Go's Printing and Manufacturing Stationer: 

Works ; 2, Cline Ghat Street, Calcutta. 
Madina Press ; Bijnor. 
'Madras Standard' Press; 167, Popham's Broadway, Georgi 

Town, Madras. 
' Madras Times' Printing & Publishing Co. Ld, ; 159, Moon 

lload, Madras. 
Mahalakshmi Press ; B.mgalore.— Proprietor ; B. K. Venkat 

Mahalakshmi Printing Press ; Kutchery Road, Karachi. 
Mahamandal Press ; Bharat Dharma Mahamandal, Benares 
Mahamaya Press ; Chinsura. — Proprietor : H. 8. Shome. 
Mahavidyalaya Dirsan Press ; Jwalapur, Diatrict Saharaupu 
Mahavir (Sri) Press: IJelgaum, Madras. 

* Mahikantha Gazette ' Printing Press ; Ahmedabad. 
Mahila Press ; Art and General Printers, I*koto Procees and Ar 

Colour Engravers ; High-clas.s calendars — a speciality. 

Pataldanga Street, Calcutta.- -Propri' for : G. N. .Miikorji 

yrams: " Calendar; " Telcphovc : 2l57. 
Maithil Printing Works; Madhnbani, Darbh,.,,g,» ..„,.; ,, ,, 

Srimati Sashi llama Devi. 
Majid Press ; Moorut. 
Manasi Press; U-A.RamtanuBasa'u Lane, Calcutta. Established 

1915, Proprietor : Probhatkumar Mokerji. Printer: Sital Chandei 

Maneek Printing Press ; Bombay. 
Mangalganj Mission Press ; '^, Ramanatb Mazumdar's Street 




lanika Press ; 51-2, Sukeas Street, Calcutta, 
lanohar Press ; Karachi, 
[anohar Printingr Press ; Ahmedabad. 

lanoranjan Printing: Press ; Bombay.— Ramchandra Vishnu 

lanoranjan i Press ; Godavari. 

Maratha Mitra ' Printing- Press ; Pachora, East Khandesh. 
lartanda Mudralaya ; Ahmedabad. 
Marzban, F. P., & Go's. Press ; Bombay, 
Batla-ul-Ulum Press ; Bijnov. 
iatla-ul-Ulum Press ; Moradabad. 
iechanical Engraving and Process Co. ; 176, Mount Road, 

Hedical Hall Press ; 52, Benares Cantonment. 
Hereanrile Press; 9, Chandney Chowk Street, Calcutta. 
Wereantile Steam Press ; Karachi. 
Vlerehant Press ; Cawnpore.— Proprietor : Chheda Lall. 
VIeston Press ; Moradabad. 

i|Metealfe Press : 76, Balaram De Street, Calcutta. 
^iMetealfe Printing Works; 34, Mechuabazar street, Calcutta. 
Methodist Publishing House : Lucknow. Established: 1861. 

Anient Jusk. P. B. Price. Manager : Myron, O. 
?^iller Printing Works, The ; 196, Bowbazar Street, Calcutta. 
Minerva Press ; 33, Popham's Broadway, Madras. 
Mission Press; Allahabad. 
Mission Press ; Nasrapur, Bhor State. 
Mission Press ; Surat. 

Mission Steam Press ; Ludhiana. Proprietor, Patrick Toylic. 
Mitra Vilasa Press ; Lahore. Established: 1862. 
Modavritta Press; Wai, Satara. 
Model Printing Press ; 7, Grand Square, Dinapore, Behar.— Pro- 

prietors : Nathony Lai & Bros. 
Model Printing Works ; 5, Rentinck Street, Calcutta.— Proprte- 

toTH : Nilmani Haldar & Co. 
aiodern Press : 21, Bowbazar Street, Calcutta.— Proprietors: B. N. 



Mbdern Indian mtbrary ykai: ijook, 1918. 

Modern Printing: Works ; Mount Road, Madras. 

ItfohammadI Press ; 22, Upper Circular Road, Calcutta. 

Moon Press ; Raja Mandi, Agra.— Proprietort. : Lall Singh and 

Moonl (P) Brothers' Press ; 52, AppoUo Street, Bombay. 
Mufld-i-Am Press ; Anarkali, Lahore.- Proprietors. : Rai Saii' 

Mnnshi (Julab Singh & Sons. 
Muhammadi Printing: Press; 
Mujtabai Press ; Lucknow. 

Makerji, K. P.. & Cos Press ; 19 and 20,^Iaugoe Lane, Caluntta 
Mukunda Art Works ; Bombay. 
Mul Press: Etawah. — Propritjtor: Mulchaud. 
Murthy, S., & Go's Printing: Press : 805, Thamba Chetty Strc< 

* Musaflr ' Press ; Hyderabad (Sindh). 
Mustafa Printing: Press ; Parol Road. East Side. Bombay. 
Mustansir Press ; Faraskhana. Delhi. 
Muzaffari Lithographic Steam Press ; Bombay. 
Muzatgri Leiho Press: Urnerkhandi, bombay. 
Mysore Book Depot Press: Hangaloro.— Prop^-iVtors : v. U, 

Suhaiya and Sons. 
' Mysore Star" Press : My-^ow. —Prxnrii'tor -. a. Viiup.ik^iiix ., 


Nadiri Press ; Opposite to Sir JauiNetji Jijibhoy Hospital, Botnb:i 

Nagar (L. P.) Press : Muttra. 

' Nagendra ' Steam P.- intincr Works : 17. Lower rhitimr iinu. 

Nag Printing Works ; n.'ii JiouJ, i.akutta. 
Naiyar-i-Azam Press ; Moradahad. 
Nandisa (Sri) Bharati Viian Press : Bangaloro.--Propn>to 

.M. P. M.illaiya. 
Narasimha & Go's Press ; Mysore.— Proprietor : K. Narastmba. 
Narasimha Press ; Calcutta. 
Narayan Press ; Gaya. 
Natavar Printing Press ; Ahuiedabad. 



Natesan, G. A., & Go's Press ; ."5 and 4, Sankurama Chetty Street, 


ffational Literature & Publishing- Society's Press, The ; 40, 
Broadway, Madras. 

National Machine' Press; Barisal. 
National Press ; 100, Mount Road, Madras. 

National Press ; Hall Street, Amritsar. — Proprietor : Harji Ram. 
National Press ; Katra, Allahabad.— Proprietor : RamNarain Lai. 
National Press ; Victoria Road, Karachi. 
Native Imperial Press ; Chandni Chowk, Rama Theatre Lane, 


' Native Opinion ' Press ; Girgaum Road, Bombay. 
Navrang Printing- Press ; Booibay. 
Navavibhakar Press ; Bombay. 

'Nazair Qanun-i-Hind ' Press ; Mayo Road. Allahabad. 
Nazir Hind Press; Fatehgarh. —Prop?-ietors : Janki Prasad & Bros. 
' New Age ' Press ; 4, Elliot Lane, Calcutta. 
Newal Kishor Press; Luckuow. 
New Art Printing Press ; Bombay. 
New Bengal Press ; 66 and 67, College Street, Calcutta.— Mu«a- 

(jer : P. C. Dutt. 
New Brittania Press ; 78, Amherst Street, Calcutta. 
New Gujrati Printing Press; Nadiad, (Bombay Presidency). 
New Saraswati Press ; 25-A, Machuabazar Street, Calcutta. 
Newspapers Ltd. ; see Leader Pres.s. 
New Star Press ; Hyderabad (Sindh). 
Nirmala Press ; 139-1, Bo wbazar Street, Calcutta. 
Nirmal Printing Press ; Ahmedabad. 
Nirnayasagar Press ; Kolbhat Lane, Bombay. 
Nizamia Printing Works; Ahmedabad. 
Nizami Press ; Badaun. 
Nizami Press ; Ballimarau street, *elhi. 
Nizami Press ; Mysore. — Proprietor : Muhammad Kasim. 
Normal Printing Press; Ahmedabad. 
Northeote (Lady) Hindu Orphanage K. N, Sailor Printing 

Press ; Bombay. 



Notice Sheet Press ; Secundrabad, Hyderabad. 
Nar-uI-Mataba Press; Lucknow.— Proprietor : Nur-nl-Hasan. 
Nyayasraya Press ; Poena, 


Official Machine Printing Press ; Mcerut. 

Olympian Press ; 58, Bechu Chatterji's street, Calcutta. 

Onkar Press ; Johnstonganj, Allahabad.— ProprtVjnr : niiVrifrij; 

Oriental Press ; Johnstonganj. Allahabad. 
Oriental Printing Works ; 327, Ui)per Chitpore Road, Calcutlj 
Ornamental Job Press ; Drummond Road, Agra. 
Orphanage Press ; Poena. 


Pagawi B. L. & Go's Press ; Ramghat, Benares City. 
Pallibarta Press; BongonR, (Jessore).— Proprietor : Charu Chan- 
dra Ray. Established : 1908. 
Pandurang & Go's Printing Press ; Bombay. 
Paragon Press ; S2, Cornwallis street, Calcutta. 

* Parsl ' Press. The ; Frore Road. Fort. Opposite to the General 

Post Office, Bombay. 
Partha (Sri) Press ; 80, Broadway. Madras, - I'yoprietors : S. V.!- 

& Co. 
Patrick Press ; 32-1, Mullunga Lane, Calcutta. 

* Patrika ' Press ; Larkana. 

Patriot Press, The ; 108, Baranaseo Qhoso Street, Calcutl; 
Paul. G. N., & Go's Printing Press ; Chandemagore ; and lit, uk 

Court House Lane, Calcutta. 
Peerless Press ; 2l, Sankurama Chotty Street, Madras. — Propria 

tors : Dowden & Co. 

* People's Herald ' Press ; Agra.— Proprietor : Fred, Ellis, M.J.L 

* Phoenix ' Press ; Karachi. 

Phoenix Printing Works ; 29, Kalidas Slngba Lane, Calcutta. 

* Pioneer ' Press : 17, Church Road, Allahabad. 
Pooran Press ; 21, Balaram r.hose .Street, Calcutta. 




'abhakar Press ; Islampur, District Satara. 

'abuddha Bharata Press ; Mayavati, Lohaghat P. O., United 


^paja-bandhu ' Printing" Wopks ; Khadia, Ahmedabad. Estab- 
lished : 1905.— Proprietor : T. P. Thakor. 

aja-hitaFtha Mudralaya ; Ahmedabad. 

■atapa Press ; Cawnpore. 

atapa Press ; Moti Chowk, Jodlipur.— Proprietor : Ram Kama 

■Harm a. 

•emier Ppintingr Press; Hyderabad (Sindh). 
lemier Press ; 5. Strinpcer's Street, George Town, Madras, 
iem Mahavidyalaya Press ; Brindaban, District Muttra. 

•esideney Press ; Tamarind Lane, West Side, Bombay. 

inee of Wales Jat Press ; Meernt.— Proprietor : Shadi Ram. 

'inting Press ; Shiraoga, Mysore State.— Proprietor : K. Ram- 
swam iya. 

■ithipir Itihasa Printing Works ; 2, Annada Prasad Banerjee 

Lane, Kbirertala, Howrah. 

•ogressive Press ; 14, Baker's Street, Madras. 

•ogressive Printing Works ; Bombay. 

^erandase Go's Printing Press ; Bombay. 


^idiri Press ; Badann. 

Uisaria Steam Press ; Hyderabad (Sindii). 

laisar-i-Hind Press ; Badaun. 

'laisari-i-Hind Eleetrie Press ; Homjee Street, Elpliinstone 

Circle, Bombay. 

'lisari Press; near Town Hall, Bareilly.— Proprietor: Thakur 

Prasad & Bros. 
usimi Press ; Deoband, District Saharanpore. 


ihbar Press ; Moradabad. 
iijkishen Press ; Ciiandney Chowk, Delhi, 
'ijlakshmi Printing Press ; Girgaum Road, Bombay. 


Rajnagore Indian litrrary year book, 1018. 

Rajnagrore Lithographic Press : Ahmedabad. 

Rajniti Press ; Patna City. 

Rajpali Press; Allahabad. 

Rajput Anglo-Oriental Press ; Madanmohan Darwaja, Agra.- 

Proprietor : Ttiakur Hannmanta Sinha Raphuvansi. listd. 189 
Rajrajeswari Press; Bangalore.— Proprietor : Kumar Sastii. 
Rama-Vijaya Press ; Jath state. 
Ram Bhushan Press; Agv%. 
Ramdas Press ; batara. 

Ramkrishna (Sri) Printing Press ; Ahmedabad. 
Ram Machine Press ; Meemt. 
Ramnarayan Press ; Ktawah. 
Ramnarayan Press; Mnttra.— P/opi-iWor : Radharainan fihi 

Ram Rao, K., and Cos Press; Hummura Street. Fort, Rombay. 
Ramtatwa-Prakas (Sri) Press ; Belgaum. 
Ram Tatwa Press: n*'I;;aum.— Proprtrtor: Abaji Kamchanc 

Rander Printing Press; Surat. 

'Raslk Law' Printing Press; 164, Baitakkham Roa.v nai.Mith-i 
Rationalist Press; Godavari. 
Ratnasagar Printing Press ; Alunodabad. 
Ravi Udaya Press ; 182. Kalbadevi Road, Bombay. 
Ray. U.. & Sons ; Process Kngravcrs, Illustrators, Art : 

Publisiiers ; 100, Gurpar Road, Calcutta.— FoMndrr-Pr.., 

Upendrakisor Ray-Chaudhury, B.A., Telegrams: "Ortliotyp 
Reliance Printing Press ; Dean Lane, Bombay. 
Ripon Press and Ripon Book Depot ; 87, Thumbu Chotty Rtre 

Roze Bazar Steam Press, Ilall Bazar, Amritsar. Estd. :1*' 

Proptr. The Vakil Trust. 
Royal Printing Press ; 29, Banks Road, Lncknow, 
Ruckma Press ; Madras.- PropnV(or.i : Roopert & Co., Madras. 



I S. 

lehchidananda Press ; Devangere, Chitaldrug, Mysore State. 
— Proprietor : M. Manjaiya Hardekar. 

ichitra Chaturya Press ; Bangalore.— Proprietor : B. Janardan 

idbodhachandrika Press ; Agadi (Dharwar). 
idguru Printing Press, Bombay. 
idiq-ul-Mutaba ; Mcerut. 

iler, K.N., Printing Press ; Pare! Road, East Side, Bombay. 
Samaj ' Press ; 46, Grey street, Calcutta. 
imanta Press ; Port Road, Balasore. 

imya Press ; 6, College Square, Calcutta.— Propriefor : Krishna 
Kumar Mitra, b.a. Estd. 1883. 
matan Dharma Press ; Moradabad. 
mkar Printing Press ; Bombay. 
mta Dupga Prakasli (Sri) Printing Press ; Belgaum. 
intan Press; Brahmanbaria. District Tipperah. — Manager: 
J. Datta. 

irada Sita Press ; Shimoga, Mysore State,— Proprietor : K. Blia- 
vani Rao. 

irada Vijay Printing Press; Ahmedabad. 

ipada Vilas Press ; Bangalore.— P?-o2jrietor : Subramanya Aiyar. 
iraswat Bhushan Press ; Belgaum. 
iraswati Machine Printing Press ; Meerut. 
iraswati Press ; Chinsuvah, Bengal.— Proprietor : B, Datta. 
iraswati Printing Press ; Bombay. 

iraswati Printing Press; Karachi.— Proprietor : Bhagvanlal 
Shiva] i. 

irma, J. K., & Go's Printing Press ; 33, College Street, Cal- 
cutta. — Proptietor : J. K. Goswami. 

irut Press ; 128, Radha Bazar Street, Calcutta.— Proprietors : 
S. C. Datta & Co. 

Urvajan Hitopakarini Press; Mysore.— Proprietor : M. N, 


Sastra Indian litbrary year book, 1818. 

Sastra Praehap Press ; 5, Chidam Mutii Lane, Beadon Row, C5i1 

Satyaiarayan Printing Press; Ahmedabad. 
Satyaprakas Printing Press ; Ahmedabad. 
Satyapriya Press; Tasgaou (Dist. Satara). 
Satyasagar Printing Press ; Ahmedabad. 
Satyavijay (Sri) Printing Press; Ahmedabad. 
Scottish Press ; 150, Annapillay Sbrcet, Madras. 
Seal Press ; 333, Upper Chitpar Road. Calcutta. 
Selon Printing Works ; bank street, Bombay. 
Setli Kundanlal ' Press; se > Kundatdal, &c. 
Shabdari Press ; Mysore. — I'roiyrietor: Sbabdar Husatn. 
Shamsher Printing Press; J3l, 238, Abdul Rahman Street 

Shams-ul-Mataba Press ; Moradabad. 
Shankar Printing Press ; Surat. 
Shantivijay Printing Press ; Ahmedabad. 
Sholapur Samaehar Steam Press; 4152-53, Sbukurwarpeti 

Samachar Building, Sholapur. Estd. 1884. Proptr. and Manager 

Vlthal Narsuppa Jakkal. 
Shri Satayaprakash Printing Press; Khadia, Ahm 

Prupt'ietor : Dahyabliai Shakrabhai Gandhi. Prints Maha.,^. 

(M.) (G). 
Shunmugan, P., & Co. ; Mount Koad, Madras. 
Siddhanath Press ; Wai, Satara, Prints " Govardhanmala" ('■ 
Silvester's Printing Press ; liombay. 

♦ Slndh Bliaskar' Printing Press; Hydrabad, Sindh. 
Sindh Commercial Press Co.. Ltd.; 6. Bunder Jioad, Karachi. 

• Sindh Gazette Press: Karachi. 

• Slndh Observer' Press ; Karadii. 

* Slndh Patrika' Press; Larkana (Sindh). 
Sindh Press Co., Ltd ; MacLeod Road, Karachi. 
Slngaram Press ; 66, Swami Nayak's Road, Madras. — Proprieti 

Miller & Co. 
Sitaramanjaniya (Sri) Press: Bangalore. -rroprtctor: 
swami Chetty. 




^odagap Press ; Surafc. 

tldiep Press ; Moradabad. ♦ 

outh Indian Obsepvep ' Press ; Ootacamand. 
!|outh Indian Press ; 18, Lingh Chetty Street, Madras. 
Pi Press ; 137, Comwallis Street, Calcutta, 
fiklianda Printing Press ; Girgaura Back Road, Bombay, 
i-ikpishna Litho Press ; 697, Girgaum Road, Bombay. 
?ikpishna Mudralaya ; Wai, Satara. 
cikpishna Press ; Hubli (Dharwar). 

"imat Kanyak Parameswari Press ; Mysore.— Proprietor : A. 
K. Venkata Clietti. 

Jirinath ' Press ; 25, Nayabazar Road, Dacca. 
:'inivas Baradaehari & Cos Press ; 4, Meant Road, Madras. 
r-inivas Press ; Brindaban, Muttra. 
inivas Press; Mysore.— Proprietor : S. Nanjuda Sastri. 
k'utibodh' Printing Press; Bombay. 
, P. C. K. Press ; 17-18, Church Road, Vepery, Madras. 
P. G. Mission Press ; Ahmednagore. 

andard Drug Press ; 45, Amherst Street, Calcutta. —Proprietor: 
Uui-Sahib Kartick Chandra Basu. 

andard Press ; Bai-ka-Bagh, Grand Trunk Road, Allahabad.— 
/'/o/;rietor : Bishambhar Nath Bhargava; Founder: Ramnath 
IJIiargava, b.a. 

:andaFd Press ; 5, Okur Datta Lane, Calcutta, 
tandard Printing Works ; Hyderabad, Sindh. 
:ar Press; Cawnpope, — Proprietor : Ayodhya Prasad Bhargava. 
. Andrew's Press; 390, Civil Lines, Cawnpore. 
:. Andrew's Steam Printing Works ; Radhabazar Street, Cal- 
cutta. — Proprietors, Sital Chandra Banerji & Co. 
:anhope Press ; 5, Radhanath MuUick's Lane, Calcutta.— Pro- 
prietor : B. K. Bose. 
team Printing Press; Lucknow. 
:pidharma Sikshak Press ; Colonelganj, Allahabad, 
ibodhini Printing Press; Bombay, 
idapsan (Sri) Press; Brindaban, Muttra. > 

jdarsan Press ; Conjiverum. 


Sudarsan indian literabv year book, i918. 

Sudarsan Press; Katra, Allahabad.— Proprietress : Mrs. Gop^ 

Sudhakar Press ; Girgaum Back Road, lk>inbay. 
Sudharak Press ; Poola. 
Sultan Press ; Kashmere Gate, Delhi. 
Sundar Printing Press; Surat. 
Sunrise Press : Madhabitala, Chinsura. 
'Surat Akhbar" Press; Snrat. 
Surat City Printing Press. 
• Sushama' Press; •'iS, neutin.-k sttv.t. Caleutu— Propt " ' 

P. Sott & Co. 
Suvarna Printing Press ; Poona. 
Svarna Printing Press ; Bombay. 
St V. Press; Chiplun, Dist. Ratnagiri. 
Swadesamitram Press ; in. Armenian Street, Madras. 
Swadharma Pracharak Press; Esplanade Road, Delhi. 
Swami Machine Press ; Meerut. 

Ta'alimi Press ; Barellly. 

Talyabi Printing Press ; Bombay. 

Taluqdar Press ; Fyzabad. 

Tamannai Press; Lucknow.- Pi-opricior : Ram Sahai Tamannii 

Tara Printing Works ; Benares City— Proprietors : Freeman 

Taruni Chromo-litho Press ; 11-1, Golak Dutt's Lane, Calcutta, 
Tatva-Viveehaka Printing Press ; Khetwadi Back Road, Boi 

Tayab Ali Printing Press ; Musjid Bunder Road, Sooth Sid 

Tayeb Press ; Lucknow. 

Thacker & Co.'s Press ; 12, Tamarind Lane, Bombay. 
Thaeker, Spink & Cos Press ; 1. Gibson's Lane. Calcutta. 
•Times' Press ; Times Buildings, Hornby Road, Bombay.— Pr< 

priftora : Bennct, Coleman & Co. 



Ikarshi Govindji Press ; Bombay, 
wn Press ; Bangalore.— Proprietor : Hariram Misra. 
aill & Co.'s Press ; 20, British Indian Street, Calcutta, 
lade Journal Press ; Badshahimandi, Allahabad, 
liveni Printing- Works ; Allahabad, 
torial Press ; Bombay. 


iform Electrical Printing Press ; 8-9, Tamarind Lane, Bombay. 

ion Press ; Mohtashimganj, Allahabad. 

ion Press; 41, Girgaum Road, Bombay. 

ion Press ; Cochin. — t'roprietor. Manager, Printer, and Puh- 

isher : Ittoop Mampilli. 

Ion Press ; Jubbulpur. 

ion Press ; Jhausi. 

Ion Press ; Shimoga, Mysore State.— Proprietor : Parivarada 


ion Press Co. Ltd. ; Elphinstone Street, Karachi. 

Ion Printing- Press Co., Ltd., Abmedabad. 

ion Steam Press ; Karachi. 

Iversal Press ; Amritsar. 

Iversal Press ; 332, Mint Street, Madras. 

iversal Printing Works ; 113, Upper Chitpur Road, Calcutta. 

Iversity Printing and Publishing Co., Ltd. ; 1, Gangadhar 

labu Lane, Calcutta, 
■per India Press ; Allahabad. 
Biaha Press ; Drai, Jalaun. 


BTdevi Vilas Press ; Devangere, Chitaldrug, Mysore State.— 

'roprietor : N. Rudrappa. 

Idya Brothers' Press ; Thakurdwar, Bombay No. 2. 
■ aidyak Patrika' Press ; Poona. 
ifijayanti Press ; 31, Mount Road, Madras. 
Vtii Press ; 12, Chorebagan Lane, Calcutta. 
Vnik Press; 60, Mirzapore Street, Calcutta. 


Vanica Indian utekary ybak book. 1918. 

' Vanita Hitaishi ' Press ; Allahabad. 

VanI Vilas Press ; Sri rangam.— Proprietor : J. K. Balsaubn^ 

manya Iyer. 
Vardhaman Press ; Mysore.— Proprietor : Dharmodriah. 
Vasanta Press ; Madras. 

Venkateswar (Sri) Steam Press ; 312, Kalbadevi Road, Bomba 
Verona's Press ; Chaudni, Calcutta. 
Vest & Go's Press ; 14, Meant Road. Madras.— Proprietor : 'J 

Hamehandra liao. 
Vichara Darpan Press ; Bangalore.— Proprietor ? Ramaiya. 
Victoria Press ; liadauu. 
Victoria Press ; 2, Goabagan Street, Oalcntta. 
Victoria Press ; The Mall, Cawnpore. 
Victoria Press ; Nellore. 
Victoria Press ; Sukkur. 

Victoria Printing: Press ; 21, GirgauDi Road, Bombay. 
Victoria Printing- Press; Garden Road, Karachi. 
Vidyaratna Yantra ; 286, Upper Chitpore Road, Calcutta 
VIdyasagar Pr^ss ; Hyderabad, Sindh. 
Vidya Tarangini Press ; iMysore.— Proprietor : C. 8riniv;isai« 

Vijayalakstimi Press ; Bangalore.— Proprietor : D. Vonk . 
Vijaya Lakshmi Press ; Chararajuagar, Mysore State.- Pr« 

tor ; li. PadmaraJ Pandit. 
Vijay Pravartak Printing Press ; Ahmodabad. 
Vijnana Chintamani Mudr-asala ; Pattampi,S. India. 
Vinaya Printing Press ; Bomi)ay. 
Viraj Vaibliav Press ; Wai.Satara 
Vishin Printing Press ; Jacobabad. 
Visitor Press ; Old Carlton House, Darjceling. Kstablished : ' 

Manager : G. S. Boinwetson, Prjuti'r : N. N. Bose. 
Viswakosh Press ; 0, Viswakoah Lane, Bagbazar, Calcutta. 
Viswambliar Printing Press ; Bombay. 
Viswanatti Printing Works ; .H6-6, Jangambari, Benarea 

Proprietor : Sasi Bhushan Nath. 
Vithal Press ; Bombay. 



kkaligara Sangha Press ; Bangalore City.— Proprietor : K. H. 

^miya. Prints tlie " Mysore Economio Journal " (M.) (E.) 

itta Ppasarak Press ; Poona. 

asa Press ; Nellore. 

N. Press ; Commissary Bazar, Vellore, Arcot,-— Proprietors : 

Vbbas & Sons. 


iltingr, G. F., Printing: Works ; Dinapore. 

Ellington Printing Works ; 12 and 58, Wellington Street, Cal- 

utta.— Proprietors : S. C. Anddy & Co. 

sstern India Printing Press ; 18, Church Gate Street, Bombay. 

Ikin's Press ; College Square, Calcutta. 

Ison's Artistic Press ; 29, Rundall's Street, Madras. 

ndsor Press ; ll, British Indian Street, Calcutta. 

jneswar ; See Jaggeaivar, &c. 
sovanta Press ; Poona. 

osoof Ali Printing Press ; Musjid Bunder Street, West Side, 

ang Rising Printing Press ; 245, Abdul Rahman Street, Bom- 
ufi Press ; Cawnpore. 

imana ' Press ; Parade, Cawnpore. — Proprietors ; Daya Narain 
igam and Sons. 



Some matter h»& boon embodied in the Printina Prrs.-i soct 
Nvhicli coald have also come under this head. 


ati Ramehandpa Savan ; Ram Tatwa Press, Belgaon. 
I)0t B9illep& Co.; 7, Newbhina Bazar Street, Calcutta. 
d-ul-Bapi & Abd-ul-Latif ; 14, 15, <fc 16, Ismail Madan Lane, 
Jolootollah Street, Calcutta.— Proprietors of Dar-usSaltatiat 

dul Qayoom, Haji ; Wellesley Square, Calcutta. 
idemical Libpapy, The ; 167 Cornwallis Street, Calcutta. 
dison & Co.; Mount Road, Madras. 

waita Aspam ; Mayavati, Lohaghat P. O., District Almora. 
jePt Libpapy ; Nawabpur, Dacca. 

ahabad School Book Depot ; 8, Mayo Road, Allahabad, 
ahabad Tpadin? and Banking Copporation, Limited ; 
/olonelgunj, Allahabad. 
S^an & Co.; Chandni Chowk, Delhi, 
landa' Book Depot, The ; Hyderabad TSindh). 
anda Bookstall ; 78-2. Harrison Road, Calcutta, 
anda Chandpasekhap Bpos.; Calicut, Malabar. 
iglo-Opfental Book Depot.— See Homee Sorah & Co. 
ghap, G. A., & Co. ; Colonelgunj, Allahabad.— Proprietors, Oiyt 

htekap & Co.; Poona. 

tutosh Libpapy ; 50-1, College Street, Calcutta ; Patuatuli, 
Dacca ; and Andarkilla. Chittagong. 

manand Jain Pustak Praehap fflandal ; Roshan Mahall, 

:tap Chand Capoor ; Lahore. 

iddy, S. C, & Co. ; 12 & 58, Wellington Street, Calcutta— Pro- 
prietors of the Wellington Printing Works. 



Balaji Prabhakap Modak ; Kolbapar City. 
Balasore Chhatra Bhandar Co.. The ; Balasore. 
Balwant Ganesh Dabholkar : 488. Narayan Petb. Poona Cit 
Banerji, B., & Co.; 25. Comwallis Street, Calcutta. 
Banerji & Bros ; LaToache Road, Lncknow. 
Bangra Sahltya Mandip; 98, Beltala Road, Kalighat P. O., Calci 
Barendranath Ghosh ; 204 2, Cornwallis Street, Calcutta. 
Basu. K. P., Library. The; II, Mahendra Gossain Lane. i 

cutta.— Propridfor : D. N. ben, B.A. 
Benimadhav Day & Co.; 318, Upper Chitpore Road. Calcutta.^ 
Bennett. Coleman & Co.; Oalcutta Office -. 8. Lai Ba ' t 

Combat/ Office : "Times Building." Hornby Road. 
Bharadwa)a Agreney; BasavanKudi, ManfjaloreClty. 
Bhargava Book Depot ; Muttra.— Proprietor : Sudarsanlal Bba 

Bhargava Book Depot. The ; Jubbulpore. 
Bhaskar Vishnu Phadake ; Matunf^a P. O.. Bombay. 
Bhattacharya & Son ; 64 and 65, College street. Calcntbi 
Blaekie & Son, Ltd.; 2-10, Wellington street. Calcutta :in 

"Warwick HouHe," Bombay. 
Book Depot & University Printing and Publishing Co.. Ljm 

ted ; 240 5, Bowbazar Street, Calcutta. 
Bose Library ; 57, College Street. Calcutta.— Proprirtor : Ua 

ondra Krishna Bose. 
Burman. M. N , & Co. ; Bankiporo. 
Butterworth & Co. (India) Ltd. ; 6A, Hastings Street, I' omc 

Box 261, Calcutta. 


Cambray, R., & Co. ; 9, Hastings Street, Calcutta.— Proprtetot 

T I). Kerr. 
Cambridge University Press ; .% Clivo Balldiags, Box No. 

Calcutta. ^ 

Cameron & Co. ; Hyderabad. 



jsiDtonment Book Depot (Indian Industrial, Trading, and 
Banking Co.. Ld.) ; 14, Residency Road, Bangalore.— Pfoprte- 
tors : N, C. JVarasimha Iyengar and V. C. Mania Ratnnln Mooda- 

ipoor Brothers ; 8, Mayo Road, Allahabad, 
antral Book Depot. ; AllahahaA, -Proprietor : Ramji Das Bhar- 

3ntral Jaina Publishing House ; Airab. Established 1915, 
Managing Proptr., and Director ; Kumar Devendra Prasad Jain, 
tiainrai Valiram ; Bandar Road, Karachi, 
barles & Co.; Secundrabad, Hyderabad. (Deccan.) 
haudhury, B. N., & Co. ; Seoka Bazar, Agra, 

hetty & Co. ; 2-79, Yajatha Covil Street, Madras. 

huekervertty, Chatterji & Co. ; 15, College Square, Calcutta.— 
Proprietors: Ahindranath Chatterji, ; Mukunda Chandra 
Chakravarti, ; Rames Chandra Chakarvarti, M. se. 

ity Book Co. ; 28, Thambn Chetti Street. Madras. 

ity Library ; Dacca.— Proprietor : Nagendrakumar Roy. 

ombridge A. J., & Co. ; Hornby Road, Bombay ; Mount Road, 


ommereial Society, The ; Sukkur, Sindh. 

ooper, C & J. ; Bombay. 

loronation Book Depot ; 82, MulU Sahib Street, Sowoarpet 

loronation Darbar Publishing Co. ; Carnac Road, Bombay. 

amodar Savalaram & Co. ; Thakurdwava, Bombay. 
latta & Friends ; 69, Comwallis Street, Calcutta. 
)ayanand Pustakalaya ; Kattra Bazar, Jodhpur. 
)ay Brothers ; 43, Municipal Market, S. W., Calcutta. 
)ey & Ghosh ; 5, 6, and 7, Madan Gopal Lane, Calcutta. 
)iamond Jifbilee Book Depot ; Kattra Bazar, Jodhpur. 
Diffusion of Knowledge' Agency ; " Lalitaiaya," Mylapore S., 


Disramber Indian litbbary year book, 1018. 


DigrambEP JaJna Pustakalaya ; Snrat.— Proprietor : Malchan 

Eisandas Eapadia. 
D«wden & Co.; 21, Snnknrama Street, Madras.— PropnVton; 

C. Ranpanatham Naidu and M. Kolandavela Madliar. 
Dwadashshpenl. P. C, & Co. ; Aiigarh. 


East BenR'al Printing and Publishing House; "Sadhamr 

Armanifcola, Buccal.— Proprietors : Satis Chandra and Sal 

Chandra D.ts. 
Educational Book Depot ; Kattra, Allahabad.— Proprvtor : 

Narain Lai. 
Educational Book Depot ; Jnhbulpore. 
Educational Publishinsr Syndicate ; 208, BadRhAhimandi. Allah 

bad. — Proprietors : Narendranath Sen, and Tatindranath Sen. 
Empire PubHshinsr Co. ; ^l. Hnmmnm Street. Bombay. 
' Encyclopocdia Brittanica ' Co.. Ld. : 83, Clivo Bnildinfrs. C« 

Exchanfre Publishing Co. ; 15, Maniktala Main nomi r.ipn^ti. 

Freeman & Co. ; Benares City.— Proprietors : Hamchandra N.n 
Kalia. B.A.: G. 8. Arnndalo, M.A., LL.B.; Kalioharan Mitra, n.A 
Jnanendranath R.trti. b.a. 

Friend & Co. : 84. College Street, Calcutta. 

^anesh & Co.; Thunibu Chetty f^troot. Madras. —Prourieto*- 

M. R. Ramaseshaiyar. 
Gayaprasada & Bros ; 28"R. Shafakliana Roa«l. Aprra. 
General Bookstall and Stationery Mart ; 6.') & 6«, Town FT* 

Road, B&roilly. 
Ghosh & Co. : Cornwallis Bnilding; 1, Cornwall in* Street, Ca 

Gopal Narayan & Co. ; 161, Kalhadevi Road, Bombay. 



ikMto Behary Dhur & Bros; S56, Upper Chitporo Road, 

Jreggr Publishing Co., The ; 29, Bentinek Street, Calcutta.— 

Publishers of shorthand, typewriting and business instruction 

Iresham Publishing: House ; Ascents : Blackie <fc Sons, Ld., 

'Warwick House," Fort Street, Bombay. 
3ulab Singh, Rai Sahib M., & Sons ; 76. Lower Circular Road,. 

Calcutta ; and Lahore. — Proprietors, Mufld-i-Am Press. 
Bunderao Manur & Co. ; Bijapur. 
Qnrudas Chatterji and Sons ; 201, Comwallis Street, Calcutta. — 

Manugiug Proprietor : Sudhansusekhar Chatterjl. 
iupoodlnomai & Sons ; Mirpur Ehas, Sindh. 


Haiee Sayeed ; Wellesley street, Calcutta. 

Haldap, G. N. ; B3, College Street, Calcutta. 

HaHdas & Co.; 201, Harrison Road, Calcutta. 

Hapomohan Library; 29, Cornwallis Street, Calcutta. 

Higginbotham Ltd.; Mount Road, Madras. 

Himatlal, C, & Co. ; Princess Street, Bombay. 

Hind Agency; Madhav Bag, Bombay. 

Hindi Gpanthratnakap Kapyalaya; Bombay. 

Hindi Pustak Agency ; Gorakhfur. 

Hindi Tpanslating Co. ; 96. 97, Lower Chitpore Road, Calcutta. 

Homee Sopab & Co. fsons of the late Pardimjee B. Karani), with 

which is incorporated Khan B<<hadur G.M. Munahi& Sons; 

" Sultan Manzil," 2, Chandanwadi, Bombay. 

Imperial Book Depot; 63, Chandni Chowk Street, Delhi.— Pro- 
prietor: Raghubir Dayal. 

Indian Advertising and Publishing Agency ; 3-1, Dalhousie 
Square, Calcutta. 

Indian Literary Agency, The ; Patehpuri Road, Delhi.— Manag- 
inq Proprietor : B. L. S. Gupta. 



India Publishing Co., Ltd.; 12-18. Bank Street, Bombay,— Pr 

prietnr: B. G, Gajivala, M.A., LL,B. 
Indian Publishing: House; 22, Cornwallis street, Calcutta. 
Indian School Supply Depot (the late City and School BooU 

Society, i.ow manfiaged by Macmillan & Co.); 809, Bowbax' 

Street, Calcutta. 
Iyer, P. A. V., & Co. ; Triplicane, Madras, S. E. 


Jagrat Narayan & Bros ; Meerut. 

Janapdan. M. Gupjar; Kalbadevi Road, Bombay. 

JehangiP Mipza & Co. ; 156- 158, Hornby Road, Bombay. 


Kaekep Bpothers ; Phnlatti Bazar, Agra. 

Kalimohan Bookstall ; 2l6, Cornwa lis Street, Calcutta. 

Kalyanram Iyer & Co. ; 189, Esplanade, Madras. 

Kasi Book Depot; Rarsa. District Allahabad —Foiindrr ; Kas 
nath Khattri (a well -tnown Hindi writer, was awarded Jubilr 
Medal for good authorship).— Proprietor : Kesava Chandra. 

Kplshnamaehaplu, P.; 60, Ivy Main Road, Chamarajpoi 

Krishna Rao. M. R , & Co. ; High Road, Nellore. 

Kulkapni. S. A., & Co. ; Kolhajmre, Miraj. and at Rangli. 

Kusumika Library ; 204, Cornwallis Street, Calcutta. 


Lahipi, S. K.. & Co.; 58, Colloge Street, Calcutta. 
Lakshmibilas Publishing House ; 12, Narikelbagan lian 

Lalita Publishing Co. ; " Lalitalaya," 19, Adam Street. Xf vinnor 

S., Madras. 
Law Book Society; 9, Old Post Onice, Calcutta. 
•Law Guide Series' Office; " Gokalavanam," 39, Ayalor Mud.a 

Street, Madras. 



Law Ppinting House ; Monnt Road, Madr»s. -Proprietors : T.At 
Venkaswamy Row and T. S. Krishnaswamy Row. 

Lazarus, E. J., & Co. ; Benares City ; and 7, Upper Chitpore 
Road, Calcutta. 

Lewis & Co. ; 10. British Indian Street, Calcutta. 

Loganadhan. G C & Bpothers ; Mount Road. Madras. 

Longmans. Green & Co. ; 300, Bowbazar Street, Calcutta, & 8, 
Hornby Road. Port Bombay. 

Lotus Librapy ; 28-1, Comwallis Street, Calcutta. 


macmillan & Co.; 2^4, Bowbazar Street, Calcutta; Hornby 
Road, Port, Bombay; Mount Road, Madris. 

Madanmohan Pattanaik; Motiffanj. Balasore. 

Madras Circulating Library; 4-30, Moaut Road, Madras.— Pfo- 
prietnr : N Nilamaya Pillai. 

'Mahabharnt' Offlee. The; 117-1, Bowbazar Street, Calcutta.— 
PropriPtor : Sarat Chandra Som. 

Mangalodavam Co., Ltd.; "Kalpadruma Press Buildings," 
Triehur, Cochin.— M«nag«?r : C. K. Rawat. 

Manindra Natb Mitra & Brothers; Law Booksellers, and 
publishers of The Current Indian Oases ; College Square, East, 

Manomohan Library ; Comwallis Street, Calcutta. 

Marathi Theosophieal Federation, The : Belsranm (S. M, C.) 
Publishes p=imphlets and translations of Theosophieal Litera- 
ture ; also a monthly magazine in Marathi, named Dhartna. 

Uedical Reeopd Book Depot ; 2, Harokumar Tagore Street, 

Mehta, N. D. & Co. ; 215, Kalbadcvi Road. Bombay. 

Methodist Publishing House ; 46, Dhurrumtollah Street, Cal- 

Methodist Publishing House; Lueknow, See under "Printing 

Methodist Publishing House ; 19, Monnt Road, Madras. 


Mitra Indian litkkakv year book, 1918. 

Mitra & Co. ; Cornw:\lli8 Building:. Calcutta. 

Ofitra. K R ; Manoranjan Press, Bombay. 

Miller & Co. ;««. Swamy Naik's Road, Madras.— Proprietor : C 

Singraravf^Iu Mndaliar. 
Modern Publishinjj Co., The: 20, St. James Lane, Calcntta. 
Mohazzab Book Ajjeney ; Katra Bizcn Bejr Khan, Lucknow. 

E.stab)ished: \W\0. Branches at Dehli, Lahore and Cawnpor*- 

Prnpriftor: Mohammad Siddiq Hasan. 
Muhammadl Book Ajrency; Karaya, Calcntfa. 
Mukerjl & Son ; Shujapanj. Bhag*lpar.— Propn'-tord : K. N. nnd 

N. N. Mnkerji. 
Mukepjl. K. P.. & Co. ; 27-2. 27-8 and 27-4, Waterloo Street, Ca! 

ciitta. — Prnprtptnr : K. P, Mookerjee. 
Mukhduml Library ; S. Collepre Rqnare. Calcntta. 
Muleaokar, W N . & Co. ; 78. Kalbadevi Road, Bombiiy. 
Munlruf^dln. Sheikh & Co.. 54, Coll 'jre Street. Calcntta. 
MuPthy, S., & Co. ; 805, Thumba Chetty Street, Madras. 


Na?asubpahmanya Row, T.. & Bros; 3, Condy Chetti Stroei 

Nateson, G. A.. & Co. : 8 & 4. Sankurama Chetty Rtrnet. Madras 
National A^roney. The; Barisal.— Proprietor : Ealiprasanna 

Ghosh Roy-Chiiiidhury. 
National Book Depot; Raja-ki-Mandi, Agra.— PropnVtor.'; 

Lakshmi Nsrayan Brothers. 
National Literature Publishing Society. Ltd. : 40, Bro.-idwa.N 

Navin Kltabkhana : Bndhwar Poth. Poena City. 
Nelson, Thos., & Sons. Sr** Thnmns Selann & Sons. 
Newnfian. W.. ft Co. : 4. Dalhonsio Square. Bast. Calcntta. 
Nigamasram Bo 'k Depot; JatcatR^oj. Benares Cantoment. 
Nur Library ; 12-1, Serang Lane, Calcutta. 






!i|Oriental Book Supplying Agency; IS, Shnkrawar Peth, Poena 
City. Established: 1915. Manager : N. G. Sardesai, L. M. & S. 
Undertakes to supply to any part of the world any book dealing 
with Indian Antiquity pablished whether in India or Europe or 
Oxford University Press; "Eruchshaw Building," 249, Hornby 
Road, Bombay; 98, Viraraghava Mudali Street, Madras. 

Pagawi, B. L.. & Co, ; Ramghat, Benares City. 

Panini Offlee ; "Bhuvaneshwari Asrama," Bahadurganj, Allaha- 
bad.— Publishes works calculated 'to conserve the ancient 
learning of India.' 

Pasha & Co. ; Sadar Bazar, Agra. 

Patrick Lewis & Co. ; Secundrabad, Deeean. 

Phirozsha Dinsha Mukadum ; 38, Church Gate Street, Bombay. 

Presidency Library and Publishing House; 1, Cornwallis 
Street, Calcutta. 

Purushottam & Co. ; Sankli Street, Byenlla, Bombay. 

P. V. S. Brothers ; 14, Baker's Street, Madras. 

Radhabai Atmaram Sagoon, Mrs. ; Kalbadevi Road, Bombay.— 

Proprietor : Manges Atmaram Sagoon. 
Rama Iyer, R. P., & Co. ; Esplanade Road, Madras. 
Ramaswami Sastrulu, V., & Sons ; 192, Esplanade, East, and 

323, Tondiarpefc, Madras. 
Ramehandra Govind & Son; Muhammadimahal, Kalbadevi 

Road, Bombay. 
Ramehand Baroomal Muljlmal; Hyderabad, Sindh. 
Ramehandra Vishnu Madgaonkar : Proprietor : Manoranjan 

Press, Boml^ay. 
Ram Dayal Agarwala; 184, Katra, Allahabad. 
Ram Narain Lai ; Katra Road, Allahabad. 



Ram Prasad Mlsra ; Dikshitpur, Jubbalpore, C. P. 

Ramrao, K.. & Co. ; Hummam Street, Fort, Bombay.— Proj)r«( 

torfi: M. K«ntila1, Sankarlal and Ftamrao Maugesb. 
Ram Sahay Lai ; Kachehri Road, Gaya. 

Ran(?anatham. M., & Co, ; 82, Cund.ppa Chetty Street, Madi 
Raphael, Tuck & Sons. Ld. ; 257, Hornby Road, Fort, Bombay.- 

Directors: Sir Adolph Tuck, BART.; Gustavo Tuck; Sir Arthi 

Conan Doylo ; and Alfred Parson, n.A. 
Ray-Chaudhury & Co ; 68-5, Russa Road, North. Calcutta. 
Ray, U.. & Sons: Process Engravers, Illustrators, Art Printer 

Publishers; 100, Gurpar Road. Calcutta. Telrgrnms : "Orthc 

type." - Founder : Upendrakisor Ray-Chaudhury. D A. 
Ripon Book Depot, The ; 87, Thumbu Chetty Street, Madras.- 

Proprietor : R. Sivasankara Chetty, B.A., BL 
RoopePt & Co. ; Triplicano High Road, Madras, S. C.—P»opri« 

tor: M C Thoenathyaln Naidu. 
Russomay Sup & Co. ; 20S. Upf)or Circular Road, Calcutta. 
Roy &Co. ; 81, Harrison Road Calcutta. 
Roze Bazar Press Books Agreney ; Hall Bazar, Amritsar, Estab 

lishcd: 1888. Propnctor.s : The Vatal Trust. 
Rungachariar, P., & Co. ; 8, Esplanade, Madras. 

S. & Co. ; Banagram, Gafargaon P O., Mymensingh. 

Sadhana Llbrar y ; 22, Canning Street, Calcutta 

SahJtya Prachap Samitt, Limited ; 24, strand Road, Calcutta. 

Managing Agents: Oriental Agency Co. Established: 1912. 

See P. N. Dasfupta. 
Samaddar Brothers; Moradpur, Patna, Bihar & Orissa. 
Sanatan Library; 6-2, Tagore Castle Road. Calcutta. 
Sanskrit Press Depository ; 80 Cornwallis Street, Calcutta. 
Sanyal & Co, ; 26, Koyb^gan Street, Calcutta. Proprietors : 

Bharut Mihir Presi*. 
Sarada Bhavan ; Etawah.— Proprietor : Raghunath Prasada 

Saraswati Mandal ; Rliikarpur, Sindh. — Srcrclaitiz Riimnar.'wan. 


BOOKSELLERS AND puBLisuERS. Tapapopevala 

„apaswati Publishing" House ; 188, Broadway, and Triplicano, 
i Madras.— Proprietor: VijiaRaghavachari. 
apkap & Banepjee ; llO, College Street, Calcutta. 
tarkap, M. C Rai-Bahadup, &Sons; 75-1-1, Harrison Road, 

apma, J. K., & Co. ; 33, College Street, Calcutta —Proprietor : 

J. K. Goswarai. • 

lastun Sahitya Vapdhak Kapyyalaya ; Bombay. 
!en Bpcs. & Co. ; 8 and 9, College Street, Calcutta, 
en, D N., B.A. ; Proprietor: The K. P. Basil Library, 11, Mahendra 

Gossain Lane, Calcutta. 
Sen Tamil Book Depot ; 26, Savarimuthu Street. Madras, 
leyne, K. V., & Bpos. ; Colour Engravers, Colour Printers, by 

Special Appointment to the Hon. the Maharajridhiraj-Bahadurof 

Burdwan; 61'. Mirzapur Street, Calcutta; Telegrams: "Seyne."^ 
Shahjahan & Co. ; Mechuabazar Street, Calcutta, 
ihiama Bpothers ; Cawnpore. 
lindh Supply Stope, The; Karachi. 
Jomyaji Kashihath Vaman Lele ; Bombay. 
Joofi Book Depot; Gujrat.— Proprietors: Md. Din &Sons. 
Spinlvasa Vapadaehapi & Co.; Esplanade and Triplieane,. 

Jtandapd Book Society ; 9, Syaraa Charan Dey Street, College 
I Square, North, Calcutta, 
Jtandapd Litepatupe Co., Ld. ; 18-1, Old Court House Street, 

(Students & Co. ; Cooch Behar.— Propriefoj- : S. C. Talukdar. 
iStudents' Libpary ; 57, College Street, Calcutta. — Proprietor : 
I Brajendramohan Dutt. 
JSubbah. V. B,. & Co.; Bangalore. 
iSudhavapshak Kapyalaya ; Aligarh City. 


rarapopevala, D. B., Sons & Co., Limited ; " Navsari Building." 
103, Meadows Street, Fort, Bombay.— Proprietors: F. D., V. D., 
andH. D. Taraporevala. 


Tawker Indian uterart ybar book, 1918. 

Tawker Sadanada & Co. ; Esplanade Row, Madras. ~Propriet< 

V. Venkaba iiumayya Pantalu. 
Thacker & Co., Limited ; Esplanade Road. Bombay. 
Thaeker, Spink & Co. ; 5 and 6, Government Place, CalcutU. 
Tbakurdas & Sons. ; Chouri Bazar, Delhi. 
Theosophical Publishing House; Adyar, Madras. 
Thomas Nelson & Sons;- Calcutta Ojjice: 8, Lull Bazar Sti 

Bombay Office : " Times of India " uflice, Hornby Road. 
Thomas Smilh & Co. ; Propneton of the Oitif Press and DrmjQl 

Printing Oo., and publishers of the All India Railway Ouidr : 12, 

Bcntinck Street, Post Office Box a 18, Calcutta. 
Thompson & Co.; 33, Popham's Broadway, Madras. — Jiccetu^r 

t». Duraiswami Aiyar, b.a , H.L. 
Traill & Co.. Ld. ; 20, British Indian Street. Calcutta. 
Trlpathi. N. M., &. Co. ; Princess Street, Bombay. 
Tukaram Tatya ; 17, Tamarind Lane. Fort Bombay. 


Universal Bureau* The; Outshahi, Dacca. [Supplies Puum-, of 

any dates, old and new. Press cuttings, etc.] 
University Printing & Publishing Co., Ld.; bee Book Depot, &< 


Vaidya Brothers; Kalbaderi Road, Bombay. 

Vaidya Raman & Co. ; S, 4, Sunkurama Lhctty Street, Madras. 

Varadachari. P., & Co.; 8, Ling.i Chetty Street, Madras. 

Vas, S.. & Co. ; 80, Broadway, Madras.— Proprietor : 8. Partha- 

sarathi Aiyan(;ar. 
Venkateswar. R., & Co. ; Loane Square, 159, Broadway. Madras. 
Vest & Co. ; 14, Mount Road, Madras.- Proprietor : T. A. Ram- 

cbandra Row. 


Wheeler, A. H., &Co. ; Railway Bookstall Proprietors, and A.lvir- 
tising Agents, " Wheoler Btiildings," 73, Hornby Road, '— ' 
Bombay; "Chartered Bank BuiidinKs." Calcutta; and l\ 
Road. Allahai)ad. - Proprietors : B. Morean and T. R, David. 

White Lotus Publlshlncr Co : 4-8A., College Sciuarc-. rakntf.-i. 




Detailed Contents to Appendices ... iii 

The Press and Registration of Books 

Act, 1867 ... ... ... ix 

The Newspapers Act, 1908 ... ... xxi 

The Indian Press Act, 1910 ... ... xxv 

The Indian Copyright Act, 1914 ... xxxvii 

The Indian Copyright Regulations, 1914... Ixxxi 

The Indian Naval and Military News 

Ordnance, 1914 ••* ... ... xciii 

The Defence of Indian Rules, 1915 ... xcvii 


ACT, 1867 (pages ix-xx). 

'ART I. — Preliminary 


ART II.— Of Printing-Presses an 

Particulars to be printed 
on books and papers. 

Keeper of Printing-press 
to make declaration. 

Rules as to publication of 
printed periodicals con- 
taining public news. 

Authentication of declara- 
tion Deposit. 

Inspection and supply of 

IRT III. — Delivery of Books. 

Copies of books printed 
after commencement of 
Act to be delivered gra- 
tis to Government. 

ART IV. — Penalties 

Penalty for printing con- 
trary to rule in § 3, 


Penalty for keeping Press 
without making declara- 
tion required by § 4. 

I. Punishment for making false 

2. [Repealed,] 

Newspapers. ... xi 

7. OfQee copy of declaration 

to be prima facie evi- 

8. New declaration by persons 

who have signed decla- 
ration and subsequently 
ceased to be printers or 

Authentication and filing. 

Inspection and supply of 

Putting copy in evidence. 

10. Receipt for copies deliver- 

ed under Sec. 9 

11. Disposal of copies deliver- 

ed under Sec. 9. 

15. Penalty for printing or pub- 

lishing periodicals with- 
out conforming to rules, 

16. Penalty for not delivering 

books or not supplying 
printer with maps. 

17. Recovery of forfeitures and 

the disposal thereof and 
of fines. 



ACT, 1867 (pages \x-xx.)—concld. 

Part v.— Registration of Books 

18. Registration of Memo- 
randa [Effect of registra- 
tion ; Act XX of 1847 
applied— Repealed.] 

Part VI.— Miscellaneous 

make rules. 


Power to 


19. Publication of meinorand 

21. Power to exclude any c 
of books from operad 
of Act. 

22&23. [Rrp-nlM.] 

THE NEWSPAPERS ACT, igoSipages xxi-xxiv 

1. Short Title and Extent. 

1. Definitions, 

8. Power to forfeit printing- 
presses in certain cases. 

4. Power to seize. 

5. Appeal. 

(J, Bar of other proceedings. 

7. Power to annul ded 

under Press and 1 
tion of Books Act. i.- 

8. Penalty. 

9. Application of C!ode of Cr 

minal Procedure. 

10. Oi)eration of other laws d< 

THE INDIAN PRESS ACT, 19x0 (pages xxv-xxxv 

1. Short Title. 

2. Definitions. 

8. Deposit of security by keep- 
ers of printing-presses. 

4, Power to declare security 

forfeited in certain cases. 

5. Deposit of further security. 

0. Power to declare further 
security, printing-press 
and publication forfeited. 

7. Issue of search warrant. 

8. Deposit of security by pal 

lisher of newspaper. 

9. I'ower to declare socurH 

forfeited in certain c'lse 

10. Deposit of further .-- 

U. Power to declart' 
, security and nr 


, 12. Power to declare certai 
j publications f ' " 

and to issue seai 
' rants for same. 


(pages xxv-xxxv.) — concld. 




Power to detain packages 
containing certain publi- 
cations, when imported 
into British India. 

Prohibition of transmission 
by post of certain news- 

Power to detain articles be- 
ing transmitted by post. 

Copies of newspapers print- 
ed in British India to be 
delivered gratis to Go- 

Application to High Court 
to set aside order for 

18. Hearing by Special Bench. 

19. Order of Special Bench set- 

ting aside forfeiture. 

20. Evidence to prove nature or 

tendency of newspapers. 

21. Procedure in High Court. 

22. Jurisdiction barred. 

23. Penalty for keeping press 

for publishing newspaper 
without making deposit. 

24. Return of deposited secu- 

rity in certain eases, 

25. Service of notices. 

26. Operation of other laws not 



(pages xxxvii-lxxx ). 

HAPTER 1.— Preliminary ... ... ... ... xxxvii 

I. Short Title and Extent. | 2. Definitions. 

HAPTER II.— Construction and Modification of the Copy- 
right Act ... ... ... xxxviii 

S. Application of Copyright 
Act to British India, with 

4. Modification of copyright 
as regards translation of 
works first published in 
British India. 

'HAPTER III —Penalties 

7. Offences in respect of in- 

fringing copies. 

8. Possession of plates for 

purpose of making in- 
fringing copies. 

9. Punishment of second con>- 


5. Musical works made by the 
resident of, or first pub- 
lished in, British India. 

6." Importation of copies. 



I*ower of court to dispose 
of infringing copies or 
plates for purpose of 
making infringing copies. 

11. Cognizance of offences. 

12, Saving in of infringe- 
ment by construction of 




(pages xxxvii-lxxx.) — contd. 

Chapter IV.— Miscellaneous 


18. Courts having civil juris- 
diction regarding in- 
fringement of copyright. 

Effect of non-registrition, 
under Act XX of 1847. 
15. Repeals. 

Schedule I.— Portions of the Copyright Act (1 and 2, 
George V, Chapter 36), applicable to 
British India 


PART 1. 

Imperial Copyright. 

1, Copyright. 

■ Special pravisioim (is to rrrtain 
\ works. 

18. Works of joint authors. 
17. Posthumous works. 
2. Infringement of copyright. 18. Provisions as to Govern 

Term of copyright. 

Compulsory licences. 

Ownership of copyright, 

Civil Remedies. 

6. Civil remedies for infringe- 

ment of copyright. 

7. Rights of owner against 

persons possessing or 
dealing with infringing 
copies, etc. 

8. Exemption of innocent in- 

fringer from liability to 
p»y damages. 

1), Restriction on remedies in 
the case of architecture. 

10. Limitation of actions. 

Importation of copies. 
14. Importation of copies. 

Delivery of Books to Libraries. 

16. Delivery of copies to Bri- 
tish Museum and other 

raent publications. 

19. Provisions as to mechanical 

20. Provisions as to political 


21. Provisions as to Pboto- 


22. Provisions as to <> 

registrable under '1 huw 
Vll.c. 28 

23. Works of foreign a ' 

flrst published ii 

of Ills Majesty's ........ 

nions to which Act ex- 

24. Existing works. 

Application to tivitiaii 

26. Application of Act t<i 
British dominions. 

26. Legislative powers of sell 

governing dominions. 

27. Power of Legislatures 

British possessions 
pass supplemental legi*- 




(pages xxxvii-lxxx.)7-eo.VjiC^ci, -^ 

8. Application to protectora- 


International Copyright. 

9. Power to extend Act to 
foreign works. 

iO. Appiicatiob of Part II to 
Britisli possessions. 

Supplemental Provisions. 

81. Abrogation of common law 
rights. , - 

I. Provisions as to Orders^' 
Council. ■ • '. ■ ' '■" 
j 33. Saving of Uiiivetsif^ copy- 
right. .'- ' 
* 34, Saving of compensation to 
certain libraries. ' 
35i Interpretation. 

36. Repeal. 

37. Short title and commence- 


I.— Existing rights. 
II,— Enactments repealed. 

Schedule II.— Repeal of Enactments 



19^4 (page? Ixxxi-xcii). 

... ... ... Nxxi 

Preliminary ... ... 

1. Short title and applicatioQ. 


3. (1) Royalties to be ordinari- 
ly payable by adhesive 

(2) Supply of labels. 

(3) Form of labels, 

(4) Labels to be affiiied to 

copy or contrivapce, 
before delivery to pur- 

Notices ... ... j 

6. Notice required by Sec. 3. jl 

7. Notice required by Sec. 19. • 

2, Interpretation. 

..o Ixxxii 

Exceptions in certain'^ cases, 
when labels not avail- 
., , ^ble. 11) , ! 

Payment! of royalties r when 
• . payable otherwise than 
by adhesive labels. 

... Ixxxiv 

Service and advertisement 
of notices. .f 








Prescribed time 
to inqniri<>g. 

.. IxxxTi 
f<ir reply 

1914 (pages Ixxxi-xcii. I — conclcl. 


9. Inqniries referred to in 
Sec. 19 (5). 

10. Service and adrertisement 
of Inquiries. 

Importation of Copies ... 

12. Notice in case of books or 

other printed works. 

13. Notice in case of other 


14. Notices to British Customs 


15. Further information and 

affidavit. | 

Specimens of Forms ... ... ... ... \ 

I.— Notice relating to importation of copyright Inwks and 
printed works. 

II. — Notice relating to importation of copyright works, other 

than books or other printed works. 
III. — Notice relating to a particular importation. 

NEWS ORDINANCE, 1914 (pages xciii—xcvi). 

... Ixxxvii 

Security deposit. 

Undertaking to reimburse 
security bond. 

I>eliverv of goods detained. 

Notice under Sec. 18, Act 
Mil, 1878. 






Short title and extent. | 7. 

Prohibition of publication 

of Naval or Military news. 
Penalties. ' . {8, 

Restriction on trial of 

offences. I 9. 

Power of Police to seize 

documents. ' 10. 

Power of Magistrate to 

confiscate documents. 11. 

Power of Magistr.'i ' 
issue search wa 
and order confiscainM; 

Power of Police oxecuti' 
search warrant. 

Bar of Jurisdiction ot 

Certificate by Government 
Secretary as evidence. 

Application of Cr. P. C. 

1915 (pages xcvii — xcix). 

Short title. 

Publication or circulation. 
Power to deal with sas- 

8A, Service of orders. 

4. Penalty. 

4A. Powtir of photographing, Ar 

6. Power of search. 

The Press and Registration of 
Books Act, 1867. 

ACT XXV OP 1867. 

Received the Assent of the Governor-General 
IN Council on the 22nd March, 1867. 

An Act for the regulation of Printing Presses and Newspapers, 
for the preservation of copies of books printed in British 
India, and for the registration of such hooks. 

I Whereas it is expedient to provide for the regulation of 
i)rinting-presse8 and of periodicals containing news, for the 
j)reservation of copies of every book printed or lithographed in 
Ijritish India, and for the registration of such books ; It is hereby 
enacted as follows :- 


j 1, In this Act, unless there shall , ^ ^ . , „ ^ 

] , Interpretation-clause. 

1)6 something repugnant in the subject 
)r context, — 

"book" includes every volume, part or division of a volume,, 
ind pamphlet, in any language, and •< r t " 

)very sheet of music, map, chart or 
l)lan separately printed or lithographed : 

" British India " means the territories which are or shall bft 

Vested in Her Majesty or Her Succes- „ r. ■»■ u t j- - 

•> '' '• British India.' 

iOTH by the Statute 21 & 22 Vict., cap. 

106 {An Act for the better Oovernment of India) : 


" Magistrate " means any person exercising the full powers 

,, ,, • , , „ of a Magistrate, and includes a Magia- 

"Magistrate." " " 

trate of Police : 

„ . words in the singular include the 


plural, and vice versa : 

^ . words denoting the masculine gen- 

Gender. 1 • , , / , 

der jnclude females : 

And in every part of British India to which this Act shn" 

extend, '• Local Qovernment " sh; 
*' Local Government." 

moan the person authorized by law (> 

administer executive govern mo nt in hul-H part, and includes ;t 

-Chief Commissioner. 

2. [Repeal of Act xi of 1835J Hep. Act—xiv of 3870. 

( xi ) 


3. Every book or paper printed within British India shall 

lave printed legibly on it the name of ^ . , , . , . 

*^ , . , , e • *.- rr. Particulars to be printed 

ihe printer and the place of printing, ^^ ^^^^^ ^nd papers. 

Old (if the book or paper be published) 

the name] of the publisher and the place of publication. 

4. No person shall, within British India, keep in his possession 
iny press for the printing of books or 

mpers, who shall not have made and to^Se dedaradon^ ^'^^^ 
'subscribed the following declaration 

before the Magistrate within whose local jurisdiction such press 
may be : 

" Ij . , declare that I 

liave a press for printing at •" 

And this last blank shall be filled up with a true and precise 
description of the place where such press may be situate. 
ij 5. No printed periodical work, containing public news or 
I com men ts on public news, shall be 

published in British India, except in Rules as to publication 

' . of printed periodicals con- 

iconformity with the rules hereinafter taining public news. 

ilaid down : 

j (1) The printer and the publisher of every such periodical 

Iwork shall appear before the Magistrate within whose local 

jurisdiction such work shall be published, and shall make and 

subscribe, in duplicate, the following declaration : 

"I, , declare that I 

am the printer [or publisher, or printer and publisher] of the 

periodical work entitled and printed 


"[or published, or printed and published, a« the caae may he] a 

And the last blank in this form of declaration shall be filled np^ 
with a true and precise account of the premises where the prin; 
inp; or publication is conducted : 

(2) As often as the place of printing or publication is changei, 
a new declaration shall be necessary : 

(3) As often as the printer or the publisher who shall hav«» 
made such declaration as is aforesaid shall leave British Indi 
a new declaration from a printer or publisher resident within 
the said territories shall be necessary. 

6. Each of the two originals of every declaration so made and 

subscribed as is aforesaid, shall b» 
rai^o"n*'*"""''''" "^ ''''"''" «»thenticated by the signature and 

oflicial seal of the Magistrate before 

whom the said declaration shall have been made. 

One of the said originals shall be deposited among the records 

of the ofllce of the Magistrate, and tli 

other shall be deposited among tij 

records of the High Court of Judicature, or other principal Civil 

Court of original jurisdiction for the place where the said 

declaration shall have been made. 

The officer in charge of each original shall allow any person 

to inspect that original on payment of 
Inspection and supply of ^ ,^^ ^, ^^^ ^^ ^^^„ .^.^, ^^ 

oopies. ' ** 

any person applying for a copy of the 

said declaration, attested by the seal of the Court which has the 

custody of the original, on payment of a fee of two rupees. 

7. In any legal proceeding whatever, as well civil as criminal. 

the production of a copy of such d' 
.?^V:^r/ja1u:^^l^:r <-'^™tion .« is aforesaid, attest- " 

the seal of some Court empo 
by this Act to have the custody of such declarations, shall be 
held (unless the contrary \w proved) to l>e sufficient evidence, 
as against the |)erson whoso namo shall be snbscribod to sach 
declaration, that the said person was printer or publisher, or 


Jjjrinter and publisher (according as the words of the said de- 
jlaration may be) of every portion of every periodical work 
ivhereof the title shall correspond with the title of the periodical 
irork mentioned in the declaration. 

8. Provided always that any person who may have subscribed 
luy such declaration as is aforesaid, 

md who may subsequently cease to be New declaration by per- 

the printer or publisher of the pe- ^"ns who have signed de- 

, . , , claration and subsequently 

riodical work mentioned in such de- ceased to be printers or 

claration, may appear before any Ma- publishers. 

;^istrate, and make and subscribe in 

:luplicate the following declaration :— 

" I,_ , declare that I have 

ceased to be the printer, [or publisher, or printer and publisher] 

of the periodical entitled — . -." 

Each original of the latter declaration shall be authenticated 

by the signature and seal of the Ma- , . . , _.. 

Authentication and nling. 
gistrate, before whom the said latter 

[declaration shall have been made, and one original of the said 
latter declaration shall bo filed along with each original of the 
former declaration. 

The officer in charge of each original of the latter declaration 
shall allow any person applying to 

inspect that original, on payment of a eop°ls.^'''°" ^"'' '"^P'^ °*' 
fee of one rupee, and shall give to any 

person applying for a copy of the said latter declaration, attested 
by the seal of the Court having custody of the original, on pay- 
ment of a fee of two rupees. 

In all trials in which a copy, attested as is aforesaid, of the 

former declaration shall have been ,, . ... 

Huttnig copy m evidence, 
put in evidence, it shall be lawful to 

put in evidence a copy, attested as is aforesaid, of the latter 
declaration, and the former declaration shall not be taken to be 
evidence that the declarant was, at any period subsequent to the 
date of the latter declaration, printer or publisher of the periodi- 
cal work therein mentioned. 

( xiv ) 


8. Printed or lithopraphod copies of the whole of every bo 

■ which shall be printed or lithof^rnplied 

Copies of books printed 
after commencement of Act in British India after this Act shall 
to be delivered gratis to como into force, together witli 11 

maps, prints or other engraviiiL 

longing thereto, finished and coloured in the same manner ; 
best copies of the same, shall, notwithstanding any agn-' 
(if the book be published) between the printer and pubi 
thereof, be delivered by the printer at such place and to - ., 
officer as the Local Government shall, by notification in th^oilicisl 
Gazette, from time to time direct, and free of expense f 
Government, as follows, that is to say : — 

(a) in any case, within one calendar month after the da 

which any such book shall first be delivered out i 
press, one such copy, and, 

(b) if within one calendar year from such day the Local Gov 

ment shall require the printer to deliver other s... h 
copies not exceeding two in number, then within ono 
calendar month after the day on which any siuh 
requisition shall be made by the Local Government on 
the printer, another such copy, or twp other such c<i|,i(>H, 
as the Local Government may direct, 

the copies so delivered being bound, sewed or hi ucnfd i "»:;.- 
ther and upon the best pa)>er on which any copies of the l>nok 
shall be printed or lithographed. 

The publisher or other person employing the printiM .mi.u . .; 
a reasonable time before the expiration of the said month, su|i|>Iy 
him with all maps, prints and engravings finished and colon r<Hl 


aforesaid, which raay be necessary to enable him to comply 
ith the requirements aforesaid. 
Nothing in the former part of this section shall apply to — 
(i) any second or subsequent edition of a book in which edition 
no additions or alterations either in the letter-press or 
in the maps, book prints or other engravings belonging 
to the book have been made, and a copy of the first or 
some preceding edition of which hook has been delivered 
under this Act, or , 

(«)• any periodical work published in conformity with the rules 
laid down in section 5 of this Act. 

10. The officer to whom a copy of a book is delivered under 
le last foregoing section, shall give 

the printer a receipt in writing ed^unTr^'^cSt ''"'"" 

11, The copy delivered pursuant to clause (a) of the first 

aragraph of section 9 of this Act shall 

B disposed of as the Local Government D'sp^sal of copies deliver- 

*^ ed under section 9. 

lall from time to time determine. 

ny copy or copies delivered pursuant to clause (b) of the said 

aragraph shall be transmitted to the British Museum or the 

ecrebary of State for India, op to the British Museum and the- 

lid Secretary of State, as the case may be.. 

( xvi ) 


18. Whoever shall print or publish any book or paper ott 

wise than in conformity with the i ulo 
tra'rtoV'ule^^n^Jectro'n^^"" couUiued in section 3 of this Act .hall. 

on oonviction before a Magistrate, be 
punished by Uno not exceeding five thousand rupees, or by simple 
iuiprisonnent for a term not exceeding two years, or by both. 

13. Whoever shall keep iu his poesessiou any such press m 
aforesaid, without making such a docla- 
Penalty for keeping press ^^^'^Q^^ g^ j^ required by section 4 of 
without making declaration ^ ^ 

required by section 4. this Act, shall, on conviction before 

Magistrate, be punished by fine not 
exceeding Ave thousand rupees, or by simple imprisonment for a 
term not exceeding two years, or by both. 

14< Any person who shall, in making any declaration m I r 

„ . . , the authority of this Act, make a St. It (- 

Puntaliment for making ^ .... ,. , ^. , , 

false sutement. ment which is false, and whicli !io 

either knows or Iwlieves to b<! lahc 
or does not believe to be true, shall, on oonviction before a Magis- 
trate, be punished by tine not exceeding five thousand rupeof, 
and imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years. 

15. Whoever shall print or publish any such periodical wor>< 

u ,. , ... as is hereinbefore described without 

Penalty for printing or 

poblishing periodicals with- conforming to the rules hereinbefore 
out conforming to rule* j^^j^ ^^^^^^ ^^ whoever shall prii r 

publish, or shall cause to be printed or published, any ^- idi 
periodical work, knowing that the said rules have not been 
observed with respect to that work, shall, on conviction bef 
Magistrate, be punished with fine not exceeding five thou 
rupees, or imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years, or 


16. If any printer of any such book as is referred to in section 

of this Act shall neglect to deliver „ ,. f v j r » ,„~ 

* renalty tor not delivering 

>pies of the same pursuant to that books or not supplying 
iction, he shall for every such default P'"'"'^'' '^'"'^ ""^P^- 
irfeit to the Government such sum not exceeding fifty rupees as 
Magistrate having jurisdiction in the place where the book was 
tinted may, on the application of the officer to whom the copies 
lould have been delivered or of any person authorized by that 
BBcer in this behalf, determine to be in the circumstances a 
aasonable penalty for the default, and, in addition to such sum, 
ach further sum as the Magistrate may determine to be the 
alue of the copies which the printer ought to have delivered. 

If any publisher or other person employing any such printer 
liall neglect to supply him, in the manner prescribed in the, 
acond paragraph of section 9 of this Act, with the maps, prints 
p engravings which may be necessary to enable him to comply 
ith the provisions of that section, such publisher or other 
erson shall for every such default forfeit to the Government 
ach sum not exceeding fifty rupees as such a Magistrate as 
foresaid may, on such an application as aforesaid, determine to 
e in the circumstances a reasonable penalty for the default, and, 

addition to such sum, such further sum as the Magistrate may 
etermine to be the value of the maps, prints or engravings which 
uch publisher or other person ought to have supplied. 

17, Any sum forfeited to the Government 'under the last 
jregoing section may be recovered, Recovery of forfeitures 
nder the warrant of the Magistrate and disposal thereof and of 

determining the sum, or of his successor ' '^^^' 

a office, in the manner authorised by the Code of Criminal Pro- 

edure for the time being in force, and within the period prer 

.cribed by the Indian Penal Code, for the levy of a fine. 

I All fines or forfeitures under this Part of this Act shall, when. 

Recovered, be disposed of as the Local Government shall from 

ime to time direct. 

( xviii ) 



18. There shall be kept at such otBce, and by snch oflioop as 

the Local Qovornnient shall »[ 
Registration of memo- . ^. ,,^^ ,^ ^ ,,^,,^ ^^ ,,^, ^,.^ 
randa of books, ' 

Catalogue of Rooks printed in 1 

India, wherein shall be registered a memorandum of ev»»rv 

which shall have been delivered pursuant to clause (u) o{ the 

first paragraph of section 9 of this Act. Such memorandum sliri" 

(so far as may bo practicable) contain the following particula 

(that 18 to «ay) : — 

(1) the title of the book (and the contents of the title page) to be 

copied hero in the original characters, in the case of the 
Vernacular and oriental works : 

(2) the language in which the book is written ; 

(8) the name of the (a) author, (b) editor, (r) translator, (d) com- 
piler of the book or any part thereof : 

(4) the subject : 

(5) the place of printing : 
the place of publication : 

(6) the name or firm of the printer : 
the name or firm of the publisher : 

(7) the date of issue from the press : 
the date of publication : 

(8) the number of sheets, loavrs or pag<'s : 

(9) the size : 

(10) the first, second or othor niimbor of edition : 

<ll) the number of copies of which the edition consists : 

No TB.— Particulars of the last preceding etUtlon, part or nunibrr of the M' 

(a) the name of the preM : 

(b) the year of the issuo : 



12) whether the book is printed or lithographed : 

13) the price at which the book is^old to the public : 

14'j the name and residence of the proprietor of the copyright 
or of an 3' portion of such copyright. 

Such memorandum shall be made and registero.d in the case 
>f each book, as soon as practicable after the delivery of the 
opy thereof, pursuant to clause (o) of the first paragraph of 
lection 9*. 

19. The memoranda registered during each quarter in the said 

catalogue shall be published in the 

, ^ , r ei. Publication of memoranda 

0(';il Giizette as soon as may be after registered. 

Iiu end of such cjuarter, and a copy of 

he memoranda so published shall be sent to the said Secretary of 
State, and to the Secretary to the Government of India in the 
jiome Department, respectively. 

The remaining portion of tiiia paragrapii lias been repealed, vide Item 2, Sctiedule 
the tudiau Copyright Act, 1914 ; -sc; page Ixxx. 

( XX ) 



20. The Local Govemmont shall have power to make sucl 

rules as may be necessarj'or t1< 
Power to make rules. , . * . . , u» i. 

for carrying out the objects • i tin 

Act, and from time to time to repeal, alter and add to such rules. 
All such rules, and all repeals and alterations thereof, .. 
additions thereto, shall ho piiMished 
Publication. j.^^ j^g3. Gazette. 

21. The Governop-Oeneral of India in Council may, 

. . notification in the Gazette of In(' 
Power to exclude any - . , , 

class of books from exclude any class of books from ' 

operation of Act. operation of the whole or any part o 

parts of this Act. 

22. [Continuance of parts of Act.] Rep. Act X of 180«>, 
28. [Commoncement.J Rep. Act XIV of 1870. 

The Newspapers Act, 1908. 

Act VII OF 1908. 

Received the assent of the Governor-General in Council 

ON THE 8th JLNE, 1908. 

An Act for the preventwn of incitements to murder and to other 
offences in Newspapers. 

Whereas it is expedient to make better provision for the 
jrevention of incitements to murder and to otber offences in 
lewspapers ; It is herebj^ enacted as follows : — 

1, (1) This Act may be called the 

Jfewspapers (Incitements to offonces) Short title and extent. 

Act, 1908. 

(2) It extends to the whole of British India. 

2. (I) In this Act, unless there is 

^anything repugnant in the subject or Definitions. 

Context, — 

(a) " Magistrate " means a District Magistrate or Chief Presi- 
dency Magistrate : 
) " newspaper " means any periodical work containing public 
news or comments on public news : 
(c) "printing press" includes all engines, machinery, types, 
lithographic stones, implements, utensils, and other 
plant or materials used for the purpose of printing. 

(2) Save as herein otherwise provided, all words and expres- 
sions in this Act shall have the same meanings as those respect- 
ively assigned to them in the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898. 


3. (1) In cases where, upon application made by order ot or 

under autliority from the Local Govern. 

Power to forfeit printinsr . »« • i ■. • • 

presses in certain casrs. "*^^^' ^ Maff'strate is of opinion - 

newspaper printed and published wiih- 

in the province contains any incitement to murder or to any offonce 

under the Explosive Substances Act, 1908, or to any act of vi. 

lence, such Magistrate maj' make a conditional order declaring 

the printing press used, or intended to Vie used, for the purpose 

of priutinsc or publishins; such newspaper, or fonnd in or upon the 

promises where such newspaper is, or at the time of the print injr 

of the matter complained of was, printed and all copies of saoh 

newspaper, wherever found, to be forfeited to Tlis Majesty, :^nd 

shall in such order state the material facts and call on all persona 

concerned to appear before him at a time and place to be fixed 

by the nrdi'r. in sliow r*:iiisi' wliv tho oril<M' slinnlrl iii^t bo niiflo 


(2) A copy of such order .sli;i!l ho lixcd on some coii8|)itiii>ns 
part of the premises specilled in the declaration made in rrspt'ct 
of such newspaper under election 5 of the Press and Registration 
of Books Act, 1867, or of any other premises in which such news- 
paper is printed, and the afflxing of such copy snail bo dcomod 
to be due service of the said order on all persons concerned. 

(3) In cases of emergency or in cases where the purpci^ ' 
the ^application might bo defeated by delay, the Magistral. 

on or after the making of a conditional order under sub-s. 
(1), make a further order ex parte: for the attachment " 
printing press or other property referred to In the condition:i 

(4) If any person concerned appears and Shows cause against 
the conditional order, the Magistrate shall take evidence, whci hnr 
in support of or in opi)osition to such order, in manner provitled 
in section 856 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1808. 

(5) If the Magistrate is satisfled that the newspaper coi 
tains matter of the nature specified in sub-section (!) ho shal> 
make the conditional order of forfeiture absolute in respect of 




such prffperfcy as he may find to bo within the terms of the said 

(6) If the Magistrate is not so satisfied, he shall set aside the 
conditional order of forfeiture and the order of attachment, if any. 

4. (1) The Magistrate may by warrant empower any Police- 
officer not below the rank of a Sub In- 
spector to seize and detain any property Power to seize. 
ordered to be attached under section 3 

sub section (3) or to seize and carry away any property ordered to 
be forfeited under section 3, sub-section (5) wherever found and 
to enter upon and search for such property in any premises : — 

(a) where the newspaper specified in such warrant is printed 
or published, or 

(b) where any such property may be, or may be reasonably, 
suspected to be, or 

(c) where any copy of such newspaper is kept for sale, 
distribution, publication or public exhibition or 

reasonabi}'- suspected to be so kept. 
(2) Every warrant issued under sub-section (1) so far as it rela- 
tes to a search shall be executed in manner provided for the execu- 
tion of search warrants by the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898. 

5. Any person concerned who has appeared and shown cause 

against a conditional order of forfeiture 

may appeal to the High Court within 

fifteen days from the date when such order is made absolute. 

6. Save as provided in section 5, no order duly made by a 

Magistrate under section 3 shall be r. , . 

,, , . ... ^ , Bar of other proceedings, 

called in question in any Court. 

7. Where an order of forfeiture has been made absolute in 

relation to any newspaper the Local 

^ , " , ..„ .. ... Power to annul decla- 

Uovernment may, by notification in the ration under Press and 

local oQicial Gazette, annul any decla- Kegistration of Books Act, 

•^ 1867. 
ration made by the printer or publisher 

of such newspaper under the Press and Registration of Books Act, 
1867, and may by such notification prohibit any further declaration 




being made or subscribed under the said Act in respect of 
said newspaper, or of any newspaptM- which is the same in 
stance as the said newspaper, until such prohibition be witbdm 

8. Any person who prints or publishes any newspaper s( 

fled in any prohibition notified 
Penalty. "^ 

section 7 during the continnance of 

prohibition shall be liable, on conviction, to the )>enalties pt 

scribed by section 15 of the Press ami llcjfistrnf ion of Hooks A< 


9. All proceedings under this Act bhull be condiu-ted so t^ 
as may be in accordance with the pi 
visions of the Code of Criminal Proc 
dure, 1898. 

10. No proceedings taken under this Act fehall operate 
prevent any person from being pros« 
cuted for any act which constitutes an 
offence under any other law. 

Application of Code of 
Criminal IVocedure, 

Operation of 
not barrel I 

itlier laws 

The Indian Press Act, 1910. 

Act 1 OF 1910. 

Rrckived the Assent of the Governor-General on the 
9th February, 1910. 

An Act to provide for the better control of the Press. 

Whereas it is necessary to provide for the better control of the 
Press : It is hereby enacted as follows : — 

1. (1) This Act may be called the 

'' bhort title. 

Indian Press Act, 1910. 

(2) It extends to the whole of British India inclusive of British 
Balnchistan, the feanthal Parganas and the Pargana of Spiti. 

2. In this Act, unless there is any- 
thing repugnant in the subject or Definitions, 
context, — 

(a) " book " includes every volume, part or division of a 
volume, and pamphlet, in any language and every sheet of music, 
map, chart or plan separately printed or lithographed : 

(b) "document" includes also any painting, drawing or 
photograph or other visible representation : 

(c) " High Court " means the highest Civil Court of Appeal 
for any local area, except in the case of the provinces of Ajraer- 
Merwara and Coorg, where it means the High Court of Judicature 
for the North-Western Provinces and the High Court of Judi- 
cature at Madras respectively : 

(d) " Magistrate " means a District Magistrate or Chief 
Presidency Magistrate : 



(f) "Newspaper" means anj' periodical work contain 
public news or comments on public news : and 

(/) "Printing-press" includes all engines, machinery, types, 
lithographic stones, implements, utensils and other plant or mate- 
rials used for tlio purpose of printing. 

3. vU Every person keepinga printing-press who is refiniitd 

Deposit of security to make a declaration under sect i 1 
by keepers of printmt- of the Fress and Registration of I. s 
P''"''^"'' Act, XXV of 1867, shall, at the tin f 

making the sain^', deposit with the Magistrate before who., 
declaration is made, security to such nn amount, not beinj^ ^ 
than live hundred op more than two thousand rupres, as ; In- 
Magistrate may in each case think ilt to require, in \i. • 
or the equivalent thereof in securities of the (iovernm» 
India : 

Provided that the Magistrate maj', if he thinks fit, for spc ' iil 
reasons to be recorded by him, dispense with the deposit of .. ny 
security, or may from time to time cancel or vary any order un<ier 
this sub-suction. 

(2) Whenever it appears to the Local Government that ;iiiy 
printing-press kept in any place in the territories undor ':'■* 
administration, in respect of which a declaration was made p r 
to the commencement of this Act under section 4 of the I'ross :,nd 
Registration of Books Act, 1807, is used for any of the purpose^ 
described in section 4, sub-section (I), the Local Government 
by notice in writing, require the keeper of such press to depc 
with the Magistrate within whose Jurisdiction the press issituafe 
security to such an amount, not being less than Ave hundr' 
more than Hve thousand rupees, as the Local Oovtrnment ... 
think tit to require, in money or the equivalent thereof in h<iu- 
rities, of the Government of India. 

4* (I) Whenever it appears to the Local Government ihi»t 

any printing-press in respect of wliioh 
Power to declare security .„„ „_„„„;,„ i.„„ i.„„„ a 
forfeited in certain casM. any socunly has been dep 

required by section 8 is U6« 



f, purpose of printing or publislung any newspaper, book or other 
i^ document containing any words, signs or visible representations 
t] which are likely or may have a tendency, directly or indirectly, 
ij whether by inference, suggestion, allusion, metaphor, implication 
( or otherwise — 

(a) to incite to murder or to any offence under the Explosive 
i Substances Act, 1908, or to any act of violence, or 

I (b) to seduce any officer, soldier or sailor in the Army or Navy 
of His ^lajesty from his allegiance or his duty, or 

(o) to bring into hatred or contempt His Majesty or the 
Government established by law in British India or the administra- 
tion of justice in British India or any Native Prince, or Chief 
under the suzerainty of His Majesty, or any class or section of 
His Majesty's subjects in British India, or to excite disaffection 
towards His Majesty or the said Government or any such Prince 
or Chief, or 

(d) to put any person in fear or to cause annoyance to him 
and therel)y induce him to deliver to any person any property or 
valuable security, or to do any act which he is not legally bound 
to do, or to omit to do any act which he is legally entitled to 
do, or 

(e) to encourage or incite any person to interfere with the 
administration of the law or with the maintenance of law and 
order, or 

{/) to convey any threat of injury to a public servant or to 
any person in whom that public servant is believed to be interested, 
with a view to inducing that public servant to do any actor to 
forbear or delay to do any act connected with the exercise of his 
public functions, the Local Government may, by notice in writing 
to the keeper of such printing-press, stating or describing the 
words, signs or visible representations which in its opinion are 
of the nature described above, declare the security deposited 
in respect of such press and all copies of such newspaper, book 
or other document wherever found to be forfeited to His Majesty. 


Explanation I.— In clause (r) the expression "disaffection '• 
includes disloyalty and all feelings of enmity. 

Explamitiou //.— Comments expressing disapproval of the 
measures of the Government or of any sucii Native Prince or Clii.'f 
as aforesaid witii a view to obtain their alteration by lawful ni<\iiis, 
or of the administrative or other action of the Government or 
of any such native Prince or Chief or of the admiuistnition of 
justice in British India without exciting or attempting to excite 
hatred, contempt or disaffectioji, do not come within the scope of 
clause (c). 

(2) After the expiry of ton days from the date of issue of 
a notice under sub-section (1), the declaration made in resp.Mt 
of such press under section 4 of the Press and Roiristmi l.n f 
Books Act, 1867, shall be deemed to be annulled. 

5. Where the security given in respect of any press has been 

declared forfeited under section 4, 
curiry.°*" °^ ^"'"^''*"' '*^* «^«'y P^'^on making a fresh declarn- 

tion in respect of such press m i' 
section 4 of the Press and Registration of Books Act, 1807. 
deposit with the Magistrate !)cfore wliom such declaration i^ 
made security to such amount, not being less than one thousand 
or more than ten thousand rupees, as the Magistrate may think 
lit to require in money or the equivalent thereof in securities ol 
the Government of India. 

6. It' after such further security has been de|>osited th< 

printing-press is again used for th' 

Power to declare further purpose of i)rinting or publishing an> 
security, priiitini;-pressand . , xl > 

publication forfeited. newspaper, book or other documen 

containing any words, signs or vi-i''!- 

representations which in the opinion of the Local Govern 

«re of the nature described in section 4, sub-section (1). 

Local Government may, by notice in writing to the keej' 

such printing-press, stating or describing such words, signs or 

visible representations, declare — 

(a) the further security so deposited. 


(li) the pvinting-press used for the purpose of printing or 
publishing such newspaper, booli or other document or found 
in or upon the premises where such newspaper, book or other 
document is, or at the time of printing the matter complained 
of was, printed, and 

(c) all copies of such newspaper, book or other document 
wherever found, 

to be forfeited to His Majesty, 

7. (I.) Where any printing-press is or any copies of anj^ 

newspaper, book or other document arc 

* Issue of search-warrant, 

declared forfeited to His Majesty under 

this Act, the Local Government may direct any Magistrate to 

issue a warrant empowering any police-officer not below the 

rank of a Sub-Inspector, to seize and detain any property ordered 

to be forfeited and to enter upon and search for such property in 

any premises — 

(i) where any such property may be or may be reasonably 
suspected to be, or 

(ii) where any copy of such newspaper, book or. other docu- 
ment is kept for sale, distribution, publication or public exhibition 
or reasonably suspected to be so kept. 

(2) Every warrant issued under this section shall, so far as 
relates to a search, be executed in manner provided for the 
execution of search-warrants under the Code of Criminal Pro- 
cedure, 1898. 

8. (1) Every publisher of a newspaper who is required to 
make a declaration under section 5 of 

the Press and Registration of Books p,?^',^ ofl.ews^^pe'r. '^ 
Act, 1867, shall, at the time of making 

the same, deposit with the Magistrate before whom the declaration 
is made security to such an amount, not being less than fivfr 
liundred or more than two thousand rupees, as the Magistrate 
may in each case think fit to require in money or the equivalent 
thereof in securities of the Government of India : 


Provided that if the person registered under the said Act 
as printer of the newspaper is also registered as the keeper or 
the press where tho newspaper is printed, the publisher shrill 
not be required to deposit security so long as such repristnr 1 >ii 
is in force : 

Provided further that the Mngistrate may, if he thinks flt. 
for special reasons to be recorded by him, dispense with th« 
deposit of any security or may, frfun time to time, ean<-el or vnr> 
any order under this sub-section. 

(2) Whenever it appears to the Lueal (iovenimoni tii:ii ;iii_\ 
newspaper published within it,s territories, in respect of which 
a declaration was made by the publisher thereof prior to th- 
commencement of this Act under section 5 of tho Press an<; 
Registration of Books Act, 18(57, contains any words, signs or 
visible representations of the nature described in section 4, sub- 
section (I), tlie Local Government may, by notice in w^itin^^ 
require tho publisher to deposit with tho Magistrate, within 
whose jurisdiction tho newspaper is published, security to sucl 
an amount, not being less than live hundred or more than flv< 
thousand rupees, as the Local Governinent may think lit t 
require in money or the equivalent thereof in securities of tht 
Government of India. 

9, (I) If any newspaper in respect of which any security 

has IxM^n deposited as required b> 

Power to declare secu- section 8 contains any wordw, signs 
rity forfeited in certain . ut u • ^i. 

^^pg or visible rt'presentations which in thi 

opinion of the Local (Jovernnient ar> 

of the nature described in section 4, sub-section (1), the Local 

Oovernmcnt may, by notice in writing to the publisher of sucl" 

newspaper, stating or describing such words, signs or visibh 

representations, declare such security and all copies of such 

newspaper, wherever found, to bo forfeited to His Majesty. 

(2) After the expiry often days from tho date of the issm 

of a notice under sub-section (I), the declaration mado by i 

publisher of such newspaper under section 5 of the 1: 


and Registration of Books Act, 1867, shall be deemed to be 


I 10. Where the security given in respect of any newspaper is 

ideclared forfeited, any person making ^ • r r .u 

S ' •' ^ " Deposit of further security. 

a fresh declaration under section 5 of 

the Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867, as publisher of 

,such newspaper, or any other newspaper which is the same in 

ijsubstance as the said newspaper, shall deposit with the Magistrate 

before whom the declaration is made security to such amount, 

not being less than one thousand or more than ten thousand 

rupees, as the Magistrate may think fit to require, in money 

or the equivalent thereof in securities of the Government of 


11. If after such further security has been deposited the 
newspaper again contains any words, Power to declare further 
signs or visible representations which security and newspaper 
in the opinion of the Local Government or ei e . 

are of the nature described in section 4, sub-section (1), the Local 
Government may, by notice in writing to the publisher of such 
newspaper, stating or describing such words, signs or visible 
representations declare — 

(a) the further security so deposited and 
(h) all copies of such newspaper wherever found, 
to be forfeited to Ilis Majesty. 

12. (I) Where any newspaper, book or other document 

wherever printed appears to the Local „ , , 

Power to declare certam 
Government to contain any words, signs publications forfeited and 

or visible representations of the nature '» "^^"e search-warrants 
'^ for same. 

i described in section 4, sub-section (1), 

I the Local Government may, by notification in the local oflicial 
Gazette, stating the grounds of its opinion, declare such news- 

j paper, book or other document to be forfeited to His Majostj', 
and thereupon any police-officer may seize the same wherever 

I foujid, and any Magistrate may by warrant authorise any police- 
officer not below the rank of Sub-Inspector to enter upon and 


search for the same in any premises where the newspaper, t 
or other document may l>e or may be reasonably suspect 
to be. 

(2) Every warrant issued under this section shall, so fai 
relates to a search, be executed in manner provided for the ex€ 
tion of search-warrants under the Code of Criminal Pfocedii 

13» The chief Cli.-MiMii>-v'iiii-<-|- or wlm-r *>iiii-«.:t .JUi<n«rirn-u 

^ J . , the Local Government in this bebjj 

Power to detam packages 
containing certain pnUica- "laj" detain any paekajre br- 
tions when imp-rted into whether by land or soa, into I; 
British India. u- u u 

india which he suspects to oontan 

newspapers, bnoiis or other documents of the nature descril«u m 
section 4, sub-section (I), and shall forthwith forward copies i>f any 
newspapers, books or other documents found therein to such otlicer 
as the Local Government may appoint in this behalf to be <il^, ,i-,f<l 
of in such manner as the Local Government may direct . 

14. No newspaper printed and published in British India 

_, , , . , shall bo transmitted by post, unless th'' 

Prohibition of transmis- 
sion by post of certain printer and publisher have made 
newspaper. declaration under section 5 of the Press 

and Registration of Books Act, 18(57, and the publisher has 
deposited security when so required under this Act. 

15, Any oflicer in charge of a post-office or authoris- 

the Postmaster-General in this i" 

Power to detain articles detain any article other than ; 

bemg transmitted by post. *' 

letter, or parcel in course of transtni.s- 

sion by post which he suspects to contain - 

(a) any newspaper, book or other document containing v 
signs or visible repre.sei>t-,i;.ms of the natiir«» described in s. 
4, sub-section (I ), or 

(b) any newspaper in respect ot which the declaration requii 
by section 5 of the Press and Ilegistration of Books Act, It 
has not been made, or the security required by this Act, has i 
been deposited by the publisher thereof. 


lud sliall delivei- all .such articles to sach oflicer as the Local 
Gov^eriiiuent may appoint in this behalf to be disposed of in such 
roanner as the Local Government may direct. 

16. (I) The printer of any newspaper in British India shall 

deliver at such place and to such officer 

, , ^ , _ , , Coiies of newspapers 

as the Local Government may, by printed in British India to 

notification in the local official Gazette, be delivered gratis to 

direct, and free of expense to the Gov- 
ernment, two copies of each issue of such newspaper as soon as 
it is published. 

(2) If any printer of any such newspaper neglects to deliver 
copies of the same in compliance with sub-section (I) he shall, on 
the complaint of the officer, to whom the copies should have been 
delivered or of any person authorised by that officer in this behalf, 
bo punishable on conviction by a Magistrate having jurisdiction 
in the place where the newspaper was printed with fine which 
may extend to fifty rupees for every default. 

17. Any person having an interest in respect of which an 
order of forfeiture has been made under Application to High Court 
section 4,6, 9, 11 or 12 may, within to set aside order of for- 

fs 1 1 u rG 
two months from the date of such 

order, apply to the High Court to set aside such order on the 
ground that the newspaper, book or other document in respect of 
■which the order was made did not contain any words, signs or 
visible representations of the nature described in section 4, sub- 
section (1). 

18. Every such application shall be heard and determined by 

a Special Bench of the High Court 

„,, ^ - , Hearingby Special Bench, 

composed of three Judges, or, where 

the High Court consists of less than three Judges, of all the Judges. 

19. (1) If it appears to the Special Bench that the words, 
signs or visible representations con- 

tained in the newspaper, book or other ,^^^J, Sfdtte""' 
document in respect of which the order 

in question was made werenotof the nature described in section, 4 


sab-section (I) the Special Bench stiall set aside the order 

(2) Where there is a difference of opinion among the Judge 
forming the Special Bench, the decision shall be in accordanc 
with the opinion of the majority (if any) of those Judges. 

(3) Where there is no such inajoritj' which concurs in sotlini 
aside the order in question, such order shall stand. 

20. On the hearing of any such application with referonc< 
tvidcnce to prove nature a»y newspa|>or, any copy of su.-h ncv 

or tendency of newspapers. paper publiKhed after the common 
ment ot this Act may be given in evidence in aid of the prool 
the nature of tendency of the words, signs or visible representa 
tions contained in such newspaper which are alleged to he of tbt 
nature described in section 4, sub-section (\). 

21. Kvery High Ck)urt shall, as soon as conveniently may Im 

. ... . ^ frame rules to regulate the procfdi; 

Procedure in High Com t. 

in the case of such applications, t 

amount of the costs thereof and the execution of orders pass 

thereon and, until such rules are framed, the practice of sn 

Court in proceedings other than salts and appeals shall apply. 

far as may l)e jiracticablo to such applications. 

22. Kvery (l<>ilarjition of forfeiture purporting to l)e m.nd" 

.... under this Act shall, as against : 

Jurisdiction barri' 

I)er8ons. be conclnsive evidence <l: 

the forfeiture therein referred to has taken i»lace, and no pi 
ceeding pnrixjrting to l)o taken under this Act shall l>e called in 
question by any Court, except the High Ckiurt, on such applica- 
tion as aforesaid, and no civil or criminal proceeding, except as 
provided by this Act, shall Ik? instituted against any i 
for anythinp: done or in goo<l faith intendc<l to lie done niub 

23. (1) Whoever keeps in his possession a press f- 

,,,.., printing of t>ook8 or papers vi 

Fenally lor keeptog press i » i r 

or jinblisliiiiK iiewspapor making a deposit luider section .'I, or 
without making deposit. gm^tion 5, when roquireil ■ ♦> ■'-> 


shall, on conviction by a Alagistrate, be liable to the penalty to 
which he would be liable if he had failed to make the declaration 
orescribed by section 4 of the Press and Registration of Books, 
\ct, 1867. 

(2) Whoever jjublishes any newspaper without making a 
deposit under section 8 or section 10, when required so to do, or 
publishes such newspaper knowing that such security has not 
been deposited, shall, on conviction by a Magistrate, be liable to 
the penalty to which he would be liable if he had failed to make 
the declaration prescribed by section 5 of the Press and Regis- 
tration of Books Act, 1867. 

24. Where any person Jias deposited any security under this 
Act and ceases to keep the press in 

respect of which such security was nfylnTei^afn^t? "*^"- 
deposited, or being a publisher, makes 

a declaration under section 8 of tlie Press and Registration 
of Books Act, 1867, he may apply to the Magistrate within 
whose jurisdiction such press is situate for the return of 
the said security ; and thereupon such security shall, upon 
proof to the satisfaction of the Magistrate and subject to 
the provisions hereinbefore contained, be returned to such 

25. Every notice under this Act shall be sent to a Magis- 
trate, who shall cause it to be served . 

' Service of notices. 

in the manner provided for the service 

of summonses under the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898. 

26. Nothing herein contained shall be deemed to prevent 
my person from lieing prosecuted Operation of other laws 
under any other law for any act or "«' '^^'■•■^'^• 

omission which constitutes an offence against this Act. 

The Indian Copyrig-ht Aet, 1914. 

Act TTI of 1914. 

Ail Act to modify and add to the provisions of the Copyright 
Act, 1011. 

Whereas it is expedient to modify and add to the provisions 
of the Copyright Act, 1911, in its application to British India ; 
It is hereby enacted as follows : — 



1. (I) This Act may be called „, ^ ^.^, . ^ ^ 
^ ' "^ Short title and extent. 

the Indian Copyright Act, 1914. 

(2) It extends to the whole of British India including British 
Baluchistan, the District of Angnl and the Sonthal Parganas. 

2. In this Act, unless there is 

anything repugnant in the subject or 

context, — 

(1) '' the Copyright Act " means the Act of Parliament 

entitled the Copyright Act, 1911 : and 

(2) Avords and expressions defined in the Copyright Act have 

the same meanings as in that Act. 

♦For the arrangement of sections spe the contents, page v. 

( xxxviii ) 


Construction and Modification of the Copyright Ati 

3. In the application to British India of the Copyright Act 

(a copy of which Act, except such of 

A.^'",'!!' Rr-?P 1°^ ^7^'" ^^u the provisions thereof as are express! v 
Act to Uritiijli India with ' 

adaptations. restricted to the United Kingdom, i 

set out in the First Schedule). ", 

following modifications shall be made, namely : — 

(1) the powers of the Board of Trade under section 3 shall, iu 

the case of works first published in British India, I" 
exercised by the Governor-General in Council ; 

(2) the powers of the Board of Trade under section 19 shal 

as regards records, perforated rolls and other c> 
vances, the original plate of which was made in li. 
India, be exercised by the Governor-General in Council 
and the confirmation of Parliament shall not be necessar 
to the exercise of any of those powers ; 

(S) the references in section 19, sub-section (4), and i 
section 24, sob-section (1), to arbitration shall be reS' 
as references to arbitration in accordance with the la < 
for the time l)eing in force in that part of British Indi 
in which the dispute occurs ; 

(4) as regards works, the anthers whereof were at the tioi 
of the making of the works resident in British India, and 
as regards works first published in British India, thi> 
reference in seotion 22 to the Patents and Designs Ac 
1907, shall lie construed as a reference to the Indiau 
Patents and Designs Act, 1911, and the reference in the 
said section to section 88 of the Patents and Designs 
Act, 1907, shall be construed as a reference to soetimi 77 
of the Indian Pat^ntH and Designs Act, 1911 ; 


(5) as regards works first published in Britisli India, the 
reference in section 24, sub-section (1), proviso (u), to 
the London Gazette and two London newspapers shall 
be construed as reference to the Gazette of India and 
two newspapers published in British India ; and the 
reference in proviso (b) of the same sub-section of the 
same section to the 26th day of July, 1910, shall, as 
regards works the authors whereof were at the time 
of the making of the works resident in British India, 
and as regards works first published in British India, 
be construed as a reference to the 30th day of October, 

4. (I) In the ease of works first published in British India, 

copyright shall be subject to this lirai- 

,. ^. XI i. i.u 1 • 1,1. i. 1 ^ Modification of Copyright 

tation that the sole right to produce, ^^ regards translation of 

reproduce, perform or publish a trans- works first published in 
... » ,. , . ,. , . i , British India. 

lation of the work shall subsist only 

for a period of ten j^ears from the date of the first publication of 

the work : 

Provided that if within the said period the author, or any 
person to whom he has granted permission so to do, publishes a 
translation of any such work in any language, copyright in such 
work as regards the sole right to produce, reproduce, perform or 
publish a translation in that language, shall not be subject to the 
limitation prescribed in this sub-section. 

(2) For the purposes of sub-section (1) the expression " author " 
includes the legal representative of a deceased author. 

5. In the application ^of the Copyright Act to musical works, 

the authors whereof were at the time 

of the making of the works resident in Musical works made by 

resident of, or first pub- 
British India, or to musical works first lished in, British India. 

published in British India, the term 

"musical" shall, save as otherwise expressly provided by the 

Copyright Act, mean " any combination of melody and harmony, 

or either of them, which has been reduced to writing." 


6. (1) Copies made out of British India of any work in v. hich 

, , »• f . copyriglit subsists vbicli, if mail in 

Importation ot copies. 

British India, would infringo eop\ 

and as to which the owner of tlio copyright gives notice in \\ 

by himself or his agent to the Chief Customs oflicer, ns li 

in the Sea Customs Act, 1878, that he is desirous that such 

shonld not be imported into British India, shall not be so ini| 

and shall, subject to the provisions of this section, be deen 

be prohibited imports within the meaning of section 18 of tl:c Sea 

Cnstoms Act, 1878. 

(2) Before detaining any.snch copies, or taking any fiirtli' 
proceedings with a view to the confiscation thiTCof. such Chi 
Customs oflllcer, or any other officer appointed by the Lo< 
Government in this behalf, may require the regulations under 
this section, whether as to information, security, conditions or 
other matters, to l)e complied with, and may satisfy himself, 
in accordance with these regulations, that the copies are such 
as are prohibited by this .section to l)e imported. 

(8) The Governor-General in Council may, by notiflcatior 
in the Gazette of India, make regulations, either general 
special, respecting the detention and confiscation of copies ti 
importation of which is prohibited by this section, and tbc 
conditions, if any, to be fulfilled before such deteintion an' 
flscation ; and maj', by such regulations, determine then 
tion, notices and security t<^) be given, and the evidence r< 
for any ofithe purposi's; of i lii« «ci-(imi, iml t lu> inn<li> of \ 
tion of such evidence. 

(4) Such regulatious may apply to copies of all works i 
importation of copies of which is prohibited by this section, . 
different regulations may be made respecting different classes ol 
such works. 

(5) The regulations may provide for the informant rc-imbursinf 
the Secretary of State for India in Council all expenses and 
damages incurred in respect of any detention made on his in- 
formation, and of any proceedings consequent on such detention 


and may provide tliat notices given under the Copyright Act to 

the Commissioners of Customs and Excise of the United Kingdom, 

iand communicated by that authority to any authority in British 

Sj India, shall be deemed to have been given by the owner to the 

said Chief Customs officer. 

(6) This section shall have effect as the necessary modification 
of section 14 of the Copyright Act. 

( xlii ) 



Offences in respect of n ■>» i • i 

infringing copies. ^' ^' »»>' Pt'^son kuowingly- 

(n) uiakes for sale or hire any infringing copy of a work in 
which copyright subsists ; or 

(h) sells or lets for hire, or by way of trade exposes or offer 
for sale or hire, any infringing copy of any such work ; < 

(c) distributes infringing copies of any such work, either f«' 

the purposes of trade or to such an extent as to affeci 
prejudicially the owner of tho copyright ; or 

(d) by way of trade exhibits in public any infringing copy < 

any such work ; or 

[c] imports for sale or liire into Hritish India am iiifriinfinu 
copy of any such work : 
ho shall bo punishable with fine wliich M)ay extend to twenty riiint-s 
for every copy dealt with in contravention of this section, but not 
excee<ling five hundred rupees in respect of th« same transactioi 

8* If any person knowingly makes, or has in his possession, 

u ■ r 1 r f»"y plate for the purpose of makincr 

rosse.ssKin of plates for _ r r r> 

purpose of making infring- infringing copies of any work in whic 
ing copies. copyright subsists, or knowingly ana 

for his private profit causes any such work to be performed in 
public without tho consent of the owner of the copyright, ho 
shall be punishable with fine which may extend to fivn Imndrod 

9. If any person, after having been previously convicted of 
an offence punishable under section 7 

convicS^*"' **" *^"*°'' *>•• »««*'on 8' '« subsequently convicted 

of an offence punishable under cither 

of these sections, he shall be punishable with simple imprisonment 



(which may extend to one Qiouth, or with fine whicii may extend 

to one thousand rupees, or with both. 

10. (1) The Court before which any offence under this 

Chapter is tried may, whether the 

,, 1 «. , . . , , Power of Court to dispose 

alleged offender is convicted or nof» of infringing copies or 

order that all copies of the work or plates for purpose of mak- 

,1 1 i^ . ji . „ .. ing infringing copies. 
all plates m the possession of the 

alleged offender, which appear to it to be infringing copies, or 

plates for the purpose of making infringing copies, be destroj'ed 

or delivered up to the owner of the copyright or otherwise dealt 

vrith, as the Court may think fit. 

(2.) Any person affected by an order under sub-section (I) maj> 
within thirty days of the date of such order, appeal to the Courts 
to which appeals from the Court making the order ordinarily lie ; 
and such appellate Court may direct that execution of the order' 
be stayed, pending consideration of the appeal. 

11. No Court inferior to that pf a Presidency Magistrate or 

a Magistrate of the first class shall ^ , „ 

Cognizance ofotiences. 
try any offence against this Act. 

12. The provisions of this Chapter shall not apply to any 
case to which section 9 of the Copy- 
right Act, regarding the restrictions Saving iu case of in- 

,. . ,, . . . fringement by ccnstructioi* 

on remedies in the case of a work of of building. 

architecture, applies. 

( xiiv ) 



13. Every suit or other civil proceeding regarding iufriii^i- 

ment of copyright shall l)o iustitni'd 
Courts having civil juris- ,,.,.*. „. . ^ 

diction resardiog infringe- ^nd tried in the Hish Court or tho 
ment of copyright Court of the District Judge. 

14. No suit or other civil proceeding instituted after tho 

:?nth of October. 1912. regarding 
undS ActxX o7?;r""" fringement of copyright in anv 

the author whereof was at the ' • 
of making tlie book resident in British India, or of any booK 
published in British India, shall be dismissed by reason 
that the registration of such book had not been effected in 
accordance with the provisions of tho Indian Copyright Act. 1><J" 

15. The enactments mentioned in the Second Schedul 

hereby repealed to the extent spcH-ifled 
Kfpeals. . ' , , , 

in the fniirtti I'Mliimn fhi'i'i>nf. 

( xlv ) 


[Portions ov the Copyright Act applicable to British India.*J 


{Beincj 1 and 2, George V, Chapter 46.) 

Ah Act to Ame)id and Consolidate the Lfno Relating to Copyright. 

[16th December, 1911.] 

Be it enacted by the King's Most Excellent Majesty, by and 

with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, 

and commons in this present Parliament assembled, and by the 

authority of the same, as follows : — 


Imperial Copyright. 


1. (I) Subject to the provisions of this Act, copyright shall 

subsist throughout the parts of IJis ^. . , 

Copyright. • 
Majesty's dominions to which this Act 

extends for the term hereinafter mentioned in every original' 

literai-y, dramatic, musical and artistic work, if — 

(a) in the case of a published work, the Avork was first pub- 

lished within such parts of His Majesty's dominions as 
aforeisaid ; and 

(b) in the case of an unpublished work, the author was at the 

date of the making of the v/ork a British subject or 

resident within such parts of His Majesty's dominions as 

aforesaid ; 

but in no other works, except so far as the protection con- 

ferred by this Act is extended by Orders in Council thereunder 

relating to self-governing dominions to which this Act does not 

pvtend and to foreign countries. 

i' See § .1, Indian Copyright Act, W14, page xxxviii. 
t For Arrangenent of sections see the contents, page v. 


(2) For the purposes of this Act, " copyright " meaus the siX- 
right to produce or reproduce the work or any substantial pa 
thereof iu any material form whatsoever, to perform, or in t! 
case of a lecture to deliver, the work or any substantial part thor 
of in public ; if the work is unpublished, to publish the work 
any substantial part thereof ; and shall include the sole i-.''" 

(u) to produce, reproduce, perform, o» publisli any tran- 
of the work : 

({)) in the case of a dramatic work, to convert it Into a ii,»voI 
or other non-dramatic work ; 

(c) in the case of novel or other non-tlramatic work, or oi an 

artistic work, to convert it into a dramatic work, by wav 
of performance in public or otherwise ; 

(d) in the case of a literary, dramatic, or musical work, t 

make any record, perforated roll, cinematograph flln 
or other contrivance by means of which t)ie work m.T 
be mechanically performed or delivered ; 
and to authorise any snoh acts as aforesaid. 

(8) Kor the purposes of this Act, pnblicati<.tr, m rci;iii,.i) i, 
-work, uieains the issue of copies of the work to the public, an'l 
not include the performance in public of a dramatic or niu-^ 1 
work, the delivery in public ofaIectur<\ the exhibit in )mi lie 
of an artistic work, or the construction of an architectural w i k 
of art, but, for the purposes of this provision, the issue of |.li..!,> 
graphs and engravings of works of sculpture and architectuctl 
works of art shall not l)e deem«»d to the publication of such wor 
2. (O Copyright in a work shall be deemed to be infrin 
by any |)erson who, without the conf 
^^^ntnnK.,nent of copy- ^^ „,^ ^^.,^,,^ ^^ ^j^^ copyright, d 

anything the solo right to do which 
by this Act conferred on the owner of the copyright: Provi 
( liat the following acts shall not constitute an infringement 
•copyright : — 

(I) Any fair dealing with any work for the purposes of priT 
study, research, criticism, review, or newspaper sum 


(ii) Where the author of an artistic work is not the owner of 
the copyright therein, the use by the author of any 
mould, caste, sketch, plan, model, or study made by him 
for the purpose of the work, provided that he does 
not thereby repeat or imitate the main design of that 
work : 

(iii) The making or publishing of paintings, drawings, engrav- 
ings, or photographs of a work of sculpture or artistic 
craftsmanship, if permanently situate in a public place 
or building, or the making or publishing of paintings, 
drawings, engravings or photographs (which are not in 
the nnture of architectural drawings or plans) of any 
architectural work of art : 

(iv) The publication in a collection, mainly composed of non- 
copyright matter, hoiuf fide intended for the use of 
schools, and so described in the title and in any ad- 
vertisements issued by the publisher, of short pas- 
sages from published literary works not themselves 
published for the use of schools in which copyright sub- 
sists : Provided that not more than two of such passages 
from works by the same author are published by the same 
publisher within five years, and that the source from 
which such passages are taken is acknowledged : 

(v) Tlie publication in a newspaper ofj'a report of a lecture 
delivered in public, unless the report is prohibited by 
conspicuous written or printed notice affixed before and 
maintained during the lecture at or about the main en- 
trance of the building in which |thc lecture is given, and, 
except whilst the building is being uesd for public 
worship, in a position near the lecturer ; but nothing in 
this paragraph shall affect the provisions in paragraph 
(i) as to newspaper summaries : 

(vi) The reading or recitation in public by one person of any 
reasonable extract from any ]mblished work. 


(2) Copyright in a work shall also be deemed to be infrii)>;i 
any person who — 

(a) sells or lets for hire, or by way or trade exposes or 

for sale or hire ; or 
(6) distribntes, either for the purposes ol trade tu- lo m 
extent as to affect prejiidiciallj' the owner of the 
right ; or 
Jc) by way of trade exhibits in public ; or 
(d) imports for sale or hire into any part of His Maj 

dominions to which this Act extends, 
any work which tu liis knowledge infringes copyright or would 
infringe copyright if it had been made within the part of H 
Majesty's dominions in or into which the sale or hiring, expos»ii' 
offering for sale or hire, distribution, exhibition, or importatii 
took place. 

(3) Copyriyui 111 ii \sori> sliali ;ilso In- diTim-il to do iiiiriii<;e(i 
by any pvrson who for his private profit permits a theatre or 
other place of entertainment to bo used for the performance i 
public of the work without the consent of the owi\,er of the cop\ 
right, unless he Avas not aware, and bad no reasonable ground f< 
suspect inj:, that the performance would be an infrigement > 

8. The term for which copyright shall subsist shall, except . 
otherwise expressly provided by this 
lerm of copyright. Act, be the life of the author and ii 

period of fifty years after his deal li 
Provided that au ,iii^\ time after the expiration of twonf 
years, or in the case of a work in which copyright subsists 
passing of this Act thirty j'ears, from the death of the author of a 
published work, copyright in the work shall not be deemed to be 
infringed by the reproduotion of the work for sale if the person 
reproducing the work proves that ho has given the prescril>ed 
notice in writing of his intention to reproduce the work, and that 
he has paid in the prescribed manner to, or for the l^encflt, of th©^ 
owner of t In* eoii\ ri'lif rovaU i''« in r<'v|><>,.f of all copies of th*^ 


work sold by him calculated at the rate of ten per cent on the 
price at which he publishes the work ; and for the purposes of this 
proviso, the Board of Trade* may make regulations prescribing 
the mode in which notices are to be given, and the particulars to 
be given in such notices, and the mode, time, and frequency of the 
payment of royalties, including, (if they think fit) regulations 
requiring payment in advance or otherwise securing the payment 
of royalties. 

4. If, any time after the death of the author of a literary, 

dramatic, or musical work which has 

, ,. . , „ , . 1 ,. Compulsory licences, 

een published or performed in public, 

fi complaint is made to the Judicial Committee of the Privy 
Council that the owner of the copyright in the work has 
refused to republish or to allow the republication of the work or 
has refused to allow the performance in public of the work, and 
that by reason of such refusal the work is withheld from the 
public, the owner of the copyright may be ordered to grant a 
licence to reproduce the work or perform the work in public, as 
phe case may be, on such terms and subject to such conditions as 
the Judicial Committee may think fit. 

I 5. (1) Subject to the provisions of this Act, the author of a 

work shall be the first owner of the „ , . , 

Ownership of copyright, 
copyright therein : etc. 

Provided that— 

(o) where, in the case of an engraving, photograph, or portrait 
the plate or other original was ordered by some other 
person and was made for valuable consideration in pur- 
suance of that order, then, in the absence of any agree- 
ment to the contrary, the person by whom such plate or 
other original was ordered shall be the first owner of 
the copyright ; 

<b) where the author was in the employment of some other 
person under a contract of service or apprenticeship and 

* See § 3 (l)of Indian Copyright Act, 1914 page xxxviii. 


the work was made in the course of his employ mont by 
that person, the person by whom the author was employ- 
ed shall, in the absence of any agreement to th 

trary, be the first owner of the copyright, but win 
work is an article or other contribution to a new- 
magazine, or similar periodical, there shall, 
absence of any agreement to the contrary, be deemed 
be reserved to the author a right to restrain the pnl 
cation of the work otherwise than as part of a nc\ 
paper, magazine, or similar periodical. 
(2) The owner of the copyright in any work may assign tli< 
right, either wholly or partially, and either generally or subj- 
to limitations, to the United Kingdom or any self-governing dot 
nion or other part of His Majesty's dominions (o which this .' 
extends, and either for the whole term of the eopyrtglit or 
any part thereof, and may grant any interest in the right ; . 
licence, but no such assignment or grant shall be valid unless i 
is in writing signed by the owner of the right in respect of wlr 
the assignment of grant is made or by his duly authorised agci 

Provided that, where the author of a work is the first owne 
of the copyright therein, no assignment of the copyright, and d 
grant of any interest therein, made by him (otherwise than b; 
will 1 after the passing of this Act, shall be operative to vest in ' 
assignee or grantee any rights with respect to the copyright 
the work bej-ond the expiration of twenty-five years from th 
death of the author, and the reversionary interest in the coi 
right expectant on the termination of that period shall, on 
death of the author, notwithstanding any agreement to the ( 
trary, devolve on his legal personal rei»resentative8 as part of i . 
estate, and any agreement entered into by him as to the dispos 
tion of snoh reversionary interest shall be null and void, ' 
nothing in this proviso shall be construed as applying to 
assignment of the copyright in a collective work or a licence i 
publish a work or part of a work as part of a collective work. 

(8) Where, under any partial assignment of copyright, tli 
assignee becomes entitled to any right comprised in copyrigl 


bhe assignee, as respects the right so assigned, and the assignor 
as respects the rights not assigned, shall be treated for the pur- 
poses of this Act as the owner of the copyright, and the provi- 
sions of this Act shall have effect accordingly. 
Civil Remedies, 

6. (1) Where copyright in any work has been infringed, the 

owner of the copj-right shall, except 

, , . • 1 1 1 j^i . 1 j^ 1 Civil remedies for in- 

as otherwise provided by this Act, be fringement of copyright. 

entitled to all such remedies by way 

of injunction or interdict, damages, accounts, and otherwise, as 

are or may be conferred by law for the infringement of a right. 

(2) The costs of all parties in any proceedings in respect of 
bhe infringement of copyright shall be in the absolute discre- 
tion of the Court. 

(3) In any action for infringement of copyright in any work, 
the work shall be presumed to be a work in which copyright sub- 
sists and the plaintiff shall be presumed to be the owner of the 
copyright, unless the defendant puts in issue the existence of the 
copyright, or as tha case may be, the title of the plaintiff, and 
where any such question is in issue, then — 

(o) if a name purporting to be that of the author of the work 
is printed or otherwise indicated thereon in the usual 
manner, the person whose name is so printed or indicated 
shall, unless the contrary is proved, be presumed to be 
the author of the work ; 

(b) if no name is so printed or indicated, or if the name so 
printed or indicated is not the author's true name or 
the name by which he is commonly known, and a name 
purporting to be that of the publisher or proprietor of 
the work is printed or otherwise indicated thereon in 
the usual manner, the person whose name is so printed 
or indicated shall, unless the contrary is proved, be 
presumed to be the owner of the copyright in the work, 
for the purposes of proceedings in respect of the in- 
fringement of copyright therein. 



7. All infringing copies of any work in which copyright sub 

„. . , . , sists, or of any substantial part thereof 

Rights of owner against 
persniis possessing or and all plates used or intended to ' 
dealing with infringing ug^^i f^^ ^^^^ production of such 
copies, etc. 

fringing copies, shall l)e deemed to l>< 

the property of the owner of the copyright, who accordingly lua^ 
take proceedings for the recovery of the possession thereof oi 
in respect of the conversion thereof. 

8. Where proceedings are taken in respect of the infringemcni 
Exemption of innocent of the copyright in any work, and i 

infringer from liability to defendant in his defence alleges th.., 
pay datnages, etc. ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ aware of the existence o 

the copyright in the work, the plaintiff shall not be entiii ' 
any remedy other than an injunction or interdict in re^| 
the infringement, if the defendant proves that at the date of th< 
infringement he was not aware and had not reasonable grouni 
for suspecting that copyright subsisted in the work. 

9. (1) Where the construction of a building or other stt 

which infringes or which, if t'om; 

Restriction on remedies j^ infringe the copyright in sonii 

in the case of architecture. ** i ^ ti 

other work has been commenced, f 

owner of the copyright shall not be entitled to obtain an injui 

tion or interdict to restrain the construction of such building Oi 

structure or to order its demolition. 

(2) Such of the other provisions of this Act as provide that ai 

infringing copy of a work shall bo deemed to bo the projir '^ - 

the owner of the copyright, or as impose summary penaiti* 

not apply in any case to which this section applies. 

10. An action in respect of infringement of copyright shal 

not be commenced after the expiratioi 
Limitation of actions. of three years next after the in frin^ 



Importation of copies. 

14. (1) Copies made out of the United Kingdom of any work 

n whicli copyright subsists which if , . , . 

Importatioii of copies. 
uade in tlie United Kingdom would 

nfringe copyright, and as to which the owner of the copyright 
fives notice in writing by himself or his agent to the Com- 
nissioners of Customs and Excise, that he is desirous that such 
jopies should not be imported into the United Kingdom, shall 
not be so imported, and shall, subject to the provisions of this 
section, be deemed to be included in the table of prohibitions and 
restrictions contained in section forty-two of the Customs Con- 
solidation Act, 1876, and that section shall apply accordingly, 

(2) Before detaining any such copies or taking any further 
[proceedings with a view to the forfeiture thereof under the law 
relating to the Customs, the Commissioners of Customs -and 
Excise may require the regulations under this section, whether 
as to information, conditions, or other matters, to be complied 
with, and may satisfy themselves in accordance with those re- 
gulations that the copies are such as are prohibited by this 
section to be imported. 

(3) The Commissioners of Customs and Excise may make re- 
gulations, either general or special, respecting the detention 
and forfeiture of copies the importation of which is prohibited by 
this section, and the conditions, if any, to be fulfilled before such 
detention and forfeiture, and may, by such regulations, determine 
the information, notices, and security to be given, and the 
evidence requisite for any of the purposes of this section, and 
the mode of verification of such evidence. 

(4) The regulations may apply to copies of all works the 
importation of copies of which is prohibited by this section, or 
different regulations may be made respecting different classes 
of such works. 

(5) The regulations may provide for the informant reimbursing 
the Commissioners of Customs and Excise all expenses and 
damages incurred in respect of any detention made on his inform- 
ation, and of any proceedings consequent on such detention ; 



and may provide for notices under any enactment repealed by 
this Act being treated as notices given under this section, 

(6) The foregoing provisions of this section shall have eflec 
as if they were part of the Cnstonis Consolidation Act, 1878: 
Provided that, notwithstanding anything in that Act, the Isle of 
Man shall not be treated as part of the United Kingdom for th' 
purposes of this section. 

(7) This section shall, ■with the necessary modifications, apply 
to the importation into a British possession to which this Act 
extends of copies of works made out of that possession. 

Delivery of Books to Libraries. 

15. (I) The publisher of every book published in the United 
Delivery of copies to Kingdom shall, within one month after 
Brici^ Museum .md other the publication, deliver, at his own 
ibranes. expense, a copy of the book to th 

trustees ot the British Museum, who shall give a written recei)> 
for it. 

(2) Ho shall also, if written demand is made before the c\ 
tion of twelve months after publication, deliver within one in. ... 
after receipt of that written demand or, if the demand was mad' 
before publication, within one month after publication, to .some 
depot in London named in the demand a copy of the book for, or 
in accordance with the directions of, the authority having tli' 
control of each of the following libraries, namely : the Hodleiaii 
Library, Oxford, the University Library, Cambridge, the Library 
of the Faculty of Advocates at Edinburgh, and the Library Of 
Trinity College, Dublin; and subject to the provisions of this 
section, the National Library of Wales. lo the case of an ci. 
cyclopfpdia, newspaper, review, magazine, or work published in 
a series of numbers or parts, the written demand may include 
all numbers or parts of the work which may be subsequently 


(8) The copy delivered to the trustees of the British Museoi 
shall be a copy of the whole book with all maps and illustrations 
l>elonging thereto, finished and coloured in the same manner at 


the best copies of the book are published, and shall be bound, 
sewed, or stitched together, and on the best paper on which the 
book is printed. 

(4) The copy delivered for the other authorities mentioned 
in this section shall be on the paper on which the largest number 
of copies of the book is printed for sale, and shall be in the like 
condition as the books prepared for sale. 

(5) The books of which copies are to be delivered to the 
National Library of Wales shall not include books of such classes 
as may be specified in regulations to be made by the Board of 

(6) If a publisher fails to comply with this section, he shall be 
liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding five pounds 
and the value of the book, and the fine shall be paid to the 
trustees or authority to whom the book ought to have been 

(7) For the purposes of this section, the expression "book" 
includes every part or division of a book, pamphlet, sheet of letter- 
press, sheet of music, map, plan, chart or table separately pub- 
lished, but shall not include any second or subsequent edition of a 
book unless such edition contains additions or alterations either 
in the letter-press or in the maps, prints, or other engravings 
belonging thereto. 

Special Provisions as to certain Works. 

16. (1) In the case of a work of joint authorship, copyright 

shall subsist during the life of the „, , , . . , 

Works of joint authors. 
author who first dies and for a term of 

fifty years after his death, or during the life of the author who 

^ies last, whichever period is the longer, and references in this 

Act to the period after the expiration of any specified number 

of years from the death of the author shall be construed as 

references to tlie period after the expiration of the like number 

of years from the death of the author who dies first or after the 

death of the author who dies last, whichever period may be the 

shorter, and in the provisions of this Act .with respect to the 


grant of compulsory licencfs a rofercnco to the date of the death 
of the. author who dies last shall be substituted for the reference 
to the date of the death of the author. 

(2) Where, in the case of a work of joint authorship, some 
one or more of the joint authors do not satisfy the conditions 
conferring copyright laid down by this Act, the work shall bo 
treated for the purposes of this Act as if the other author or 
authors had been the sole author or authors thereof : 

Provided that the term of the copyright shall bo the same as 
it would have been if all the authors had satisfied such conditions 
as aforesaid. 

(8) For the purposes of this Act, " a work of joint authorship" 
means a work produced by the oollaboratton of two or mor<' 
authors in which the contribution of one author is not distinct 
from the contribution of the other author or authors. 

(4) Where a married woman and her husband are joint author- 
of a work, the interest of such married woman therein shall bt 
her separate property. 

17. (1) In the case of a literary, dramatic or musical v 
or an engraving, in which cop\ i 

Posthumous works. subsists at the date of the death oi 

the author or, in the case of a work of joint authorship, at o 
immediately before the date of the death of the author who die 
last, but which has not been published, nor, in the case of ; 
dramatic or musical work, been performed in public, nor, in th' 
case of a lecture, been delivered in public, before that dat« 
copyright shall subsist till publication, or performance or deliver> 
in public, whichever may first happen, and for a termof flft\ 
years thereafter, and the proviso to section three of thi- 
shall, in the case of such a work, apply as if the author had 
at the date of such publication or performance or delivery in 
public as aforesaid. 

(2) The ownership of an author's manuscript after his doati 
where such ownership has been acquired under a testamet 
disposition made by the author and the manuscript is of a \ i 
ifvhioh has not been published nor performed in public nv 


delivered in public, shall be prima facie proof of the copyright 
being with the owner of the manuscript, 

18. Without prejudice to any rights or privileges of the Crown^ 

where any work has, whether before 

Provisions as to Govern- 
or after the commencement or this ,„g„t publications. 

Act, been prepared or published by or 

under the direction or control of His Majesty or any Government 

department, the copyright in the work shall, subject to any 

agreement with the author, belong to His Majesty, and in such 

case shall continue for a period of fifty years from the date of 

the first publication of the work. 

19. (1) Copyright shall subsist in records, perforated rolls 

and other contrivances by means of 

... T T 1, . 11 Provisions as to meclia- 

which sounds may be mechanically ^j^^^l instruments. 

reproduced, in like manner as if such 

contrivances were musical works, but the term of copyright shall 

be fifty years from the making of the original plate from which 

the contrivance was directly or indirectly derived, and the 

person who was the owner of such original plate at the time when 

such plate was made shall be deemed to be the author of the 

work, and, where such owner is a body corporate, the body 

corporate shall be deemed for purposes of this Act to reside 

within the parts of His Majesty's dominions to which this Act 

extends if it has established a place of business within such 


(2) It shall not be deemed to be an infringement of copyright 
in any musical work for any person to make within the parts of 
His Majesty's dominions to which this Act extends, records, 
perforated rolls or other contrivances by means of which the 
work may be mechanically performed, if such person proves — 

(o) that such contrivances have previously been made by, or 
with the consent or acquiescence of, the owner of the 
copyright in the work ; and 

(b) that he has given the prescribed notice of his intention to 
make the contrivances, and has paid in the prescribed 


manner to, or for the benefit of, the owner of the 
copyright in the work royalties in respect of all snch 
contrivances sold by him. calculated at the rate herein- 
after mentioned : 

Provided that — 

(i) nothing in this provision shall authorise any altoi 
in, or omissions from, the work reproduced, »'> 
contrivances reproducing the work subject to similar 
alterations and omissions have been previously made by 
or with the consent or acquiescence of the owner of tbi 
copyright, or unless such alterations or omissions are 
reasonably necessary for the adaptatii'ii of tho w.irk tn 

the contrivances in question ; and 
-(ii) for the purposes of this provisions, a nuisicai wdik sn 
deemed to include any words so closely assoi , 
therewith as to form part of the same work, but shall 
not be deemed to include a contrivance by means of 
which sounds may be mechanically reproduced. 
(8) The rate at which such royalties as aforesaid are to ]» 

calculated shall — 
<o) in the case of contrivances sold within two years after tli< 
commencement of this Act by the person making tli' 
same — l>o two and ono-half per cent ; and 
(b) in the case of contrivances sold as aforesaid after tli' 
expiration of that period-^ Jie five per cent 
-on the ordinary retail selling price of the contrivance calculat* 
in the prescribed manner, so however that the royalty payable in 
respect of a contrivance shall, in no case, bo loss than a half-penny 
for each separate musical work in which eo|)yright subsists 
reproduced thereon, and, where the roj-alty calculated as aforesaid 
includes a fraction of a farthing, snch fraction shall bo reckoned 
as a farthing : 

Provided that, if, at any time after the expiration of seven 
years from the commencement of this Act, it appears to the 

"■ See § 8 (2) of the hidiun Copyright Act, 1914, page xxxviii. 


Board of Trade* that such rate as aforesaid is no longer equitable, 
the Board of Trade may, after holding a public inquiry, make an 
order either decreasing or increasing that rate to such extent as 
under the circumstances may seem just, but any order so made 
shall be provisional only and shall not have any effect unless and 
until confirmed by Parliament* ; but, where an order revising the 
rate has been so made and confirmed, no further revision shall be 
made before the expiration of fourteen years from the date of the 
last revision. 

(4) If any such contrivance is made reproducing two or more 
different works in which copyright subsists and the owners of the 
copyright therein are different persons, the sums payable by way 
of royalties under this section shall be apportioned amongst the 
several owners of the copyright in such proportions as, failing 
agreement, may be determined by arbitration^. 

(5) When any such contrivances by means of which a musical 
work may be mechanically performed have been made, then, for 
the purposes of this section, the owner of the copyright in the 
work shall, in relation to any persons who makes the prescribed 
inquiries, be deemed to have given his consent to the making of 
such contrivances if he fails to reply to such inquiries within the 
prescribed time. 

(6) For the purposes of this section, the Board of Trade may 
make regulations prescribing anything which under this section 
is to be prescribed, and prescribing the mode in which notices 
are to be given and the particulars to be given in such notices, 
and the mode, time, and frequency of the payment of royalties, 
and any such regulations may, if the Board think fit, include 
regulations requiring payment in advance or otherwise securing 
the payment of royalties. 

(7) In the case of musical works published before the com- 
mencement of this Act, the foregoing provisions shall have effect, 
subject to the following modifications and additions : 

* See § 3 (2) of the Indian Copyright Act, 1914, page, sxxviii. 
t See § 3 (3), Ihid. 


(a) The conditions as to the previous making by, or with the- 

consent or acquiescence of, the owner of the copyricht 
in the work, and the restrictions as to alterations in or 
omissions from the work shall not apply : 

(b) The rate of two and one-half per cent shall bo substinitcil 

for the rate of five per cent as the rate at which royalt ios 
are to be calculated, but no royalties shall be payable 
in respect of contrivances sold before the first day of 
July, nineteen hundred and thirteen, if contrivances 
reproducing the same work had been lawfully made, or 
placed on sale, within the parts of His Majesty's 
dominions to which this Act extends l)eforo the first 
da J' of July, nineteen hundred and ten : 

(c) Notwithstanding any assignment made before the passing 

of this Act of the copyright in a musical work, any rights 
conferred by this Act in respect of the making, or 
authorising the makingr, of contrivances by means of 
which the work may bo mechanically performed shall 
belong to the author or his legal personal representatives 
and not to the assignees, and the royalties aforesaid 
shall be payable to, and for the l)eneflt of, the author of 
the work or his legal personal representatives : 

(d) The saying contained in this Act of the rights and interests 

arising from, or in connexion with, action taken before 
the commencement of this Act shall not be construed as 
authorising any person who has in»de contrivances by 
means of which the work may bo mechanically performed 
to sell any such contrivances, whether made before or 
after the passing of this Act, except on the terms and 
subject to the conditions laid down in this section : 

(e) Where the work is a work on which copyright is conferred 

by an Order in Council relating to a foreign country, 
the copyright so conferred shall not. except to such 
extent as may be provided by the Order, include any 
rights with respect to the making of records, perforated 


rolls, or other contrivances by means of which the work 
may be mechanically performed. 

(8) Notwithstanding anything in this Act, where a record, 
perforated roll, or other contrivance by means of -which sounds 
may be mechanically reproduced has been made before the 
commencement of this Act, copyright shall, as from the commence- 
ment of this Act, subsist therein in like manner and for the like 
terms as if this Act had been in force at the date of the making of 
the original plate from which the contrivance was directly or 
Indirectly derived : 

Provided that — 
f (i) the person who, at the commencement of this Act, is the 
owner of such original plate shall be the first owner of 
such copyright ; and 

(ii) nothing in this provision shall be construed as conferring 
copyright in any such contrivance if the making thereof 
would have infringed copyright in some other such 
contrivance, if this provision had been in force at the 
time of the making of the first-mentioned contrivance. 

20. Notwithstanding anything in this Act, it shall not be an 
Infringement of copyright in an address 

of a political nature delivered at a gpeechl?"" '"" '° ''°""'''^' 
public meeting to publish a report 
thereof in a newspapei'. 

21. The term for which copyright shall subsist in photo- 
graphs shall be fifty years from the 

making of the original negative from grfphs'^'°"^ ""^ '° P^°'°" 
which the photograph was directly or 

indirectlj'^ derived, and the person who was owner of such nega- 
tive at the time when such negative was made shall be deemed to 
be the author of the work, and, where such owner is a body cor- 
porate, the body corporate shall be deemed for the purposes of 
this Act to reside -within the parts of His Majesty's dominions to 
which this Act extends if it has established a place of business 
within such parts. 


22. (1) This Act shall not apply to designs capable of being 
registered under the Patents and De- 
Provisions as to designs signs Act, 1907,*expcept dosisns which, 
registrable under 7 Ed \v. 7, ^, , ,, . , . 

c. 89. though capable of being so registcrtd. 

are not used or intended to be uhecl 
as models or patterns to be mnltiplied by any industrial pro- 

(2) General rules under section eighty- six of the Patents and 
Designs Act, 1907, may bo made for determining the conditions 
under which a desicrn sliall l)e deemed to be used for such purposes 
as aforesaid. 

28. If it appears to liis Majesty that a foreign country does 

,., , et ■ .1 not give, or has not undertaken to give, 

Works of foreign authors r> > e> • 

first published in j.atts of adequate protection to the works of 

Silk's AcV extends "'°°' ^° ^"^'*'' authors, it shall bo lawful for 
His MajcHty by Order in Council to 
direct that such of the provisions of this Act as confer copyripht 
on works first published within the parts of His Majesty's 
dominions to which this Act extends, shall not apply to works 
published after the date specified in the Order, the authors 
whereof are subjects or citizens of such foreign country, and are 
not resident in His Majesty's dominions, and thereupon those 
provisions shall not apply to such works. 

24u (») Where any person is immediately before the com- 

„ . . , mencement of this Act entitled to any 

Existmg works. 

such right in any work as Is specified 

in the flrst column of the First Schedule to this Act, or to any 

interest in such a right, he shall, as from that date, l>e entitled 

to the substituted right set forth in the second column of tliat 

schedule, or to the same int<»re8t in such a substituted right, and 

to no other right or interest, and such substituted right shall 

subsist for the term for which it would have subsisted if this Act 

had l>een in foree at the date when the work was made and the 

work had lieen one entitled to copyright thereunder : 

* See § 8 (4) of the Indian Copyright Act, 1»U, page xzxylii. 


Provided that— 

(o) if the author of any Avork in which any such right as is 
specified in the first column of the First Schedule to 
this Act subsists at the commencement of this Act has,, 
before that date, assigned the right or granted any 
interest therein for the whole term of the right, then at 
the date when, but for the passing of this Act, the right 
would have expired the substituted right conferred by 
this section shall, in the absence of express agreement, 
pass to the author of the work, and any interest 
therein created before the commencement of this Act 
and then subsisting shall determine ; but the person 
who immediately before the date at which the right 
■ would so have expired was the owner of the right or 
interest shall be entitled at his option either — 
(i) on giving such notice as hereinafter mentioned, to an 
assignment of the right or the grant of a similar interest 
therein for the remainder of the term of the right for 
such consideration as, failing agreement, may be deter- 
mined by arbitration ; or 
(ii) without any such assignment or grant, to continue to 
repi'oduce or perform the work in-like manner as there- 
tofore subject to the payment, if demanded by the 
author within three years after the date at which the 
right would have so expired, of such royalties to the 
author as, failing agreement, may be determined by 
arbitration*, or, where the work is incorporated in a 
collective work and the owner of the right or interest is 
the proprietor of that collective work, without any such, 
payment ; 

The notice above referred to must be given not more 
than one year nor less than six months before the date 
at which the right would have so expired, and must be 
sent by registered post to the author, or, if he cannot 

* See § 3 (3) of the Indian Copyright Act, 1914, page xxxviii. 


with reasonable diligence be found, advertised in th- 
London Gazette and in two London newspapers* ; 
(l») where any person has, before the twenty-sixth day of July, 
nineteen hundred and tenf, taken any action wherebx 
he has incurred any expenditure or liability in connexion 
with the reproduction or performance of any work in a 
manner which at the time was lawful, or for the ]uirpose 
of or with a view to the reproduction or performance of 
a work at a time when such reproduction or performanc' 
would, but for the passing of this Act, have been lawfu' 
nothing in this section shall diminish or prejudice an 
rights or interest arising from or in connexion witi 
such action which are subsisting and valuable at tli> 
said date, unless the person who by virtueof thissectid 
becomes entitled to restrain such reproduction or per- 
formance agrees to pay such compensation as, failing 
agreement, may be determined by arbitration. 

(2) For the purposes of this section, the expression " author 
Includes the legal personal representatives of a deceased author 

(3) Subject to the provisions of section nineteen, snb-sectioi: 
(7) and (8) and of section thirty-three of this Act, copyright shall 
not subsist in any work made before the commencement of this 
Act, otherwise than under, and in accordance with, the provisii^n 
of this section. 

Application to British Poaseisious. 
25. (I) This Act, except such of the provisions thereof as 
Application of Act to are expressly restricted to the Tr 
British dominions. Kingdom, shall extend throughoii: n 

Majesty's dominions : Provided that it shall not extend to a self 
governing dominion, unless declared by the Legislature of that 
dominion to be in force therein either without any modiflcations oi 

* See § 3 (5), Indian Copyright Act, 1914, page xzxix. 

t As regards British India, it shall bo '• 80th day of October 


additions, or with such modifications and additions relating exclu- 
sively to procedure and remedies, or necessary to adapt this Act 
to the circumstances of the dominion, as may be enacted by such 

(2) If the Secretary of State certifies by notice published in 
the London Gazette that any self-governing dominion has passed 
legislation under which works, the authors whereof were at the 
date of the making of the works British subjects resident else- 
wliore than in the dominion or (not being British subjects) were 
resident in the parts of His Majesty's dominions to which this 
Act extends, enjoy within the dominion rights substantially iden- 
tieal with those conferred by this Act, then, whilst such legisla- 
tion continues in force, the dominion shall, for the purposes of the 
rights conferred by this Act, be treated as if it were a dominion 
to which this Act extends ; and it shall be lawful for the Secretary 
ot State to give such a certificate as aforesaid, notwithstanding 
that the remedies for enforcing the rights, or the restrictions on 
the importation of copies of works, manufactured in a foreign coun- 
try, under the law of the dominion, differ from those under this 

26. (1) The Legislature of any self-governing dominion may, 
at any time, repeal all or any of the Legislative p<iwers of 

enactmentsrelating to copyright passed self-governing dominions. 
by Parliament (including this Act) so far as they are operative 
within that dominion : Provided that no such repeal shall preju- 
dicially affect any legal rights existing at Ihe time of the repeal, 
and that, on this Act or any part thereof being so repealed by the 
Legislature of a self-governing dominion, that dominion shall 
cease to be a dominion to which this Act extends. 

('2) In any self-governing dominion to which this Act does 
not extend the enactments repealed by this Act shall, so far as 
they are operative in that dominion, continue in force until re- 
pealed by the Legislature of that dominion. 

(3) Where His Majesty in Council is satisfied that the law of 
a self-governing dominion to which this Act does not extend 



provides adequate protection within the dominion for the works 
(whether published or unpublished) of authors who at the time 
of the making of the work wore British subjects resident else- 
where than in that dominion, His Majesty in Council may, for the 
purpose of giving reciprocal protection, direct that this Act, ex'-ept 
such parts (if any) thereof as may be specified in the Orde: 
and subject to any conditions contained therein, shall, within thi 
parts of His Majesty's dominions to which this Act extends, apply 
to works the authors whereof wore, at tho time of the making 
of the work, resident within the flrst-mentioned dominion, and 
to works first published in that dominion ; bat, save as provided 
by such an Order, works tho authors whereof were resident in 
a dominion to which this Act does not extend shall not, whether 
they are British subjects or not, be entitled to any protection 
under this Act except such protection as is by this Art conferred 
on works first published within the parts of His Majesty's domi- 
nions to which this Act extends : 

Provided that no such Order shall confer any rights within 
a self-governing dominion, but the Governor in Council of any 
self governing dominion to which this Act extends, may, by 
Order, confer within that dominion the like rights as His Majesty 
in CJouncil is, under the foregoing provisions of this sub-section, 
authorised to confer within other parts of His Maiost v's domj- 

For the purposes of this aul>-section, tho expression "a domi- 
nion to which this Act extends " includes a dominion which is for 
the purposes of this Act to be treated as if it were a dominion to 
which this Act extends. 

27. The Legislature of any British possession to which this 

Powr of Legislatures of Act ext<^nds may modify or add to any of 

British possessions to pass the provisions of this Act in its ap|>liea- 

supplemeotal legislation. ^j,^,, ^ ^^^ possession, but, except so 

far as snch modifications and additions relate to proce<lure and 
remedies, they shall apply only to works the authors whert>of 
were, at the time of the making of the work, resident in the pon 
session, and to works first published in tho possession. 



28. His Majesty may, by Order in Council, extend this Act 
to any territories under Ills protection Application to protec- 

and to Cyprus, and, on the making of torates. 
any such Order, this Act shall, subject to the provisions of the 
Order, have effect as if the territories to which it applies or 
Cyprus were part of His Majesty's dominions to which this Act 

( Ixviii ) 


International Copyright. 

29. (1) His Majesty may, by Order in Council, direct that this 
Act (except snch parts, if any, thereof 

fcH^rgTwork?''"*^ ''"' '" ^ "*>' ^ «P«^-i««d in the Order) shall 

(a) to works first published in a foreign country to which 

the Order relates, in like manner as if they were first 
published within the parts of His Majesty's dominions to 
which this Act extends; 

(b) to literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, or any 

class thereof, the authors whereof were, at the time of 
the making of the works, subjects or citizens of a foreign 
country to which the Order relates, in like manner as 
if the authors were British subjects ; 

(c) in respect of residence in a foreign country to which the 

Order relates, in like manner as if such residence wei 
residence in the ))art8 of His Majesty's dominions ; 
which this Act extends ; 
and thereupon, subject to the provisions of this Par' •>• ' i'i< A*"* 
and of the Order, this Act shall apply accordingly 

Provided that— 

(t) before making an Order in Council under this section io 
respect of any foreign country (other than a country 
with which His Majesty has entered into a conv. 
relating to copyright). His Majesty shall bo sm 
that that foreign country has made, or has undertaken 
to make, such pnwislons, if any, as it appears to His 
Majesty expedient to require for the protection of works 
entitled to copyright under the provisions of Part I of 
this Act ; 


(ii) the Order in Council may provide that the term of copy- 
right within such parts of His Majesty's dominions as 
aforesaid shall not exceed that conferred by the law of 
the country to which the Order relates ; 
(Hi) the provisions of this Act as to the delivery of copies 
of books shall not apply to works first published in such 
country, except so far as is provided by the Order ; 
(iv) the Order in Council may jjrovide that the enjoyment 
of the rights conferred by this Act shall be subject to 
the accomplishment of such conditions and formalities 
(if any) as may be prescribed by the Order ; 

<u) in applying the provisions of this Act as to ownership 
of copyright, the Order in Council may make such modi- 
fications as appear necessary having regard to the law 
of the foreign country ; 

<vi) in applying the provisions of this Act as to existing 
works, the Order in Council may make such modifications 
as appear necessary, and may provide that nothing in 
those provisions as so applied shall be construed as 
reviving any right of preventing the production or im- 
portation of any translation in any case where the right 
has ceased by virtue of section five of the International 
Copyright Act, 1886. 

(2) An Order in Council under this section may extend to all 
the several countries named or described therein. 

80. (1) An Order in Council under this Part of this Act shall 
apply to all His Majesty's dominions 

to which this Act extends except self- ^f^^S!^^^' " "' 
governing dominions and any other 

possession specified in the Order with respect to which it appears 
to His Majesty expedient that the Order should not apply. 

(2) The Governor in Council of any self-governing dominion 
to which this Act extends may, as respects that dominion, make 
the like Orders as under this Part of this Act His Majesty in 
Council is authorised to make with respect to His Majesty's 


dominions other than self-governing dominions, and the provi 
sions of this Part of this Act shall, with the necessary modifica- 
tions, apply accordingly. 

(8) Where it appears to His Majesty expedient to except from 
the provisions of any Order any part of his dominions, not being a 
self-governing dominion, it shall bo lawful for His Majesty by the 
same or any other Order in Council to declare that such Order and 
this Part of this Act shall not, and the same shall not, apply to 
such part, except so far as is necessary for preventing any pre- 
judice to any rights acquired previously to the date of such Order 

( Ixxi ) 


Supplemental Provisions. 

31. No person shall be entitled to copyright or any similar 
light in any literary, dramatic, rausi- AbroKstion of common 
cal, or artistic work, whether published '^^ rights. 

or unpublished, otherwise than under and in accordance with 
the provisions of this Act, or of any other statutory enactment 
for the time being in force, but nothing in this section shall be 
construed as abrogating any right or jurisdiction to restrain a 
breach of trust or confidence. 

32. (1) His Majesty in Council may make Orders for altering, 
revoking, or varying any Order in Provisions as to Orders 
Council made under this Act, or under "i Council. 

any enactments repealed by this Act, but any Order made under 
this section shall not affect prejudicially any rights or interests 
acquired or accrued at the date when the Order comes into 
operation, and shall provide for the protection of such rights and 

(2) Every Order in Council made under this Act shall be 
published in the London Gazette and shall be laid before both 
Houses of Parliament as soon as may be after it is made, and shall 
have effect as if enacted in this Act. 

33. Nothing in this Act shall deprive any of the universities 
and colleges mentioned in the Copy- Saving of university 
right Act, 1775, of any copyright they copyright. 

already possess under that Act, but the remedies and penalties 
for infringement of any such copyright shall be under this Act 
and not under that Act. 

34. There shall continue to be charged on, and paid out of, 
the Consolidated Fund of the United Saving of compensation 
Kingdom such annual compensation as to certain libraries. 


waa immediately before tlje commencement of this Act payable 
in pursuance of any Act as compensation to a library for the 
loss of the right to receive gratuitous copies of books : 

F*rovided that this compensation shall not be paid to a library 
in any year, unless the Treasury are satisfied that the compen- 
sation for the previous year has been applied in the purchase 
of books for the use of and to be preserved in the library. 

85. (1) In this Act, unless tho 

context otherwise requires, — 

" Literary work " includes maps, charts, plans, tables, and 
compilations ; 

" Dramatic work " includes any piece for recitation, choreo- 
graphic work or entertainment in dumb show, the science arrange- 
ment or acting form of which is fixed in writing or otherwise, 
and any cinemat.ogra|)h production where the arrangement or 
acting form or the combination of incidents represented give 
the work an original character ; 

" Artistic work " includes works of painting, drawing, sculp- 
ture and artistic craftHinanship, and architectural works of art 
and engravings and photographs ; 

" Work of sculpture " includes casts and models ; 

" Architectural works of art " means any building or structure 
having an artistic character or design, in respect of such charac- 
ter or design, or anj* model for such building or structure, pro- 
vided that the protection afforded by this Act shall Ihj confined 
to the artistic character and design, »n<l whal! not extend to 
processes or methods of construction ; 

"Engravings" include etchings, lithograpiis, wood-cuts, 
prints, and other similar works, not being photographs ; 

" Photograph " includes photo-lithograph and any work 
produced by any process analogous to photography ; 

" Cinematograph " includes any work produced by any process 
analogous to cinematography ; 


" Collective work " means— 

(a) an encyclopaedia, dictionary, year book, or similar work ; 

(b) a newspaper, review, magazine, or similar periodical ; and 

(c) any work written in distinct parts by different authors, or 

in which works or parts of works of different authors 
are incorporated ; 

" Infringing," when applied to a copy of a work in which 
•copyright subsists, means any copy, including any colourable 
imitation, made, or imported in contravention of the provisions 
of this Act ; 

" Performance " means any acoustic representation of a work 
and any visual representation of any dramatic action in a work, 
including such a representation made by means of any mechanical 
Instrument ; 

" Delivery," in relation to a lecture, includes delivery by 
means of any mechanical instrument : 

" Plate " includes any stereotype or other plate, stone, block, 
mould, matrix, transfer, or negative used or intended to be used 
for printing or reproducing copies of any work, and any matrix 
or other appliance by which records, perforated rolls or other 
■contrivances for the accoustic representation of the work are or 
are intended to be made ; 

" Lecture " includes address, speech, and sermon ; 

"Self-governing dominion" means the Dominion of Canada, 
■the Commonwealth of Australia, the Dominion of New Zealand, 
the Union of South Africa, and Newfoundland. 

(2) For the purposes of this Act (other than those relating to 
infringements of copyright), a work shall not be deemed to be 
published or performed in public, and a lecture shall not be 
deemed to be delivered in public, if published, performed in 
public, or delivered in public, without the consent or acquies- 

•<cence of the author, his executors, administrators or assignees. 

(3) For the purposes of this Act, a work shall be deemed to bo 


first pnbliRhcd within the parts of His Majesty's dnminions Uy 
which thifi Act extends, notwithstanding that it has l>een pnb» 
lished simultaneous! J' in some other place, unless the publication 
in such parts of His Majesty's dominions as aforesaid is colourable 
only and is not intended to satisfy the reasonable roquirements 
of the public, and a work shall be deemed to be published simal- 
taneously in two places if the time between the publication in 
one such place and the publication in the other place does not 
exceed fourteen days, or such longer period as may, for the time 
being, be fixed by Order in Council. 

(4) Where, in the case of an unpublished work, the making of 
a work has extended over a considerable period, the conditions 
of this Act conferring copyright shall bo deemed to have been 
complied with, if the author was, during any substantial part 
of that period, a British subject or a resident within the part« 
of His Majesty's dominions to which this Act extends. 

(5) For the purposes of the provisions of this Act as to 
residence, an author of a work shall be deemed to be a 'resident 
in the parts of His Majesty's dominions to which this Act extends, 
if he is domiciled within any such part 

36. Subject to the provisions of this Act, the enactments 

mentioned in the Second Schedule to 
Repeal . 

this Act are hereby repealofl f'^ ^h*^ 

extent specified in the third column of that schedule : 

Provided that this repeal shall not take effect in any part 
of His Majesty's dominions until this Act comes into operation 
in that part. 

Short title and com- 87. (I) This Act may he cited as 

mencement. the Copyright Act, 1811. 

(5) This Act shall come into operation— 

{a) in the United Kinerdom. on the first day of July nineteen 

hundred and twelve or such earlier date as may be fixed 

bv Order in Council : 


(b) in a self-governing dominion to which this Act extends, 

at such date as may be fixed by the Legislature of that 
dominion ; 

(c) in the channel Islands, at such date as may be fixed by the 

States of those islands respectively ; 

(d) in any other British possession to which this Act extends, 

on the proclamation thereof within the possession by 
the Governor. 

( Ixxvi ) 


(1 atid 2, George V, Chapter 46.) 



Existing Right. 

Substituted Right. 

(a) In the ca»e ot Worhn other than Dramatie and Musical 


Copyright as defined by this 

(b) In the c.aae of Musical and Dramatie. Works. 

Both copyright and performing 

Copyright, but not perfortring 

Performing right, bnt not copy- 

Copyright as defined by 


Copyright as dcflnod by this 
Act. except the sole right to 
porform the work or any 
substantial part thereof in 

The sole right to perform the 
work in j)ublic, but none of 
the other rights comprised 
in copyright as defined by 
this Act. 

• III tlie ca«*e of an essay, nrticlr, or portion forming part of and first 
published in a rfview, magazine, or other periodical or work of a like 
nature the right sball be subject to any right of publi^<hing the essay, 
article, or [crtion in a separ-te form to which the anthor is entitled at the 
commencement of this Act, or wonld. if this Act bad not t)een passed, have 
become entitled under section eighteen of the Copyright Act, 1843 




For the purposes of this Schedule the following expressions, 
where used in the first column thereof, have the following 
meanings : — 

" Copyright," in the case of a work which according to the 
law in force immediately before the commencement of this Act 
has not been published before that date and statutory copyright 
wherein depends on publication, includes the right at common 
law (if any) to restrain publication or other dealing with the 
work ; 

" Performing right," in the case of a work which has not been 
performed in public before the commencement of this Act, includes 
the right at common law (if any) to restrain the performance 
thereof in public. 


Enactments Repealed 

Session and 

Short Title. 

Extent of Repeal. 

8 Geo. 2, c. 13 

The Engraving Copyright Act, 


The whole Act. 

7 Geo. 3, c. 38 

The Engraving Copyright Act, 



15 Geo. 3, c. 53 


The Copyright Act, 1775 


17 Geo. 3, c. 57 

fhe Prints Copyright Act, 1777... 


54 Geo. 3, c. 56 

The Sculpture Copyright Act, 


3 & 4 Will. 4, c 


The Dramatic Copyright Act, 


■£& 6 Will. 4, c. 


The Lectures Copyright Act, 



6 & 7 Will. 4, c. 


The Prints and Engravings Copy- 
right (Ireland) Act, 1836. 





Enactments Kepkalid — fo>//</. 


bession and 

6&7 Will.4,c. tio 
5&6 Vict. c. 45 - 
7 & 8 Vict. c. la ... 
to & II Vict. c. 95 
15 & 16 Vict c. la 
85 & a6 Vict. c. 68. 

Short Title. 

j8 & 39 Vict. c. 12. 
39 & 40 Vict. c. 36. 

45 & 46 Vict. c. 40. 
49 ft so Vict, c 33. 
51 & sa Vict. c. 17. 

The Copyright Act, 1836 

The Copyright Act, 1842 

The loternatioaal Copyright Act, 

The Colonial Copyright Act, 1847 

The International Copyright Act, 


The Fine ArU Copyright Act, 186a 

The International Copyright Act, 

The Customs Consolidation Act, 

The Copyright (Musical Compo- 
sitions) Act, 188a. 

The International Copyright Act, 

The Copyright (Musical Compn- 
sitioos) Act, 1888. 

Extent of Repeal. 

Toe whole Act. 

Sections one to six 

In section eigli; 

the words "and 

pursuant to nny 

Act for the | : 

tioM of co|i 


and "and in mii 

such Act as afort 

said " 
Sections nine t 


The whole Act. 

Section forty-tw^ 
fr. m "Book 
wherein" to "sui 
Copyri|?ht \m11 ex- 
pire." S<(tl"ii8 
forty-foiir. • 'v- 
nvr, and on 
dred and fili > 

The whole Act. 







Session and 

52 & S3 Vict. c. 4a. 

6 Edw. 7, c. 36 

Short Title. 

The Revenue Act, i£ 

The Musical Copyright Act, 1906, 

Extent of Repeal. 

Section one from 
" Bonks first pub- 
lished " to "as 
provided in that 

In section three the 
words "a:id which 
has been regis- 
tered in accord- 
ance with the pro- 
visions of the 
Copyright Act, 
1842, or of the In- 
ternational Copy- 
right Act, 1844, 
which registration 
may be effected 
notwithstand i n g 
anything in the In- 
ternational Copy- 
right Act 1886." 

( Ixxx ) 


Repeal of Enactments. 
{Stt stclion 15.) 







Short Title. 


The Indian Copy- 
right Act, 1847. 

The Press and Re- 
gistration oi Books 
Act, 1867. 


The Sea Customs 
Act, 1878. 

Elxtent of Repeal. 

So much as has not already W 
repealed . 

In section i8 the following words, 
namely : — " Every regi.stration un- 
der this section shall, upon the 
payment of the sum of two ru(ii<-s 
to the ollicp keeping the said C .ita- 
logue, Ije deemed to be an entry iii 
the Book of Registry kept iiini'T 
Act .No. XX of 1847 Oorthe eiuom - 
agement of learning in the tcMi- 
tories subject to the Governnviit 
of ihe EH!*t India Company, hv 
the defining and pi oviding for tlic 
eofoicement of the right rall'-il 
copyright therein) ; and the pr. vi- 
sions contained in that Act h.s t< 
the said Book of Registry .shall 
ap)ily mutatis ntutaftdis to ihu 
t.aid Catalogue." 

Clause (a) section i8. 


The Indian Copyrig'ht Reg>ulations 


In exercise of the powers conferred by sections 3, 14 and 19 of 
the Copyright Act, 19U, as modified in its application to British 
India by the Indian Copyright Act, 1914, the Governor-General in 
<3onncil is pleased to make the following Regulations :-- 


1. (1) These Regulations may be 

called the Indian Copyright Rogula- ,^^^'''' *'''^ ""^ ^PP''"^*- 
tions, 1914. 

(2) Regulations 1 to 11 apply to works first published in 
British India and to records, perforated rolls and other contri- 
vances, the original plate of which was made in British India, 
and regulations 12 to 19 apply to copies of works the importation 
of copies of which into British India is prohibited by sections 6 of 
the Indian Copyright Act, 1914. 

2. In these Regulations unless, there is anything repugnant 
in the subject or context,— Interpretation. 

(1) " The Act" means the Copyright Act, 1911, as modiflfed in 
its application to British India by the Indian Copyright Act, 

(2) The expression " book or other printed work" means every 
part or division of a book, pamphlet, sheet of letterpress, sheet of 
music, map, plan, chart or table separately published. 

(3) " Form " means a form annexed to these regulations. 

(4) The expression " owner of the copyright" includes the 
duly authorized agent of such owner. 

(5) " Section " means a section of the Act. 


8* (I) Unless otherwise agrood, royalties shall bo pava 
Royalties to be ordinal ily means of adhesive labels pur< 
payat).e by adhesive labeU. ,ro,„ ^^^^^ 0^,,^^ of the copyright. 

(2) After the person reproducing a work referred to in .sici r 

c , ,, . , 3 or making a contrivance referred 

Supply of labels. " 

in section 19 has given the notice pi' 
scribed by thes<i Regulations of his intention to reproduce tl 
work or to make or sell the contrivance, the owner of th 
copyright shall, if the royalty is payable by means of adhesivo 
labels, intimate to him, by registered post, some reasona'ily 
convenient place within liritish India from which aihesive l:ibcls 
can be obtained; and, on demand in writing :ind tender of the 
price, shall supply from such place adhesive labels of required 
denominations at a price equal to the amount of royalty repr< 
scnted thereby. 

(3) The adhesive label, supplied as aforesaid shall bo an 
„ n fvl adhesive paper label, square in shafH), 

the design to be entirely enclosed 

within a circle and the side of the label not to be greater than 

inch in length. The label shall not bear the elligy of the Soveroig 

or any other person, nor any word, mark or design such as t 

suggest that the label is issued by or under the authority of tli 

Qoveniment for the purpose of denoting any duty payable t 

the Government. 

(?) Siiliifct to thoso RoguUtions, when royalties are payal 

Uy means of adhesive labels no oopjl 

Lal)-i3 to ly- Miii.\ru iu any such work and no such contrivanl 
cnpy or coiJirivaiioe betoru ,,,,,,. 

ddivfv t . imciiascr. shall be delivered to a purchaser uiit 

such label or labels denoting 

arooiiiii, ... ...yalty have been aflixed thereto : 

Provided that in the case of cyliuderit, to which it is 

reasonably practicable to affix the labels, the requirements 

this regulation shall be doomed to lie fuldllod if such lat 

or labels have been affixed to a cartoon or box enclosing 



4. (1) When royalties are payable by means of adhesive 
labels, if at any time labels of the 

required denomination are not avail- Exception in certain cases, 

^ when labels not available, 

able, either because — 

(o) after the expiration of one month from the date of the 
prescribed notice referred to in regulation 3 (2), the 
owner of the copyright has not duly sent to the 
person reproducing the work or making the contri- 
vance, as the case may be, an intimation of some 
reasonably convenient place within British India 
from which such labels can be obtained ; or 

(b) the owner of the copyright refuses or neglects to 
supply such labels within one month after demand 
duly made, 

copies of the work or the contrivances, as the case may be, may 
be delivered to purchasers without having labels affixed thereto 
as required by regulation 3 (4), and the amount of royalties shall 
be a debt due from the person reproducing the work or making 
the contrivances, as the case may be, to the owner of the copy- 
right, and the person aforesaid shall keep an account of all such 
copies or contrivances sold by him. 

(2) For the purposes of this regulation "the date of the 
prescribed notice " means — 

(i) in coses where the notice is required to be sent by regis- 
tered post, the date when the notice would in ordinary 
course of post be delivered ; 
Hi) in cases where the notice is required to be advertised 
in the Gazette of India and in two newspapers published 
in British India the date of such advertisement, or 
of the latest of such advertisements. 

6. Where royalties are by agreement payable in any other 
mode than by means of adhesive labels, p a y m e n t of royalties 

the time and frequency of the payment w h t- n payable otherwise 

1 11 u 1 „:a^A ;« fi,r. than by adhesive labels. 

shall be such as are specified in the ■' 




6. The notice required by section 8 

ciont" "'*"'"'"''* ^^ '"'" ^*'''" *'"°^'" ^'^^ followiug panicu 
lars : — 

(a) the name and address of the person intending to rcpn> 

duce the work, 

(b) the name of the work which it is intended to repi-o<luc« 

and (if necessary) a description suflicient to identify it. 

(c) the manner in which it is intended to reproduce the wori 

(ey., whether by printing, lithography, photography 

(d) the price or prices at which it is intended to publi8i 

the worl<, and 

(e) the earliest date at which any of the copicis ^wu i-u »n.-ii 

vered to a purcliasor, 

and shall be sent or advertised in the manner provided in reK"l;< 
tion 8, not loss than one month before any copies of the woric an 
delivered to a purchaser. 

7. (1) The notice reqiiire<l by section 19, sub-section (2' 
Notice required by seciioD sh:ill contain the following pnr' 
•9 (a). lars :— 

(o) the name and address of the person intending to maVc th< 

ib) the name of the musical Work wliicb it is intended 
reproduce and of the author (if known) and (if necessai 
a description siinicient to identify the musical work, 

(c) the class of contrivance on wliich it is intended to rej 

duco the musical work (e.g., ^vhether discs, cyllndc 
music rolls^ 

(d) the ordinary retail selling prices of the contrivances «i 

the amount of the royalty payable on each coDtriva 
in respect of the musical work, 


(e) the earliest date at which any of the contrivances will be 
delivered to a purchaser, and 

(/) whether any other work is to be reproduced on the same 
contrivance with the musical work specified in accord- 
ance with paragraph (b), 

and shall be sent or advertised in the manner provided in 
regulation 8, not less than one month before any contrivances 
on which the musical work is reproduced are delivered to a 
purchaser : 

Provided that any number of musical works may be included 
in the same advertisement. 

(2) In cases where royalties are payable on contrivances made 
before the 30th day of October, 19 12, being the commencement in 
British India of the Copyright Act, 1911, the person making such 
contrivances may give notice of his intention to sell them, 
containing 77?iitu(i8 mutandis the sqme particulars and given in 
the same manner as is prescribed by those Regulations in the 
case of the notice required by section 19, sub-section v2). 

(3) The ordinary retail selling price of any contrivance shall 
be calculated at the marked or catalogued selling price of single 
copies to the public or, if there is no such marked or catalogued 

'selling price, at the highest price at which single copies are 
j ordinarily sold to tlie public ; and one half anna shall be deemed 

to be the equivalent of one half penny and one quarter anna of 

one farthing. 

8. The notices referred to in the two last foregoing regula- 
tions shall be sent by registered post Service and advertisement 
or advertised as follows :— "^ notices. 

(a) if the name and an address within British India of the 
owner of the copyright are known or can with resonable 
diligence be ascertained, the notice t^hall be sent to him 
at such address ; 

ih) if such name and address are not known and cannot with 
reasonable diligence be ascertained, the notice shall be 


•dvertised in the Gaxette nf India and in two newspapers 
published in UritiNh India; such ndvertiHements shall 
give the particulars ro(|Uirod i)y paragrnplis (u) »nd (h) 
of regnl.-ition C or regulation 7, ns tbo case may be, and 
shall also state an address from which a copy of the 
notice may bo obtained. 


9. The inquiries referred to in section 19, sub-Bcetion (5), 

shall be directed to the owner of the 
Inquiries referred to in ■ i ^ ■ /•* i • 

section 19 (s). copyright by name or (if his name ig 

not known and cannot with reasonable 

diligence be ascertained) in genera! terms to "the owner of tlio 

copyright " of the musical work in respect of which the inquiries 

are made, and shall contain - 

(«) a statement of the name of the musical work in respect 

of which the inquiries arc made and of tho author (if 

known) and (if necessary) a description sufUcieut to 

identify it ; 

(b) a statement of the name, address and ocoopation of tb) 

person making the inquiries ; 

(e) an allegation that a conlrivnnce has previously been mad< 

by means of which tho musical work may l)e mechani 

calJy performed, with the trade name (If kudun^ hiuI v 

description of sDch contrivance ; and 

(d) an inquiry wheth«*r the contrivance so desorihod •- 

made with the consent or acquiescence of the <tv\i,- i 

of the copyright. 

10. Tho inquiries shall be sent bv 

Service and a4vertise- registered post or advertised as fol 
mcnt oJ mquiries. '• *^ 

lows : — 

(u) if an address within British India of the owner of th^ 
copyright is known or can with resonabie dili^tence 
ascertained, the inquiries shall be sent to such addi 

(b) if SQch address is not known and cannot with reaaonal 


diligence be ascertained, the inquiries shall be adver- 
tised in the Gazftte of Indict, and in two newspapers 
published in British India. 

11. The prescribed time for reply Prescribed time for reply 
to snch inquiries shall be— ^° inquiries. 

(o) in cases where the inquiries are required to be sent by 
registered post, one month after the date when the 
inquiries would in ordinary course of post be delivered ; 

<b) in cases where the inquiries are required to be advertised 
in the Gazette of India and two newspapers put lished 
in British India, one month after the date of such 
advertisement or of the latest of such advertisements. 

Importation of Copiks. 

12. The notice to be given to the Chief Customs ofiBcer under 

section 6 of the Indian Copyright Act, 

,_. . J.- i.u J. • * 1, ^1 Notice in case of books 

1914, requesting that copies of any book ^^ ^^^^^ p^i.^j^^ ^^.^^j^^ 

or other printed work, printed or 

reprinted out of British India, shall not be imported into British 

India, shall be in form No. 1, or as near thereto as circumstances 


13 . The notice to be given to the Chief Customs ofiBcer under 
section 6 of the Indian Copyright Act, 

1914. requesting that copies of any ^^.^^-tj^e in case of other 
work made out of British Indijl other 

than a, book or other printed work, shall not be imported into 
British India, shall be either on form No. 2 or in Form No. 3, or 
as near thereto as circumstances permit. 

14. Any notice given under section 14, sub-section (1), of the 
■Copyright Act, 1911, to the Commis- 
sioners of Customs and Excise of the , Notices to British Cus- 

terns Authorities. 
tJnited Kingdom, and communicated by 

"that authority through the Governor-General in Council or the 
Local Government to the Chief Customs officer, shall be deemed 
to have been given to such ofiBcer by the owner of the copy- 


16. Before any article is detained as a copy of a work to 

which any snch notice as :i ' 

Further information and ,. ... 

affidavit. applies or any further pro ^^, 

with a view to the conflscatton thereof 
ander the law relating to the Customs are taken, the Chief 
Customs officer may require the owner of the copyright— 

(o) to give him in writing such further information as 8\icb 
officer may consider necessary to sati^^fy himselt that 
the article in question is liable to detention and con- 
fiscation, and such person shall be bound to give such 
information accordingly, and 
(6) to voilfy the inforruation contained in the notioo or given 
under clause (a) by an affidavit. 

16. Whenever any goods are detained in pursuance of a notice 

Security deposit. '" '"•*" ^^- ^' *''*' ^'''*'' *^"8t«'"« ^^^^^ 

may require the owner of (he copyright 
to deposit with him as security a sum of money sufficient, Id 
the opinion of such officer, to cover any expenses which may 
bo incurred in the examination required by reason of the 

17. Whenever any goods are deiiiiiiecf in pursuance of any 

notice given under these Itegulations, 
Undertaking tu reim- *i„r<u„» n . «. 

burse and security bond. ^''® ^^'^^ Customs officer may require 

the owner of the copyright — 

(a) to give an undertaking in writing to reimburse the 

Secretary of State for India in Council all expenses 
and damages incurred in respect of the detention and 
of any proceedings for confiscation subsequently taken, 
if such an undertaking has not already been giveOi 

(b) within four days after the detention to enter into a bond 

for such reimbursement, with two approved sureties, 
in such form and for such amount as the Chief Customs 
officer may require : 
Provided that, on the completion of such bond, any money 
previously deposited under regulation 10 shall be returned. 


18. rf upon the examination of goods detained under these 
Regulations, the Chief Customs officer 

as satisfied that there is no ground for tai'iled)'^''^ °^ ^''°'^' *^'" 
their detention, he may order them to 
be delivered. 

19. Any notice in regard to any book in which copyright 
subsisted on the 24th February 1914, 

which was given to and accepted by ^^.""^'^il "^^X '^''''°" '*' 
the Chief Customs Authority on or 

before that date under section 18 (<i) of the Sea Customs Act, 
1878, shall, so long as the copyright subsists, be treated as a 
notice given under section 6 of the Indian Copyright Act, 1914, 
unless the notice is withdrawn or superseded : 

Provided that the Chief Customs officer may require tlie owner 
of the copyright to give a fresh notice in accordance with these 
Regulations, or to comply with any of the provisions of tliese 
Regulations, regarding further information, verification, or 
security ; and from such date as the Chief Customs officer may, 
by such requisition, fix in this behalf, the notice given under 
section 18 (a) of the Sea Customs Act, 1878, shall be deemed void 
and of no effect. 

( xc ) 
Form I. 


To Thk Chief Customs Okfiokr, 

I of. 

hereby give notice that copyright in the originnP men- 
tioned in the Schedule hereto now subsists under the Oopyrif^ht 
Act, 1011, as rooditled by the Indian C<ipyright Act, 1914, nnd 

that' ^the owner of the said' and 

that* desirious that the copies of t he said' printed 

or reprinted out of British India, shall not be imported into 
British India. 

Hated this of l\t 

. 8igiiatur<'.' 


1. Title of book : 

2. Description of printed work, if not a book : 
8. Full name of author or authors : 

4. Whether author or authors alive, if not, date of death : 
6. When and whore' book or printed work first pnblished* : 

; to In See. 12, Indian Copyright Regulations, 1014. 
erl " work " or " workt -mu the o««e may be. 

1. Referred < 

2. Here iiiAerl 

3. If notice is KiviMi by (he oviirr. Invert " I am " : If gUea by an agent, loacri tlia 

name of the owner «n<l thw word " 1«." 

4. IiMort "I rtin " or "h» Ik" —as thr r>«»e m:iy be. 
6. If »n afteot, I 'nert " ARpnt of o«ri>er " (af er It). 

6. The notice may npply to n number of iKiokH or printed work* in wMrh ra»e tbt 

particulars In the Schedule must be given as reapccta eaeb book or prlnt«4] 

7. It is siitdc'ent to state tlie counfry of first publication. 
9 Where adT>»ntaiie h^s been tnkrn of the provisions of !' 

as modified by the ludinn Copyright Art, 1914, sk 
tlon, the date and plxre stnted should be tbotte . 
eopyrlgbt In Britlah India. 

( xci ) 
Popm II. 




To THE Chief Customs Officer, 

I of^ 

bereby give yon notice that copyright in the original work men- 
tioned in the Schedule hereto now subsists under the Copyright 
Act, 1914, as modified by the Indian Copyright Act, 1914, and 

that*^ the owner of the copyright in 

the said work, and that" desirous that copies of the 

said work, made out of British India, shall not be imported into 
British India. 

Dated this day of 19 . 



1. Title of work (if any) : 

2. Full description of work: 

8. Initiiils or marks (if any) usually placed on copies of work ; 

4. Full name of author or authors : 

6 Whether author or authors alive, if not, date of death : 

a. When and where"^ work was first published' : 

7. If work not published — 

(i) Whether author British subject or not : 
(ii) If not a British subject, name of country in which 
author was a resident or domiciled at date of the 
making of work : 
(iii) In the ease of photographs, phonographic records, 
and music rolls, date of making original negative or 
original pl;>te : 

1. Ueff^rred to in Sec. 13, Indian Copyright Reguliitions. 1914. 

2. If notice is given by tlie owner, insert " I am " : if given by au agent, insert 

name of owner ■■nil tlie wor.l " is." 

3. Insert " I am " or " lie is "— ;is tlie CHse may be. 

4. if an Hgent, insert " Agent of owner" (after Iti. 

6, It In Hnttt lent to say tliu country of the hmt publication. 

6. Where adviintHge has been tal^en of the provisions of the Copyright Act, 1911, 
an motiitied b.v tlie Ind an Copyright Act, 1914, as to siiuultaneou* publica- 
tion, the date and place stated should be those which entitle the work to 
oopyrigtit in British India, 

( xcii ) 

To The Chirk Customs Okkiokr, 

I -Of- 

hereby pive you notice that I am* — of the copy- 

riflfht in a certain original work M to which copyright now 
subsists under the Copyright Act, 191 1. as modifled by the 
Indian Copyright Acti 1914, and that the undermentioned 

goods, that is to say,* — 

are about to be imported into British India through the port of 

on or about the day of 

next in the' from — • 

That such goods aro liable to detention and confiscation 
as being* 

And I request that the said goods may bo detained and dealt 
with accordingly. 

And 1 hereby undertake to reimburse the Secretary of Rtate 
for India in Conncil all expenses and damages to be incurred in 
respect of the detention, and of any proceedings for confiscation 
which :nay be subsequently taken. 

Dated this day of - — 19 

'. 1 Signature* 

I n«ferred to In S«c. 13, Indlitii i HI*. 

I. Here Innert ** the owner " or .s the case mmj be. 

3. H-re Innerf the description of i :'i. mark* ui«d. and »oy 

other pMrllr»l«r« ner*g«nr,v fi>r !' Ion 

4. Here Insert the description of the hIh nmo »ir Indication. 

5. 8l»t« If the (foodu or oople« of the • k in»de o«it of BrtlUh ladlm, or 

how otheewUe the groif* "ra liable to d>-lentlon ana oo nflim iUom 

1 If an Bffent. Inaert " Afent of oini«r" (after It). 

The Indian Naval & Militapy Nevrs 
Opdinance, 1914. 

Ordinance 1 of 1914. 

Ordinance Jor securing the control of the Press during loar. 

Whereas an eruersency has arisen which makes it necessary to 

control the publication of naval or military news op information ; 

Now, therefore, in exercise of the power conferred by section 23 

, ... ^ of the Indian Councils Act, 1861, the 

84 and 25 Vict , 6 c. 7. 

Governor-General is pleased to make 

and promulgate the following ordinance : — 

ORDINANCE No. J of 1914. 

1. (1) This Ordinance may be called the Indian Naval and 

-..,., . , . Military News (Emergency) Ordinance, 

Short title and extent. „ . <=> ./ 


(2) It extends to the whole of British India, including British 

Baluchistan, the Santhal Parganas, the District of Angul, the 

Shan States and the Pargana of Spiti ; and it applies also to :— 

(a) all Native Indian subjects of His Majesty in any place 

without and beyond British India ; 

(b) all other British subj(?cts within the territories of any 

Native Prince or Chief in India ; and 

(c) all servants of His Majesty, whether British subjects or 

not, within the territories of any Native Prince or 
Chief in India. 

2. It shall not be lawful to publish any information with refer- 

n u u-.- • ui- *• ence to movements or dispositions of 

Prohibition o> publication ^ «» "^ 

of naval or military new3 troops, ships, air-craft or war material 
or inlormation ^^ ^^ j^j^^ strategic or other plans or 


schemes of the naval or military authorities of any part of the 
British Empire or to any works or measures umlertakerj for or 
connected with the defence or fortincation of ihu British Empire 
or any part thereof or any statement, comn»ent or sntcf^estiou 
calculated directly or indirectly to convey any such information 
except when such information has been supplied for publication 
under the authority of the Governor-General in Council or of a 
Local Government, or ha.s been approved for publication by an 
officer appointed in this behalf, 

(o) by the Governor-General in Council ; or, 

(b) by any officer to whom the Governor-General in Couacit 
had delegated the power of such appointment. 

Explaimtion.~-\n this section the expression '* British Empire" 
includes all territories under the suzerainty or protection of His 

8. The publisher, editor and printer of any newspaper, ina(;a- 

zino, book, pamphlet or other docu- 
Penalties. , "^ "^ 

ment by means of which nuy informa- 
tion, statement, comment or suggestion Is published in contraven- 
tion of this ordinance shall severally l)e punishalile in respect of 
each ofTence with imprisonment of either description for a term 
which may extend to one year or with fine wliioh may extend to 
five thousand rupees, or with both, and any other person who 
sells any newspaper, magazine, book, pamphlet or other document 
knowing it to contain any such information, statement. comm<-nt 
or suggention or who Is otherwise knowingly responsible for the 
publication of any such information, statement, comment or 
suggestion shall bo liable to a similar penalty. 

4. (I) No court shall proceed to the trial nf any olTeiioo 

pnnishible under this ordina?ico unl< ss 

Restriction on trial of ^ complaint made by order of, or 


under authority from, the Governor- 
General in Coancil, the Ix)cal Government or some officer empow- 
ered by the Governor-General in Council in this behulf. 

(I) No magistrate other than a presidency magistrate. .liMtrint 


magistrate, or sitb-divisional magistrate shall take cognizance of 
or try any offence punishable under this ordinance. 

5. Any police officer may seize any newspaper, magazine, 

book, pamphlet or other document in 

Power of police officpr to which any Information, statement, com- 
seizf- documents publishing . „ ,. . ,,. . •, . 

informitin,. in cont.aven- '"e"^ ^^^ suggestion is published in con- 
tioa oi this ordinance. travention of this Ordinance, and such 

officer shall forward anything seized 
to a presidency magistrate, district magistrate, or sub-divisional 
magistrate, having jurisdiction in the place where such thing was 

6. (1) Whenever any newspaper, magazine, book, pamphlet or 

other document is published in con- 
Power of magistrate to . . i. . ^ ,. 
confiscate drcum-ints pub- travention of this Ordinance, a presi- 
lishe'i ill contravention of dency magistrate, district magistrate 
this Odwiance. , ,. . . 

or sub-di visional magistrate may, 

whether the offender is convicted or not, order that all copies of 
such newspaper, magazine, book, pamphlet or other document 
within the limits of his jurisdiction shall be confiscated. 

(2) A magistrate making an order under sub-section (I) may 
issue a warrant to any police officer to seize and detain anything 
confiscated under that sub-section and to search for such thing 
in any place where such thing is known or reasonably suspected 
to be. 

7. (1) Whenever a presidency magistrate, district magistrate, 

or sub-divisional magistrate is satisfied 
Power of magistrate to from a police report or otherwise that 

is-*.!^ search wirrants Hiid information, statement, comment or 

order confiscation in cer- ■' 

taiu cases. suggestion is being or is likely to be 

published in contravention of this ordi- 
nance within the limits of his jurisdiction he may issue a warrant 
to a police officer to search for, seize and detain any document 
containing such information, statement, comment or suggestion. 

(2) Such magistrate may order that anything seized under a. 
warrant issued under sub-section (1) shall be confiscated. 


8. A police officer to whom a warrant under section 6 or 
section 7 is directed may search in any 

ex^S IS warra"::" P'»«e '^^^ ««''- and detain anything in 
accordance with the proviKions of the 
warrant and 8hall forward anything seized to tlie iuagi.strat<> )>>■ 
whom the warrant was issued. 

0. No order made or purporting to l)n made in a* ■ 
with the provisions of this ■• 

Bar of jurisdiction of directing or relating to the issue of a 
courts. '^ 

search-warrant or the conflsoation of 

anything shall be called in question in any court, and no civil or 

criminal proceeding shall bo instituted against any magistrate or 

police onicer for anything done in good faith under this Ordin.xnco 

or purporting to be so done. 

10. A certillcate Kigned by a ^ec•reta^y t<> tlie Gov^rnuiont t»f 

India to the fact that any territory is 

Certificate by Secietsry or is not under the suzerainty or pro- 

TJa.7cZX!:c^. '^"' tection of His Majesty sh:.ll. in any 

proceeding uuclor this Ordinance, l>e 
conclusive evidence of such fact. 

11, Save as otherwise expressly provided the provisions of 
App ication of Cc^de ot the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1808, 

Ciiminal Proc^du-'! :8g?, j^j^j, apply to all proceedings under 
to pio::eedii»(fS u:»der thu '^'^ ^ 

OrdinaiK'c. this Ordinance. 

The Defence of India Rules, 1915. 

lu pursuance of section 2 of the Defence of India (Criminal 

Law Amendment) Act, 1915, the Governor-General in Council is 

pleased to make the following rules : — 

^, . , 1. These rules may be called the 

Short title. •' ^ 

Defence of India Rules, 1915. 

2. (1) Whoever by words, either spoken or written, or by 
signs, or by visible representations or 

Publication or circulation otherwise publishes OP circulates, or 
of statements or reports. ^ ' 

attempts to publish or circulate any 

statement, rumour or report :— 

(a) which is false and which he has no reasonable ground to 

believe to be true with intent to cause or which is 
likely to cause fear or alarm to the public or to any 
section of the public ; or 

(b) with intent to jeopardise or which is likely to jeopardise 

the success of His Majesty's forces by land or sea or 
the success of the forces of any Power in alliance with 
His Majesty ; or 

(c) with intent to prejudice or which is likely to prejudice 

His Majesty's relations with Foreign Powers ; or 

(d) with intent to promote or which is likely to promote 

feelings of enmity and hatred between different classes 

of His Majesty's subjects, 
shall be punishable with imprisonment of either description for a 
term which may extend to three years and shall also be liable to 
fine, or if it is proved that he did so with intent to assist the 
King's enemies, with death, transportation for life or imprison- 
ment for a term which may extend to ten years. 

(2) No Court shall take cognizance of any offence against this 
rule save upon complaint made by order of or under authority 


from the Governor General in Council, the local Governiuoiit or 

some officer empowered by the Governor-General in Council in 

this behalf. 

3* Where in the opinion of the local Government there are 

reasonable grounds for believing that 
Powers to deal with , ^ j • 

suspects * y person has acted, is acting, or is 

about to act in a manner prejudicial to 

the public safety or the Defence of British India, the local 

Government may * from time to time by order in writing direct 

that such person 

{<{) shall not enter, rpsido or reni;»iii in :in\ af<:i sue <iin-<l in 

the order ; 

(b) shall reside or remain in any iirtM • m nniisn tmitu so 

specified ; 

(c) shall conduct himself in sucli manner or abstain from 

such acts or take such order with any property in his 

possession or under his control as may be specified in 

snch order : 

'^Prodded that a local Government nhall not make on ord< 

under clause (b) of this rule specifying an area outside the provnu' 

ttithout the previous sanction of the Oovernor-Gerural in CouncU. 

tS-A . An order made under I'ule 3 shall be served on the perso 

in respect of whom it ia made in th 
Sertiee of order$ under nde S. • i j ■ ^t ,, t , ^, 

manner provided in the Lode of Crimi 

nal Procedure, 1898, for service of a summons, and upon auci 

service such person shall he deemed to have hud due notice thereof 

4. Whoever, being a person in respect of whom an order h:i 

been made under rule 3, knowing) 

Penalty for breach of jjisobevs any direction in such ord.- 
order under rule 3. ■' 

shall be punishable with imprisonmoi: 

of cither description for a term which may extend to three year 

and shall also be liable to fine. 

* Thetr tronf« have been added by the Home Peparlmeml Noti/iecti<m So. i.s> 
dateil the liHh June, lUl.'i. 

t Thete rulei have been addtd by the Home Depntiment SalifieatUm, \. 
dated the 3f)lh July, 1915. 

The Defence of India Rules, 1915. 

Ill pursuance of section 2 of the Defence of India (Criminal 

Law Amendment) Act, 1915, the Governor-General in Council is 

pleased to make the following rules : — 

„, . , 1. These rules may be called the 

Short title. '' 

Defence of India Rules, 1915. 

2. (1) Whoever by words, either spoken or written, or by 
signs, or bv visible representations or 

ofst^SntLTrtpo"^s'°" otherwise ^.ublishes or circulates, or 
attempts to publish or circulate any 

statement, rumour or report :— 

(a) which is false and which he has no reasonable ground to 

believe to be true with intent to cause or which is 
likely to cause fear or alarm to the public or to any 
section of the public ; or 

(b) with intent to jeopardise or which is likely to jeopardise 

the success of His Majesty's forces by land or sea or 
the success of the forces of any Power in alliance with 
His Majesty ; or 

(c) with intent to prejudice or which is likely to prejudice 

His Majesty's relations with Foreign Powers ; or 
id) with intent to promote or which is likely to promote 

feelings of enmity and hatred between different classes 

of His Majesty's subjects, 
shall be punishable with imprisonment of either description for a 
term which may extend to three years and shall also be liable to 
fine, or if it is proved that he did so with intent to assist the 
King's enemies, with death, transportation for life or imprison- 
ment for a term which may extend to ten years. 

(2) No Court shall take cognizance of any offence against this 
rule save upon complaint made by order of or under authority 


from the Governor General in Council, the local Governiuuiu 
some otBcer empowered bj' the Governor-General in Cooncil 
this behalf. 

3. Where in the opinion of the local Government there aiT 

reasonable grounds for belioving tha 
Powers to deal with , i. j • 

suspects *"y person has acted, is acting, or i 

about to act in a manner prejudioial t 

the public safety or the Defence of British India, the lo<' 

Government may * from time to time by order in writing dir<> 

that such person 

(a) shall not enter, reside or remain in any aroa spf oillod i 

the order ; 

{b) shall reside or remain in any area * i'm liritish I / 

specified J 

(c) shall conduct himself in such manner or abstain fr<> 

such acts or take such order with any property in \i 

possession or under his control as may be specified : 

such (trder : 

° Provided that a local Government «haU not make on order 

uivder clause (6) 0/ this rule fipccifying an area outside thr. province 

without the previous sanction of the dovernor-Oeneral in Council. ' 

tS-A. Anordermade under rule 3 slwll be served on Uie pcrs 

in respect of tchom it m made in tite 
Sertiet of ordert under rule :{. -jj- .1 ., 1 j ,. ■ 

manner promdea in the Lode of 1 riw- 
nal Procedure, 1898, for service of a summons, and upon su 
service such person shall he deemed to have h<id due notice tlw.rcoj . 

4. Whoever, being a person in respect of whom an order h i-^ 

been made under rule 3, knowing 

Penalty for breach of disobeys anv direction in stieh 
order under rule 3. j . 

shall be punishable with impris.>, 

of either description for a term which may extend to three yea 

and shall also be liable to fine. 

• Tht*e tcordt have been added by the Home Department Nctifiealion A 
datt<i the ISth June, iyir>. .. ^ ».-..• x 

t Theee nde$ hat* been added bji the Home Department Sttifieation, .\ 
datrdthemthjidij, lUld. 


^M- A. (l) Every person in respect of ichom an order has heen 
made under rule 3, shall, if so directed 

Power of photographing, etc., 7 • j • t • j, i, 7j 

persons against tchom orders by any officer authorised m this behaij 

mder rrde S have been made. ^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^-^^ ^,.^^^ ^y ^j^^ ^^^^i 

Government, — 
(a) permit himself to he photographed ; 
(h) alloio his finger impressions to he taken ; 
(?) furnish such officers with specimens of his handwriting and 

signature ; 
(d) attend at such times and places as such officer may direct for 

all or any of the foregoing purposes. 
{^) If any person fails to comply loith or attempts to evade any 
direction given in accordance with the provisions of this rule he 
shall he punishahle with imprisonment of either description for a 
erm which may extend to six months or with fine tchich may extend 
Rs. 1,000, or icith both. 

5. The power to issue search warrants conferred by section 

98 of the Criminal Procedure Code, 
Power ot search. , ,, , t i. • i i j. 

shall be deemed to include a power to 

ssue warrants authorising the search of any place in which any 

Magistrate, mentioned in that section has reason to believe that 

m offence under these rules or any prejudical to the public safety 

3r the defence of British India has been, is being or is about 

to be committed, and the seizure of anything found therein or 

jhereon which the officer executing the warrant has reason to 

aelieve is being used or intended to be used for any such purpose 

IS aforesaid, and the provisions of the said Code so far as they can 

36 made applicable shall apply to searches made under the 

luthority of any warrant issued under this rule and to the disposal 

)f any property seized in any such search. 

' Thvse rules have been added by the Home Department Notifieafion, A"o. 3742, 
Inted the 30lhjidij, 1.91.',. 

Defence of India Rules, 1916. 

Tlie Government of India have issued a notitication undei tlu 
Defence of India Act prohibiting the possession of document- 
containing any words, signs or visible representations whioli 
instigate or are likely to instigate, whether directly or indirectly 
(a) the use of criminal force against His Majesty or the Qovtm- 
ment established by law in British India, or against pul'i ' 
servants generally, or any class of public servant ; or {!>) tlie c i 
mission or abetment of anything which is an offence agnii.-t 
sections 121, 121a, 122, 131,435 and 436 of the Indian P. i i 
Code or of the offence of robberj' or dacoity or of aijything wlii> I. 
is an offence imder the Indian Arms Act, 1878, the Explos .. 
Substances Act 1908, or section 27 of the Indian Army Act 1911. 
No person shall knowingly have in his possession or under his 
control any prohibited document in such circumstances as afford 
reasonable grounds for believing that he is about to publish or 
circulate such document, and whoever contravenes the provisions 
of this rule shall, unless he can prove that he had such documents 
in his possession or under his control for a lawful object, be 
punishable with imprisonment which may extend to three yenrp 
and shall also be liable to a fine. 

No court shall take cognizance of any contravention of i 
rule save on complaint made by order or under authority from i • 
Govemor-General-in-Council, the Local Government or s-m i» 
officer empowered by the Governor-General-in-Council in {6ip 



'^4-A. (1) Every person in respect of tchom an order has been 
made under rule 3, shall, if so directed 

Power of photographing, etc., ■ j • i ■ i. z. u 

fjersons against whom orders hy any officer authorised m this behalf 
^^ grerieraZ or special order of the local 
Government, — 
(a) permit himself to be photographed ; 
(h) alloiD his finger impressions to he taken ; 
(2) furnish such officers with specimens of his handwriting and 

signature ; 
(d) attend at such times and places as such officer may dii^ect for 

all or uny of the foregoing purposes. 
[2) If any person fails to comply with or attempts to evade any 
lirection given in accordance with the provisions of this rule he 
shall be punishable with imprisonment of either description for a 
term which may extend to six months or icith fine ichich may extend 
to Rs. 1,000, or with both. 

5. The power to issue search warrants conferred by section 

,, , , 98 of the Criminal Procedure Code, 

Power ot search. 

shall be deemed to include a power to 

issue warrants authorising the search of any place in which any 

Magistrate, mentioned in that section has reason to believe that 

an offence under these rules or any prejudieal to the public safety 

or the defence of British India has been, is being or is about 

to be committed, and the seizure of anything found therein or 

thereon which the officer executing the warrant has reason to 

believe is being used or intended to be used for any such purpose 

as aforesaid, and the provisions of the said Code so far as they can 

be made applicable shall apply to searches made under the 

authority of any warrant issued under this rule and to the disposal 

any property seized in any such search. 

* These rules have been added hi/ thi' Home Department Notification, No. 3742. 
•Uhe 30th J id;/, 101.5. 

Defence of India Rules, 1916. 

The Government of India have issued a notification under the 
Defence of India Act proliibiting the possession of documents 
containing anj' words, signs or visible representations which 
instigate or are likely to instigate, whether directly or indirectly, 
(a) the use of cnminal force against His Majesty or the Govern- 
ment established by law in British India, or against public 
servants generally, or any class of public servant ; or {h) the com- 
mission or abetment of anything which is an offence against 
sections 121, 121a, 122, 131,435 and 436 of the Indian Penal 
Code or of the offence of robberj' or dacoity or of anything which 
is an offence under the Indian Arms Act, 1878, the Explosi 
Stxbstances Act 1908, or section 27 of the Indian Army Act 191 1 
No person shall knowingly have in his possession or under his 
control any prohibited document in such circumstances as afford 
reasonable grounds for believing tliat he is about to publish or 
circulate such document, and whoever contravenes the provisions 
of this rule shall, unless he can prove that he had such documents 
in his possession or under his control for a lawful object, be 
punishable with imprisonment which may extend to three years 
and shall also be liable to a line. 

No court shall take cognizance of any contravention of thiti 
rule save on comi)laint made by ortler or under authority from the 
Qovemor-General-in-Council, the Local Government or some- 
officer empowered by the Governor-General-in-Council in thia 




The Indian literary year-book 
and authors' who is who